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Double Penetration

It’s about 2:00 in the afternoon and I hear a faint knock at the door. I lazily walk over to answer it and peek through the peephole to see you standing there. I’m surprised to see you today since I thought you had other plans. I open the door and invite you in. You come inside and wrap an arm around my waist as you pull me in close for a kiss.

You release me and I step back a little. “I thought you were going skiing today,” I say with a little excitement in my voice.

”I was, but things got a little fucked up, so I decided to come see you instead,” you say with that amazing smile of yours.

“Awww, how very sweet of you,” I say as I move close and give you a kiss on the cheek. “I am glad that you did, I’ve been missing you.” We walk towards the couch and sit down. I throw my legs over your lap and you rest your hands on them, lightly stroking through the fabric of my sweats. “Sure wish I had known he was coming,” I think to myself, “I would have gotten changed. At least I showered this morning!”

We sit and talk about how the past week has been and make idle chitchat. I tell you how work has been and you tell me about things on your end. I move down a little towards you, pressing my ass against your outer thigh. I run one hand behind you, along your shoulders and the other towards your chest. I bring my lips close to your ear and whisper, “I have missed more than just your presence.”

You smile and I lean in, licking your lips. Soon we are kissing and I am awakened with desire. I move myself over to sit on your lap, my legs lying closely outside yours. I continue to kiss you as your hands come up to touch the bare skin of my back. We sit there a moment and soon I can feel you getting hard beneath me. I pull back from you and gaze into your eyes a moment. How I have missed your touch and the way it brings a certain amount of electricity to my skin.

You bring your hands down and slowly lift my tank top up over my head. I have a red bra on beneath and you bring your face down to kiss the heaped mounds above the material. I can feel your tongue as it lightly grazes my flesh and the goose bumps stand out on my arms. Your hands cup them from below as your fingers find my hardening nipples beneath the smooth material. I lean my head back, allowing your mouth access to my neck.

You move in close and I can feel your hot breath on my throat. Your lips press against my collarbone and slip along as your hands continue to fondle my breasts. You undo my bra, allowing my breasts to spill out. You resume your grip on them and run the tip of your tongue over my nipples. I thrust myself against you a little, feeling the hardness in your pants rub against me. I pull your shirt off as well and press my breasts against your bare chest. I can feel the heat coming off you as my own excitement increases.

I slide down off your lap onto the floor between your legs. I take off your shoes and socks, setting them aside and then rub your feet a little. I undo your pants and start to slide them down as you lift up a bit to help them along their way. I pull them, along with your boxers down off the ends of your feet. I run my hands along your inner thighs and move them up along your chest. I bring my tongue down to your knee and slowly lick upward.

As I get closer to your junction, I slow even more. I look up at you as you watch me move in. Our eyes lock together and I look away as your gaze penetrates my soul. The ferocity of it engulfs me and I fear to look any longer. I refocus on my path and soon lick up the underside of your cock, running my tongue slowly as I near the tip and then it flicks at the ridge around it.

I then allow my piercing to catch the edge and I run it in circles around the rim. Quickly I consume your entirety into my mouth and suck lightly almanbahis adresi as I move away. Your stiffness slips easily between my lips as the wetness of my mouth lubricates your cock. I move down again, still moving very slowly and running my tongue and piercing against you as I slide downward. Soon I am on my upward stroke again, looking up into your eyes once more.

I hold the gaze longer this time as emotion and excitement fill me. I can sense from your eyes the feelings we share and the happiness we feel when together. My anticipation of the soon to follow events overwhelms me and I press down onto your cock again, the taste of you filling my mouth and throat as I speed my motion. I interlace my fingers into yours, feeling your roughened hands and fingers on my tender and smooth ones. The hands of a strong and able man that knows how to please me in every way closing around my palms, back of my hands and through my fingers.

Increasing my speed again as I squeeze your hands in mine, and you return the pressure. I moan as your grip magnifies and I begin to feel the trickles of wetness escaping from between my legs. I suck a bit harder on each upward motion, drawing your flesh harder against my tongue and lips. Each downward slide brings my tongue swirling against you as I strive to bring you to completion. My movements are quickened and the intenseness of our grasp grows as you come close to expulsion.

I continue to thrust at a constant pace and can soon feel as you get even harder, almost announcing that point just before your orgasm. I keep going and soon feel as you explode into my mouth. I still move, although a little slower as you come to fruition. I slowly take my mouth away and lean against your chest, listening to your heart, feeling it beat against my cheek. You release my hands and bring one against my head and then move my face towards your own. “That was so fucking incredible,” you say as you lean in to kiss me sweetly.

We stop and I smile at you. “I am glad that you enjoyed it,” I say. “I want to please you every time, my sweet.”

“Now I need some water,” I say, getting up to go towards the kitchen. You follow me in as I pour an icy cold glass full. I gulp it down quickly and then notice a pear in the basket on the counter. I grab it and sink my teeth into it. It is quite ripe and sweet and the juices spill down my chin. Just as I move my hand to wipe it away, you bring your tongue down and clean it for me. Then you run your tongue up to my lips, letting it slide back and forth against them before slipping it between and burying it into my pear sweetened mouth.

You kiss me passionately and then pull away. “Would you like a bite of your own?” I ask as I hold the pear out in front of me.

You lean forward and take a bite from the pear in my hand. Again juice drips, but this time it’s mostly running down my arm. You run a hand along it and then move your wet hand across my breasts. I bite my lip as my nipples begin to stiffen. You lick the juice away as I take another bite, but this time instead of from the pear, I take a bite of your neck. Not too hard, but enough to make you breathe in quickly. As my mouth lingers against you, I moan lightly as my tongue slips against your skin.

Your arms slip around my waist and I drop the pear to the floor and plant my sticky hand against your back, my nails dragging lightly as it moves downward. You kiss me deeply, allowing your tongue to mingle with mine. I can still taste the remnants of pear lingering there and I can feel the desire building within me. You push me against the counter as your hard cock presses against me. “I want to feel you from the inside,” you whisper into my ear.

“Mmm, yes, I want that as well,” I reply.

You pull me along behind you as you almanbahis adres wander down the hallway. We get about halfway through when you push me against the washer. I have a load in, but had forgotten to close the lid. You push the lid closed and the machine starts its cycle. “Wanna try it out?” you ask with a wicked grin.

“Uh-huh,” I say, nodding my head as I answer.

You help me up and set me onto the washer. You move your fingers into the waistband of my sweats and then hook them into the edge of my panties. You pull them down as I lift myself a little so they can slide past my ass. You tug them off and then bring yourself between my legs. I wrap them around you as you move in close, linking them at the ankle. You rest your cock next to my pussy, teasing me a little before entering me.

You slip the tip between my wet lips and stroke my clit. You rub your cock against it, rubbing small circles as my juices help you glide easily along. You slip the tip into me and linger there a moment before pulling back a little. You press in and pull away a few times and then thrust in completely. The vibrations from the washer run through me as you enter and begin to slide in and out at a fairly rapid pace. You run a hand into my hair and grab hold as your other hand pulls me closer to you with a firm embrace against my back.

Your thrusts increase in speed and depth as the washer jiggles beneath my ass. I tighten my legs around you and wrap my arms about your neck. You bring your head in close and lick at my neck. Your tongue traces along from just below my ear, down towards my shoulder. You taste my skin and stop to kiss gently in spots as you search out the perfect location for your next move. You find it when my body breaks out in goose flesh and I moan loudly. You then bite into me in that same spot and I grab you tightly as a wave of passion drowns me.

You continue to thrust as the washer changes its cycle, your teeth still leaving their impressions in my flesh. Soon I can feel as my orgasm comes close to the edge of release and you keep bringing me in closer to you as you penetrate me deeply. Soon my insides twitch against your pulsing cock. You push harder as I start to scream and soon I am filled with your own juices.

You hold me close to you as we regain ourselves. You pull away from me and say, “Would you like some more?”

I nod as you help me down from the washer. You walk with your arm around me towards my bedroom. You rest your hand on my ass as we go, and just before we enter, you pull me against your chest and plant a sweet kiss on my lips. I lick them as you move away, tasting the remains of you as they mix with my own flavors. We move into my room and I back you up towards the bed. You fall backwards onto it and I leap onto you, as if you were my prey.

I straddle you and then slip down onto your cock. You push into me as your hands rest on my hips. They move up to my breasts, pinching at the nipples as I lean forward and you press your mouth between them. I rock back and forth against you as I feel the pressure of your cock against my walls. I grind deep onto you, feeling you hit my ‘special spot’. I spasm a little as it brushes me and I continue to ride you. Your hands move towards my ass and squeeze my cheeks in your strong hands.

I move one leg up so that it is next to your head, leaving the other still bent next to me. You feel the change against your cock as my insides stretch and shift against you. I continue the motion, pressing hard and fast into you as you start to rub my clit. Your thumb moves in circles and presses hard, striving to bring me to climax.

“I want us to come at the same time,” I say in a slightly wispy voice. “I want us to come together and feel the ultimate pleasure.”

I start to fuck almanbahis adres you harder now, wanting to reach that point. My hair falls into my face as I bounce along your shaft. Your thumb still on my clit rubbing fast as you say, “I am close, baby.”

“Me too,” I say as I quicken the pace. Each stroke bringing us each closer until we both erupt at the same time. The explosion, so perfect and the passion dizzying, we are almost unable to control it. We continue to move with each other as the waves of the peak begin to subside. You roll me onto my back, staying inside of me as we move and you thrust into me a few times, very fast and very hard. I can feel the wetness between my thighs as its slickness leaks and squishes.

You pull out of me and slip in three fingers. You rub your thumb tenderly over my clit as you slide them in. You wiggle them around inside and then lower your mouth to kiss my clit gently. The sensation of this sends thrills along my spine and I start to move my hips as your fingers continue to wriggle into me. You move your mouth from my clit to my breasts, still keeping your fingers inside. You nibble at my nipples as you resume rubbing my clit with your thumb.

I arch my back as you continue to consume my flesh, both with your mouth as well as your hand. I feel as though you could devour me simply with your touch. You keep the right amount of pressure on all the right spots and soon I can feel my orgasm as it takes me. My entire body shakes as your fingers still search within me. I claw at the sheets and buck against you as I hit the height of it.

As my body calms, you take your hand away and come up, resting against me, kissing my lips lightly, allowing my wetness to smear across my mouth and along my tongue. You lie down and pull me against you so that my back presses against your chest. I can feel your hardness behind me as your hand flows along my side. You kiss my neck and move one of my legs to lie over yours, leaving a space for you to occupy. You slip your cock between my thighs as you slip into me slow and soft.

You cup one breast in your hand as you take me while we spoon. You move slowly, letting me feel every bit of your stroke and allowing that heat to build slow and low. I try to quicken the pace a little and you whisper into my ear, “No my sweet, I want to take you slowly this time so that I may enjoy you completely.”

I almost melt right on the spot. Just hearing you talk to me in such a way makes my emotions flare and my heart feel as though it may burst. You continue the slow strokes as you lazily play with my breast. Sometimes you grab it completely and other times you just roll the nipple between your thumb and forefinger. I moan quietly as the fire within builds and still you move slowly. You kiss along my back as your penetration progresses and your hand remains against my breast.

“I love feeling you wrapped around my cock,” you whisper into my ear, almost breathing it rather than speaking. “It makes me want to come so hard when I feel the muscles tighten around me.”

I start to tremble from your words, the feeling of your breath on my ear and your slow yet rhythmic thrusts between my thighs. You pinch my nipples a little more and kiss my neck again. You enter me completely again and again and I start to shake from the monstrous orgasm you are giving me. I bring my hand over yours as it cradles my breast and interlace my fingers in yours. I squeeze as the orgasm rocks my body and you continue to push.

My internal muscles twitch hard and fast with the swells of the tidal wave between my legs. “Oh baby, I am going to come so soon,” you say into my ear. “I am going to come from the feeling of you seizing my cock inside.” No sooner have the words left your lips as I feel you groan into my back as your heat sprays into me. You move even slower as you finish up and then slowly slide out of me. I turn and lay my head against your chest as we get under the covers. I fall into a deep slumber, the sound of your heart beating in my ears as it soothes me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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