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The front door latch clicked shut and Gina leaned against the door listening to the receding footsteps of her afternoon delight. A tall man strode away carrying her scent on every part of his body.

She could still smell his masculine odour on her clothes and skin.

Her emotions were mixed. Mostly, she was relieved of the fear of getting caught having sex in the house while her partner was at work.

Not that this assignation was particularly planned. After their risky episode in the woods, Gina wondered if she would ever see Terry again.

He had phoned out of the blue and suggested lunch at the same pub.

The UnChained Bull?

The conversation flowed and in their secluded booth table they became increasingly amicable.

Gina could feel the firmness of his thigh against hers. Their heads were close and there were moments when she thought they might kiss. Terry’s eyes and tone of voice were seriously engaging. He waxed lyrical about their intimacy in the woods. He whispered that he masturbated often thinking about her and what they had shared..

He wondered if they could “go somewhere more private” and she had no doubt what he wanted of her. Paul, her partner was on lates. The field was clear. To Gina sex was the sweet icing on the cake of a loving companionship but sometimes sex could be a weapon with which to get even. She needed to retaliate for the multiple infidelities that Paul seemed condemned to commit in a fruitless quest to find something. She knew when she left home that she was going to be intimate with this man. It wasn’t her first infidelity. There was Steve. But that was another story.

Sometimes when Paul snored beside her she quietly masturbated as she reminisced about Terry sliding his hand under her skirt in the woods and penetrating her with his finger and thumbing her clit while she lay among the leaves under a great tree trunk. She had taken his cock in her hand and massaged him. She still felt the thick heaviness of it in her hand and Terry’s jerking hips as he sprayed his cum onto the leafy forest floor. There was guilt. Of course there was guilt. Fucking strangers for the pure physical joy of it hadn’t been her style but she felt good that she had retaliated at Paul’s compulsive faithlessness. Gina was not a natural deceiver but she owed it to herself to salve her wounded ego by seeking a seduction. Paul didn’t appear to care. He was always encouraging her to take a lover. Perhaps because that would give him carte blanche to seek out casual sex himself.

On the few occasions when she had allowed herself to have another man, Paul always wanted to know the details. It really roused him. No detail was too trivial.

Gina was wearing only a kimono dressing gown as she began to tidy up and wipe away any signs of the intruder who had come to the house two short hours before. She almanbahis yeni giriş checked the sofa for tell-tale clues where he had stripped her naked and undressed himself.

In the bathroom at the back of the house Terry had washed himself in the handbasin because there was no shower. She smiled at the memory of watching his careful naked soaping. He left the door open and smiled as she watched him ostentatiously massaging his cock with soap.

He was tall and had to bend his knees slightly to get himself into the basin. She was tempted to help him with his lathering.

Gina liked being swamped by a big man. When he was on top of her he took his weight on his arms or she feared he would crush her. His broad chest pressed just enough on her breasts. Sitting on his cock was like riding a mustang. His hips thumping into her as he drove in his cock was exhilarating.

She went upstairs to the attic room. She had taken Terry to the spare room.

She was uncertain about the etiquette of sex with someone else in the bed she shared with Paul..

There was always the chance that perhaps Paul would detect an unfamiliar scent.

She imagined that they would have some coffee when Terry came into the house. But he took her in his arms and kissed her as soon as the front door was closed. It was a light gentle brushing kiss at first but his broad hands grasped her arms and pulled her close. His mouth was soft though his beard was bristly. His tongue darted out and parted her lips very slightly. He pressed an engorged cock against her belly. “Heavens, she murmured, you’re really up for this!” savouring his rigidity through his trousers. He laughed and said it had been erect since he turned into her street.

He began undoing the buttons of her blouse holding her eyes and Gina undid her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor covering her bare feet. He deftly unclipped her bra then slipped her blouse over her shoulders. She slid her bra off and released her full breasts of which she was justifiably proud. Terry nuzzled them appreciatively.

Then he kneeled in front of her and hooked his fingers over the elastic of her knickers. Slowly he drew them down and Gina stepped out of them. Terry nuzzled her pubic mound and parted her thighs with his strong hands. His tongue stabbed between the lips of her cunt and found her erect clitoris. He lapped greedily at it and she dug her nails into the hair on the back of his head as she pressed him into her. She was utterly relaxed and looking forward to fucking.

She leaned against the back of the sofa and he continued to stimulate her with his tongue.

He removed his clothes bit by bit till he stood naked looking at her as she cupped his impressive penis with her hand.

They pressed their bodies together, his cock probing her belly. Terry whispered, almanbahis giriş “upstairs?” and coquettishly she clasped his fully erect penis and led him to the stairs. He laughed and made small pleasurable sounds. As she preceded him up the stairs he stuck his hand between her legs and caressed her wet cunt, licking his fingers.

The curtains were closed, the bed clothes were pulled back and a fresh box of condoms and some cream lay ready on the bedside table.

Terry wrapped her in a firm embrace and falling back, pulled her onto him, parting her legs with his thighs. Her breasts hung like ripe apples before his eyes. He licked each nipple and sucked them hard. His cock probed at her cunt like a greedy animal.

Two long hours later Gina came into the same room and began making it up. One flooded condom was on the bedside table. It was knotted and cold. Terry had wanted her to take his cock in her mouth but she said it was too soon for her.

He didn’t press the point. It was the only point he didn’t press..

The other condom was half filled and crumpled on the carpet.

She gathered them up and wrapped them in tissue.

The bed was a wreck. Two pillows were piled in the middle where he had placed them so he could lift her hips and penetrate her deeply. It made it easier for him to devour her cunt and finger fuck her. His thick bell end rippled over every tingling part of her vagina.

She nearly came but he stopped just as he felt her tensing for orgasm.

Terry lay on his back and invited her to straddle his face. She spread her cunt over his mouth and he began to drink her juice and suck the soft flesh of her cunt.

She squeezed some cream onto his willing cock and began to massage him. It was hard to concentrate when his tongue was wreaking such havoc between her thighs..

Gina was sorely tempted to take his cock in her mouth but she contented herself and Terry by licking a bead of pre-cum off the tip. After a few more moments of this he emerged and lay back on the bed. She straddled his cock and slowly let its length and girth fill her.

She was so wet that his cock slid easily from tip to root as she rose and fell on him.

Terry clutched at her tits thrilling himself with their fullness. She reached for a condom and gave it to him. With practiced skill he withdrew, sheathed himself and penetrated her again.

She began to bounce up and down with an increasing determination. Her tits slapping his chest. He clamped her hips with his great hands and in time with her drove his rod deep. Gina rubbed her clitoris with her finger tips. Long slow thrusts were ramped up into rapid strokes and Terry came with a great in-drawing of breath. She felt the hot cum dashing the walls of her vagina through the gossamer.. She rubbed herself and slowly the orgasm built up in her gut and almanbahis güvenilirmi finally suffused her body. Terry relaxed. Gina lay across his broad chest and they lay dozing and kissing. In front of her eyes leaning in the corner of the room were Paul’s golf clubs. Hole in one she wondered, smiling. Terry withdrew and removed the condom wiping his slackening cock with tissues.

They lay with her breast cupped in his warm hand and talked for a while.

Terry told her about his girlfriend who was an air hostess. Interesting fact to share at that moment as his flaccid cock lay snug between the cheeks of Gina’s arse. He inquired about Paul and wondered why she felt the need to fuck strangers in the afternoon whilst he was at work. Gina said it was payback for his numerous infidelities. Terry smiled when she asked how his girlfriend felt about his freelance sexual adventures. Gina pressed him about his other conquests. By now she had no doubt that she was not his only lover. Had he seduced many students off his counselling courses? He laughed and said not as many as he could.

The conversation awakened him and his cock began to stiffen and twitch. He slid it into the warm moist cleft. His helmet slid over her anus, past her cunt lips and nudged her clitoris. After several probings he tried to enter. Gina reached for a condom and turning over she slipped it on to him unfolding it down his thick cock. Terry got up and muttered softly, “Can I come into you from behind?” She smiled, rolled over and clasped the bed head. He nudged up behind her and guided his cock. For a brief moment he thrust wickedly at her anus. She allowed him a few attempts but she wasn’t up for that and she pushed him down and guided him into her cunt. Terry clutched a breast in either hand and began long slow thrusts into her. She felt the strain on her arms as his hips crashed his cock relentlessly into her.. He stroked her clitoris and increased his tempo till he was riding her hard. Eventually they fused together in a quivering orgasm.

After this final frantic fuck they lay and talked some more. Terry was well into the counselling world and was hoping to move into a senior position in Community Education. Gina talked about her teaching, and academic activities. She talked about married life and other dreams. He probed her about her past sexual experience but she decided to be coy. He was equally tight lipped.

They went down stairs and Terry dressed. She helped him with his shirt buttons enjoying the proximity of him again. It had been so good he said. She agreed and kissed him again. He was in no hurry but it was time he made tracks. They embraced and kissed warmly and exchanged amicable smiles – then he was gone.

Gina went upstairs and lay alone on the wrecked bed breathing the remaining aroma of her delicious afternoon. Sweat, cunt juice, cum, and the pungent perfume of maleness.

Then she had a long soak in the bath and pondered where she was going next with this

Affair/ Adventure/ ‘One night’ stand.

“Delete as applicable,” she mused……….She couldn’t decide…………….There was no hurry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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