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I jammed my key into the lock smoothly and gently turned it.


I grabbed the handle to the door and turned it with a confident hand that had opened this door a thousand times. Pushing my weight into it resulted in a thud of me running into it with all of my weight. The door didn’t budge. A quiet snicker came from a girl whose eyes were full of amusement.

I smiled too, how could I have been so dumb as to turn the deadbolt the wrong way.

I tried again, this time turning the key opposite of the direction I just tried. A more affirming click happened this time making me realize it was me locking the door the first time I turned the key.

“My door was unlocked the whole time,” I thought to myself.

I swore internally at the weight of negative feelings that resulted from the overwhelming amount of awkward gestures that I had been full of the whole night.

“Just act normal,” I told myself

“Can I get you something to drink?” I asked trying not to sound cliche as I dragged the girl in by the hand.

She was still smiling, but quickly stopped when she met eyes with me. “No, I’m fine,” she said dryly.

I let go of her hand letting my fingers caress her whole palm, showing my reluctance to let go of her touch.

I walked towards my kitchen, thanking myself for tidying up before I left for this date.

“Make yourself at home, I have movies for the Xbox in the den,” I said as I approached the fridge for a beverage.

I opened the fridge and quickly closed it when I realized the beautiful lady I let into my apartment followed me. Afraid she had seen the clutter in my fridge, I stood up straight to look at her.

Our eyes met, her gaze felt as cold as ice and I froze. Her confident eyes darted from one point on my face to another. My heart skipped.

Her brown eyes were unrelenting. The whole night she had an intimidating aura of sharp intelligence and focus. I felt like she was probing me as her eyes drilled deeper into my mind.

She opened her mouth to break the silence.

“I had fun tonight,” she said. “It has been a while since I met someone who’s fun to go out with.”

Was she fixing to leave? Should I walk her out? Should I tell her not to go? Will she want to go on another date?

“I could almanbahis adres say the same,” I replied. “It was enjoyable getting to know you tonight.”

As I finished speaking she smiled genuinely. Her smile made her eyes change from a cool and focused look to relaxed and inviting.

In response to her grin, I stepped closer to her.

It immediately felt like her intimidating aura melted away and I began to feel warmth and interest emanating from her.

I took another step and placed my hands on her waist. She met me with a tender, soft kiss.

After a moment of savoring her soft lips, she leaned back and met her eyes with mine, giving me a seductively slow and lazy blink.

She was so perfect to look at. Her light touch of makeup worked so well with everything about her. It was so modest and appropriate that I couldn’t stand not complimenting her.

“You look so beautiful.”

She ran her hands down my chest and stomach, and she looked at me and simply said, “Thanks.”

She took my lips again, this time with more intensity, so I kissed back with a similar eagerness. When I felt her mouth open, I parted in sync with her. She touched her warm, soft tongue against mine, confidently controlling this moment between us. I pulled her by the hips to touch her body against mine. She gave me another passionate carress with her tongue in response. We slowed and pulled apart from the kiss with our bodies still in an embrace.

Feeling her warm, tender body against mine was too much. I felt my jeans get tighter and I knew she felt it too because she let out a devious, sexy laugh that she tore away from me with.

She skipped a couple steps towards my couch with the energy of a younger kid. Her butt in those jeans made me want to see every inch of her body. I had fantasized about undressing her curvy figure during our entire date.

“She’s just a tease,” I thought.

I kicked off my shoes by the door like she had done and followed behind her to find her fiddling with a lamp on a table next to my couch.

It was already pretty dark with only a warm light coming from the kitchen.

She was groping for a switch on the lamp while her thick, curled brown hair flowed half-way down her back.

Without turning her head she asked,”If almanbahis adres you had one wish what would it be?”

This struck me with surprise. What kind of question was that? I walked over to her while I thought about it. What kind of answer was she looking for?

“To see you without those jeans on,” I said smoothly, whilst showing her the switch on the power cord and turning the lamp on.

With this comment, she stood up to face me and locked eyes with me. With little hesitation she grabbed the bulge in my pants.

“I could say the same,” she said.

The amount of confidence in this girl was so intense.

I put my hands on her cheeks and grabbed her firmly as I gazed into her dark irises.

“I could get lost looking at those gorgeous brown eyes.”

Her hand around my cock tightened, releasing a little wave of ecstasy through my body.


I kissed her deeply, and she reciprocated the intensity. While our tongues danced together, she moaned the cutest mumble of a sound. I could tell that she wanted every part of me just as much as I wanted every part of her.

While I was kissing her, I felt her hands tearing at my shirt. So I let go of her luscious lips and put on a show of taking it off. She stood back and watched with a lustful stare.

Working out every day at the gym made these the best moments of my life.

I threw my shirt down, and she moved her hands to touch my chest. She slid her hands down my body over my abs and down to my where my cock was bulging in my jeans.

“I want you to fuck me with that perfect body,” she whispered. Her seductive voice was enough to make my cock throb with anticipation of entering her.

She was so sexy.

I gripped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head and up stretched arms. This revealed her smooth, soft stomach and a lacey black bra that was perfectly cradling two perfectly sized C-cup breasts.

I could sit and stare at her and all her confident beauty for hours, but I knew I had the opportunity to go one step further.

I grabbed her by the waist and gave her another kiss, simultaneously maneuvering her closer to the couch. She tried to deepen the kiss, but I shoved her, rather forcefully, into the cushioned seats.

Her eyes almanbahis adresi widened in surprise as she found herself falling for a split-second. Her terror was quickly replaced by her smiling salaciously, and letting out a playful mew as I approached her.

She sat on my couch running her hands across herself, inviting me to do the same.

I knelt on the ground in front of her fitting between her legs. She ran her fingers through my hair, while she wriggled beneath me.

I brushed my hands over her warm skin, kissing her stomach. I could smell her sweet, subtle body wash all over her.

She undid her bra in the back, so I ran my hands smoothly up her tummy, sliding under her bra onto her soft breasts.

She threw her bra to the side when I brought my head up to kiss her perfect pair of breasts. She brushed her fingers through my hair again and made my whole scalp tingle from her tugging.

I kissed and licked one of her nipples while gingerly squeezing her other breast in my hand. She let out a sound of pleasure and approval in response to my kneading.

I moved on top of her so that I was looking at her perfect face inches from my own. Our noses touched as she ran her hands down my back. I made my hips slowly grind into hers as I kissed her deeply.

She dug her nails into my back in reaction to the pleasant friction between our jeans. The pain from her sharp nails was numbed by the feelings of ecstasy and sex that overwhelmed me.

I let go of her greedy lips and moved back to kneeling between her legs. She was biting her lip in anticipation.

No words or directions were needed for me to know what we mutually felt as I undid the button on her jeans.

I let out a smile at the longing I saw on her face as I undid the zipper on her pants teasingly slow. I could see she was dying for me to fuck her and that turned me on even more. I tugged at her tight pants from the cuff at the feet and she laughed as she bucked and kicked to help me pull them off.

I threw them to the side carelessly as I slid my hands up and down her smooth, shaved legs.

I laid a trail of kisses running up her thigh to her already moist undergarment. I could see her gripping the cushion behind her tightly in anticipation.

Her panties were a cute black lace design, matching her already discarded bra.

“She came prepared,” I thought to myself.

I grabbed the strings on her hips and pulled them down her legs to reveal the most delectable, cutest looking pussy I had ever seen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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