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Picking up Stephanie from school had been part of my daily routine for a while now. I couldn’t help but think I was forgetting something during the summer months I didn’t. She was a good kid, just always getting into something. So I told her dad I’d give him a hand keeping an eye on her after all, he was my best friend. When school started back up, she texted me to pick her up towards the back of the school, less crowded and closer to her last class. As I drove around back I couldn’t help but notice the hot chicks on campus. I tried to remind myself where I was, and why I was there. Then I saw her. She was standing by some guys and flirting. As I waited for her to say her goodbyes, my eyes wandered down her back, when did her ass get so round and full? Her legs were long and she wore flip flops. She finally raced towards my truck and her tits were bouncing almost in slow motion. She hopped in and threw her arms around me exclaiming how happy she was to see me. I knew my semi hard cock would be center of attention if I didn’t get her in her seat and back on the road. The next few weeks went like the first day, thou I made little effort to hide my erection.
Today she asked if she could tag along with me to the house, insisting her parents wouldn’t mind. She changed out of her school clothes and put on her cheer shorts and tied her tank top just long enough to cover her breasts. I was caught off guard and suggested we get outta the house. We took the truck 4 wheeling and she bounced around next to me. She knew I was turned on, and she slowly stripped down to just her bikini top and mini shorts. I was about to tell her to put her shirt back on, but before I could mutter a word, my pants were unzipped and she had my cock between her feet. The way she moved her foot down my shaft, with her toes massaging every sweet spot izmit rus escort on the way, was unbelievable. She did this all the way home, and in the drive way she stopped and eagerly asked how I liked it. Once inside I admitted it felt great but that was it, no more. I had no idea what I was getting into, and was a bit relieved when her mother walked into the room. She was still in her work clothes, tight pants, low cut button up shirt, and high heels. Quiet the knockout MILF. I don’t know how long I was starring, but Stephanie’s “take a picture it’ll last longer” snapped me back to reality.
Stephanie was clearly upset Monday and wasted no time telling me she was grounded her cell was taken away and her life was over. She wished she could come live with me. Dirty thoughts of how she would pay rent crossed my mind and interrupted when she said she smelt something. When we got home she asked if she could smoke a j with me. I acted like I didn’t know what she was talking about and enjoyed seeing her beg. She pouted her lip and slipped off her top, and asked again. I stepped back and told her I couldn’t. She got on her hands and knees, and crawled towards me. Her shorts were off when she reached my feet, and she used my pant leg to pull herself up on her knees. My cock was out and in her mouth faster than I could react. She started sucking my dick, taking it deeper and deeper down her throat. Her hands worked up and down my shaft, rubbing behind her tongue’s lead. I told her I was about to cum and pulled my cock out and came on her face and in her mouth. After she cleaned up, I smoked a joint with her and replayed what happened. She knew she had me…but that’s what I wanted her to think.
Before she left, she asked me if I was using my old cell phone. I actually did have a few weeks left of service izmit escort on my old phone. I asked her what I would get out of it. With a slight grin, she said she would have to show me. Later that night I got my first thank you picture text. I jerked off starring at her ass propped up on a wedge, ankles bound and tied to a bar forcing them a foot and a half apart. She had her finger in her pussy and her face looked like she was cumming. I asked her where she took the picture, even thou I could see her pink bedding and knowing that it was her mother’s wedge and bondage. She said she gets bored and lonely when her parents are out in the garage and that she snuck into her mom’s room and borrowed her favorites. I had heard from my buddy about kinky things he got his wife, and stories of how horny she was after they partook in the powder. In the next picture, Stephanie rubbing her clit with a vibrator I knew was her mother’s made my cock raging hard again. Our drive home from her school conversations were usually focused on how hot the pictures were last night or what she was going to do that night. Some days I would tell her a specific outfit or toy, others I’d tell her to surprise me. I was sad when the cell service ran out and the pictures stopped.
Her senior year was coming to an end and she told me that she wanted to try something before graduation, but needed help. Being a very resourceful girl, I knew it had to involve something naughty and out of her reach, and immediately began thinking about what she would offer to do for it. She started telling me about her weekend and how she and her parents spent it. Her father and I had both picked up the party favor Friday so I had an idea of what he and his ole lady were up to, but hearing Stephanie tell me she got off listening to her mother cum was more than I was ready for. She kocaeli escort wanted to feel how an orgasm felt high. Her mother stayed so horny and wet all weekend when her dad brought home the favor and it drove her crazy wanting to try some cocaine for the first time. I knew what I was about to do was wrong, but I also wanted to help. I started hinting around that I may have what she was looking for, and her eyes got big and she started saying she’s do anything…and she meant it. Her skirt was no longer covering her lil ass when she bent over to untie her shoes. While her face was near her crotch she mentioned how sweet her pussy smelt and how wet it was getting. I suddenly realized I had never tasted her pussy! Coming up behind her I slowly licked her pussy. She moaned and begged for more. I didn’t stop til I could taste her cum dripping into my mouth. I laid out some huge lines and never dreamed it would be so sexy watching Stephanie bend over and do bad. That night she told her parents she was staying at a girlfriend’s house to study, leaving out that she’ll be studying my cock and her pussy. I licked her pussy for hours, making her cum with my tongue, fingers and even her mother’s vibrator. We continued into the early morning and she finally showed signs of slowing down. We cleaned up and I sent her home with a to go package…I could only imagine what she would be up to.
Her graduation was bitter sweet. I was going to miss picking her up from school and our afternoons together. I wondered if we would see each other at all. But I also had my girlfriend moving in, and was glad I wouldn’t have to explain mine and Stephanie’s relationship. Afterall, she and Steph’s mom were friends, what would she think? For now things worked out perfectly. I had my young horny girlfriend moved in, pleasuring herself to the sexy pictures she found on my phone. She had no clue who the girl was, and when she moaned how good that pussy looked, I wanted to give it to her. Maybe one day I would get these two together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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