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Dan and Patricia had met at work, and were equally high flyers. Both were 26, doing well career wise at the local bank that they worked at in Sydney, but both had also sacrificed relationships for promotions, payrises and year end performance reviews.

It was a “High Achievers High Potential” leadership course where they’d both dropped their guard and connected on a different level.

Dan had certainly been aware of Patricia for a while, with rumours regularly circulating the corridors of the success she brought with her every project. Patricia worked a lot for the CEO on special projects, and she’d knocked them out of the park, one by one. Dave was new to the bank, having worked at breakneck speed in consulting for years, and was now being groomed by the VP Strategy as the next “big thing”.

In was the second night at the HAHP event when they were sharing a drink at the bar and a few stories. The laughed heartily, mainly at the expense of some of the other attendees who were struggling the pace, content, and expectations of the course.

“Did you see Janice from HR. Jesus H. She looked like she’d seen a ghost when the facilitator got her to do that role play. I’d have killed to have done that.” Patricia was confident and exciting, and Dan was slightly intoxicated by her words.

“So what keeps you busy when you’re not delighting the CEO?” asked Dan, intending to be jovial.

“Fuck off Dan. I’m not fucking him and those rumours are bullshit. I’m sick of it!”

Dan panicked. “Shit sorry Patricia. I 100% didn’t mean it that way. I honestly meant that you are totally nailing it, like ALL the time, and I’m kinda envious of you. I don’t know how you do it, and maintain any kind of life. I was genuinely curious, promise”.

There was a softness to Dan’s voice which soothed Patricia and thawed her a little from her original frosty response.

“HA. Life? You mean there is something other than work and sleep? Well cheers to that whatever that is! Ha”

The clinked glasses, and ordered another drinks. The cocktails were going down well. Just as the conversation was about to restart and progress, the pair were interrupted by John from Finance. No-one liked John. In fact, you’d be hard pushed to think that even John liked himself.

“Well hello there wannabes. How are you enjoying this mediocre course on all the things I’m already doing? Talk about a waste of time. I could teach this in my sleep. I mean…”

“Sorry John, the music is quite loud and it’s hard to hear you. Is there any chance you could fuck off and tell someone who cares?”

John froze. His face full of anger. Patricia waved her hand and started a wave, impressed by Dan’s seizing of the moment. John retreated.

“Wow mate, that was a great call. I didn’t have you down as that ballsy. Go Dan!”

“Oh my god. That was 100% the booze talking. Fuck!”

“Don’t worry mate. Everytime eryaman escort that guy speaks, I feel like I need a shower afterwards.”

“Me too. Like, right now!”

Before his sentance could be punctuated by a laugh, Patricia reached for her drink and Dan’s hand. “Me too. Thought you’d never ask. Come on then.”

Moments later, a rather confused Dan was stood in the penthouse of the swanky hotel. “What the…?”

“Yeah mate, perks of travel and being the CEO’s pet. Lots of upgrades. Want a top up?”

Dan didn’t even make it over the small in room bar. Patricia has loosened the buttons on her top, slowly span around and revealed her ample cleavage. Dan looked. Admired, and then they kissed. Not slowly, but a rampant, deep, passionate kiss.

Their tongues were dancing. Hands were hurriedly roaming around each others body. Dan’s shirt was being unbuttoned. Patricias blouse was now off, and Dan was about to release those amazing perky tits.

Patricia bit down on Dan’s lip as they kissed. He pulled her hair and probed her mouth with his tongue.

“I want your cock down my throat…right now. Don’t move an inch.”

Patricia dropped to her knees, quickly removing the belt and jeans, and seperated only by some bulging boxers.

“Hmmm, not just a clever boy,” as she licked her lips. Now remove everything and sit on that couch. NOW.”

Dan hobbled over with his jeans around his ankles, and lost the boxers. He was more than semi erect and amazed by the sight in front of him.

“Move, and I’ll hurt you. Disobey and instruction, and I’ll hurt you.” Patricia was playful yet assertive, and Dan was NOT complaining.

Patricia undressed very slowly. She had matching cream lace panties and bra, that made her look 11/10 sexy, suave, and naughty. She span around to release the bra, and very slowly eased the knickers down her leg as she bent over, giving Dan full view of her pert peachy ass. This was enough for his cock to be fully erect and he hadn’t even touched it. Yummmmy.

As she stepped out of her knickers, she reached down to her handbag, grabbing two small items from it. She span back around to face Dan.

“So here is what is going to happen. You don’t need to speak. You just need to comply. Nod if you understand. OK?”

Dan nodded.

In her right hand, she showed Dan a small pink oval device. She moved it up and placed it in her mouth, wetting it with her saliva. “So this is going in my pussy.”

As Dan managed a confused nod, Patrica moved her hand down, gently parted his pink lips and eased the device inside her vagina. Her eyes showed huge anticipation and wanton horniness.

“This is the controller and I’m giving it to you. I trust you. I am going to kneel down and devour your cock. I want the whole fucking length deep down my throat. I want your balls in my mouth. I’m going to stroke you and suck you, so amazingly well. escort ankara You are in control of my orgasm. Don’t let me down.”

With that, Dan took the controller, and before he could examine the buttons or ask any questions, Patricia was on her knees and using the tip of her tongue to tease the bellend of his cock. The warmth of her breath and wetness of her tongue felt amazing. So he flicked the first button.

A slow humming sound could be heard for a moment, quickly replaced by a murmur from Patricia and a gentle shudder. Holding the base of his cock in her hand, she licked it up and down like a lolly, taking in every part of his 7 inches.

Back at the top, she now opened wide, but took his meat very slowly, and inch at a time. In and then out, with each in motion taking in a little bit more. Her left hand was softly holding his balls, just rubbing them slightly as she took his cock further down.

With the last few movements, she adjusted her tongue so it ran across the length of his cock, and took Dan’s hard meat all the way down her throat, holding it just there.

“Ohhhh fuck that is good. Fuckkkkk.”

Patricia released his cock slowly, and removed it completely from her mouth with a naughty look on her face. Saliva was drooling from her mouth and had coated his cock.

Dan wanted to up the ante, so he flicked the button again, which had clearly dialed up the device in her vagina. Patricia’s eyes appeared to roll back, as she grabbed his cock tight at the base. “Fuck my mouth right now”.

Dan started to thrust, slowly at first, just pushing his cock into her mouth. Then he put the controller down, put both hands on the back of her head and really started to fuck Patricia’s throat. It felt so tight, and he was glad he was a few drinks in, otherwise he’d have cum already.

After a real mouth pounding, Patricia was starting to gag. Dan slowed down, and removed his hands from the back of her head, mainly to stop himself from cumming too soon. Just as he released his cock from her mouth and as she sat up to gather herself, he reached for the remote and accidentally hit the button again.

“Ohhhh fuuuuckkkkk”. Patricia started to shake uncontrollably. Looking down, Dan some see a glisten and shine all around her pussy, which was starting to gush. She suddenly looked like a woman possessed, and Dan wasn’t sure whether to be excited or scared.

Her hands moved to his legs. She pushed his left leg up on the couch, so the knee was bent up. She put her other hand under his right thigh and pushed that up until his right foot was on her left shoulder. Before he knew what was happening, his balls were being tantalized and licked joyously in her mouth. Licking them, and softly sucking on them. Her tongue bristling around the base of his balls, sending shockwaves through his entire body. Dan just sat, not even touching his cock which sincan escort just throbbed.

Patricia moved down ever so slightly and was now licking around his balls, and the base of his cock. Dan closed his eyes to focus all senses on this amazing pleasure.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum soon Dan.”

He could feel her shuddering and shaking, and her orgasm was clearly building. He loved this power and control.

Suddenly, Patricia buried her head and her tongue, tense and pointed started to dart unapologetically around his ass. Dan had never felt anything like this. She started moving up and down, and then side to side. Originally around the ass, and teasing, and then finally hitting the prize and pressing her tongue against his rosebud.

Dan wanted to stop. He wasn’t gay and had never had a girl go near his ass. But all his impulses that wanted to shout stop, were overwhelmed and overuled by the complete pleasure.

Patricia used his hands to part his ass cheeks, and the tip of her tongue pushed into is ass, sending electric shocks all the way up and down Dan’s body.

He found himself involuntarily pushing down on her tongue and grinding against it, wanting to feel more.

He reached down and grabbed his cock, but didn’t stroke it. Instead he used it to slap Patricia across the cheek, gently at first.

“Rim my ass you dirty bitch. I want you to cum with your tongue in my ass.”

Words that Dan had never thought, let alone uttered, suddenly felt completely normal.

“Oh my god..I’mmmmm…”

Patricia let out an almightly scream, so high pitched and guteral, that it was almost silent. Her back arched up, as pulses and waves cascaded around her body. Her tits were pert and Dan could see juices flowing out of her pussy and down her leg.


Without warning as her head crashed into his lap, Patricia squeezed a wet finger deep into Dan’s ass as the waves of orgasm crashed through her convulsing body.

Dan’s cock lurched and jolted, and without an ability to speak, his cock erupted and streams of cum shot out. The first shot hit him in the face, some coming to rest on his top lip. Most splashed on his chest, and the remainder was lapped up with a willing warm mouth. Dan too was shuddering and shaking. Spasms running through him.

He turned the remote off. A spent Patricia slowly climbed up on the couch and lay on Dan as he eased back on the cushions. She saw the cum on his lip and couldn’t resist, going in for a deep french kiss and giving Dan a taste of his own cum. Something that if you’d suggested it would have horrified him, but right now was very erotic.

“Wow, you definitely are a high achiever. Maybe in the morning I can sample your future potential?” Patricia smiled, grabbed Dan’s hand and lead him to her palatial bedroom.

“But for now, we shower, and sleep. No more performance. I need rest.”

“I just want to say that I’ve never…” Patricia cut Dan off with a soft gentle kiss.

“Dan. Don’t explain, justify or rationalise. Just enjoy, OK?”

He smiled and they stepped in the couples rain water shower. Who was this women?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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