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So I have this plastic fetish, or to be more precise, a fetish for plastic or PVC pants. For a long time I thought I was alone, but browsing the internet I found that a plastic fetish is not unusual, albeit often in combination with ABDL, scat or complete outifts, none of which I’m interested in. I’m into just plastic pants (no pun intended). After dabbling with a nephew’s diaper covers as an adolescent discovering sex, the interest faded only to be re-discovered again well into middle age. Since then I’ve had many pairs to be enjoyed solo or with my wife. However, with use, the plastic becomes harder and thus less enjoyable, so every so often I treat myself to a new pair, to be broken in during a long solo session, culminating to a very predicable end. Just the anticipation of a new, fresh pair arriving gets me excited.

Having just ordered a new pair, brief-style in black translucent PVC I find myself in that agitated state where I repeatedly check the track-and-trace to see how close to delivering it is. Finally I see the delivery van stop and a guy step out with a small package. I hear the letterbox in the hall make a noise, the indication that it is now delivered. I intercept the discreet package and put in a drawer of the side table in the hallway, before my wife checks out the letterbox.

Although my wife plays with me in plastic, she’s nowhere near into the fetish as I am. I want to savour and enjoy the arrival of the fresh pants in private, I can’t wait for my wife to be away for a few hours. I know one of her friends will be picking her up for a girl’s night out later, so I abide the time doing other things to unsuccessfully distract my mind from what’s coming until she’ll have left.

Finally that moment is here: Lucy is here and they’re both ready to go. Trying to hide a big hard-on in my trousers, I give my wife a loving but casual peck on the cheek and wish them a lot of fun. The front door shuts behind them. I’m finally alone and the moment has güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri arrived.

I fetch the package from its temporary hiding place and with hands slightly trembling carefully open it. I unpack, unfold the semi-translucent black briefs and lay them flat out on the table and just look at them. The strong smell of PVC emanating from the pants is intoxicating. Size wise they’re not that much different from my normal underwear, but unlike the cotton, the PVC it is not really stretchy so there is more material around the elastic waistband and leg openings. Together with the shiny finish a switch is flicked inside my head that gets me into horny overdrive. I can’t wait to put them on.

Trying not to rush, I take of my shoes, socks, shirt and t-shirt, I pull down my trousers. Before pulling down my regular cotton briefs I gently put the clothing on the chair. Down come the briefs, now pooling around my feet. I’m completely naked. Slowly I put one leg though one of the leg openings, followed equally slow by my other leg. With the plastic loosely around my ankles, I slightly spread my legs just so I can feel the waistband just hugging my shins. The feeling is already electric and my cock stands to full attention as to approve. Slowly I pull up the briefs, savouring the feel and look of the plastic as it slowly passes over my calves and knees. I wait a while before pulling the briefs up all the way, and soak up the sight in the mirror: I’m now fully naked bar the plastic ruffled around my thighs, my cock standing proud, with pre-cum glistening at the tip.

I can’t wait any longer and I pull the briefs up all the way. First, I gently pull the back up over my bum. I feel the cool plastic against my skin, leaving the front crumpled up under my balls. Again I wait a bit, allowing the plastic to warm up to my body temperature. It’s time to complete the ritual.

Slowly I stretch the elastic waistband away from my body with my thumbs, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at the same time moving the plastic up and over, past my cock. Glancing downwards I can see my cock at full mast, precum leaking along the shaft, surrounded by plastic in eager anticipation. Up till now, my cock hasn’t felt the plastic yet, so very gently I bring the hem towards my belly, slowly but surely encasing my hard cock inside the soft, sensuous plastic.

That very first contact with my cock is electric. It is as if shockwaves pulse through the entire shaft, making it twitch. I release my thumbs from the hem and resist touching myself further, even though being fully inside the plastic pants makes me feel incredibly horny.

I take another look at myself in the mirror. The fit is great, just like normal briefs, smooth over my bum but with enough room at the front to allow my shaft to stand up straight. With the plastic not quite opaque, it is well visible with wet patches on the inside where the pre-cum touches the thin plastic membrane. It only adds to my excitement.

My hands slide over the bum area and my sides, still resisting the urge to touch my cock which is yearning for attention. It feels great, time to step things up, so I walk towards our bed. As I’m walking, I feel the subtle stimulation as the plastic brushes my shaft and perineum. I lay down and cover myself with the duvet and lie still for a while.

I still haven’t touched myself, my cock is now aching for attention but I withstand the urge for now. The heat builds up under the duvet and a thin layer of sweat forms where the plastic is in direct touch with my skin, enhancing the great feeling. Through the plastic gusset I touch my perineum, sending a wave of anticipation to my throbbing cock. Finally I move my hands upwards towards my cock and even though I haven’t touched it yet, I’m already close to bursting. Gently I touch the very sensitive area just below the glans, the güvenilir bahis şirketleri ensuing feeling causes my body to shake, yearning for release but I continue to withstand the urge in a game of self-teasing.

I lower my hands over the shaft and slowly press it sideway. The copious amount of pre-cum provides ample lubrication for my shaft to smoothly move to one side, again sending wonderful sensations to my brain. I repeat moving my cock from left to right. The feeling from my glans is just unbelievable as my self-lubricated cock slides around under the plastic.

I throw the duvet to one side to see my cock straining behind the membrane as if to escape its plastic confines. Sliding my cock from side-to-side I feel I’m getting close. Time to stop. Just in time I’ve edged myself to what would have been a mind-blowing orgasm, but I want more. I cover myself again with my hands on the duvet rather than under it, in an attempt to cool down a bit.

Despite the five-minute cooling down period, my erection doesn’t subside and I’m getting desperate again so my hands disappear under the duvet. Knees up and legs apart I stroke my perineum again and find my way up to my cock. This time I keep on stroking and sliding it in the panties and slowly I feel the pressure building up. I can’t hold it anymore, I throw the duvet sideways again and my cock starts to spasm. I can see thick streams of cum shooting hard against the plastic, I’m almost blacking out by the wonderful sensations. After many spurts the intense orgasm finally subsides. Completely spent I stay in bed to enjoy the afterglow and to recover. In that time I’m thinking of the many possibilities to enjoy the plastic pants which causes small twitches from my now shrivelled cock, announcing another session.

These were the good old days, before my wife found out about my masturbation sessions. She discovered the joys of subjugating me to tease-and-denial, requiring me to wear a chastity device underneath my plastic pants. First just at home but more and more she demands me to wear both outside the house, even to work too. These days I can’t cum without her permission. In another story you can read how this developed in a pretty kinky relationship. Just search for “Relentless Teasing” by Iwanowitz on

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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