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It was a slow night at the gym, and less than an hour until closing time. Besides the staff, only myself and two other men were there. Having finished my workout, I headed to the locker room to shower and get dressed. What happened next was the most intensely erotic and thrilling experience of my life to that point.

I had often fantasized about what it would be like to perform oral sex on a man, but had never ventured an actual encounter. I had doubts regarding my self-image following such an experience, and my concerns about potential self-loathing discouraged me from actively pursuing the notion. On this day, blind fortunate circumstances took those burdens from my control.

I had just finished showering, and was seated on the bench near my locker when the other two men who were working out entered the locker room. They were both quite handsome, well-sculpted, and a bit younger than myself. Their lockers were about ten feet from where I was seated, and as they undressed something unusual caught the corner of my eye. I glanced to see what it was, and instantly I was mesmerized. The taller, dark-haired man (Rob, as I would later find out) had removed his shorts, revealing the most impressive cock I had ever seen or even imagined. It was easily 10 inches in length and not even erect, nearly as thick as deli pepperoni, and completely shaved. I was so captivated for that brief moment that I wasn’t aware of my own surroundings. By the time I snapped back to reality, it was too late. I glanced up to see Rob and Mark looking right at me. Panic began to set in as I realized they had caught me staring like an invalid at Rob’s stunning cock.

I was paralyzed with fear & humiliation as my mind was racing with thoughts of what would happen next. I never expected that my momentary lapse of awareness would be the key to a fantasy come true. Mark mumbled something to Rob, and they both chuckled. After a brief moment of hopeless anticipation on büyükesat escort my part, Rob came over to where I was seated, frozen with anxiety, and stood right in front of me. I felt myself becoming overwhelmed by the surreal sequence of events I had just been subjected to, when Rob asked, “have you ever thought about sucking on a nice, hard cock?” My heart leapt into my throat at the sound of his words, and I felt dizzy. My lack of response was equivalent to shouting “YES!” at the top of my lungs. He sensed my state of delirium and knew exactly what to do about it.

As I watched from what seemed like a place outside myself, Rob moved in close and gently pressed his mouth watering cock against my now quivering lips. I felt a rush of desire as I surrendered to temptation and slowly engulfed inch by delicious inch of him. I wanted to take him all the way down my throat but I was unsure if I could. The combination of his imposing manhood and my inexperience was presenting some difficulty for me already, but that only increased my arousal and determination. I gagged for a moment when his cockhead entered my throat, and he tried to pull back, but before he could I grabbed him by the ass and held him there. That really turned him on, and he gasped as I pushed my mouth all the way down on his cock. The feeling was even more intense and exciting than I had ever imagined.

I began to pump his hips with my hands, fucking him with my mouth, when I remembered that there was a spectator in the room. I was devouring one man’s enormous cock while another man was bearing witness to the taboo indulgence. I stole a quick peek at him, and it was obvious he was enjoying the show. I had never experienced anything so thrilling before now…I turned my attention to providing a big finish.

I began thrusting Rob’s hips more vigorously, fucking his irresistible cock harder and harder with my mouth, cebeci escort and imagining how turned on Mark was as he watched. Rob was now fully consumed in the moment and wasn’t holding back. I could tell he was going to cum soon. I was right. His breaths were becoming moans and he was beginning to tense up. Seconds later, the dam started to burst. Presuming I would object to him cumming in my mouth, he tried to pull out. Much to his surprise and delight, I again grabbed him by the ass and pushed his cock deep down my throat. He gasped and shuddered as his cum pumped furiously into my eager mouth & down my hungry throat. I had just gotten my first taste of sweet cock nectar, and I was immediately hooked.

I kept Rob’s spent cock parked in my mouth as I gently circled the tip with my tongue, until he was sufficiently recovered from his devastating orgasm to withdraw it and collapse on the bench across the row. He was subtly shaking his head as he looked at me with a grin of shock and disbelief. To me, it was a grade of A+. All my reservations and inhibitions relating to my fantasies of sucking hard, sexy cocks were gone. Feeling confident, at ease, and a little bit cocky, it was time for some unfinished business.

I looked over at Mark, sitting a few feet down from me. When I had his attention, I deliberately shifted my gaze to his semi-erect cock and stared for a few seconds, then looked back up at him, then back down again at his cock. I was making fun of the awkward moment earlier, and both he and Rob burst into laughter. I knew that he had to be horny as hell after watching me wreck Rob’s cock, and I wanted more of my new found pleasure. While not as well-endowed as Rob, Mark had a very tempting-looking cock as well.

I decided to try something I had seen before in all-male porn flicks. I laid on the bench face-up and directed Mark to stand at the end, over my head and facing kolej escort me. Right away, he knew where I was going with this. He widened his stance and lowered his aching cock to my waiting mouth. I opened wide and guided him in. The pleasing sensation of my lips around his cock, combined with the arousing scent of his testosterone, had me excited and jittery almost instantly. Compared to Rob, I found his cock less difficult to negotiate so I wanted to go at him as hard as I could, but he was being too gentle & polite to my mouth with his cock. I knew how to fix that.

I let him continue to shallow-plunge my mouth for another minute or so, and I knew that he thought I couldn’t handle any more than that after my oral exertions with Rob. At his current, mild pace, he wasn’t going to get off and seemed resigned to that prospect. I decided it was time to flip the switch.

I suddenly grasped him by the hips and pulled, driving his cock into my mouth and down my throat until his balls were touching my nose, and held him there for a few seconds before pushing his hips back up. He was a little surprised by that but still didn’t get the message, so I did it again, but after pushing him back out I pulled him right back down and pressed my mouth hard against his root to feel him as deep in my throat as possible. That did the trick. He started thrusting his cock deeper and more aggressively as he increased the pace, and kept goading him on with my hands on his hips. Now we were rockin’ the cock, and soon my mouth would be flooded with another creamy reward. I didn’t have to wait long. Mark was fucking my mouth with a fury, when he suddenly began to tremble as his thrusting became less vigorous. Just as Rob had done, Mark tried to pull his cock out of my mouth before blowing his load, but this time I was anticipating that. I had a firm grip on his buttocks that allowed him to keep moving but he couldn’t pull out. He reached the point of no return and surrendered, plunging his throbbing shaft deep into my mouth and releasing a torrent of cum for me to devour. He was delightfully devastated, and I was tingling with excitement from what I had just experienced. In the space of less than 1 hour, I had progressed from apprehensive bi-curious to liberated enthusiast. It began as a fantasy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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