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Chapter 01 : Introduction — A nightly visit to the Hospital

Author’s Note :

This will be an 8-Chapters-story, a true story.

As the subtitle says, the first chapter will introduce the reader(s) to the trio of main characters, and to show you into the given circumstances. Please don’t lose your patience, I only can tell you that it is necessary for you to learn about the basics first to follow the latter evolutions, and incidents.

Thank you all, and enjoy!



I had to perform an urgent task that night, so I’d decided to first finish that, and proceed with writing the explicit eMail to a far away friend afterwards. I raced through the job and after saving the files was just sending the compiled data when my phone rang. I couldn’t associate the displayed phone number, I asked myself who might call me after midnight and if I should let the answer machine do its job, but on the spur of the moment I decided to answer the call instead.

A female voice declared she was a neighbor of Sylvia, a dear friend of mine, before she came to her point, “Please don’t be panicked Bernd…Sylvia had an accident earlier on, at home that is. Fortunately I passed her door a bit later on my way home and heard her crying, so I returned to her door and asked if she was okay, and she sobbed she was hurt and unable to move.”

Of course I hit the roof, despite her advice, “Dear heavens, what did you do then? I guess she wasn’t able to open the door, if I got you right? No – stop it, tell me first place that she’s okay … so far … please!”

“If only you’d allow me to continue…” her snappily return calmed me down instantly, “…I was just about to tell you that she’s not seriously hurt, nothing’s broken but she’s bruised all over. To mention that at first, the doctors are through with her, she’s bandaged and ready to go home, and we wanted to ask you to give us a home run, if possible. The General Hospital’s ambulance that brought us is not allowed to do the favor.”

“Sure Lady, anything…” losing my tension I could think clearly again, “…General Hospital, isn’t that Sylvia’s place of work?”

“Exactly, you know your way then, Bernd?”

“I’ve never been there myself, but yes, I know the way, it’ll take me about half an hour to be with you, okay? Oh, wait, it’s past midnight already, so I should need less time.”

“Thank you Bernd, I appreciate.” She was speaking softer now, sounding lightened and cheerily, “And … listen Bernd, there’s no need to take a risk, please take care, will you? See you soon dear.”

I grabbed my documents and the car keys, left a note for my wife and hurried towards the hospital.


The Nurse on Duty showed me to the accident and emergency unit, I faced the consulting room door, trying to compose myself and knocked hesitantly. A slender woman, about Sylvia’s age, in the midst of her forties, answered the door a few seconds later. She looked fairly pretty, smiling up to me from her 5’6″ stand. She seemed to like what her soft, hazel eyes saw, and to my surprise grabbed my shoulders, kissed my left cheek as if we’d been familiar for a decade, pulling me with her to the right thus allowing the door to close all by itself, “Thank you so much for coming by, Bernd,” she murmured near my left ear, her sweet, warm breath against the sensitive region caused goose bumps…lots of, and I wondered what was going on here. And where would I find Sylvia?

She backed away a bit to look me in the eyes, smiled sweetly and pulled me closer, just about two inches apart, to me it seemed to be inappropriately close considering the occasion, I could feel the warmth of her small body, her sweet aura of freshly collected honey waved over me as she again softly rested her cheek on mine, “I’m Renate by the way, nice to meet you dear.”

“Renate…?” I asked softly, “…THE Renate?”

She snickered under her breath, “Yes, dear Bernd – after all these years…finally. Kind of ‘Long time…No see’, isn’t it?” I chuckled lowly, and kissed her cheek. With lifting her face up to my ear again her chest had closed in to mine too, dangerously close I thought when I felt the tips of her breasts on my chest with each of our breathing in. Additionally both our breathings had quickened, intensifying that ever so lightly contact near to soft pressuring. I had to break the mood, had to end whatever this sweet little tease had rushed in, or planned … meanwhile I was half hard, and Renate’s state wasn’t any better if I judged her thickening feminine scent, and her undoubtedly hard nipples right.

I grabbed her hips resolutely, perfectly shaped hips by the way, with both hands and slowly backed away, catching her dazed eyes as she hesitantly lifted her flushed face to meet mine when she lost her tight grip on my shoulders, her eyes a dark brown now, according to her recent state, “Renate … I…” I stammered lowly, hoarsely, and had to clear my ankara escort bayan throat to continue, “…dear heavens, you are beautiful Renate, and ever so sweet, I would excitedly love to give in to you … but this is not the right time, and not the right place … please don’t feel rejected dear, you certainly aren’t, believe me … but I’m not to offend Sylvia, please try to understand, will you?”

She started to sob quietly, her hips trembling under my hands, “Oh my God, what have I … I’m sorry Bernd, I … I didn’t mean …” wildly shaking she ran out of words.

“Sshhhh, baby … it’s okay dear, everything’s okay…” I murmured, my right hand slowly roamed up her back to hold her right shoulder whilst my left pulled her head close to rest it on my chest, caressing her damp cheek, “…you just needed a shoulder to lean on, to lose tension, I can understand that after all you’ve been through this night, how could I hold it against you, I suppose it was too much to bear.” I pulled her closer to let her feel safe, tenderly lifting her chin for her eyes to meet mine, wanting her to see that I was serious, “You mustn’t apologize dear, I’m honored it was me you’ve chosen to help out.”

She researched my eyes intently as if she didn’t dare to believe her ears. I couldn’t help but smile noticing that she was struggling to regain her composure, the trembling slowly subsided as well as her tears, and a shy smile made her pretty face appear the lovelier, she literally melted my heart, and I couldn’t hold back to kiss her softly, “You’re good, my cutie?” murmuring into her soft, luscious lips.

With a deep sigh Renate answered likewise, “I’ve never been so good before, dear. Thank you, Bernd … thank you so much for stopping me, I wasn’t able to stop myself,” with a sniffle whilst rubbing her cute little nose on mine, before continuing, “…I was lost … dear God, a few minutes with you and I was lost! For heaven’s sake … this could easily have ended up rushing headlong into disaster.”

I kissed her sweet lips goodbye and added grinning, “I loved it dear – you’re sooo sexy when you lose control!”

She just snorted, softly slapping my chest, before nestling her cute little hand into mine, like a mouse that’s searching for shelter, and pulled me with her to the far corner of the room. I hadn’t noticed the curtain before, since Renate had tugged me to the opposite side then where we’d entered a world of our own, now she pulled the curtain open, and there was Sylvia lying on the sickbed, like lost, looking up to me out of half closed eyes, and I was close to choke. Her head was to my right, and I could see only the left side of her small, slender body – to get it right I have to correct: I saw not much more than bandages that covered the left side down to her waist, the lower parts hidden by a white sheet.

“Hi sweetness,” I chimed – will say I tried to, but only sounded croaky. I thought about to ask the silliest question imaginable, ‘How are you?’ but thought of the better. Instead I murmured, “I have to call my lawyers – the hospital will have to pay for this!” That sounded better to me, somewhat positive. Renate giggled, only Sylvia wasn’t even half amused, and started to sob quietly. There was no way to kiss her right cheek, as usual, since it was covered with a voluptuous bandage, I planted a soft kiss on her lips instead, just because they hadn’t been bandaged…so far. She hesitated a moment, then kissed me back, surprisingly demanding, a good sign. I sighed, relieved to see that her neck obviously wasn’t hurt too. “Tell me what to do, my sweet baby, will your arm allow me to sit near you?”

“Yes dear…” she sobbed, “…please be careful to not hurt yourself, there’s a plaster cast around the left elbow.”

“Well darling, that’s typical for you … you’re lying here, covered all over with what seems to be a truckload of bandages, nonetheless only worrying about me,” I chuckled, softly kissing her tears away, “I love you too, my sweetness.”

I was granted another of her sweet smiles, a bright one now, “I know dear, I … I know now,” she whispered, tunelessly, as if she couldn’t believe what she was saying. I stared into her beautiful eyes, shiny with tears, deep dark brown seas, I wasn’t able to figure out why she’d emphasized that short sentence, that few simple words in such an intense, enigmatic manner. What had she been about to tell me?

I straightened, sighing somewhat helplessly, and lowered my eyes, mustering her arm, bent in an angle of about 45 degrees, the hand rested on her near hipbone. I covered it with mine, carefully, lovingly. Her hand was warm, so the arm, or elbow, hadn’t been seriously damaged at all. “Will I hurt you when I touch it, or move it?” I asked.

“No dear, they’ve told me that the plaster cast only had to be applied to keep the joint steady, nothing is broken but there’s a hemorrhage inside that needs to be abolished, my body will do that on its own, it just takes eryaman escort some time. Thanks to the stabilizing it doesn’t even hurt, the shoulder is free to move but I have to be careful with my hand to not add pressure to the joint from below.” She snorted, adding, “The same goes with the left ankle, I’m strictly forbidden to strain my left leg unless they’ll tell me otherwise,” all of a sudden she beamed, snickering, “I’m invalid now, so watch your step!” Her eyes grew wider, “Will you take me home now, dear? I’m getting tired.” in a low voice that caused me to swallow hard.

“Sure dear, anything you want, just ask for it…” I answered, unexpected huskily, “…but tell me at first about your shoulder, that bandages look, ahem … impressing, I need to know how to handle you … and what happened to your cheek by the way?”

Renate giggled from behind, before murmuring, “Geeze, that’ll be a longer story, and that guy doesn’t even know how to handle her…” whilst strolling to the opposite side of the bed to sit down next to Sylvia’s thigh, carefully avoiding to come any near to the right hand. I only could roll my eyes – women!

Sylvia snickered happily, “Sshhh…Reni, be patient, he might learn,” before she laid her now sparkling eyes on me, “Forget about the cheek dear, that’s nothing, an abrasion where I hit the wall, a bit of bleeding, the bandage was only applied to prevent infection, it’ll be gone in two days, so don’t think about it.” Then she frowned, “The shoulder is the only thing I’m concerned about.”

She sipped some water off the tube connected to the feeding cup that was fixated near to her left cheek, before she continued, “Sorry dear, you couldn’t know, and I didn’t manage to mention it so far. To make a long story short: I slipped off my ladder – you’ll remember that three-step ladder – and fell to my right, hitting the wall with my shoulder, hard, before bouncing to the floor, what caused the injuries on my left side, while I curled my left ankle by hitting the floor, and finally hurtled to the ground with my left elbow, just to complete the disaster.”

“Now I know!” I decided to fit in, “I knew I had seen you before – wasn’t it in that movie, ‘The Return of the Mummy’? Would you give me an autograph, please?” I chimed, shyly smiling.

Renate burst into laughter, and Sylvia looked daggers at her, before she turned towards me, aiming a false smile at me, you know the kind of artificial smile that ‘Celebrities’ call off for obtrusive fans, “Thank you for being so funny Sir, I’m honored to give you an autograph, only I need to do it with my right foot because of the injuries – would you please turn to let me reach your backside, and bend a bit forward to enable me to hit your fat ass properly?”

Renate seemed to be highly amused, screaming frantically, “Yeah, yes dear, give it to him…” she fell silent the very second she became aware of the lightning firing off Sylvia’s eyes when spitting out, “And YOU – you better beware before you wet yourself, slut – we’ll discuss this in detail later, as soon as HE…” pointing her index finger to me like a 45 steel, “…is buried.”

I couldn’t help it, I had to lean over her to give her a big, thick kiss, “You’re sooo lovely being in a rage, darling.”

She grinned, returning the kiss harder, “Monster!” she beamed, “You bastard!” another one, even harder, and one for bonus, “Take me home darling, I’m in the right mood to tell you …”

She was interrupted as the door was pushed open and a concerned looking nurse rushed in, panting, “Everything okay here?” breathlessly, “I heard yelling, and screams, are you fine Syl?”

“Hi Cat, I’m as fine as can be,” Sylvia laughed, “Sorry for waking you up dear, we’ve been auditing for our brand new show ‘The Invalid, the Insane, and the Slut’. By the way dear – may I introduce you to the other main actors? It should be obvious who gives ‘The Invalid’, to my left you see my dear Grandpa, who is insane … sorry, who gives ‘The Insane’ of course, and the slut is obvious as well, right?”

‘Cat’ was enjoying the show, showing a big grin when she stated, “Sorry Syl, I have to sweep you out, an ambulance is expected shortly.”

Sylvia agreed, “Thank you Cat, we wanted to leave anyway … I’m tired,” adding with a sugar sweet voice, “Hey, call me for free tickets – two when Dr. George is escorting you. You’re on your way to his private office anyway, so why not asking him right now?”

Cat’s pretty face flamed a nice strawberry red in no time, which went perfectly with the wheat blond hair flowing freely over her shoulders, and her sparkling blue eyes. I heard her murmur something like ‘payback’ and ‘soon’ when she turned to escape the room, and the Freak Trio.

I turned back to face Sylvia who just tried to rise up in the bed, “Wait dear, let me give you a hand. Say, did she deserve that treatment, she seemed to be nice?” I supported her back to let her sit upright, whilst etlik escort Renate pulled the sheet off her legs, showing the second plaster cast, two cute feet, and lots of mouth watering, flawless skin.

“Don’t worry dear, that’s just the usual small talk and joking that helps all of us over the days, otherwise you couldn’t stand all the misery you’re constantly confronted with. To be a nurse, or a doctor, isn’t all that funny, like in the movies, you see?” She looked up to me, and kissed me softly, “Besides she’s a spoiled brat, she’s half my age…and she’s awfully nice, and good company. In other words – she’s a cutie, and she delivers very well, too.”

She snorted, “And when it comes to her doctor – when she runs ’round like that, her hair already open, and I bet she’d already lost her panties on the way too, anyone in here knows that she’s on her way to order a proper fucking, very soon,” she giggled, before sighing softly, “Not that only one colleague would hold a grudge against her, she works pretty hard, and she’s always willing to help out, she really is a nice person.”

“I apologize darling, I should have known better,” I said contritely. “That was unnecessary, I’m sorry.”

She kissed me once more, her lovely eyes glued on mine, “Hush darling, how could you know?” She murmured next to my lips, “…you’re an outsider here, and I guess for you it had to sound weird … sshhh now – take me in your arms, and kiss me properly, please.” And I did, not willing to argue.

I held her close, with my right arm supporting her neck, not really knowing what to do with the left which most likely would rest on the small of her back now. While I couldn’t move it to where it belonged without colliding with her arm, thus hurting her shoulder, I let it rest on the side of her right, shapely buttock, the only safe region around when it came to her arm. The unexpected touch elicited a long, low groaning into my mouth, and her hips moved unconsciously, instinctively to gain more, deeper contact which I granted more than willingly, adding movement that seemed to be highly appreciated, measured by her increasing moaning that vibrated throughout my chest. Her slender, warm, unbelievably soft upper body felt so wonderful, softly pressed against mine, the first time she melted into me this way, and I was near heaven when I felt her little tongue slowly dancing with mine. Her sweet, low moans raised goose bumps all over me, and raised something else, too. She wouldn’t, couldn’t feel it yet, her feet still hung over the side of the bed whilst I still stood between her legs. All of a sudden, and totally unexpected I felt a soft small hand stroking the back of my left hand that caressed and softly kneaded her right buttock. I frowned and looked deep into Sylvia’s dreamily eyes, “Don’t you hurt yourself, darling? Please be careful.” I murmured into her lips.

“Don’t stop my love … no, don’t worry love, I just couldn’t help it, your hand feels so good on me, ever so tenderly, and lovingly, please don’t stop my darling,” she whispered back and deepened her kiss then, her fingertips continued to caress my hand slowly, whilst she was sliding a bit forward to press her small, firm, braless breasts against my chest, she groaned loudly and her nipples grew any harder when she started to slowly rub her lovely breasts all over me. My right hand left her neck to follow the course of the vertebra downwards with my thumb and forefinger on each side, Sylvia, constantly moaning now arched her back, thus flattening her breasts on my chest whilst her hips danced wilder. “Oh my gaawwd Bernd,” her low, hoarse voice sent shivers down my spine, causing me to groan loudly, “Dear heavens, I want you Bernd, I need you so badly … since you came in my darling and laid your eyes on me, eyes filled with love…so much love…all for me … thank you for being here for me my darling, like you’ve always been when I needed you … please take me home, my darling, I can’t wait any longer … I know now.” I mustered her half closed eyes, surprisingly dark with desire, and opened my mouth to … “Sshhh darling, you mustn’t argue, I’m sure, absolutely sure, and it’s high time now, we’ve waited so long, we’ve waited years for this to finally happen, please believe me my darling, we don’t need to wait any longer, my sweet heart.”

There was a bang behind me, probably the door, but none of us could have cared less. My body started humming with the pleasure she gave so freely, and I feasted on the sweet, seductive scent of her hair, her neck, her body. Suddenly I felt her warm left hand creeping down my flank, tenderly caressing my waist and the hipbone where it turned towards my spine until I felt the hardness of the plaster cast against my side, marking the end of her track. She had approached her goal anyway, so it seemed to me when two fingertips began to play over my coccyx, I felt her low chuckles when she felt my shivering, she groaned lowly when I groaned loudly whilst tenderly biting the tip of her tongue before sucking it deeper into my wet cavern, enjoying her fingers that had started to add some pressure to that sensitive bone, circling it seductively then, until I was short to scream with joy, and excitement.

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