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It all started with my wife and I confessing to each other our fantasies. My wife’s name is Louise. Louise and I were talking one night and we wanted to tell each other our deepest, darkest secrets. So, I admitted to her that some of my first sexual experiences were with another guy. She seemed a little shocked, but she admitted that she too, had played around with another girl when she was younger. I was surprised at how much detail she wanted to know. We were pretty lit by now and the truth just flowed out. After our chat, we had a very intense sex session!

I thought that that talk would be the last time we would probably bring it up. Well I was wrong. Every so often, Louise would ask me things about sex with another guy and I would tell her. I was beginning to wonder why she was so curious. She told me one night that she used to think that it was gross for two guys to do it, until she started fantasizing about me and another guy. She said that more and more, she was thinking positively about it. She didn’t know that such a regular guy like me could ever do a thing like this.

Then one day, out of the blue, she asked if I would ever do it again. I was a little shocked that she wanted to see me in this scenario. I told her I would have to really think about it.

Some time passed, and I told her that if this was something she wanted to see, I could probably grant her wish. It really turned me on just knowing that she wanted to see this, and especially with me and another guy! So we started searching through a lot of personals on the internet. After some hits and misses we wound up chatting with someone named Richard. He sent us lots of pictures of himself nude, and we sent lots of us nude. He said I had a great looking cock and he would love to put on a show in front of demetevler escort my wife. I am 5-11, 175, brown hair, brown eyes, tanned, and have a 6.5″ X 6.5″ cock. Richard said that he was 6′, 180, brn, brn, somewhat tanned, and had a 8.5″ long X 6″ thick cock, and by the pictures he sent us, it looked very nice.

So we set up a time and date to meet. We agreed to meet at a hotel in a town close to half way between us. It was about an hour drive for us both to meet there. Soon, the day came to go meet Richard. I was a little nervous and so was Louise. I didn’t tell her, but I was very anxious to have Richard’s cock in my mouth! I wanted to try to take all of his cock in. I had deep-throated a cock that big before, but it was a long time ago. We met him in the lobby of the hotel. He seemed to be clean and neat in appearance. We got our keys, and went on to our room. When we got inside we started drinking some wine that Louise and I had brought, and Richard agreed that he would have some with us. We just sat and talked for a while and the wine flowed fast. Before we knew it, we were on our third bottle! The conversation went to sex very fast, and I found my jeans getting more and more tight. Richard could tell that I was hard, as I squirmed in my seat a little to rearrange my shit.

He told me if I was uncomfortable in my pants, that I should get out of them. Great idea, I thought. Right then, to my surprise, Louise told Richard she wanted to see HIM take them off. He nodded quickly, as if he was already thinking the same thing. He asked if I minded. I said of course not. Richard told me to stand up. I stood up, and he came over to me and kind of slinked down to the floor in front of me. He first unbuckled my belt. Then otele gelen escort he unsnapped my jeans and slid the zipper down slowly. He commented on the zipper being a little stretched, with amusement. Then he yanked my pants down, and I lifted my feet one at a time so he could get them completely off. He told me to go ahead and take my shirt off as it was long, and was covering my cock up as it hung down. I unbuttoned my shirt, and slid it off. There I was, standing in front of a complete stranger, in only my Jockey underwear.

By now, I had a RAGING hard-on! Louise then told him to rub my cock, balls, ass, and legs, with my shorts still on. Richard was doing a wonderful job with his hands. I was soooo hard! Next thing I knew, he slid my shorts down slowly. Just as they slid over my cock, and it popped up, he said that my cock looked even better in person! He then slid them all the way off. I looked over at Louise, and she had already started to take some of her clothes off so she could play with herself as she watched us two. She didn’t take her eyes off us for one second! Richard had brought along some lubricant that was flavored. He took it and squirted it on my cock. He set the lotion down and started rubbing what he put on it, all over my cock and balls.

There was plenty of it, so he took some and lubricated my asshole a little. Then he cupped my balls with one hand, and grabbed my cock with the other and inserted my cock into his eager mouth. He started sucking my cock with a passion, like he wanted me to cum quick. I told him it felt great, and he was a very talented cock-sucker. Louise was rubbing her clit into a frenzy, and had one of her tits cupped in the other hand, pinching it’s nipple. She looked like balgat escort she was about to explode. I was getting close to exploding myself. I told Richard to slow down just a bit so I wouldn’t cum too quick. He slowed himself down for a while, and I started talking dirty to him. I was telling him to suck me with all he had. He was really getting into me talking dirty to him.

He pulled my cock out of his mouth, and told Louise to look at us as he was going to milk some pre-cum out of me, and put it on his tongue, and then take it in his mouth and swallow it. He pulled at my cock, and a big drip of pre-cum appeared at the tip of my cock. He looked over at her, reached out with his tongue, and smeared it on his tongue, and then swallowed it. He said it tasted so sweet. Right then, Louise’s body jerked into an intense orgasm. She just laid back on the couch and chilled out for a bit. Richard asked if he could finger my ass while he sucked me. I said yes, please do. As he sucked away at my cock, one of his hands slid underneath my balls, and found it’s way to my asshole. He inserted his finger slowly. After he could see that I could take it, he slowly fucked my ass with it. He was pulling it almost all the way out, then pushing it all the way in me as far as it would go.

Now, I was definetely ready to explode! He worked my cock and ass together like a fine-tuned machine! He said he wanted to swallow me. I saw Louise sit up as he said this, curious to see me explode in this strangers mouth! Right about then, I told him I was going to cum. He continued to penetrate my ass with his finger. He pulled my cock just barely out of his mouth right when he felt my cum first splash against the back of his mouth so that Louise could see my cum squirting in his mouth. Louise had started playing with herself again by this time, and when she saw my cum squirting in his mouth, she came again! All I could do was sigh with great relief, and fall back on the bed behind me to rest for a bit. Richard asked if he was going to get his turn too. I told him if it was alright with Louise, I would gladly oblige him. She quickly agreed.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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