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The Chosla family was very large. They were living in joint family with aged sixty years father Ratanbhai, his two sons Bharatbhi Chosla and Rambhai Chosla with their wives and their children. Ratanbhi had three daughters, all married and living happily with their husbands. Ratanbhai’s wife had recently died of a heart-attack.

This family’s main source of income was farming. Ratanbhai visited their farm regularly and took care of the crops, while his two sons roamed in the town with their bike. They were money lenders. All day both collected payments with interest. When their customers were unable to pay them, both seized from them whatever precious things they possessed. This duo brother returned these things only after they got their money back with interest. Many times customers denied repaying, so they tortured them physically.

Ratanbhai’s life had lost its shine after his wife’s death. At sixty years, he had a healthy body and was as sexually active as their sons. He wanted to marry a second time. But his son Bharat didn’t like it.

Last time, the father and son was sitting in the chairs in their compound at the night time after having their supper. The important decisions of family were taken by Bharat, an older son.

That day Ratabhai expressed, “Bharat, I’ve decided to marry.”

“Marriage? At this critical age?” His son was shocked knowing this.

“I know I’m of sixty, but still some years are ahead and I can’t live alone any more.”

“Dad, now you should concentrate on God’s worship, controlling your senses. It’s not the year of your marriage.”

“But, Bharat…” Ratanbhai lacked the words to persuade his son.

“Think one time, what others will speak about you. They say, sixty years old still want to marry, still unsatisfied? Must be immoral…” Bharat stopped his talk as he saw his wife was coming with two saucers and a kettle of hot tea. She wore a sari and veiled her whole face with the part of her sari. In this family, it was custom that wives couldn’t see their father-in-law’s face. She put the stuff on the table and left them instantly. Bharat poured tea in both saucers. He held one and another gave to his father. The serenity of night was broken by the tea slurping sounds produced by father and son. Without speaking a word, they sat quietly. Later Bharat left for sleeping but his father Ratanbhai was still meditating about the matter.


It was ten o’clock in the morning. As usual, Ratanbhai had already arrived in the farm with his noon lunch, made by one of the daughters-in-law in the morning. It was summer, so there was no work on the farm, but he liked being here better than his house. There was a little two room house on the farm, near the well. In the house one room was occupied with farming tools and the other room was used by Ratanbhai for leisure during winter to save from too much cold and in monsoon season. During the summer, the room remained unused as he’d put his wooden bed near the well under the pupil tree. There were no farm wagers in the summer except a young maid who came here daily to clean the house, fill the earthen water pot and other miscellaneous works.

When she arrived today at the farm, Ratanbhai stretched down the bed under the pupil tree. First she cleaned the house with the broom, and then took the earthen pot to fill it with clean water from the well. She held the iron bucket which was tied with a rope, and let the rope roll down on the wheel. She felt the weight of the water in the bucket, so pulled it up.

Ratanbhai heard the noise near the well. He opened his eyes. The maid was pouring the bucket water in the pot, bending her flat stomach. Ratanbhai stared at her, discovering something attractive which he had never heeded. Her braless breasts were saved from falling by her blouse. Her nipples weren’t seen but a part of her chest from where the melons had sprouted had caught Ratanbhai’s eyes.

She’d married just two years ago, so not too much sucked, fresh like a minute before plucked mangoes, ripe and tasty. Her husband would suck them always, and taste the juiciness. casino siteleri How lucky he was! But the reverie was broke as the pot overflowed and she descended it on her head, walked to Ratanbhai’s bed and put there so he could reach there easily when he felt thirsty. She’d finished today’s work so departed from the farm. Otherwise, she asked Ratanbhai if he need anything or had any other work. But today she spoke nothing. Ratanbhai thought, may be she discovered his lusty sight.

Ratanbhai felt sudden pain in his heart. He’d slipped in the world of lust and now experienced the deep remorse, thinking what crime he had committed. His straight penis suddenly loosened. She had been working on the farm since she was ten years. When his sons were children they came with him to play with the maid. She was like her daughter and treated her like that until this day. He recalled that her father died working in a factory, so during her marriage, he performed all rituals in marriage ceremony which were supposed to be done by the bride’s father. When she was leaving her mother’s home and going to her husband, he cried like he was bidding farewell to his real daughter for the last time. Ratanbhai’s heartache was increasing. He began to pray God gathering all his strength to bestow on him death before he committed a larger crime than today. He didn’t remember when he drifted into sleep.

On the second day, the yesterday’s remorse strangely disappeared after the whole night’s sadness to be alone merely changing the sides and rubbing his back with the bed in need of A WOMEN. Today he’d shopped some stuffs from the shop whose shopkeeper didn’t know him – it was shameful for him to shop from known shops buying the things which in India an aged person shouldn’t been expected to buy.

He brought a pair of briefs of a particular manufacturer, whose ad he’d watched on the TV in which a man wearing this particular brief attracted many ladies to share with him one bed. Another thing was a perfume which, according to the ad, played a vital role in seducing ladies. He reasoned that it wouldn’t be considered a sin if the maid was attracted towards him by using these briefs and perfume.

He walked in the house, took off his clothes and decided only to wear the briefs. He did it and sprayed the perfume from head to toe. He never wore a brief so it looked strange. He rubbed his penis through the brief to create some bulge. He walked out and put his bed at the same place where the maid stood up when pulling the water out. The preparation was finished so he stretched on the bed in his brief clad body. He observed later that his curly pubic hair wasn’t seen so rolled down the waist band three times. Now the whitish hair and the base of his penis appeared clearly. He waited for her lying on the bed.

She came and as usual cleaned the house. Now the much awaited moment arrived. She neared the well and pulled the water. But she didn’t give him a single look and left the farm as soon as she completed her work, leaving behind Ratanbhai starving of SEX.

Next day, Ratanbhai had another idea. After her arrival at the farm, he put on his brief and sat crossed legged on the rectangle stone to bathe near the well. As she came to pull out water from the well, he held his penis and began rubbing it with the foam of soap, making lewd gestures. Then he passionately rubbed his asshole with soap while standing on the bath stone. He cleared the hole by fingering it until she left the farm. His second idea failed.

He used many other ideas every day in seduce her, but they were unsuccessful. He feared that she might leave the job, but it never happened. She was as regular as earlier but the difference was that she had never spoken a single word with him since the first coarse staring of Ratanbhai. He satisfied himself mere with the view of her breasts and played with them in the dreams.


A month passed. Ratanbhai dropped all hope to bring her to his bed. However today, the sun rose from another direction as she spoke to Ratanbhai. After finishing the daily works, she stood near Ramanbhai’s canlı casino wooden bed with her eyes on her toes, saving herself from his sensuous sight.

“I need this month’s salary earlier.” She spoke in a very low voice only audible to Ratanbhai.

“Why?” Ramanbhai began to rub between his legs. She might attract.

“My husband is reported as a stone in his bladder, so to pay doctor’s operation charges. He has borrowed some money from his friends but still it’s not enough.” Her eyes were still stable on her toes.

Ratanbhai sensed it was the best opportunity.

“Don’t panic. Your Ratanbhai isn’t dead. Just tell me how much you need.”

“Only as you’re paying me as salary.”

“Money doesn’t matter. But you have to satisfy me…IN MY BED.” He put more stress on the last three words.

She didn’t utter a single word and left the farm. Ratanbhai understood that her silence exhibited her rejection.

Two days passed as usual. She didn’t mention anything about money. But on the third day she broke her silence.

“I… I… accept your condition.” She sounded like a judge concluding the case by giving the death punishment.

“Late…but looks like now you mind turns on.” He grinned.

“Yeh…my husband tried to get it from others but he didn’t succeed.”

“I’m not interested in reasons, but work.” He began to put off his clothes. “Baby, don’t test my patience. I’ve been waiting for this moment…you know very well…since a month.”

He was ready with rock hard cock dangling upon the balls, but she was still like a statue, thinking about a single source from where she could try to borrow money.

“Hurry up” he shouted, completely prepared, deducing what hid behind her clothes.

She unrolled her sari. Then she unbuttoned her blouse revealing two breasts hanging on her chest. The treasure was now exposed which he had desired to see for days. The perfect rounded and in the centre red brown tits were waiting to be sucked. Ratanbhai was watching this stripping off from a distance. Now there was a turn of petticoat. Yes, it was falling down, disclosing her crotch covered by discoloured panties. Now the food was completely ready to be savoured. She herself lay down on the bed, waiting for him to use her.

He didn’t waste a second and slowly ascended on top of her. Two bare bodies touched each other. He wanted to feel her foremost, so he slid his hand on her forehead, her closed eyes, her lips, her neck, and the most destined place, her soft, unsupported breasts. He halted sometime, to press them smoothly, and toying the each tits seizing between to his fingers.

“Aaahhhh…it’s not a dream,” he sighed.

Then hands preceded further down her flat plain like stomach after mountains of breasts. But hands had to stop at the panties elastic waistband. He was annoyed like the driver smoothly driving his bus accidentally finding the speed breaker on the road. He immediately pulled out the material and threw it, like it mustn’t be an obstacle in his later voyages again.

The black triangle exposed in which enchanted whirlpool, many lost their lives. He felt each bit of her pussy. Both his hands parted the swollen lips and exposed the last goal of his journey. He removed the curly dark black hair and pink bud fully seen, ready to be fucked, to be pumped, to be thrust, to be pounded.

She was panting heavily with her breasts going up and down. His further ride was paused because he reached at his destination, a sexy slit surrounded by black hairs on pink petal like soft skin. He opened her legs more, making her cunt fully exposed. He gripped his cock and opened her bud with its shining top.

Slowly, slowly he was sliding it inside, driving deep and deep. When duo’s pubic hair rubbed with each other, he felt extreme satisfaction. She grabbed his cock tightly, like cock and cunt were made by God after taking perfect measurement of both. A perfect fitting.

He felt her hole’s wall pressuring his cock, and never wanted to free it. He began gradual movement, the cheeks of each other rubbed, kaçak casino and breasts pressed against his hairy chest, and suddenly he experienced goose bumps. His rough, hairy skin was against her soft, smooth skin. The inside itch was doubled.

Now slow movement didn’t seem enough to extinguish the fire. His hips began to move very fast, each pound was hard and speedy. The cool breeze of the farm was blowing but both were sweating. Both had kept their eyes closed but faces were touching each other. Their thighs were colliding as his scrotum with her groins. The moment was near which he had waited for so long, to shoot in her cunt. And when he revealed his load, her cunt was disabled to preserve it all. They lay motionless until his seed journeyed the unfathomed distance.

She moved her body, signaling him that it was time for her to leave him. He understood and, changing his position lying on his back, made her free to stand up. She did and put on her clothes scattered aside the bed. She didn’t depart but paused. He figured out that she was expecting the money. He held her pants which was dumped near the bed earlier, took out her salary from a pocket and handed it to her, looking in her eyes. To his surprise, tears were rolling down on her white cheeks. Immediately she left, fisting the notes. He again slouched on the bed putting his pent aside and attempted to recall her heavenly feelings experienced some minutes ago. But he failed. Instead of it, her face wet with tears was continuously appearing in his eyes. He endeavoured desperately to eschew pleasurable moments by rubbing his cock. He touched himself for like a minute before he became impotent.

At last he dropped to divert his mind and went on the road on which his mind was dragging himself. The eyes with tears were reminding him something which he had totally forgotten since a month in the reign of lust. However, after quenching the appetite, he felt that the intoxication vanished and soberness was established.

A group of words pierced in his mind, “I RAPED her”, though he didn’t force her physically. He exploited her by using her need. Suddenly the past erupted like a dormant volcano that suddenly became active after a month. He recollected a day when he gave her a sum ten times more than her monthly salary to save her father from serious head injury, made her fatherless eventually despite this.

She had denied to take a salary for the next ten months to repay him, but he forcefully gave it, telling her that she was like his daughter to him and it was his duty to help his daughter when she was in need. That time she cried in joy, but today’s cry was totally different. In extreme rage, he held his penis and squeezed until the red blood flew on its head.

But he hadn’t satisfied with his self-sentence. His mind felt intense pain. He was still but the earth was revolving so furiously as never before. He pressed his temple but pain was acute and becoming unbearable. He attempted to think of the remedy by straining too much on his mind. Yes, something flashed which could not only redeem him but totally remove his mental suffering. He made up his mind to follow it now. A minutes’ waiting was intolerable.


It was eight in the evening. Ratanbhai hadn’t returned the home. His two sons at last decided to go to the farm to probe their father’s sudden lateness. Both headed to the farm on their bikes. The farm was dark. First they searched in the home. Totally empty, not a single sign of a human. They came out, watched far until their eyes denied to work. Nothing but the blackness and darkness, and the rows of little lights of faraway town, could be seen. Except the small two rooms house, there was no place to probe.

Just to satisfy his curiosity Ram, one of the sons, threw a torch’s light in the well. Something of the shape of human body was floating on the surface. He was confident that it wasn’t his father, because he had been living a very fine life with two good sons.

To see the face clearly he bent. Watching his brother bending in the well, Bharat came there. He threw more light of his torch. The light was doubled. The face was seen. And what they watched stunned both. It was their father, Ratanbhai, naked, floating on the well water.


The editing touch is given by AsylumSeeker. I’m so grateful to him.

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