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The wardrobe door slowly opened, and there stood Ann.

“Has she gone” whispered Ann.

I nodded.

“What a performance you gave – you certainly put her right” she said stepping out of the wardrobe.

Ann came up to me saying thank you and kissed me full on the mouth. She got onto the bed and positioned herself on her knees with her arse up in the air at the edge of the bed, just like the way I took her daughter.

“Take me – take me like you did Jill” croaked Ann.

I got down on one knee on the floor and held her arse cheeks in my hands. I looked at her anus and pussy. I thought to myself ‘she just looks like Jill – but a little plumper’. Her pussy and anus was wet through with her juices. I was still semi-hard so I started to work my tongue from her clit, along her pussy lips to her anus. She started moaning, saying ‘yes – gooood’. I put two fingers onto the entrance of her holes, and pushed slowly until both fingers were fully in. One in her arse and the other in her pussy. I then worked them in and out, faster and faster. Her legs started shaking, she was about to cum.

“Ooo – yes – I’m here nowwww” she shouted.

Her climax was intense; pussy juice’s flowed along my fingers. As she climbed down from her climax, I shoved my fingers hard into her holes and wriggled them around.

“Yes – I needed that” she gasped. I withdrew my fingers and stood up with my now new hard on. I rubbed my cock head along her pussy lips.

“Fuck me – fuck me like you did Jill” she whimpered.

I looked down and slid my cock in up to my balls and held her tight with my hands on her hips. I started to work my cock in and out of her cunt making slurping noises. She gripped the bed sheets and turned her head towards the wardrobe doors as I increased the pumping of her delicious pussy.

“Make my cum again – make me – make me cum” she order me.

I stopped and re-positioned her legs a little so as to have greater effect on her G-spot, then pumped her as fast as I could and at the same time wet my thumb, pushing it fully into her arse and holding onto her hip with my left hand. She beşiktaş escort bayan started to shake and whimper, and then she exploded.

“Yes – take this you basted” she screamed as she sprayed her juices over my cock. This trigged me off. I came shooting two wads deep into her pussy. I whipped my cock out and shot the last wad over her back and arse hole. I collapsed onto her back completely spend.

I panted into her ear “did you enjoy that as much as I did my love”.

She said it’s the best fuck she’s had for a long time.

We both lay there on the bed for a few minutes getting our breath back.

Ann started to talk about what Jill said about Simon fancying me. We wondered what she meant. Ann thought it best if I have a little talk to Jill and find out more about Simon being hot for a fuck from me. So we agreed that I do this and report it back to Ann.


The next two days were un-advent full. On the Wednesday, things began to change. I was in the kitchen early evening tidying up after dinner. Simon came in. I stood at the kitchen worktop preparing to make coffee. Simon walked up to me, leaned against the worktop facing me. He had a wicked smile. I asked if he was OK. He didn’t say a word, just looked down at his crotch. I looked down saying ‘you’re hard again’. He started to rub his crotch with his left hand and smiling into my face. I told him to be careful; his mum was up stairs having a bath.

“I know he said – I saw her going into the bathroom, naked. – she saw me watching and then smiled at me” Simon chirped.

I took advantage of this situation and rubbed his cock, which made him squirm.

I asked him what he would like me to do to him. Without hesitation, he said to fuck me – to fuck me real good. For the next 10 minutes, we discussed the situation. He told me that he had not been fucked, but would love me to be his first fuck. He went on to say that on one occasion he had wanked off one of his gym friends while in the shower and this gave him a big thrill. Also, yesterday he went into the laundry basket beşiktaş escort and goes one of my socks, slid it over his hard dick and wanked in it, then put it back. I laughed at such a confession. We decided a plan of action. The plan was that on Sunday Jill will be out of the house most of the day and his Mum will no doubt need to go super market shopping also. We decided to reconsider the situation on Sunday morning.

That evening I told Ann about the discussion I had with her son. I held nothing back; I told her all that happened. She was thrilled and over whelmed with anticipation. I asked her what she wants me to do to Simon, in other words, how far am I to go. She said as far as Simon wishes to go, all the way if need be. Ann went on to describe what she saw from the inside of the wardrobe the other night. She gave me graphic details of the expression on Jill’s face when she climaxed. I was jealous of the way you were giving her a good boning, Ann said busting out with laughter.

“I’m horny – just lay still and let me do the work” Ann whispered.

She stripped off my clothes and lay me down onto the bed on my back. She slowly un-dressed while I got comfortable, putting my arms up with my hands behind my head. She took her top and bra off exposing her full ample breasts. She was still in good shape at 40 year of age. She had kept her waist trim with only a little flab. I was getting horny now with watching her performance. I lifted my head up and looked down at my very hard cock dripping pre-cum. I raised my arm and brought it down so I could work my cock.

“Stop – don’t you dare. Put your hands back under your head” She scolded me.

I lay watching her un-dress. She removed her shorts and panties, throwing them into the corner of the room.

“Slide down the bed – get as far down as you can, until your feet are at the bottom edge of the bed” She smiled.

I worked my way down until I felt my feet at the bed edge. I lay looking up at the ceiling. I felt the bed move a little. Then a tongue licked my left ear. She was behind me, above me, what plan as she hatched for me – I wondered. Her tongue worked around my ear, a cross my forehead, then down my nose ending up with a French kiss. Our tongues intertwined as we both grunted. She slowly moved down and started to kiss the side of my neck. Then a long stroke of her tongue led her to my right nipple. She closed her teeth over it, lightly tweaking it. I pulled my arms from under my head and placed them onto her shoulders. She moved down a bit more and her left breast fell upon my mouth, I began to suck upon her nipple with relish. She moaned.

I slobbered “This is lovely – Oooo – yes”.

She slid down more and her breast touched mine. We were tit to tit. She gyrated her breast so as her nipple was rubbing upon my nipple. I felt her tongue jab my belly-button, it flipped across, twirled around and poked. Her tongue was as like a stiff cock as it worked down my lower stomach, in the area between my belly button and the tip of my dick. She moved down a bit more. Now here face was directly over my cock. I could see her looking at it. Watching the pre-cum oozing out of my tip. She started to blow on it, saying ‘I’m not going to touch it yet – you’ll cum if I did’. I looked up and saw her pussy just a few inches from me. It was dripping wet and partly open. I put my hands on her arse cheeks and began tonguing her pussy. I poked her and run my tongue from her clit to her anus. She moaned and her legs shuddered.

“Oooo – I would love to see you push your finger up Simon’s arse hole” She gurgled.

She then moved down until her pussy was over my dick. She slowly rubbed her cunt up and down my cock. I worked my finger in and out of her anus, I kept this up for a few minutes.

“I’m cumin – O yes – I’m on my way.” She whispered.

She came at the same time as me, I gushed a load of spunk onto my stomach. We lay down side by side in the after-glow of lovemaking. Ann noticed the bedroom door was ajar.

“I thought I had closed the door. – Did you open it again” She asked.

I looked at her replying that I have not been near the door since we came into the bedroom. We looked at each other and concluded that someone had opened it and must have seen and heard all we had said. Who was it, Jill or Simon? We both lay in silence contemplating its meaning.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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