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The day starts off with a message on my cell phone from you with a location and a time.

I arrive at the location at the time given. It is a club just off of the strip. It isn’t as flashy as some of the other bars, but it doesn’t look like a dump either.

As I walk in I scan the room looking for you. I spot you talking to a beautiful blonde woman at the bar. I feel jealous. You look over to the door and catch my stare. You gesture to me to take the empty table in the corner. As I am about to settle in the booth you walk over with the beautiful blonde.

“Kitty, I’d like you to meet my gorgeous wife.” You say to the blonde.

I wonder what it is that you are doing with this woman and why you are trying to make her think I am your wife.

I shake her hand and introduce myself “Kitty, is it?” I ask her.

She laughs “No, your husband came over and started talking me about my paw print tattoo.” She said as she turned around to show me her nearly bare back with the paw prints running down from her left shoulder. She never offers her actual name.

We slide into the booth with our new friend in between us. The three of us talk and drink. Kitty seems surprisingly comfortable talking to two complete strangers about anything and everything.

“Kitty… do I not have a beautiful wife? I mean look at her!” You say as you reach over Kitty to brush my hair away from my face and gentry caress my cheek. I feel strange about the lie, but find it exciting.

“Yes, she’s very beautiful. You are very lucky.” Kitty says as she looks at me.

“I am very lucky.” You say with a smile. “She is an amazing kisser!” You add.

“Oh, I’m sure.” Kitty says politely.

“Do you mind if I kiss my wife right now?” You ask her.

“Um, please do.” She insists.

“Come here honey.” You instruct. You lean over Kitty to kiss me. You kiss me passionately while we are inches away from our guests face. I wonder if she is watching us, but I don’t want to be obvious and look. The kiss is very soft and sensual. It is at this moment I realize our lips never touched last night. This is our first kiss since that night so long ago. I feel a flip in my stomach. I can feel my clit pulse. I squirm a little so the seam of my shorts would rub my clit a little to satisfy it for the moment.

We break away from our kiss.

“Didn’t I tell you how passionate she was?” You ask her.

“Yes. It looked very sexy.” She replied with a blush creeping on her perfect apple cheeks.

“You should try for yourself.” You suggest.

My eyes widen. Kitty and I look at each other trying to decide if the other one is going to object.

“Sweetie, what are you doing?” I ask you.

“I am just saying that for 15 wonderful years I have had those gorgeous lips to myself. I was wondering if Kitty would like a chance to know how lucky I am.” You explain. Your lie is flawless. “Kitty…” You say as you place your hand on her thigh “Would you like to taste that beautiful mouth?”

Kitty licks her lips a little, probably without realizing. “Sure.” She says turning to face me. Both of our faces are flushed with the feeling of excitement and embarrassment.

We hesitantly lean in to each other. As we are about an inch apart we look at each other and smile. I lean in the rest of the way and my moist lips touch hers. I begin to wonder what kind of a kiss she was expecting. I decide to give her three soft kisses. I slightly part her lips with mine on the last kiss. I can feel my nipples harden with excitement. As we break away from our kiss we both look over at you for approval.

“Wow. That looked …uh …hot!” You stammer, looking extremely aroused. “Was I right? Was that an amazing kiss?”

“Um, yes, canlı bahis yes it was.” She admits turning her eyes to me and smiling and brushing her long blonde hair away from her face.

“Aren’t those lips perfect?” You press. Kitty looks at me and nods, giving me a cute sly smile.

“You should kiss her again Honey. Kiss her like you kiss me. I want to see you enjoy this beautiful girl.” You tell me as you rub Kitty’s leg.

The bar is crowded with people. You would think two girls kissing each other would attract some stares, but I do not see anyone looking at us. I’m not familiar with Vegas and what is considered ‘normal’ conduct at a bar but here there are sexual exploits everywhere I look. I have seen several women expose their breasts for a free drink or just for the rousing applause of the crowd. I can see a guy across from us getting a hand job under the table. A few tables over I can see a couple making out. The woman’s breast is out of her shirt but covered by the man’s groping hands. I feel myself caught up in the sexual excitement.

I turn to Kitty. I slide closer to her and place my hand on her leg which meets your hand. I bring my hand behind her back and glide my fingers under her silky blonde hair. I bring her to me and kiss her forcefully. My tongue enters her mouth and taste what it is like to really kiss a girl. Her mouth is small and soft. Her tongue wrestles with mine and we kiss with complete abandon. My hand has made my way to her breast. My fingers tease and pinch her excited nipples. As we kiss, I push her back onto your chest. I continue kissing her fiercely as I bring my hand over to your crotch. I rub my hand over your clothed erection. I break free from my kiss with Kitty and start kissing you.

“Sweetheart…” You say as you break free from my kiss. “I am wondering if maybe we should head back to the hotel?” You suggest looking at Kitty. “Would you like to come back to our hotel room so we can all be a little more, uh, comfortable, Kitty?”

I am nervous she will say yes, but I realize I am more nervous she will say no.

“Um…yeah. Let’s go.” She says

We finish our drinks and catch a cab to the hotel. I sit in the middle of you two feeling the sexual energy flowing through me. I kiss Kitty again like I did at the bar, then I kiss you. For some reason I wanted the cab driver to know what kind of night we were going to be having. I’m sure he has seen it all before, but it still excites me.


You slip an arm around each of our waists and walk us through the lobby up to the hotel room.

“Ladies, I want you both to enjoy each other. If there are no objections, I will just sit over in that chair and watch you two get to know each other.” You inform us.

You go over to Kitty “I can’t promise that I won’t be…uh, entertaining…myself, if that is alright with you?”

Kitty smiles and slips her arm around me. We touch each other as you continue to tell us your intentions.

“I will sit over there and mind my own business. Unless of course I am invited to join.” You add with a smile.

You take your seat. Kitty and I begin kissing again. We moved over to the bed. Our hands eagerly exploring each other’s body. I glanced over at you and notice your cock is out and you are rubbing it slowly.

I find myself pulling Kitty’s shirt off of her. She is wearing a black push up bra. Her breasts look amazing. I want to see them, feel them, and taste them. I reach for the bra clasp and expose her beautiful tits.

“Isn’t she gorgeous?” I say to you.

“Oh yes, she is breathtaking.” You agree as you continue stroking yourself.

I run my hands over her breasts. I find myself realizing why men are fascinated by them. I bring my mouth bahis siteleri down and take her nipple between my teeth. I nibble it gently then suck on it hungrily. She moans with satisfaction. I pause for a moment to remove my top and then continue sucking and biting her soft, smooth, perky tits. I feel on the verge of an orgasm.

She unclasps my bra and exposes my breast. She fondles my breasts as I continue to work on hers with my mouth. I stop and press our bare tits together. It feels so erotic. I am sure my pussy is wetter than it has ever been. Anytime I watch lesbian porn, I always cum when the girls begin kissing each other’s breasts. I lose myself in thought for a moment as I realize I am actually living out one of my fantasies. For a moment it doesn’t feel real.

She kisses me again, and I can feel her making her way towards my tits.

“No.” I stop her. “I want to taste you.” I say pushing her back on the bed. I run my hands over her firm ass and pull off her skirt and panties. Her pussy is neatly shaven with only a small patch of hair. I find myself remembering yesterday how you commented that my pussy smelled good. Her pussy smells like pure sex. When I masturbate I find I cannot help smelling the scent of my pussy on my fingers. It’s so arousing. Her pussy smells different, but I find it even more alluring.

I part her pussy lips with my fingers. I can see her pussy wetness seeping out of her. I lick her from just above her ass to her clit. I take her clit in my mouth and suck. The muscles in her thighs twitch as I flick her clit with my tongue. I find myself lost in thought as I pleasure her. Every time a man has gone down on me I feel uncomfortable; I worry about my smell, my taste, that I am taking too long to cum. Licking Kitty’s pussy I find myself in no hurry to leave. It is so arousing to pleasure her with my mouth. Her smell is intoxicating; her taste is delectable.

My arousal is nearly intolerable, yet I want to continue pleasing Kitty this way. I raise my head.

“Kitty, would you mind if my husband fucked me while I work on making you cum?” I ask in a tone no different than inviting someone over for coffee.

“Yes.” She said. “I mean, no, I don’t mind. Please do.” She says with a smile as she throws her head back into the pillows to await my mouth.

You stand, looking pleased to be called into action. You remove your shirt and pants and come behind me. You finger my so my pussy lips are nice and wet for you to enter. I feel the tip of your cock press against my ass and then slid into my throbbing wetness. You groan with pleasure as you thrust in and out of me very slowly. I imagine you want to enjoy this for as long as you can before cumming.

If possible, it feels even better to lick her while I am being fucked by your thick hard cock. You reach under me and begin rubbing my clit. It doesn’t take much before you feel my pussy tighten around your cock as I cum. My sobs of pleasure are muffled by Kitty’s pussy. I slip two fingers into her. She is so wet; I imagine I am as well. I fuck her with my fingers as I tease her clit with vigorous licks. She wails with pleasure. Her wetness is running down my hand. I fuck her even more enthusiastically. I find myself wishing I had a strap-on dildo. I have a strong urge to fuck her.

Kitty screams as she orgasms on my fingers. I feel her pussy constrict and her cum flow. She quivers and appears to need a moment of recovery. I become aware of your moans; you sound close to cumming.

“Kitty, do mind if he cums on your tits, so I can lick it off?” I ask quickly.

“Uh huh.” She manages to groan as she brushes her hair aside in preparation for your mess.

I can practically hear you thanking me in your head.

You bahis şirketleri pull your cock out of me and move over towards Kitty. You stand over her and rub your cock. It excites me to watch you jerk off on to her. Your body twitches as you pump your hot load of cum all over her beautiful tits. You continue rubbing as smaller spurts of cum continue to flow.

You lean down and kiss me passionately. “Thanks Hon, that was amazing!”

I find myself still entertained by the marriage rouse. “I thought you’d enjoy it Sweetie.”

I move up and lay beside Kitty; her tits covered in your cum. I take my hands and massage it all over her breast. They look even more perfect glistening, covered in your mess. I begin licking the cum off of her slippery tits, but she stops me.

“No no.” She says as she pushing me back on the bed. “It’s time to take care of you.”

I lie back as Kitty begins pulling off my shorts and panties. “Maybe you want to help?” She says to you.

She begins kissing her way down my body very slowly. By the time she makes her way between my legs, you are beside me. She begins licking my clit while you start kissing me and fondling my breast.

I am overwhelmed with the excitement of having you and Kitty pleasure me. I enjoy the attention she is giving my throbbing pussy but I want to feel her mouth on mine and taste the cum on her soft lips. I sit up and turn Kitty’s attention away from my pussy. I brush the hair away from her face and kiss her forcefully. I can’t get enough of her tits. I love the feel of them in my hand, the feel of her nipple between my fingers, the taste of her erect nipple in my mouth.

She and I lie back on the bed and continue to explore each other’s mouth and breasts. She slips her fingers between my legs and begins rubbing my swollen clit. You slide behind me and kiss my neck. I bring your hand from my hip over to Kitty’s breast. You wait a moment for an objection. Kitty just smiles at you as you begin to let your hand explore her body.

The three of us continue to grab and kiss and caress each other. We seem to take turns focusing our attention on one person. Eventually it is your turn for Kitty and I to pleasure you. I push you back in the bed. Kitty and I kiss over top of you, giving you a show. I slide my tongue slowly up Kitty’s neck and then kiss her mouth softy. She breaks away from our kiss and teases my nipple with her tongue while looking at you. We continue teasing with our display. I can see your cock is rock hard. Kitty notices my attention has moved to your erection. Our tongues meet at the base of your cock as we lick to the tip. We wrestle our tongues over your hard on. I tease your balls gently with my fingers.

You prop yourself up on your elbows so you can watch both of us pleasuring you. I take your cock all the way into my mouth as Kitty kisses her way up your body. She kisses your mouth and runs her fingernails over your chest, then kisses her way back down to me. I let her take over the blowjob as I kiss my way up to your mouth.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum.” You announce.

I make my way back down to Kitty and turn her attention away from you. I kiss her as you move out from under us. You kneel on the bed and rub your cock. You are aimed in front of Kitty and I as we continue to kiss. We return our attention to you with open mouths. You allow yourself to climax.

“Fuuuuck” You groan as you shoot your cum into both of our mouths.

You collapse back on to the bed and watch as Kitty and I kiss, sharing your cum, letting it slide out of our mouths and on to our tits. I rub my breasts all over Kitty’s; enjoying the feel of her slippery tits on mine. We continue to kiss gently and then fall back onto the bed with you. The three of us lay there is a stupor of sexual contentment. I drift off to sleep finding hard to believe the excitement I just experience. In two days you have brought me more sexual pleasure than I have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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