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“C’mon on grandma you cannot be serious? I just got married!” Nathan couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Darling I know, but we have a little time surely, time enough for a little pleasure? The evening party hasn’t even started, Chloe is having some pictures with her bridesmaids, and you don’t need to rush straight back down. We could say you were freshening up? Getting the suite ready?”

Kathleen reached forward and ran her gloved hands up Nathan’s suited chest. He had looked so dapper in his tuxedo that she had fought to resist temptation all day, but no more. Kathleen let her hands roam over Nathan’s strong chest repeatedly.

“C’mon grandma isn’t this a bit too close? Everyone is downstairs?!” Nathan’s eyes widened to emphasise his point. “We cannot be up here for long!”

“Well maybe you should start taking those clothes off now then?” Kathleen undid the single button on Nathan’s black jacket before her hands glided back up to his chest again – she was never tired of how firm his body felt. Nathan hadn’t long turned 24 yet had already had a six year relationship with the gym that had crafted his physique into something special – special and sexy, as many of her friends had told her. His soft deep brown hair was combed smartly to complement the very closely trimmed sides, his angular, but still boyish, face looked unsure.

“Oh man!” Nathan grumbled as his grandma pressed her petite body into his firm, masculine one. He looked down at her smooth skin, made perfect by her half-Spanish heritage, and a little botox.

“Come on Nathan, we can’t be long as you say, we mustn’t keep the guest waiting? Or your precious mother for that matter.”

“Ugh, no need to start on my mom grandma, dad is married to her, not you.” Nathan was annoyed that his grandmother still had a hatred for her daughter-in-law.

“Thank God, I couldn’t bear it. But come now, let’s not talk about her sweetie, I could think of better things for us to do.” Kathleen reached up and pulled open Nathan’s bowtie before quickly undoing his shirt collar.

“Arghhh grandma, c’mon, please,” Nathan begged, then realised his hands had slipped around Kathleen’s small waist as she nestled into him closer.

One by one, Nathan felt his buttons open and soon he could feel her body grinding against his crotch. He let out a sigh as her gloved hand stroked the skin of his powerful, smooth chest. It wasn’t the first time his grandma couldn’t keep her hands to herself and it made him just as weak.

“You looked so handsome today Nathan, I was so proud of you.” Kathleen added before pushing open his shirt and exposing more of his manly body for her to play with and caress. His abdominal muscles had always given her extra pleasure and watching her white gloves tickle them was heavenly.

“Argh grandma! My new wife is downstairs right now!” Nathan was trying to resist as hard as he could. He felt his shirt and jacket slip off his broad, muscular shoulders. Soon they dropped to the floor and he felt casino siteleri Kathleen’s face nuzzle his bare chest and he looked down to see her red lips were waiting for him. He brushed her highlighted brunette hair away from her pretty face and leant down before their mouths ravaged each other instantly. Kathleen ripped her gloves off so she could press her nails into his tanned skin. But Nathan broke off the kiss.

“Grandma, I can’t. I just got married!” Nathan pleaded for some mercy but Kathleen wasn’t giving in and took her delicate lips to his firm chest and kissed his beautiful young pecs repeatedly. Suddenly his hand guided her face back to his and their lips couldn’t resist each other. She felt him walking her back towards the honeymoon bed and let their weight fall onto it, scattering the rose petals.

Nathan teased his hand under the edge of Kathleen’s patterned dress and felt higher and higher up her slender thigh. He began to grind too now, wanting more and more of what he knew he could have. He eased his hand onto her back and yanked impatiently at the zip – he loved to hear the sound of her getting undressed. She gently pushed her keen grandson up to help him wriggle the dress off her shoulders and he sat up to yank it from her body. Once he saw her perfect nipples on her generous breasts, his mouth devoured each of them one at a time. She caressed his head, his hair smelling fresh and gentlemanly like.

“Ohhh Nathan, that’s it darling.”

Nathan lifted his head up, and although smiling, he tried to protest, “I feel bad grandma-“

“There’s no need to baby. This is like a practice for tonight. Don’t you want to fuck me?” Kathleen asked brushing his hair again and adding a wry smile. “I love to feel you cum. You know that.”

Nathan’s smile grew wider and he scrambled up to his feet and popped his pants’ button. He gave his grandma a cheeky wink before pushing them down to his knees, then yanked them off his feet. His young meaty cock sprang free – already hard and ready for his grandma to use. Kathleen spread her legs and undid the clasp at the side of her thong and peeled it off her treasured pussy. With his smile still wide, and cock still hard, Nathan crawled back into the bed and ran his fingers up his grandmother’s body. She let out a groan of pleasure as she tingled from his touch. He teased his fingers back down her petite, delicate frame and gently rubbed her warm pussy with his cupped hand.

“Ohh Nathan, oh that’s it, just there.”

Nathan quickly licked his fingers as he knew he could do better. Her pussy welcomed them as he slipped them into her, and like a warm wet vacuum it pulled them deeper into her. Kathleen’s body tensed against the rough, gym-worn fingers of her grandson.

“Nathan, baby, that’s it, give me that,” Kathleen begged breathlessly. Nathan smiled at her but knew he had guests, and his new bride, waiting too.

“Ok, ok, we can’t be here forever.” He said.

Their mouths met again with instant passion canlı casino and they couldn’t stop themselves – breathing and kissing and holding each other with a raw intensity only they shared. Nathan’s aching cock rubbed against Kathleen’s pussy and she took her hand down and grasped his thick meat. It wasn’t his length she enjoyed but his girth, he was as thick as a wine bottle. She massaged his thick meat for a few seconds until he broke off their kiss and grabbed his cock himself.

“We gotta be quick, right grandma?”

“Yes baby, we do.” Kathleen replied breathlessly.

Nathan held his cock and watched his grandma’s face melt, the moment its head pushed her pussy apart. His young cock eased her into it, but only momentarily, before his girth stretched her nicely and a series of whimpers came from her mouth. Nathan watched as she quivered and her neck arched with the pleasure. Nathan eased back onto her body and let her pussy devour the rest of his manhood. He put his hands either side of Kathleen’s face, holding his body up to watch the fun begin. Nathan could thrust like no lover she had had before. It wasn’t harsh or brutal but deep and intense. His cock carved its way into her, and every time his young hips pushed harder against her petite frame, her groans got more animalistic. Nathan’s face grinned as he looked down with each powerful thrust, knowing his body could do this. Kathleen ran her hands up his strong arms before teasing his thick neck and shoulders lightly. She yanked him closer so she could feel the weight of him pressed against her body.

“Oh fuck grandma.” Nathan moaned into her neck while his body did the rest of the talking.

His hips never let up, giving grandma what she always liked. She glanced down, over his back, to see his sweet young ass pumping away nicely. Their bodies continued to intertwine on the bed, their legs interlocking as their bodies rubbed against each other and Nathan’s cock continued to tease and please Kathleen. He quickly held himself back up so he could watch Kathleen’s face enjoying whatever he gave her with his cock.

“Oh god yes.” Nathan took it harder and faster, thrusting rapidly so his ass shook as he did. They didn’t have much time after all! Kathleen got her nails pressed into his butt as quick as she could and clawed him in to her, holding his young meat right inside her so he couldn’t escape. Nathan didn’t let up and went deep and slow again, driving his cock right into his grandma. He drove his hips right into hers and held them there for a moment almost lifting them both up off the bed.

“Baby, oh Nathan!” Kathleen’s head rolled back against the bed as his cock throbbed inside her. Nathan took some hasty breaths and returned to his harder pump so he could watch her body tremble – the clock was ticking!

“Fucking take it grandma. Oh yeah, oh fuck!” Nathan’s head rolled back too.

Kathleen’s hands found their own way back up to feel every part of his muscular body as his cock continued to drive kaçak casino her pussy wilder and nothing but excitement pulsed up from her clit. She opened her eyes to see his pecs tensed and his shoulders bulky and firm.

“Baby, fill me up, please. I love your cum in me. Your young seed, please cum for me.”

“You want it grandma?”

“Baby, yes, for me, please!” Kathleen added breathlessly. Nathan gave her a smile from his boyishly handsome face then lowered his hips, angling his cock deep into her sweet, hungry pussy. Kathleen heard his breathing shudder and then a flash of heat burst up his perfect abs and his load began to pump out into her.

“Ohhh Nathan please, please fill me up. Say my name baby.”

“Oh fuck grandma, oh fuck yes grandma. Oh God!” Nathan’s eyes closed as his second wave of orgasm rushed through him and Kathleen’s body responded to the sensation of his strong thrusts, releasing her orgasm like wildfire through her. Her head turned to the side to cope with the pleasure, with the thrill Nathan had delivered again. It never got old to feel what he did to her body, to her pussy and this time was even more special now she knew he really shouldn’t be doing it.

Nathan’s body eventually shivered to a stop and he withdrew his prize meat from Kathleen and lay beside her. Kathleen struggled to roll onto her side, her body still tingling, but took time to look down her grandson’s perfect body once again. She stroked up and down his torso.

“I gotta get going grandma. I gotta get downstairs for those photos or people will ask where we have been.”

Kathleen silenced him by twisting his head to him and ravaging his mouth, but she knew he had a point.

“Ok, go on. Get that tux back on you handsome young thing. I better go down there too and, you know, play nice with your mother.”

“Ahhh come on, not this again grandma.” Nathan leapt off the bed and quickly dressed himself, assembling his tux again in a flurry of activity to make sure they hadn’t been too long. Kathleen delicately teased on her dress but left her underwear off.

“I cannot help it that she’s a tediously trashy woman with no class Nathan.”

“Well don’t worry about it, you don’t see her much.” Nathan replied, slinging his jacket onto his back and straightening his cuffs as he walked to Kathleen.

“Hmmm, that’s better.” Kathleen leant forward and redid the button on Nathan’s jacket; it seemed only polite as she was the one to undo it! “All handsome and ready for the pictures with his new bride.”

Nathan’s face stretched with a big smile and he took his grandmother in his arms for one last kiss.

“Don’t worry about mom, she’s cool if you are.”

“I don’t like how she gets to hang on your arm all the time and will be in these photos too.”

“Yeah but you get a lot more grandma.” Nathan winked again. “Right, I gotta get going. Your grandson has a wedding to get back to.”

As Nathan turned to leave Kathleen reached out quickly and smacked his perfect butt that she was holding so tight over a few minutes ago. He glanced over his shoulder with a smile.

Kathleen smiled, thoroughly satisfied.

“He just gets better and better.” She pulled her phone out and began to text someone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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