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You get online to tell me your friend has arrived from Sydney and is with you now. I talk to you both and she asks how good are we as friends. I tell her we are good friends and you will do anything I ask. We chat on and I ask what the weather is like and you say it’s warm. I ask her to take your shirt off as you are hot but she is unsure what to do. I convince her you don’t mind and you must have reassured her also as she pulls your shirt out of your jeans and over your head. You are not wearing a bra.

Then I suggest to her that she is warm also and I ask you to take her shirt off. You pull it out of her jeans and, as you lift it, you brush her full breasts. When it is off she is wearing a black bra and I tell you to take it off also as it is only fair. I then tell her how I suspect you have beautiful breasts and I ask her to caress them for me and tell me how they feel. She does so, looking into your eyes as she fondles you, and I ask her to squeeze your nipples and get güvenilir bahis them hard. She spends a lot of time feeling you and your nipples are soon hard.

I then ask you to do the same to her and you also spend a fair amount of time caressing and feeling her breasts. Then I suggest to her that your jeans should be removed so you take your shoes off and stand before her. She undoes your jeans and eases them off your hips, revealing your lacey, see-through white thong. Her hands run over your hips and legs as she strips your jeans off and she caresses your arse as she tells me how lovely it is. By the time I ask you to remove her jeans your thong has a large wet spot on it. You describe her lovely body to me now she is only in panties and I have you run your hands over her flat belly, her arse and her thighs.

She tells me of your wet spot and I instruct her to remove your thong. I tell her to get close to your pretty cunt and see if you look wet. She says you are very türkçe bahis moist and I tell her to push her finger into your cunt and see just how wet you are. As you slouch back in your chair, presenting your cunt for her attention, she opens your lips and runs her finger along you. You moan softly as she plays with you and you spread your legs even wider as she slips her slim finger into your wet cunt. She probes you deeply and you writhe under her fingers as she assures me that you are very wet. I tell her to use two fingers to finger you and to insert the vibe in her own cunt as she fingers and licks you.

She gets on her knees, vibrator running at top speed in her snatch and she starts eating you as her fingers are fucking you. You are moaning loudly, your nerve-ends on fire, as her tongue drives you over the brink to ecstasy. As she fingers and licks your pussy, you explode in a mind-shattering orgasm and, as you cum, she licks you clean before moving up to you and kissing güvenilir bahis siteleri you deeply.

After you cum down again, I tell you to kiss her and fondle her breasts as you now kneel on the floor in front of her. You move down to suck her nipples and, as you do, you start to manipulate the vibe in her cunt. You lick and kiss her down over her stomach, licking out her deep navel and across her pubic mound to her silky thighs as she spreads her legs, welcoming you. You kiss her inner thighs then start licking her clit as you vibe her. You pull her forward on the chair and use her juices to lube her arse before you work the vibe into her.

Now you are biting her clit and fingering her cunt as you are vibing her arse and she moans delightedly and loudly. She cums immediately and you fill your mouth with her cum then kiss her deeply, tonguing each other, sharing the taste. She starts to relax again as you kiss passionately then you start working on her again. Licking and fingering and vibing, you tease her nerves until she can not stand it any more and you smile as she orgasms loud and long while you are getting cum all over the keyboard as you give me the news.

Then you relax and have a wine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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