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As the glaring sunlight streamed in though the sealed windows, the train carriage felt like an oven. The summer heat wave, combined with broken air conditioning, kept the temperature within at an almost unbearable level. Despite the fact that he was the only passenger in an otherwise deserted car, with the oppressive heat he nevertheless felt it difficult to move. He reclined sweltering in his window seat, eyes closed. He felt his waking mind begin to waver, and he soon dozed off.

Unsure if he was awake or dreaming, he registered the quiet, flat monotone of the announcer, and presently the train halted at a station. He dimly heard the doors opening, then the heavy approach of a second passenger who had entered the carriage.

The next sound that he heard was a long, slow, grunting sigh from somewhere high above him. He parted his eyes a little before, all at once, they shot wide open. Standing there, towering over him, was the largest woman he had seen in his life.

She must have been at least six foot five, and extremely wide-framed and full-figured with it. She wore black leather boots with a chunky heel. Her thick, creamy thighs lay bare, concealed only at the very top by a red leather miniskirt. The garment barely encompassed what he could tell, even from the front, was a stunningly vast and curvaceous backside. Though her fat belly stuck out some way in front of her, its extrusion was exceeded by that of her enormous breasts, round, full and heavy. In one hand she held a large paper bag.

She wore a white cotton t-shirt that stretched from halfway down her midriff to just above her nipples. On this fiercely hot day, she was slicked with sweat from head to toe. The t-shirt, therefore, clung to her voluptuous body like a useless rag, almost entirely see-through. Her nipples, without a bra to mask them, showed large and dark through the material.

The moment his gaze fixated upon those spectacular, glistening breasts, he was utterly captivated. He had always had a thing for chubby girls, but this was something altogether beyond that – indeed, he had never even imagined a woman of such proportions. His jaw hung wide open, his eyes stuck staring as though a gear in his brain had jammed. As the train moved away from the platform, her tits swayed slowly with its rhythm. His mind went blank as he let out a quiet, involuntary whimper. The front of his loose fitting shorts rapidly bulged upwards.

His gaze did not shift as the giantess slowly advanced and moved to sit down. In order to fit her breasts behind the next row of seats, she pulled them in with the palms of her hands. When she let go, they pressed tightly and wetly together, constrained by the barrier in front of them. Her massive arse occupied nearly two full seats and, as she casually and dismissively appropriated all the available space, his body was squeezed hard between hers and the wall. Throughout all this he continued to gawp dazedly at her rack, incapable of looking away.

She shifted her fat arse forcefully from side to side to get comfortable. He felt a visceral thrill as that expanse of flesh was shoved even harder against him.

From the paper bag she produced what would for most people have been a pointlessly oversized cream-filled éclair. His gaze was drawn inexorably to her full, wet lips, as she opened them wide and eagerly stuffed them, grunting softly.

Watching her eat struck him with an erotic yearning that he would never have anticipated. As she ate, big dollops of whipped cream fell into her cleavage, and his eyes were drawn back there with them. She quickly devoured the whole pastry, and sighed with indulgent satisfaction.

Very slowly she shifted her upper body round towards him and leant forward, until her cream-smothered cleavage occupied all the space in front of him – his entire world. She lazily smeared the creamy mess with her fat fingers. His brain completely shut down as he whimpered and drooled uncontrollably. His tongue, unbidden, extended as far as it would go.

His head, as though drawn in by the pull of her gravity, fell slowly forward. As those stunning breasts loomed even larger in his vision, the hold that they exerted over his faculties grew ever more unshakable.

In an instant, or an eternity, his tongue quivered mere centimetres from her flesh. The smell of her filled his nostrils, pure sex and pheromones. As his tongue at last made contact with her skin, he was overwhelmed by the sweet taste of cream and sweat. He lapped eagerly and gratefully, whimpering even louder as he did so.

After some time vacantly licking away, the giantess firmly clamped with both hands the back of his head. Gradually, she pulled him deeper into the narrow chasm of her cleavage. The enclosing walls of flesh, the sweet scent of her body, rapidly overwhelmed his senses.

At first, when his breathing became stifled he was unfazed, preferring this captivation by her body to mere oxygen. But as the beginnings of asphyxiation tuzla escort grew more urgent, his instincts compelled him to struggle. He tried to pull away, but in his already disoriented state he was no match for her powerful grip. At the last moment before he felt he might pass out, she shifted a little, so that a breath of air, nonetheless saturated with her scent, reached his mouth.

As she continued to smother him mercilessly, he grew ever weaker and dizzier. He had very quickly learned not to struggle. She rewarded his rapid submission by expertly granting him, just barely, enough air to breathe.

He soon lost all awareness of anything other than this suffocating paradise. Even when she finally pulled away, he barely registered the rest of the world around her. She turned and stood up. He gratefully received his first full view of her gargantuan rump, and his already dazed mind was utterly swept away by a tsunami of desperate arousal. He whimpered some more in urgent longing and even began panting like a dog, beyond all sense and reason.

As she began to stroll leisurely away, he felt something pulling at his neck. With some lingering scrap of awareness, he noticed the end of the leash that was clasped tightly in her hand. He knew instinctively what was expected of him.

He crawled directly behind her off the train, able to match her leisurely pace even on all fours. He was aware only of the mesmerising vista above him, the view up her miniskirt, unimpeded by any underwear. The vast, sweeping curves of her fat buttocks and thighs slid wetly against one another in a slow, rolling rhythm that continually kept his mind lulled in its daze of helpless arousal.

He might have crawled for miles or metres, hours or minutes. All that he was capable of registering was that beautiful, fat arse, and the scent of her still in his nostrils. Eventually however, they turned off the street and approached the door of a house. The giantess opened it, and led her willing pet inside.

Once they were inside, she closed the door and led him through to a small room at the back of the house. There she stopped and casually removed her skirt. She passed the end of the leash between her legs and pulled up and forward, drawing his head in towards her massive behind. He gladly let her control his movements, his already overwhelming arousal surging fiercely as his face once again neared her slippery flesh.

This time there was no hesitation. As his outstretched tongue made contact with her arsehole, he lapped gratefully and eagerly. The taste of her triggered something inside him that sent him spiralling even deeper into a fugue of submissive arousal, as though this were his first, mind-blowing hit of some powerful drug. From high above he heard a grunting sigh of satisfaction, and he was flooded with gratitude for the opportunity of giving her pleasure.

For ages he knelt, happily worshipping her beautiful arse. His palms pressed hard against her huge buttocks, his tongue sliding all the way up inside her, his mind fixated by her charms. Eventually she pulled his head away from her and proceeded, with his passive cooperation, to peel off his clothing. She then pushed him back down onto all fours and led him over to the other side of the room. She proceeded to manoeuvre him up onto a low, sturdy table that stood there. She crouched him down on knees and forearms, legs spread wide apart. With restraints produced from a nearby dresser, she fastened his wrists and ankles tightly to the table, in such a way that he could not move his limbs at all. She produced also a bright red ball gag, which she shoved firmly into his willing mouth. She briefly surveyed with satisfaction her helpless captive, then turned and left the room.




With dull, heavy-lidded eyes he stared straight ahead, almost unblinking. He did not see the wall in front of him; the image of her vast rump still dominated his vision, swaying gently from side to side. It fully engrossed his mind, smothering his rationality and his ego. His nostrils were all saturated with her scent; the taste of her filled his mouth, along with the ball gag. For minutes, or hours, or days he knelt, virtually without thinking. Whenever he felt his buried self-awareness begin to bubble up, it was inexorably drawn instead to the image of those enormous, swaying buttocks and rapidly dissipated. Thus he knelt there in a blissful daze, thoroughly primed for the return of his new mistress.

Eventually, there was a noise from somewhere behind him, and the air in the room seemed to grow thicker, heavier, headier. As she moved slowly into his field of vision, he registered dreamily the long, girthy strap-on extending from beneath her big belly. A flutter of apprehension danced briefly within his vacant mind. Then she was removing the ball gag from his mouth and leisurely sliding her fat cock in to replace it. As she casually fucked his throat, he swallowed her huge member gratefully, desperate to be a good little bitch tuzla escort bayan for her. As she shoved her cock deeper, her belly pressed against his face, smothering him. He instinctively understood that this further demonstrated her subjugation of him, and was even more grateful.

After some time, she yanked her weighty tool from his drooling mouth, and began to move round behind him. He felt the coolness of the lubricant as she prepared him to receive her. Then she proceeded to fuck him hard, doling out the same rough treatment as before. Moans and whimpers fell from his lips as a primal swell of humiliation eroded the foundations of his psyche. The deeper she forced her powerful member inside him, the more keenly he felt her control over him. With each thrust of her cock, he slipped deeper under her spell. She grasped his balls to further signal her dominance, just hard enough that it hurt a little. She never once stroked his comparatively small appendage, just wrapped her forefinger and thumb around the base of it. It was enough to produce in him the most ecstatic pleasure he had ever known.

As she fucked his brains out, one moment seemed to melt into the next. The next thing he knew he was lying on his back on the carpeted floor, still barely lucid and, he realised vaguely, still unable to move.

Again she approached him, this time without the strap-on. The sight of her towering over him, fully naked, sent a lightning storm of helpless arousal blasting throughout his entire being. It was a desire so intense that it felt more like divine revelation. His mind and body were transfixed by the need to worship her.

Facing along the length of his body she knelt over him, spreading her thick thighs astride his head. Once again her massive arse entirely filled his vision. The sight and the scent of her thick, juicy cunt so close to his face racked him with submissive longing. Then, casually, imperiously, she sat on him with her full weight. All at once, he was lost.

As his lips and tongue moved in a frenzied rush to pleasure her, she smothered him mercilessly. Her fat pussy easily dominated his mouth and his nose, while her enormous buttocks threatened to engulf his entire head. This was where he had always belonged. He knew instinctively that here, underneath her, servicing her, was his place.

Occasionally, she let him breathe. He gratefully accepted this as the privilege that it was. When she felt like it, she ground herself hard against his face to get the best use out of him.

For a long, long time she continued to allow him to serve her in this way. She came several times in sudden, glorious tides of pleasure, which joyfully he let wash over him. Soon enough his whole head was drenched, as was a very large patch of carpet around it.

Finally, after one particularly spectacular orgasm, she seemed to be sated. She sighed loudly and completely relaxed her body. Though she had been sitting on him with virtually her full weight before, nevertheless some natural tension in her legs had been helping to support it just a little. Now it really felt like she might squash the life out of him. Her crushing weight, combined with the lack of oxygen, was rapidly pushing him to the very brink of consciousness. The impulse to struggle rose weakly within him – but he no longer had any sense of where his limbs were, let alone the strength to move them.

This impulse passed momentarily, and in its place he was flooded with serene acceptance. From within the depths of his subconscious mind, he realised that he must completely let go, fully relinquish his ego. How could it matter what happened to him? All that was real was her pleasure. Her will was impossible to resist. He must submit himself utterly to her… submit… to Goddess. After all, he realised dreamily, he existed only to worship her. He was her property, he knew, to do with as she wished. It was the only way. Nothing else mattered…

His lungs felt like they were about to give out. Just as the looming darkness began to swallow him, she lifted her weight a little. His eyes snapped open to see her gorgeous arse still hovering directly over his face, cheeks pulled slightly apart by her hands. In the same instant, just as he was starting to finally draw breath, he heard the loud, rushing hiss of pressurised gas being forced through a small opening. He felt a gust of hot wind as she farted into his face, filling his mouth and nose with gas from her body. He inhaled deeply, choking on it. As the potent mixture of her gas with a little air hit his oxygen-starved lungs, his vision blurred, and melted around the edges into a kaleidoscope of colours. He felt as though he were falling upwards, tumbling continually toward her vast hindquarters like a satellite being pulled out of orbit. Everything was underwater, glowing and sparkling with refracted starlight. The signals in his brain were being scrambled, any stray thoughts now drowned out by static interference. Her beautiful arse was everything… nothing else escort tuzla existed. He gawped dumbly, all free will and rationality totally crushed by her divine backside.

In this dissociative state, not knowing who or where he was, he was unaware of anything except that glorious arse in front of him. Then, for the first time, she spoke. He experienced her voice as booming thunder that coursed through his body and exploded within his brain. The sound seemed to permeate the fabric of reality, coming from everywhere and nowhere; from inside and all around him. He was unable to consciously understand her words, but he felt them deeply and irresistibly fucking his mind, penetrating the very essence of his being. As she spoke, with her hands she wobbled her massive buttocks gently from side to side. The spellbinding movement intensified the overwhelming power of her voice even further, plunging him into new depths of submissive rapture.

With her new slave now well and truly subjugated, the goddess paused momentarily. Then she sat back down heavily on his face and let out another powerful fart.

He blacked out almost instantly.




After a long, deep sleep he began, once again, to dream.

The dreams always began with the feeling that he was about to wake up back on the train, moments after having drifted off. For an instant he felt peaceful, then, each time, he was gripped by desperate panic, a dreadful sense of hopelessness and loss. It was the feeling of being cast out of Eden, fearing that he had been parted forever from his goddess. Then, still dreaming, he would awake to her standing over him in all her dominating glory, and be flooded with relief, devotion and ecstatic lust.

She would proceed, in these dreams, to tease him and torture him mercilessly and to use, abuse and smother him. Her psychosexual onslaught always drove him back to that state in which he no longer knew who or where he was. Only then, when he was devoid of all will and sense, would she speak to him. Just like the first time, her voice would sear like holy fire straight into the core of his psyche.

Eventually, these recurring dreams melded together into one long, continuous dreamscape. He dreamed that he was now a brainwashed slave for his goddess, living to serve and worship her. His only desire was to please her in any way he could. He went to work every day, earning money to be paid directly into her bank account. He gratefully completed all sorts of menial chores and errands for her. He wore a chastity device and, as more and more time passed, received no hint about its possible removal.

Whenever he was away from his goddess he saw her magnificent backside swaying before him, heard her imperious voice echoing deep inside his mind. When he was deemed worthy to enter her presence, he was enthralled by her otherworldly beauty. When he was granted the transcendent pleasure of worshipping her with his tongue, he dissipated into a realm of untold bliss.

Whenever she spoke, he experienced her voice in the same way that he always had. Her words bypassed his consciousness to reshape his reality directly. He could lie passively forever, enraptured, letting her divine will pour into his vacant mind. His place was not to understand… merely to obey.

As time went by it became ever clearer that his dream was, in fact, her dream: that, without her, he did not even exist. He, along with all of reality, was nothing more than a manifestation of her will, an aspect of her being. Thus, he finally understood, it was inevitable that he should call her “Goddess”. Worshipping her was not only all that mattered – it was all that was possible, all that could ever be imagined. It literally underpinned reality.

He lived in the house of his goddess with several other slaves, both male and female. They barely spoke a word to one another, aside from the little communication that was needed to better facilitate pleasing their goddess. Still, he knew that they were as devoted to her as he was. Indeed, how could they not be?

Often, she would have all of them worship her at once. A brainwashed slave to suck each of her nipples, one to lick her juicy cunt, another to worship her gorgeous arse, while the rest knelt and kissed her feet. She gloried not just in their obedience to her, but their gratitude. Over time she had truly become, to each one of them, a goddess. She saw the unbounded elation they all exuded, merely for the privilege of kneeling at her feet. Each one of them, she knew, desired only to serve her. Things were entirely as they should be.

On one such occasion, she happened to look down at her left breast and saw the eyes of her newest slave – the one she had acquired not long ago on the train – staring blankly up at her as he sucked. She returned his gaze imperiously. She also smirked a little, as she remembered how quickly he had succumbed to her power. They all surrendered eventually of course, but he was perhaps the weakest specimen she had ever come across. She became even more aroused as she thought about how easily she had broken him. She drilled into him with her eyes and drawled, “You worthless little bitch. You were gagging to be enslaved.”

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