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It was the very first time with Jason so it was special for us both.

“Is that okay, Pete? Jase asked as he gently pushed it into me.

“Divine,” I replied feeling the girth of his stiffness as I helped him to work it into me moving my hips. We’d tried several approaches but this was the best for Jase to gain the best access, me bent over the edge of the bed with one knee propped up in the mattress, opening just wide enough so he could work it between. It felt lovely and warm, his freshly sucked cock easing into me until it was buried deep. We stilled awhile to feel the thrill of the moment. Then Jase asked ” Can you move your rectal muscles Babe?”

I tried but the bulk was so tight inside it was not easy, but when I did manage I felt him jerk and moan, we had found a good way to fuck without moving, Jase just wedged inside me.

It had already been so beautiful with Jase simply relishing the build up to our fuck. He sucked like a dream and when I took him, his cock was gorgeously primed I loved the way he stretched his foreskin back to reveal that gorgeous plum red end, it was sheer temptation and it smelt heavenly, the smell of freshly stretched cock just waiting for attention.

I simply love to suck cock, it must be the next thing to heaven, ad that is his fuck, to slowly enjoy its ripe pungency in my throat, sniffing its aroma and tasting its nectar.

It was the same with Jase. He güvenilir bahis said how much he enjoyed the experience, just of unzipping me and winkling me out from behind my boxer shorts, freeing the little devil as he called it, me standing astride legs apart awaiting his touch. He took his time to ball and suck me, sniffing me all over below as he dropped my chino’s down over my knees followed by my boxers, his busy fingers attending me, feeling them wonder between my cheeks as he continued to suck me, the way he gently eased fingers around my orifice, gradually discovering me inside, slipping two into me and stretching as he grunted it was very fuckable but needed attention first.

Well I told Jase I had not had it for about a year so I might be tight. He said he had just the thing to rectify the problem and soon I was enjoying a wonderful new experience of having a brand new anal vibrator easing a passage into my tight hole.

“Let me know if it hurts, Pete?”

I was simply enjoying it so much, he’d really set me off with his so wonderfully sensual working with his tongue, still balling me as he sucked me out.

He said I tasted heaven , wanted my fuck and loved the curve of my very sexy ass. He kneaded and squeezed me, sending me into heavenly vibes, the way he stretched and manipulated me in many ways, he was such a good lover and I felt so lucky we had met in the bowling alley that Sunday afternoon, türkçe bahis he standing behind me to take his turn then the tantalising whispers in my ear to ” bend it a little more because it gave him palpitations. He certainly wasn’t slow in coming forward and with me having jot had a real good fucking for so long I was glad to encourage this very attractive slim guy.

But back to the present he had worked me with the vibrator for a good hour and it had proved its worth, his cock so easily slipped inside me. It was like old times with Danny before he dumped me, but it was never quite like this, Jase was the type to really chill and enjoy the full pleasure in very slow motion initially as we gentle fucked, me feeling his hands massaging and slapping my ass cheeks as he pressed inside me and worked it, my cheeks stretched so wide apart enjoying the luxury of his touch – and the way he whispered too, that very sexy sound he made, the way he complimented me, telling me what a wonderful fuck I was and how he adored my ass, it was lovely and I didn’t want it to end, he could have stayed up inside me for the rest of the day if he wanted, I was quite happy to be all he wanted for as long as he wanted, to feel the way he paused occasionally to soak in the utter ecstasy of hard cock, very hard and throbbing cock lodged and wedged in my ass.. All that as if it wasn’t enough but the way he was teasing my neck at the back as he güvenilir bahis siteleri fucked me with his mouth, teasing my ear lobes, nibbling and playing with them with his busy tongue, all this while he continued to whisper those intimacies into me ear, how he loved my body, the taste and smell of me, my delicious cock just made for sucking, my ass just made for fucking, his fucking, exclusively and for his enjoyment amen!

The way we were then, the way we were bonded, all that was fine with me, I would want nobody else, he had everything I wanted and was giving me all the satisfaction and gratification I could ever want. And I knew we would be sharing a lot more, I wanted that very much, I felt with him inside me, very complete and wanted, and he said he felt the same, I said I would do anything he wanted, I knew he was into things like wanting me to wear different clothing, some occasional spanking which Danny had always enjoyed anyway, so I was used to that and actually grew to enjoy it.

“Can I cum inside you, Pete.” Jase asked as I felt the stirring come through, the way he was speeding his thrust so deep inside me, it was so lovely and in a way I was hoping he didn’t have to cum quite yet, but that was the essence of our fuck, to reach that so wonderful climax we could both relish and enjoy, the touch of sheer heaven, feeling his passion cum inside, his whole being working to that, and me helping, moving more rapidly now as I yelled “Okay cum into me, let me feel your fuck complete!” Soon we were completely bonded, our rich wonderful fuck complete, and that was just the start, we would soon be taking so many more adventurous journeys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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