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While soaking in the Jacuzzi, Charla’s mind was racing with thoughts. The trusted friend and general manager of her husband’s corporation would soon arrive with news of her husband’s fate.

As much as she wanted Tim to be alive and brought home safely, she would have to deal with what has occurred between her and Alex over the past couple of days.

Her stepson had brought her out of a world of limbo, alive but not living. If Tim is truly still alive she thought, this thing with Alex has got to be over.

As she sponged her beautiful body, Charla tried to only think of Tim. With him missing for well over a year he had been in her thoughts and her dreams every day. But now it seemed somewhat difficult, her thoughts kept going back to the night she was seduced by her stepson.

Stepping out of the bathtub and wrapping a towel around herself, Charla left the master bathroom and entered her bedroom. Standing in front of the full length mirror, she removed the towel.

“Do I still look the same as when you left me? Will you still love me Tim? Oh darling I am so sorry… I tried to be strong. I pray you will forgive me… and Alex. You know I’ve never kept secrets from you… but this is the one thing you can never know. I’m in love with your son Tim, but what happened between him and I will never happen again.”

Charla walked over to the table beside her bed and retrieved a photo of the couple on vacation. After placing it on her vanity table, she took a seat and began to apply her favorite body lotion. While looking at the photo, her thoughts drifted back to the night when Tim would find out how she really felt about him.

It was a time when she was infatuated with her employer, a tall attractive man who had buried himself in his work after his wife passed away. Her duties making deliveries to the job sites had ended as Tim Sedona had asked her to work for him in a more personal way.

Because Charla had watched young Alex and Tim trusted her, the new position was to tend to his family and his home. Although she had an apartment in town, she would often stay at the house in a guest room, especially when Tim was away on business.

She had recently celebrated her twenty first birthday and Tim had thrown her a surprise birthday party. He didn’t know it, but by then Charla was in love with him. But before she had a chance to tell him, he announced that he needed to go away on business for two weeks. Of course he was counting on her to stay at the house and take care of things.

In the two years she had known him she seen a lot of things happen. At only nineteen years of age when she first started working at Sedona, Charla knew that Tim was special.

Tim had caught an early flight and arrived home late that night. Alex was in bed sleeping and she was in the large family room watching a movie. Not expecting Tim until the next day she was sitting on the floor in front of the sofa wearing only a loose tank top and her underpants.

She remembered being embarrassed and apologizing when Tim entered the room unexpectedly. He had just laughed and said, “No don’t apologize, you know to be at home here, just pretend that I’m not even here while I fix myself a drink.”

Charla got up and walked to the guest room where she had been keeping her clothes and some of her things. She could sense his eyes watching her, taking in every movement of her sexy young body as she walked away from him.

In the bedroom she put on a pair of worn out cut off jeans that she had been wearing earlier in the day. Even though they were cut very short at least she wouldn’t be sitting around in her underwear.

Upon her return she resumed sitting on floor and watching the movie. Tim soon stretched out on the floor next to her with his drink. He couldn’t help steeling glances at her smooth golden tanned legs. Charla was aware of this as she bent one knee and ran her hand enticingly over her thigh.

After taking a drink from his glass Tim rolled over so he was lying on his back and asked, “Did you have any problems with Alex or anything?”

“No, everything was fine Tim. I took him to the beach this morning; I guess I wore him out today. So… how was your trip? Oh, are you hungry? I could fix you something to eat.”

“No thanks I’m fine, just a little jet lag,” Tim replied. “I feel a little stiff from sitting in the plane.”

Charla took a pillow from the sofa and climbed on top of his stomach, “Poor baby, here let me make you more comfy.” Although the teasing and playing wasn’t unusual, there was also an undeniable physical attraction between the two of them. However, in all this time, neither had ever let it be known to the other.

After pausing for a moment and squinting her eyes she said, “Did you meet any pretty girls in Ohio?”

Tim laughed and replied, “Oh yeah, hey I had this hot looking maid that came into my room one morning when I was in the shower and….”

Charla pressed the pillow into his face as if to suffocate him while Tim began to tickle bahis firmaları her sides. They were both laughing while he let her think she was winning some kind of wrestling match.

“Okay okay, I give,” Tim laughed. “I was just kidding. Hey… there aren’t any girls in Ohio as pretty as you, seriously, if I was ten years younger.”

Charla was still sitting on his stomach; she had stopped laughing and had a serious look on her face. She leaned forward putting the sofa pillow under his head allowing him to glance down her top as she did so.

Charla placed her hands on his chest and said, “You don’t need to be ten years younger Tim.”

She began to massage his masculine chest and shoulders giving him another chance to look down her loose fitting top. He watched as the shoulder strap fell off her shoulder dropping the top even lower and exposing a good portion of her bare breast.

“I have a confession to make Tim. I didn’t sleep in the guest room while you were gone.”

Leaning forward she kissed him lightly on his lips and continued, “I slept in your room every night you were away. I kept hoping you would come home early and find me in your bed, what do you think about that?”

She had watched his eyes as she leaned down and touched her lips to his. The kiss was mutual, and Tim responded to it by placing his big strong hands around her tiny waist. Charla let her mouth open to allow his tongue to touch with hers.

After several minutes of affection, the couple paused. Still looking into his eyes, Charla smiled at him and said, “My heart feels like its going to beat right through my chest. I was so afraid, you wouldn’t want me.”

She ran her hands over his chest and started to unfasten his shirt buttons. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

With his hands still on her waist, Tim moved them under the thin cotton material of her tank top touching the softness of her bare skin. “You’re so young and sweet Charla. And you’ve been so good to me and Alex, I didn’t dare dream that you would love me. I was afraid too… I’m so much older than you… I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Charla opened his shirt and ran her fingers through the dense hair that covered his broad masculine chest. She laughed and replied, “Isn’t it crazy, you couldn’t tell that I was totally infatuated with you.”

Tim moved his hands up her side and back down to her waist, “Sometimes I felt like… if I asked you to go out with me… on a date… that you maybe would accept. And then I would chicken out, I was fooling myself to think so.”

As his hands moved back up her sides and over her ribs, Chala giggled. “You’re always so gentle and polite, you can touch them Tim, you can touch me anywhere.”

Sitting at her vanity, Charla finished applying the lotion to her arms and shoulders. She picked up the bottle getting more of the moisturizer on her hand and massaged it over her breasts.

As she continued thinking about that first night of intimacy with Tim, her nipples became firm and erect. She thought about that first time she felt his strong capable hands touching her ever so gently.

Next she applied the lotion to beautiful long legs as she dwelled on that evening. Tim had effortlessly lifted and carried her up the stairs to his bedroom. She remembered lying on the bed and watching as he removed his shirt. He then climbed on the bed where they resumed the passionate kissing. Now she could feel the swelling of his manhood through his jeans as she moved her leg between his.

Charla had told him at that time, “I don’t have a lot of experience at this… I mean, I’m not a virgin but… I’ve never been with a man like you.”

Tim unfastened the button and zipper of her cutoff jean shorts and slid his fingers inside. She felt her shorts coming down over her hips as he ran his fingers over her panties and touched that magical place.

Finished with the lotion, Charla made her way to her dresser and slipped on a matching bra and panties. She removed a tight fitting pair of jeans from the drawer, slipped her legs through the openings and pulled them up over her hips.

She remembered that first night with Tim as the happiest time of her life, unlike the boys she had dated, he was a real man. A tall handsome strong and gentle man, he made her feel like she belonged with him.

Charla removed a white silk blouse from her closet, slipped it on and buttoned the front. It was time to go back downstairs and await Juan’s arrival.

She didn’t have to wait for long, as she decended down the stairs she could hear voices coming from the main front room. Alex had welcomed them while she was getting dressed. She suddenly felt the urge for a cigarette. The hallway seemed to stretch for miles yet it was only seconds before Charla entered the room.

Juan Diaz met her immediately and said, “Thanks for inviting us Charla.”

As the other two men approached her, Juan made the introductions. “Gentlemen, let me introduce Mrs. Sedona. This kaçak iddaa is Mr. Riley and Mr. Johnson.”

The meeting lasted for two hours; the men who had come to visit brought hope and heartache all rolled into one messy package.

Her husband was being held by rebel fighters deep in the jungles of South America. There was a photo of the plane wreckage, finally found.

A young woman from inside the compound had smuggled out a photo of Tim. He appeared to have been beaten and his captors have promised to execute him in only a few days.

In a trance like state, Charla walked out onto the patio. All of the liquid assets owned by Sedona Construction including the family wealth wouldn’t meet the demands of the rebels.

Through special negotiations, Juan would offer all available assets to obtain Tim’s release. The men made it clear that even if the rebels were to accept the ransom, there was nothing to prevent them from killing Tim anyway.

Nervously lighting a smoke, she walked to the edge of the patio and looked off in the distance. The city lights in the valley below were unable to provide their usual calming effect. She inhaled from her cigarette, “What choice do I have… fuck; I have to do everything I can.”


Far away from the seclusion of his backyard patio and the beautiful view of the city lights, Tim Sedona heard the key unlocking the heavy steel door. An attractive young woman with a dark complexion entered his cell closing the steel door behind her.

Dressed in a tan peasant robe and a simple pair of sandals, the young woman kneeled beside him.

Lifting the strap of her shoulder pouch over her head she then set it on the floor in front of him.

Aukeena lifted the flap from the pouch, “I brought you some good food. We need to keep up your strength.”

While Tim ate, Aukeena went over the escape plan. At one time she noticed Tim looking off as if he was somewhere else.

“Tim… you have to trust me. Do you understand? This is our only chance… they plan to execute you in just a few days.”

“Why would you risk your life for me, you can walk away from this camp. It would be wise for you to forget about this and be safe.”

“You will know everything soon but for now I need you to focus on what I tell you.” Aukeena stood up and moved over to the re-enforced steel door. Peeking out of the small square window she continued, “Late tomorrow evening, you must be ready.”

With her back turned to him, Tim looked at her long silky black hair that flowed over her slender shoulders. His gaze moved over her small frame, her slender legs visible below her knee length robe.

He thought to himself, it would take an army invasion to free me of this prison, how can one small woman think she can do it.

Aukeena turned around and said, “You have to promise me Tim. You must not get into any altercations with the guards tomorrow. It was foolish for you to try an escape on your own. If you get injured again… to be successful I need you to be healthy tomorrow.”

The way that Tim was looking right through her caused concern. “Did you hear me Tim Sedona, what did I just say?”

“Yes… I was listening. Aukeena, I’m very grateful for everything. But you should leave here as quickly as you can… tonight… and never look back.”

“You’re young and you have a life you can live, don’t get yourself killed in this hell hole.”

He hesitated and then added, “After you leave, if you ever think about me… I want you to know that your visits have helped me more than you know.”

“The extra food you bring me is good; I can hardly stomach the other. I had almost forgotten how it felt to talk to a beautiful woman, you’re brief visits have been a god send.”

“And at night I try and remember what it was like to hold a woman in my arms. To be able to touch someone, you don’t realize these things until it’s gone.”

Aukeena smiled and kneeled in front of him.

“Shhh… close your eyes.” She then pulled her robe up around her waist. The pretty young woman lifted her robe and guided his hand to her breast. “Touch and remember Tim Sedona. You not die here in Honduras.”


Standing on the back of the large patio overlooking the city below, Charla was trying to come to terms. Although she desperately wanted her husband safe at home, there was something else she would have to figure out. Only a couple of days ago, she allowed herself to be seduced by her stepson.

And then just earlier in the day, she had felt a new sense of freedom like never before. Ready to let go of her past life, Charla was finally ready to move on. Ready to accept that she enjoyed the new relationship she and Alex shared.

Just hours earlier, she had gone down on Alex like she had never gone down on anyone before. This replayed in her mind like a porn video, a reminder of just how far and how fast she had fallen for him.

For kaçak bahis months, maybe even years, Charla had resisted the temptation of her stepson. The reality of it was true; there was always this chemistry between her and Alex. It was strange that as much as she wanted to feel ashamed and guilty, those feelings just weren’t there.

What she needed right now was to be comforted and reassured. She wanted to go to bed and sleep, and she wanted to be wrapped securely in her stepson’s arms.

When Charla returned to the house, she found Alex still sitting at the mahogany bar. He had just finished fixing another drink and seemed occupied sending text messages on his phone. He had been in a troubled mood ever since the news of his father had surfaced.

“I’m sorry Alex… how could either of us have known?”

“What’s going to happen if dad gets freed and comes home? Are you going to divorce him? No.”

“I honestly don’t know what will happen Alex, all I can say is we’re both innocent. We had no way to know you father was still alive, he was legally declared diseased. I’m just as confused as you are.”

“What about that money you’re going to give to those rebels? They’re going to take it… and they probably won’t let him go anyway. Where will that leave us… flat broke and bankrupt.”

“Oh Alex, you still have a lot to learn. Money is important… but it’s not everything. I never had any money before I married Tim, just a paycheck every week, but I was happy. Now, I know that you love your father and that you want him to come home. We cannot change what happened between us, but we will be okay. All we can do is deal with it when the time comes.

“Of course you’re right, I missed dad and it was hell losing him the first time. Now we have to relive the whole nightmare again.” Alex took a drink from his glass and resumed texting on his phone.

“Alex, I’m really tired… this whole thing has drained me. I’m going to go up to bed.” She paused for a moment… maybe waiting for her stepson to offer a kiss or hug, something.

“Alright, I just want you to know that if you feel like you don’t want to be alone… it’s okay if you want to come upstairs.”

With that, the beautiful stepmom retired to her room feeling a little lonely and a lot confused over her emotions.

After stripping out of her clothes, Charla climbed under the sheets and thought about what just seemed to happen. Alex had to be just as mixed up as she was at the moment, maybe he is coming to terms.

Maybe it would be best if Alex were the one to end their brief relationship as lovers. Charla knew if her husband returns it would have to happen.

Quietly, she drifted off to sleep, allowing her dreams to temporarily smother her reality.

Still texting on his phone, Alex sent off a final message, “I’ll be out on the patio.”

He stopped by his bedroom and changed into a pair of jeans, a short sleeve button down shirt, and a pair of leather sandals. Minutes later the latch on the gate sounded a metallic click just as Alex stepped outside.

Seemingly unenthused about her arrival, he watched the pretty blonde neighbor as she closed the gate. Jennie was dressed in a pair of jeans and a soft pink sweater with long sleeves.

Her silky long blonde hair flowed freely over her shoulders down to the middle of her back. As she walked towards him, Alex still couldn’t believe she was the same girl.

He could see she was wearing just enough eyeliner to highlight her sexy blue eyes. And then she smiled and there were those cute dimples he was never able to resist.

Alex was doing his best at acting like he couldn’t stand the sight of her, but inside, his heart was melting and he knew it.

“Alright Jen, I agreed to see you, so what is it you think you have to tell me in person?”

Continuing to work him over with her gorgeous smile, she replied, “You know, you’re really cute when you’re being stubborn. So are you trying to drive me crazy or what?”

“I’m not playing Jennie… I have all kinds of things happening right now. You won’t believe this but the detectives hired by my dad’s company claim they found him.”

“No shit! Alex… I had no idea. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“We just found out… don’t really know anything for sure yet. Anyway… did you just come over here to torture me some more?”

“If it tortures you so much to see me Alex, maybe it’s because you still care.” Jennie moved closer to him but was still at arm’s length. “Is that a smile I’m starting to see Alex Sedona? You know you can’t fool me none… its driving you crazy isn’t it?”

Alex couldn’t hold back his grin but he tried to keep the serious tone, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I just think you’ve gone nuts since you left.”

Standing with her arms crossed, Jennie commented, “It’s chilly out here tonight.”

Moving a little closer, now only inches away from him, she unfolded her arms and said, “I know you want to kiss me so why don’t you just go for it?” Jennie pushed her fingers inside the small back pockets of her jeans.

It took no time for Alex to notice that his tomboy ex-girlfriend turned college hottie, wasn’t wearing a bra under her thin sweater.

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