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Tina was sitting listening to the thunder storm raging outside the window she was relaxing, after a long week at work there was a major reconstruction of the office and it was chaotic, she had a glass of wine and a box of her favorite chocolates and the cold wet evening could have been a million miles away. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, Tina reluctantly got up and answered finding April her best friend standing on the doorstep. She was dressed in a white blouse, a skirt and was soaking wet, shivering and crying.

Tina pulled her into the house, April sobbed that she and Bob had split-up after admitting he had affairs with Betty, an old, fat, ugly cow who worked in accounts and four other women from work, Bob was a salesman in the same company as April and Tina. The `Old, fat, ugly cow from accounts’ Tina reckoned she must have been around 50 years old. April added that her massive tits must have hung down to her waist, if she had one. April was in comparison 24 years old slim with small breasts, which looked to be a `B’ at best, she worked out in the gym 4 times a week, so she was really fit.

Tina took charge and told April to get up stairs and get out of her wet clothes and have a hot shower to warm her as she was still shivering. April went up the stairs and into the bathroom where she started the shower then she stripped off her clothes and climbed into the shower and closed the door. She let the hot water flow over her warming her, Tina knocked on the door and came in with fresh towels and told April that she had left a clean dressing gown on the bed in the back bedroom. After Tina left April stated crying again, how could he be so cruel? Those were her friends, people she’d socialized with but now she did not know who he had slept with. They had sat at lunchtime together every day, looked her in the face and had slept with Bob. She really thought she would marry the man, have his children, he was her first love and she had adored him she never suspected a thing.

She could not believe Bob would lie between Betty’s fat thighs sticking his dick into her cavernous smelly `cunt’ yes it was a cunt a nasty ugly thing not as lovely tender and soft as she would describe pussy. She looked down and saw her tight trim belly with just the right amount of curve, which led down to her pussy then her muscular legs, the comparison was extreme. She cried harder Anadolu Yakası Escort for awhile then suddenly stopped, making the decision to make the bastard pay.

Tina having scooped up April’s discarded clothes and went down stairs to wash them. She started to put the wet clothes into the washing machine, when she picked up April’s blue T-back panties she held them up to look for the washing instructions as they were made of lace and delicate. Tina had never worn anything like these and could not believe they could be comfortable with just the thin strip of material, which rode up between the cheeks of the ass. The sound of the bedroom door closing and footsteps on the stairs caused Tina to waken out of her daydream, she found that she had the crotch of the panties up to her nose, God she was sniffing the crotch of the delicate panties. She quickly threw them into the machine as the kitchen door opened, threw in the washing powder and started the cycle.

“Hi,” she responded quickly as April sat at the table wearing the big toweling robe, “Can I get you some wine?” She asked April. ] “Do you have anything stronger?” asked April. Tina opened the cabinet door and offered whisky or vodka. April took the vodka, drank the warm liquid in one swallow, another measure was poured. This time she let Tina add orange juice to the glass. April started to explain how she came to be standing on Tina’s doorstep at six o’clock in the middle of a thunderstorm without a coat.

She and Bob had been going out for dinner when they had a blazing row in the car and one thing lead to another and he said big Betty (the old, fat, ugly cow from accounts) was a better screw than she was, he then admitted that he had slept with her and she was more active than April had been. Then he admitted that he had slept with four others in the office. There was only ten people working in the office and two of them were men, meant that he was going through the entire staff. She told him to stop the car and she had got out, leaving her coat and bag in the car as he drove off. Tina had started dinner; just pasta and the two of them ate and drank wine. April vented her anger on that disgusting small cocked, hairy assed bastard.

She admitted that she was not adventurous in bed, but she had done disgusting things for him because Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan he had nagged and cajoled her into doing them, telling her that everyone did them, Tina wondered what these things were but she said nothing letting April get it out of her system, she added that she had been a virgin until that rotten bastard had slid his wee dick into her. She then told Tina that he made her put it in her mouth to get it hard so he could fuck her.

April drank two thirds of the second bottle of wine then at least three quarters of the bottle of vodka, as she got drunker she became more overemotional. At 11:30 she was well pissed and Tina helped her up the stairs and turned down the bed and left April to get into it.

April took off the robe lay on the bed and the room started spinning, she turned over and passed out. Tina when into her room and put on her pajama’s then went down stairs and tidied up, she washing the dishes and ironed April’s blouse and skirt folding them neatly. She locked up looked at the clock it was just after 12:15 she picked up April’s underwear, skirt and blouse and climbed the stairs, she tapped lightly on the bedroom door she opened it and saw April lying face down on the bed naked. She put April’s clothes on the chair and instead of leaving she just stood looking at April laying there she had never looked at another naked woman before and curiosity got the better of her. She focused on the dark shadowy area between her legs and her bottom. Tina moved closer and knelt beside the bed and peered intently into the gap and could see the darker outline of April’s womanhood. Tina looked at April’s smooth creamy flawless buttocks she was drawn to touch the fleshy mounds, her skin was warm and Tina’s fingers dipped into the dark shadow to touch the soft yielding flesh protecting the entrance to her love hole. Tina withdrew her finger and noticed the moisture on the tip, she brought it to he nose and inhaled the aroma she then tasted it. There was not enough for her to tell if she liked it or not. But her own pussy was wet, she pushed her pajama bottoms down and let her finger slide through the soft downy hairs, into the crevice over the hard button before slipping into the wet folds of her pussy. Her finger was coated with her lubrication; she pumped her finger in and out of her hole. Once again she Escort Anadolu Yakası reinserted her finger into the gap feeling the fleshy folds and the distinct feel of April getting wetter as she gently rubbed her lips. April moved and Tina withdrew her finger and she froze, how would she explain kneeling with her pajama’s at her knees to April if she woke? Tina’s breathing was shallow as she was turned on, the excitement of being naughty heightened the sensations.

April turned over, but crucially she was still asleep, Tina admired her body as she laid there her nipples were erect perfect buds standing on pert breasts. Tina’s eyes traveled down to April’s pubes, she had a Brazilian a strip of blond hairs stopping just above her crevice, her hooded clitoris peeking out slightly proud, her legs were slightly wider now allowing Tina to see her opening and the dew which she had incited with her administrations. Tina leaned forward and kissed the flesh covering the clitoris and becoming emboldened by her own heightened sexual urges she pushed April’s leg wider and dipped her head into the space and licked as much of April’s pussy as she could reach, her hand playing with her own sex was whipping up a storm, she was out of control and had four fingers in her own pussy pleasuring her own need. The orgasm swept through her from her head to her toes. She tossed April’s leg on to her own shoulders and with her hand still in her pussy she attacked April’s pussy grinding her face against the wetness licking and stabbing her tongue between April’s labia, almost suffocating herself to get as close to the heart of April’s sex.

As Tina’s orgasm finally waned she felt ashamed, she had raped her best friend with her tongue and face, she felt sure she had brutalized the very thing she should have worshiped she slid to the floor and wept, she hated herself she crawled out of the room and returned to her own bed and cried herself to sleep. In the morning she felt an arm across her holding her, it was April. Tina turned towards her apologizing for the previous night, tears filling her eyes, April held her tighter and kissed her eyes her nose and finally her lips, the kiss lengthened and April slipped her tongue into Tina’s mouth. Tina accepted the kiss letting her tongue wrestle with April’s. April broke off the kiss and told Tina that although she had no idea how to make love to a woman, they could learn together. That was two years ago and April only went home once and that was to collect her things and to put itching powder into Bob’s underwear drawer and hide little smelly things all over the house even lifting the corners of the carpet and spreading sardines around before nailing it back in place. Revenge is sweet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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