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I spent many years on the road, working as a stand up comedian and radio personality. I retired about four years ago, but the experiences I have had over the years will last me a lifetime. Here is a story, completely true, about one of those experiences.

I was dating a nice young lady back in 1993 who truly enjoyed my foot fetish. She would have me rub her feet, lick her toes, give her pedicures and often jacked me off with her feet. She worked as a stripper in Nashville Tennessee and I ran into her while doing a combination of standup comedy at Zanie’s Comedy Club and working as a disk jockey at an adult bar in downtown Nashville. Her stage name was Jordan and she was a looker. (You knew she had to be, she was a stripper.) Jordan and I began dating right after I ended a four-year marriage to an alcoholic wife. (Call it rebound, but damn it was fun.) The sex was incredible, and the foot sex indescribable. One night in particular stands out…

We went to a friend of Jordan’s for the evening, who was also a stripper. Annie worked at a different bar than we did, but was just as good looking as Jordan was. We went over to her house for dinner and to pick up some fitness equipment I had bought from her. We arrived around 5:00 on Sunday evening and sat down to a great chicken dinner and enjoyed a few bottles of a great Merlot. We moved into the living room area, to sober up a little and to chat about the nightclubs. Everything was moving along nicely, we were enjoying a great time and I was in heaven, hanging out with two beautiful young women. (And I was a little tipsy. Alcohol makes the world a wonderful place for me.) It had to happen sooner or later and it happened at around 7:00. Annie, then Jordan, kicked off her shoes. They both had on high-heeled shoes that most women have trouble walking in. Both wore white shoes with about a 5-inch heel. Jordan was wearing the ones she danced in. Annie wore red, open toed, 5-inch heels that strapped around her ankle. As Annie took off her shoes, my eyes were drawn to her feet, for I am and always have been a sole lover and I had not yet glimpsed her soles. Her soles were perfect, not calloused nor rough. They were almost pink in color with an arch that I knew was just made for foot jobs. Her feet were size 7 (I saw this in her shoes) and her toes were perfect, each one a little smaller than the one next to it. When I looked up (I had stared for quite awhile) both women had knowing smiles on their faces. Jordan knew I liked what I saw in her friend, and Annie knew that I liked feet. It didn’t bother me; I am comfortable in my foot fetish.

Neither girl said a word and the conversation picked up where it had left off, all of enjoying our night off. Jordan and Annie kept looking at each other and grinning, which I attributed to too much wine. A few minutes passed like this, with me sitting on a chair facing both women, who sat on an oversized couch next to each other, when Annie propped her feet on the coffee table. My eyes were drawn to her feet again. Jordan followed suit and put her feet up. Annie smiled at me, which I noticed when I finally looked up. I smiled back, blushing a little. Jordan caught my eye and grinned mischievously, for she knew the effect they were having on me.

Annie broke the silence that had become thick as syrup. “My feet hurt, those heels are killer,” she said.

“Oh, they do hurt, don’t they? Men just don’t know what we go through to look nice for them, well, at least MOST men don’t,” Jordan said while tapping her friends arm and motioning for her to look at me again. I blushed again. “John, however, is not like MOST men. He does wonderful things for my feet,” Jordan further explained.

“Oh, I imagine that he does. He takes good care of you, doesn’t he, Jordan?” Annie asked.

“He does give me the most wonderful massages. He has this trick where he can give my feet a total massage without ever using his hands.” My secret was out now for sure.

“Wait, you said he doesn’t use his hands?” Annie asked.

“That’s right, totally hand free massages,” Jordan reemphasized. I sat there dumbfounded. It only got better from here. “Look, Annie, you have always said that you and I should take our relationship to the next level, right?”

“If your are saying what I think you are, then yes, you know how I feel about you.”

“Then here’s the deal. If John can give your feet a total massage, if he can totally relax your entire body through a hands free foot massage, I will be your sexual slave for the weekend. You can have my body to do with as you please. If he can’t then you will be mine for the weekend, you will do what I want you to, and I may not be in the mood for sex this weekend. Are you game?” Jordan laid down the bet.

“Shouldn’t we ask John about this? It does concern him.”

Jordan turned to me and I had a stupid grin on my face, all the answer she needed. “I think John will go for whatever I say here.”

“Then it’s a deal. How do we get free spin started?”

“John, come over here,” Jordan said.

I did, nervous and excited the entire time. When I got to the couch, Jordan had me move the coffee table out of the way and lie on my back on the floor. Annie had drawn her feet up when I lied down, now she looked down at me and smiled. She knew how I was going to massage her feet. She took her left leg and extended it toward my face, keeping it just above the reach of my tongue. She turned her foot this way then that way, showing me every inch of her delectable sole. I raised myself up trying to reach her foot. She pulled her foot further out of reach and I almost groaned. Jordan took one foot and started playing along my legs and stomach, drawing different patterns on my body with her foot, with the other leg curled up underneath her. I was in heaven and my pants were getting tighter and tighter as my cock grew in excitement.

Annie brought her other foot out and started teasing me with both feet. She would lower one to my face, almost brushing my skin before lifting it and replacing it with the other foot. I propped my head on my hands, raising my head about four inches off the carpet. Jordan noticed this and tossed me a pillow. I leaned up to put the pillow under my head and got first contact with Annie’s foot. She placed it on my forehead ever so gently and just left it there. I slowly lowered my head on the pillow, not wanting to lose contact with her foot. At this point, I decided to go with the flow, not stretching for her feet and whining like some dog in heat. I was going to be a man about this, get the upper hand, so to speak. Once I stopped begging to get at her feet, she gave them to me. Annie brought both of her feet down to my face at once, one on either side of my face, resting them on my cheeks. I turned slightly to the right and licked her foot along her arch. I licked it long and slow, savoring the moment…

Annie looked down at me and smiled. She was truly enjoying what I was doing to her foot. I was too, to tell the truth. I licked her sole and the pad right below her toes. I stuck my tongue in between her littlest toe and the one next to it, running it in and out and back and forth. I sucked her little toe into my mouth and manipulated it for a little while, then moved on to the next one in line. Annie never looked away and never stopped smiling at me. Once I had licked all of her toes to her satisfaction, she replaced that foot with her other one, sticking her big toe right in my mouth. She made soft little moaning sounds but caught herself once she realized that Jordan was watching her reaction. Annie was determined to have Jordan for the weekend. Jordan was busy too while all of this was going on, running her foot up and down my jeans encased penis. I was rock hard and trying hard not to cum in my pants. Annie sat back and let me have my way with her feet. I licked her feet for what seemed like hours, my mind buzzing and my cock raging. These two beautiful strippers were having their way with me!

Both of the women kept eyeing each other mischievously. They knew that whoever won the bet they had made; they both would end up winning. The real issue at stake was which one would “be in charge.” I knew that Jordan was basically submissive and if it came down to an argument about who won, Jordan would give in. She would be happier letting Annie take over for the weekend. I knew that either way it went, I was in for some fun that weekend. Jordan had always been interested in a girl-girl encounter, but had never acted upon it. Annie on the other hand had several girl and boyfriends and enjoyed both sides of her bisexuality.

Annie made the first move, pulling her feet away from my face so that she could stand up and remove some clothes. She never said a word, she just started stripping. Off came her skirt, and then she removed her top and bra. She was not wearing panties. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, with what little pubic hair cut into what I refer to as a “racing stripe.” Her lips were full and pink and her opening was swelled slightly, allowing one to see part of the way into her womanhood. Annie was as pretty naked as she was fully clothed. Jordan reached down and unbuttoned my shirt and Annie pulled it off of me. Jordan unbuttoned my jeans and I raised my hips to allow her to remove them. I had kicked off my shoes a long time ago. Annie asked me to stand and when I did she removed my underwear, allowing my cock to break free from it’s constraints. I was in heaven and my dick pulsed with my heartbeat, showing my excitement. Annie leaned over and placed a kiss on the head of my penis, sending chills down my back. “I’m not totally relaxed yet,” she said, “How long is this supposed to take?”

Jordan replied, “I don’t know how you can’t be, I would be putty by now if he had done that to me. Why don’t we give him 10 more minutes with your feet and if you’re not TOTALLY relaxed, then bonus veren siteler you win the bet.”

Jordan stood and started to remove her clothes, but Annie stopped her. Annie said that she wanted to undress Jordan after the bet was over. I started to lie back on the carpet, but Annie had me position myself on the other side of the coffee table. She placed her feet on the table and had Jordan do the same. The two of them slouched closer to each other, their thighs touching and their legs intertwined and I bent down to start licking Annie’s feet all over again. I could feel heat rising from their feet as I bent down. I stuck Annie’s big toe in my mouth and started sucking and licking it and her other toes with fury. I licked up and down her sole, I licked the sole of her other foot and sucked on those toes as well, I placed little kisses on the tops of her feet and licked her ankles. She was enjoying what I was doing, absent-mindedly rubbing her pussy and Jordan’s thigh through her white denim skirt. I kept getting whiffs of Jordan’s feet, the aroma I was oh so familiar with wafting up and assailing my nostrils. Her feet never stank, but she always had a musky, sweaty, leather smell that emanated from her tootsies whenever she wore her work shoes.

I licked and played with and rubbed Annie’s feet for a half-hour at least and caught Jordan and Annie looking at each other several times, with what I can only describe as lust in their eyes. Annie pulled her feet away from my face and stood up, stretching her taught body as she did, showing off her fine form. Jordan looked up at Annie with both fear and lust in her eyes. She knew what was coming and even though she wanted it so bad, she was also a little nervous, maybe a little scared. It would be her first time with another woman.

Annie broke the silence and said to Jordan as she took Jordan’s hands in hers, “Stand up please and let me look you over.” Jordan did as she was told, shooting me a look that showed me how nervous she was. Jordan grinned like she always did when she was embarrassed as she stood there under the scrutiny of her best friend and soon to be lover. Annie started unbuttoning Jordan’s silk blouse, freeing Jordan’s undersized yet firm breasts. She next unbuttoned two buttons from Jordan’s skirt and drew in her breath as the skirt slid off her body and hit the floor. I sat there in total awe, staring at each of them in time, marveling that this weekend was turning out this way. Annie ran her hands up and down Jordan’s body, playing with both her ass and pussy at the same time. Jordan parted her thighs and moaned as Annie’s fingers found her clit. Annie stopped after a moment and had Jordan join me on my side of the coffee table, kneeling with me.

Jordan knelt beside me and once she was in position, Annie stretched out her feet, placing one foot in front of each of us. “You told me that he could relax me with a hands free massage; he didn’t. Now I want you to help him, see if two of you can do what one couldn’t.” Jordan had never in her life licked or sucked on a foot of any kind, not even mine. She bent her head and looked at me for guidance. I decided to ignore her, concentrating instead on the foot placed before me. I went at her foot like a starving man while steadily eyeing Annie’s pussy. Annie had scooted down on the couch, resting her butt on the edge of the cushion, which allowed me a perfect view of her kitty.

“John,” Annie said, “why don’t you come up here and let me take care of your poor dick? It looks all purple and painful. I promise you I can make it feel better.” I didn’t know how Jordan would react to this; we had never before considered swinging or sharing like this. I stood up with some trepidation, wondering if I was putting my whole relationship on the line, and walked over to where Annie sat. “Stand here on the couch, I want to suck you off while you watch Jordan play with my tootsies.”

I stood up on the couch and walked over to Annie, allowing her access to my cock and balls, my back arched slightly. I looked at Jordan, looking for any signs of distress. “Go ahead,” she said, “it’ll be fun. I want to watch you and her together.” That was the only encouragement I needed and I felt Annie’s lips engulf me at that moment. My knees buckled and my head swam as those first feelings overwhelmed me. Not only was my mind reeling from the blowjob, I was also watching my girlfriend suck Annie’s toes and it looked like she was really enjoying it, and I was also thinking in my head that I have always been a one woman man and was toying with the idea that this was cheating. Could I enjoy myself, feeling like I did?

Annie took her time sucking me off, swirling my cock in and out of her mouth and playing her tongue up and down my balls. I was watching my girlfriend suck on Annie’s toes with fervor. Both girls were totally naked and you could smell the sex in the air. Jordan reached down between her own legs and started to relieve her deneme bonusu veren siteler pent up frustration as Annie continued to suck my dick. I was in pure bliss, wanting both women at once, wanting their feet in my mouth all weekend, wanting to fuck them both over and over. Annie stopped sucking me when she tasted the pre-cum and grabbed the tip of my penis with a vice like grip. “Not yet,” she said, “I have something special in mind for your first load of cum.” The intenseness of the whole scene sent my brain into overload. I could barely speak when Annie dropped another bombshell. “Jordan, come sit beside me, John, lie back down on the floor, I am going to jack your dick with my feet. I want you to cum on my toes and all over my feet.” The thought of what she was telling me was too incredible to believe.

I lied back on the floor, turned this time so that Annie had access to my cock. “Jordan, let John suck your toes while I jack him off,” Annie instructed. Jordan placed her feet on my face, fully overloading my senses with her feet. I ran my tongue up and down what part of her sole that I could reach and it tasted salty and sweet at the same time. The smell went to my brain like a bullet and the closeness of her foot in my eyes was fantastic. I felt Annie’s feet wrap themselves around my cock and start to pulse up and down the length of it. I knew that I would not be able to hold out for long like this. Jordan started moving her feet around and around on my face. I had access to her toes, then her sole, then her arch then the toes of her other foot. She kept this action up for quite awhile as I lay there, enjoying a foot job by someone who had obviously give foot jobs in the past. Annie’s feet felt incredible on me. The arches were just the right size, totally wrapping my cock in silky smooth foot flesh. When she wasn’t stroking my cock, she played her toes up and down my dick and would playfully pull at my ball sack with them. It wasn’t long before the manipulations of her feet sent me over the edge and I started to shake as my cock unloaded on the feet.

“That’s right,” Annie said to me, “shoot off for me, cum on my toes.” I had no problem obeying her commands and shot quite a large load all over her feet and ankles. She took her foot and dipped it in the pool of cum that lay on my belly and pubic area. “Good boy,” she said, “look at all this cum. Jordan, do you EVER give this boy sex?” Jordan grinned down at me and I knew that anything that developed over the weekend was all right between us. It alleviated some of the guilt I had been feeling.

“Now, Jordan, I want you to kneel before me, kneel beside John and lick up all of his cum. I want you to clean off his cock and I want my feet cleaned.” Jordan wasted no time getting herself into position beside me and bent over to taste what I had left for her. “That’s good, clean it all up.” Annie said.

Jordan went to work on our cum-drenched body parts with her tongue, as I reached around to play with Jordan’s pussy with my fingers. She was totally wet. I slipped two fingers up inside her as she licked at my cock. The moan she let out sent shivers down my back. Annie looked down at me and winked, she had something else planned, I could tell.

“No fair!” Annie complained, “You two are getting satisfied and I’m not! This is not fair!” Annie stood up and stood over me, one leg on each side of my face. I could see her moist pussy, slightly parted, right above me. I hoped she was planning on sitting down and she did not disappoint me. She lowered herself onto my face ever so slowly, watching Jordan’s reaction. Jordan shifted a little so that she could see everything clearly and still lick up what cum remained from my cock. To this day I don’t know whether she cleaned all of Annie’s feet or whether Annie had moved to quickly. At that moment, I didn’t care. Annie and her pussy became my entire world. I licked up inside of her. I licked and nibble on her clit. My cock was growing again with the excitement of licking Annie and the feel of Jordan’s tongue on me. I catered to Annie’s every whim, licking her where she needed it most. I concentrated on her clit when she moved it down to my mouth and I licked inside of her when she presented me with the opening of her pussy. I even licked her pretty little brown hole when she gave me that opportunity. I was in pure heaven. Jordan took my hard cock in her mouth, giving me my second blowjob that evening. She started pumping her head up and down. I started pushing my hips up to meet her, forcing my cock down her throat with each thrust.

“Jordan, stop what you’re doing, I have other plans for you,” Annie instructed. Jordan reluctantly did stop (Jordan absolutely LOVED giving head) and waited to see what Annie had in mind. I was hoping that someone would fuck me. I wanted to feel my cock inside a pussy. “Lie here on the couch,” Annie told her. As Jordan got into position, Annie shifted herself around on me and placed herself so that she was on my cock but my cock wasn’t inside her; rather, she had pulled her pussy lips open, lay my cock in between them, then sat her entire weight down on my cock. It felt heavenly. I could feel her hard little clit on the head of my penis. Jordan lie back on the couch and Annie didn’t say a word.

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