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Author’s Notes: This work is copyrighted by the author. All characters are over the age of eighteen. This is an entry in the 2015 Valentine’s Day Contest; votes and comments are encouraged on this story.

Thanks to editor saltysooner for all his hard work in editing this story for me.


Chad and his daughter Brittany had a great Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve was even better when they welcomed the New Year with a fantastic group fuck that began in 2014 and lasted into the beginning of 2015. Her friend Nikki invited them to join her at her uncle’s club on New Year’s Eve and when they arrived, she showed them to the club V.I.P. room. It wasn’t long before the three of them were in bed fucking and sucking until it was 3am in the morning. When they left then club later, they all promised to get together again to continue where they left off.

Chad planned to treat Brittany to a special Valentine’s Day weekend getaway in mountain cabin that Chad inherited from his grandfather. He visited the cabin earlier in the week without Brittany’s knowledge so that he could turn on the utilities, stock the pantry, and make it immediately ready for is daughter when they arrived. When he told his daughter of the trip, she decided to give him an unexpected Valentine’s gift of her own. She called her friends Kate, Nikki, and Sarah and asked if they wanted to show up at the cabin to surprise her father. Kate and Nikki jumped on the offer to have a weekend of great sex with Chad and Brittany, but Sarah was going to be out of town visiting her grandmother in Florida.

Friday morning, Chad and Brittany left to go up to the cabin. On the drive up, they chatted about what they wanted to do when they arrived. They decided they wanted to spend some time skiing, but after a four-hour drive, the first thing they wanted to do was relax in the cabin. Brittany also sent text messages to her girlfriends giving them more detailed directions to the cabin without her daddy noticing. When Chad pulled the car in front of the cabin, Brittany was amazed. She expected to see something like a small, one-room log cabin, but instead, the cabin was huge and modern-looking. When Chad saw the look on her face, he smiled and told her there were other surprises inside.

“I’ll grab the bags and take them in. You can wait here in the car while I make sure everything’s ready, and then I’ll come back and get you in a minute, baby.”

Brittany didn’t mind because she wanted to get ready for her daddy while he was away.

When Chad returned, he found Brittany standing outside the car in her long fur coat, white snow boots, white fur hat, and a scarf.

“I have a little surprise for you, too, Daddy!” she said with a smile. When she opened her long fur coat, Chad saw that she was naked underneath except for her thigh high white stockings with a baby blue ribbon on each thigh.

Chad immediately fixated on her nice tan tits with their pink areolae and eraser size nipples standing out on the cold air. His eyes traveled down her flat stomach to her freshly shaven pussy and he felt his cock beginning to respond under his clothes. She started to walk towards him still holding her coat open, but slipped in the icy snow covering the ground. Chad caught her around the waist before she fell in the snow, and after catching his balance, he kissed her lips. He barely felt her nipples rubbing against his coat, but it was enough to cause her to giggle from the feeling of rough fabric scratching over them.

Chad could see she was getting quite cold standing outside like that. “How about daddy takes you inside and warms you up?” he asked.

“I think I like that idea, daddy.” Brittany replied. “My poor little nipples are getting awful cold out here.”


When Saturday morning came, Chad rolled looked at his pretty little girl sleeping next to him with a smile on her face. He kissed her lips softly and whispered, “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie.”

Brittany’s eye’s slowly opened and she took a moment to remember where they were. When she did, she gave a big smile and stretched her arms over her head remembering the wonderful night of sex her daddy shared with her. She sat up partway and the sheet fell away from her chest, revealing the beautiful tits that her daddy loved. They still had some of the dried remnants of his cum on them and she thought about how he sat over her and squirted his final load over them. Before that, he had filled her pussy with so much cum that she had a huge cream pie for him to eat.

Chad sucked her tits until both nipples were hard again and then she rolled over on top of him for a long session of 69. When he finally came and filled her mouth with his warm salty cream, she remembered that her friends would be showing up in the evening and she wanted to make sure her daddy was well rested for them.

“Mmmm… I love your cock and eating your cum, daddy,” she said in a dreamy voice. “But let’s go out and do something else for a while so that lordbahis güvenilirmi you have time to make a lot of fresh cum for me to enjoy after dinner.”

“Okay, sweetie,” Chad replied. “If that’s what my baby girl wants to do, then let’s get cleaned up, have some breakfast, and go skiing.”

They showered together like they always did and Chad got dressed and made breakfast while Brittany dried her hair. After they finished eating and she put the dishes in the washer, they bundled up for the cold weather and grabbed their ski gear. Chad loaded everything into the SUV and they headed to the ski slopes to spend the day being father and daughter instead of lovers.

They returned from skiing both tired and excited. They took another shower together and enjoyed an especially long time making sure they were clean all over. When they finished, they both felt refreshed and ready to relish the evening. After getting dressed, Chad went to the kitchen to start working on the girls’ Valentine’s Day dinner. Brittany followed him in a few minutes later after reading a text from her girlfriends. They were about an hour away and looking forward to joining Brittany and her daddy for some weekend fun.

Chad made a tossed salad, chicken parmesan, and fettuccine alfredo for their Valentine’s Day meal. It was his daughter’s favorite dish, He had just finished making everything and Brittany was setting the table when there was a knock at the door. Chad looked up in surprise, but Brittany quickly finished putting down the last place setting and then hurried to answer the door. Chad heard louds squeals of excitement from several the girls as Brittany welcomed her girlfriends inside and wondered what was going on.

When the girls entered the kitchen, they all said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Daddy!” Chad saw Brittany with three other lovely ladies. He knew Nikki and Kate from previous encounters, but he didn’t recognize the sexy Hispanic babe with brunette hair and very full DD cups.

“Wait daddy, before you ask,” Brittany started. “This is Nikki’s cousin, Amber. Nikki asked me if it was cool for her to come up and join us. I told her it would be awesome since Sarah wasn’t able to join our party.”

Chad looked back and forth at Nikki and Amber trying to understand the very obvious differences in their appearance. As if reading his mind, Nikki chimed in, “Her mom is my dad’s sister and she married a guy from Brazil. I just happen to look more like my black mom and Amber takes after her Brazilian dad.”

“I got you,” Chad said. “Brittany, have you talked to Amber about our little group?”

Before Brittany could answer, Amber jumped in. “Yeah Mister B, they told me all about it. I know you’ve been fucking my cousin Nicki and a couple of Brittany’s other friends. Kate and Nikki told me they really enjoyed it. They also told me you’ve were fucking your daughter first and they even had threesomes with the two of you. After hearing all their stories, I just had to see it for myself. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, sweetie,” he replied. Changing the subject, he continued, “You girls got here just in time; dinner is ready, so Brittany will show you where the guest room is so you can put your things away and later, I’ll show Miss Amber what she’s been missing.”

As everyone sat around the table enjoying the dinner Chad prepared, the girls noisily chatted about their summer plans and exchanged stories about the boys that had been chasing them lately. When they got to talking about their sex lives, Brittany, Kate, and Nikki were unanimous in saying that they preferred being with a man to fucking those “little boys.” Chad laughed aloud at their comment.

“What’s so funny, daddy?” Kate asked.

“Oh nothing, baby. I just enjoy hearing the about the three of you loving an old guy like me more than some young boy.”

“Daddy, you’re not old and you’re much better then any of those little boys in lots of ways,” Brittany countered.

“Not only can you cook and take care of us, but you have a great cock, too!” concluded Nikki.

After that, everybody got up and pitched in to clean up after dinner. After the table was cleared and the dirty dishes loaded into the dishwasher, Brittany told her father the girls were going to change and get ready for the hot tub.

The back porch was screened with a mini bar on one side and a long built-in table top bar with four bar stools on the opposite side. The hot tub adjoined the mini-bar which also provided a large enough surface for everyone to set their drinks while they were in the spa. When he was preparing the house earlier in the week, he installed some Plexiglas sheets over all the porch screens and picked up a small space heater so that it wouldn’t be too cold for anyone outside of the hot tub.

Chad walked past the guest room and heard the girls giggling inside. He knocked briefly on the door and told them he was going to change clothes and then make cocktails for their party. lordbahis yeni giriş Even though all the girls were under 21, Chad didn’t have a problem with them drinking in his house as long as he was around and they were not going anywhere else.

Chad changed into a pair of board shorts and went back to the kitchen to prepare a special drink he designed himself. He called it “The Joker”; it was made with a shot of Jack Daniels, a shot of peach schnapps, some honey, 1/3 cup lime juice, a few blackberries, simple syrup and lemon/lime Sprite.

All the girls came through the kitchen with large beach towels around their upper bodies. They continued out the backdoor and onto the porch. As they were closing the door behind them, Chad let them know he was almost finished and would join them shortly. He could hear them in the hot tub splashing a little and chattering more about sex when Amber spoke up loudly.

“Okay, the three of you have talked a big game about Brittany’s dad, and don’t get me wrong. He’s pretty sexy for a man of his age, but the way you talk, it’s like he has the biggest dick any of you have seen.”

At that moment, Chad walked out with a large pitcher his special concoction in one hand and several cups in the other. He was pleased, but not surprised to see all four of his lovely young girls relaxing in the hot tub and completely naked.

“Daddy, I think you’re a little over dressed for this party,” Brittany chided. “You need to lose those shorts!” He held out the pitcher and cups to Nikki to share with the others and when she rose up out of the water to take the drinks from Chad, he noticed a new tattoo above her pussy. She saw him looking down at her freshly shaven pussy and maneuvered to give him a clear view of the words, “Big Daddy’s.”

“Hurry and get out of those shorts, Big Daddy,” Nikki teased.

Chad was glad to make the girls happy, so he briefly went inside to get out of his shorts and grab a towel for himself. When he came back out, Brittany, Kate, and Nikki smiled at one another and then looked over at Amber who was transfixed by the sight of Chad’s large cock swinging back and forth between his legs as he approached.

“HOLY SHIT!” Amber cried out. “That thing looks like a horse’s cock, not a man’s.”

Chad laughed. “I don’t know about that,” he said. Amber was almost speechless at seeing his massive cock. Even though she could tell it was still very soft, it had to be at least eight inches long. He reached down and held it up with one hand. “Why don’t you see for yourself if it’s real?” he challenged.

Brittany leaned over, “Go on. Check it out. Since you’re the newbie here and we’ve already enjoyed it plenty, you can have him first.” Amber glanced at the other two girls and then back over to Chad before rising up and stepping out of the spa. After descending the outside steps to the tub, she walked seductively over to Chad with her hips swaying as she approached him.

“It looks even larger up close and personal,” Amber declared approvingly.

She took his flaccid dick in her hand and starts to stroke it back and forth. It felt even wider in her hand than it looked and she could barely get her fingers completely around it. She reached up and kissed Chad hard on the lips while still stroking his fat fucking dick with her left hand. When she finally pulled away from her intense kiss, Amber began a trail kisses down Chad’s body. She took her time and could tell he was enjoying the teasing of her lips. After working her way down from his muscular chest down to his pelvis, Amber knelt down in front of Chad’s monster cock. It had grown significantly under her expert touch, but she could feel that he still wasn’t completely hard.

“How big does this thing get?” she wondered to herself. “Are you sure you aren’t half-black, Mister B?” she asked.

“Nope, I’ve just been blessed with a long, fat cock,” he replied.

“Well, as long as it tastes good, I don’t care if it’s white, black, or purple,” she said. She wrapped her long, slender fingers around his dick again and slowly worked both hands over his still-growing shaft.

“Damn that dick is so hard now!” she whispered as she pumped it slowly. Chad could only moan in delight and hope she would take it in her mouth soon.

She had his cock standing straight out from his body and could see it bobbing slightly with each of his heartbeats. She pulled it down a little with one hand and started slapping his hard cock against her nipples.

“I like that,” she said softly as she rubbed the head of his cock back and forth across her tit.

Pre-cum was already leaking from the tip of Chad’s cock and it left a trail of sticky fluid around her nipples. Still holding his cock with one hand, Amber raised her tit with her other hand and looked into his eyes; Chad saw a gleam of hunger in her eyes just before she lowered her head and began sucking and licking her own nipple.

“Fuck,” was all Chad could whisper she held lordbahis giriş his cock tightly in one hand and he watched her tongue tease around her nipple.

When she looked back up, Chad saw her lips were coated with his pre-cum. Amber made a show of slowly pulling her tongue back into her mouth and causing a thin trail of his clear liquid to extend from her lips to her tongue.

“Goddamn, that’s hot!” Chad exclaimed.

“Bet you know what’s even better,” Amber cooed. She leaned forward, placed her lips just above his cock and blew lightly on the tip. Chad moaned as just her hot breath caused his aching dick to twitch in her hand. Her smile grew as she placed her lower lip against the tip of his cock slid it back and forth. A whimper escaped him and she continued to smile against his cock. She resumed jerking him off and moved her other hand up between his legs to cup his heavy balls.

Giving his balls a gentle squeeze, she noted, “Mmm… these balls feel nice and full.” She squeezed them a couple more times almost to the point of causing pain, and Chad briefly worried about what she was going to do next.

Her tongue kept teasing around the head of his cock and even probing into the small slit at the tip. It was all Chad could do to not thrust his hips forward and shove his cock in her mouth. Before he could try it, though, Amber pulled her mouth away but maintained her firm grasp of his member.

Holding it by the root, she began slapping it the head of his cock against her big soft tits. When she tired of that, Amber released his cock and grabbed her tits to wrap them around it. Once she had it captured between her huge round globes, she moved them moved up and down over the shaft trapped between them.

“Oh, damn,” Chad moaned as he watched his cock slide between her full breasts.

“You like titty fucking me?” she asked innocently. “You like how your big fat hard dick looks between them?”

“Oh, yeah!” he gasped.

She stopped her movements and said, “Go ahead, fuck them,” she commanded.

Chad moved his hips thrusting his cock between her tits and Amber added to the thrill by lowering her head and flicking her tongue out, giving his sensitive head a quick lick each time. He moaned each time her soft wet tongue caressed his swollen head and she when she looked up to smile at him, he saw the sticky remnants of more pre-cum glistening on them,

“You want my mouth don’t you?” she said in a slightly authoritative voice.

“Yes, oh please,” Chad begged. She had him so excited, Chad was aching for release.

“Yeah, you want your daughter’s friend to suck your pretty cock?” she continued to tease in a more dominating tone.

“Oh God, I would love for you to do that.”

Amber looked over her shoulder and saw the other three girls were watching her with Chad and playing with themselves.

“Just because your daughter is watching and you’ve been a good boy, I’ll let you be the Big Daddy and I’ll be your other little daughter. What do you want me to do, Daddy? Amber asked.

“I want you to suck my fat cock like a good little girl,” Chad told her.

“It will be my pleasure, Daddy,” Amber winked and released his cock from her tits. She grabbed his cock and without hesitation, took him deep into her mouth.

Chad cried out in pleasure as she took his hard flesh into her warm, wet mouth. Amber held him there and shook her head back and forth with her tongue swirling around his shaft and her teeth rubbing the sensitive area just behind the fat, swollen head. Chad moaned loudly again when Amber changed her movements and bobbed her head slowly to run her soft lips up and down the length of his cock. He started to reach for her head, but stopped because he wasn’t sure how much of his cock she could really take. Amber saw his movement and gave a naughty giggle with her mouth still consuming his cock, She grabbed one of his hands and placed it in her hair as encouragement.

Chad wrapped his fingers into her long brunette hair and pushed and pulled gently guiding her head along his think throbbing dick. Amber sighed and Chad saw her eyes roll back as she continued to suck on him. Chad looked down her back; taking in her round bubbly ass and saw her hips were moving, grinding in circles. He could see she was getting excited giving him a blow job and that caused Chad’s already excited cock to twitch and jump around in her mouth.

Amber eased his cock from her mouth and ran her tongue down one side of Chad’s cock and up the other. He shivered at the sensation of her firm wet tongue and could already feel his legs shaking. He wanted to fuck her so bad; he could feel his throat getting dry with anticipation.

Sensing his distress from her constant teasing, Amber smiled. She took his balls in her hand again and a slight pressure reminded Chad who was really in control. Looking up at him, she worked her tongue into the slit of his cock and then made a show of coming away with a sticky line of her saliva joining them. She made a show of sucking it back to the source and opening wide let a long glob of spit drip down his cock.

She quickly sucked him back into her mouth, making loud slurping sounds as she sucked her spit from his cock. “God, she’s fucking incredible!” Chad thought in ecstasy.

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