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As Matt edged around the back of her, his arms around her waist to stop him from falling back into the pool, given the narrow edge on which he had footing, he stopped as his erection centred on her bum crack.

She could feel her bikini pants pushed deeply between the cheeks of her butt by the hard, tall edifice of the boner she’d created by playing with it as she’d sat alongside him.

Matt bent her over the table — pushing her face into Lucy’s left breast –as the arm around her waist slipped down into her crotch and pulled aside the gusset of her bikini pants.

The next thing she knew was Matt’s warm, thick, throbbing shaft was pushed rapidly into her receptive vagina. She let out a little moan; not so much of pleasure as of a deeply felt, frustration induced yearning was satisfied.

Matt didn’t muck about. Almost immediately she felt the hard thrusts of his enthuastic pounding of her. Still standing, bent over at her waist, her upper body supported by her arms on the coffee table, her face crashed repeatedly against Lucy’s firm breast.

One of Matt’s hands cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipple between his fingers, while the fingers of the other played against her clit.

Not really satisfied with the positioning, she bent her knees, dropping her torso and forcing Matt to follow. As she dropped her upper body, a mistimed thrust by Matt had hooked her nose on the lower string tie of Lucy’s bikini top between her breasts and the top had been pulled to the side of her breasts exposing them in a way that would have been unthinkable to Lucy a mere month ago.

It was a mere moment of awkward repositioning of their legs as they went from a foot down to a full kneeling position that gave her the positioning she wanted, kneeling in an otherwise downward dog position across the table with Matt hammering away at her. It was more by accident than design that also left her with her face buried in Lucy’s crotch, the aroma of her just fucked sex wafting up with every push of her head into Lucy’s pubis as Matt delivered yet another thrust into her.

Matt’s moaning grunts told her he was getting quite excited; much faster than she expected. Having just done Lucy over, she thought he might have lasted longer. His raking of her g spot, fingering of her clit and tweaking of her nipple were delivering a triple stimulation that had brought her to a high state of arousal. But she sensed Matt was ahead of her.

Suddenly he froze and accompanied by a bellowing grunt she felt the pulsing of his cock as rope upon hot rope of his cum hosed her cervix.

With the first wave of his ejaculation discharged, he started thrusting again, furiously rubbing her clit as he tried to finish her.

She could feel it building. She was right on the edge.

Kylie work up; sweating profusely and as randy and worked up as hell. She’d never had a sex dream as intense as that, nor one that had left her as needy and unsatisfied. Why she’d dreamt about the alternative ending to last night’s fucking of her by Matt she didn’t know, but it had a powerful impact on her.

If, when they’d gone to bed the previous night, Kylie thought she’d finish the night with another wild sexual engagement with Matt– which actually had been her plan – she underestimated the effect of all the wine she’d drunk.

Having showered first, she crashed out into a deep sleep while Matt was having his.

The flip side of that was, now she’d awoken at 2.30 am in a state of sexual frustration, she couldn’t get back to sleep.

As she lay there, she pondered the events of the previous night. There had been nothing accidental about the inebriated state they all got into; especially Lucy and Kylie. That had been Kylie’s intention all along. Not a full on bender; just drunk enough to reduce Lucy’s inhibitions.

And it worked, at least in its effect on Lucy. Kylie had long ago accepted Lucy would never have intimate relation with a man — well, actually, to be clear, with any gender. And yet she’d got to watch Lucy pash out Matt and then get herself fucked by him right in front of her.

And then Lucy had actually sat and watched as Matt had fucked her too; an equally surprising outcome, given her understanding of Lucy.

The problem was, it would be very unhealthy for Lucy to rely on an excess of alcohol for her sex life. It took a bit more than two thirds of a bottle of wine to release her passions; that’s not a healthy amount. A couple of times while she’s getting used to it and to stir up her passions, maybe. But as a regular path to sex; no, definitely not.

Kylie felt that, in the end, she couldn’t complain about the outcome for her; even if her plans had extended beyond where she’d got.

It didn’t need alcohol to stir up Kylie’s passions around Matt. It happened automatically; perhaps a bit too easily Kylie worried. Kylie didn’t think of herself as a sex maniac. With her previous boyfriends, if they wanted sex in moderation, she was happy enough to provide it, and enjoy it in the process, güvenilir bahis at least as much as their inadequate performances permitted. But their desires ran ahead of hers.

With Matt, she found her desires were somewhat out of control. Seeing him only two nights a week, and even then having to share him with Lucy, was maybe partly responsible. Now he was moving in and would therefore be ‘on tap’ so to speak, might, she thought, moderate her behaviour. Sex two or three times a week was to her, the ordinary and normal expectation. The trouble to date was that, while Matt was around, she felt like she wanted two or three times a day.

She pondered that her desires had been completely out of control last night. Watching Lucy get fucked had stirred her up to a degree of frustration and unsatisfied arousal that she’d never experienced before.

She still, in a way, regretted that Matt hadn’t actually bent her over the coffee table and taken her right under Lucy’s nose; partly because of the erotic desperation that such an act conveys, partly because — she couldn’t quite put a finger on it – having Lucy so intimately close while her sister got sexually ravaged might have been good for her. Kylie had even pondered wrapping one of her arms around Lucy as she sat there to balance herself on the table as Matt banged away at her.

Mentally she reviewed, even reimagined, the dream she’d just had; Matt pushing her to her knees and bending her over the table, ripping off her pants, his hard erection penetrating her from behind and the clutter and chaos as his banging away at her rocked the table on the tiles around the pool. All as she clung to her sister’s waist and moaned into her crotch

Because, in part, her mentally going over the sexual antics of the previous night was also a product of her feelings as she lay there. In the way they had slept since the first night he came to her bed, Matt was spooned against her back with an arm lightly around her waist. Predictably, she could feel his night erection pressed against her back. She was feeling even more randy than she’d felt the previous evening and thinking about the previous night’s sex — both as it was and as it might have been – was a way of giving erotic vent to that randiness; but in the process simply making herself more aroused.

With an urgent need to have a pee, she gently unwrapped Matt’s arm from around her and snuck as quietly as she could into the bathroom.

As she returned, she backed herself up to Matt as closely as she dared, wondering whether it would be too brazen or disturbing to pull his arm back over her. As it turned out, she needn’t have worried. Sensing her desires, Matt wrapped her back in his arms and snuggled in closer to her; bringing that erection back against the cheek of her bottom. But it also told Kylie he was awake.

Trying to make it look as natural and innocent as possible, Kylie wrapped his arm tighter, opening his palm and bringing his hand up to her lower breast where she placed the palm over her hardened nipple. She hoped that might induce Matt to make a move on her.

But it didn’t. Completely failing to recognise the urgency of Kylie’s desires, Matt was more than happy to lightly fondle her breast but simply lay there and try and recover the state of sleep that the previous night’s drinking was denying to them. It wasn’t that he lack arousal; that was obvious from the state of his manhood.

But night arousal is a regular part of a man’s life and he didn’t think it gave him licence to disturb Kylie’s rest.

After ten minutes of Matt laying still cuddled up to her back, but with the additional arousal of what his palm was doing to her nipple, Kylie recognised it fell to her to make the first move; needing to overcome a reluctance caused by her not wanting to look like a complete sex mad slut.

She reached between her legs and pulled Matt’s erection between them, twisting and moving her body to let her bring its tip to the opening of her vagina and then fully penetrate her.

She contemplated turning face down and pancaking her spreadeagled body on the bed to let — or rather force — Matt to mount her back and really go to town on her, as she had the previous week. The outcome had certainly been intense.

But in her slightly seedy state — and assuming Matt was no better — that wasn’t really what she needed. First and foremost, she needed Matt’s erection to fill the aching, needy void that had been her aroused vagina. Having achieved that, the next was intimacy and while the close press of Matt’s body into her back might have been suboptimal compared with a full frontal embrace, it sufficed for now. Finally — but only finally, she needed Matt to stimulate her to an orgasm. Nothing fast, nothing to exhausting; just a nice simple orgasm to quell her raging desire and supress her firm swollen clit, if only to let her get back to sleep again.

Matt could be relied on for that and his fingers were soon gently massaging her clit and tweaking her nipple güvenilir bahis siteleri as he rocked back and forwards, thrusting his manhood against the front of her vaginal wall to stimulate her g spot.

In her already heightened state of arousal, Kylie came quickly enough. As her climax subsided, she felt Matt’s erection slip out of her as she rolled onto her back; presenting herself for Matt to finish himself in the missionary position. She knew he preferred it; but so did she.

It was more intimate and she got to feel and see — at least as much as the moon filtered light would permit — his gorgeous strong body as he did his man thing to release his seed into her body.

Their needs momentarily satisfied, they both managed to slip back into a fitful sleep.

But Kylie and Matt weren’t the only ones to have their sleep disturbed by the excesses of the previous evening. Lucy in her adjoining bedroom had also been tossing and turning and, like her sister, finding it difficult not to be affected by the events of last night.

It was for her an awakening. She’d experienced something she never had before and had liked it, even yearned for more. She too was aroused by the mere recollection of the proceedings. But she also knew it was no breakthrough. She was still the Lucy that shunned any physical contact with others. The drink had done its job last night and suppressed the anxiety and other paralysing feelings she felt when in close contact with another body but they hadn’t gone away.

She could have done without hearing Matt and Kylie make out. It had never been a problem with Kylie’s previous partners; for all practical purposes Lucy had been oblivious of their sexual antics. But with Matt, Kylie seemed to moan and groan more than she had before, her bed seemed to squeak more and Matt also seemed nosier during sex that his predecessors had been.

Without any satisfactory form of release from her frustration, Lucy continued to toss and turn during the night; the effect of the frustration compounded, like it was for the others, by her body still processing the alcohol from her system.

Lucy normally liked to sleep in; more so on Saturday mornings before she had to get ready for her day spent acting as a volunteer lifesaver. But she was pleased when dawn arrived. She was hot, sweaty and frustrated. Bed had long since ceased to be comfortable.

Her mind was increasingly drawn to a refreshing swim in the pool. Not just would it cool and cleanse her sweaty body, after last night the pool had acquired a slightly erotic taint. Somehow, pools, water, swimwear and sex had merged into a single concept. Lucy might not have been able to bring herself to self-pleasure her way out of her frustrations, but bathing in the waters she’d been ravished in the previous evening seemed like the next best thing.

She got up, initially selecting the surf lifesaving one piece swimwear she’d be wearing that day. But deciding it was better not to start the day with it wet, defaulted instead to the small bikini she’d been wearing the previous night. As she picked it up, it still felt damp from the previous evening’s antics. But she knew she’d be in the pool soon, so put it on anyway.

Sneaking out of the room and then out the back door, she eased her frustrated and slightly seedie body into the refreshing waters of the pool. She did a few laps of breast stroke, looking up each time she turned back that way at the steps on which she’d got herself pashed and fingered and the lounge on which she’d been fucked for the first time.

The light exercise had been intended to reduce her frustrations, but it was having the opposite effect. As she kicked her legs back together at the end of each stroke, she was squeezing her pelvic floor muscles, imagining she was tightening herself against Matt’s erection inside her.

Tired, sleep derived, her brain confused and befuddled, Lucy rested herself on the step where Matt had fingered her and surrendered to her sense of frustration; imagining Matt was there, fingering her again; looking up at the lounge and, in her mind, watching herself get fucked another time. Eventually she couldn’t take it any more, slipping her hand down the front of her pants and doing to herself what Matt had done to her last might.

The climax she felt was satisfying and beautiful, but left her spent and exhausted. She eased her head onto the hard tiled surface of the pool surround and let her body and arms float free in the water; dropping into a state of glorious semi consciousness as the morning sun shone down, tingling her ravaged body.

Matt’s sleep, even after the release of sex, was nearly as intermittent as Lucy’s. As usual though, he woke early, gently unwrapped his arm from where it draped over Kylie’s waist and his hand cupped her lower breast, pulled his night erection off where it rested on her bum cheek, and turning over, eased himself out of bed.

He too had to get dressed for his day as a volunteer lifesaver at the beach. But the iddaa siteleri under layer — in the form of his speedos — were where he had left them wet, draped over the Ottoman next to the pool. Normally at this time, he was the only one up, so he thought nothing of leaving the room naked with a rampant erection, intending to put them on until Kylie was awake and he could rummage through for the rest of his outfit without disturbing her.

His morning glorys always took a while to subside. At the best of times he encouraged that outcome. They felt nice and, especially if he put nothing on, or nothing other than undies or speedos, it was hard to forget about them. They were sort of ‘out there’ in a very literal sense. Given he’d just had it pressed against Kylie’s cute little butt and the activities of the last 24 hours, there was in any case this day a sort of residual randiness. Not an “I need sex’ randiness, but more a sexual awareness that permeated his whole being.

He was surprised to find the back door open; at least until he spotted Lucy in the corner of the pool opposite the door. As she rested over where the steps led down into the water, she looked remarkably relaxed; maybe sleeping. He head rested on the edge of the infinity surround while, with her chest seemingly inflated, her body floated in the water; her breasts mons and knees projecting seductively from the water.

It would be hard to imagine Lucy presented more sexually than she was at that moment and he stood there, transfixed and staring at her. Indeed, until a month ago it would have been hard to imagine Lucy being presented anywhere near that sexually at any time.

Her face had always been beauty in itself. But here her nicely proportioned breasts projected out of the water like a pair of perfectly formed volcanic islands. The shiny black, wet, thin strips of material that covered her breasts stuck to them like they were painted on; more so where her nipples, raised by the cool damp material, jutted impressively and seductively.

But the piece de resistance was definitely the bulge of her mons. Suggestive at any time it was on display — even in her otherwise asexual one piece lifesavers swimmers – like it was now it constituted one of the most desirous sights he’d even seen. The bikini Kylie had given her for her sexual education had always been small, not quite wide enough to cover the full width of the mons, leaving a strip of seductive mons flesh down either side. Now wet and plastered to her, the material was drawn deeply into a narrow slit of a camel toe down her crease that went half way up the vertical height of her mons.

Matt’s morning erection wasn’t subsiding any time soon. He even felt a degree of desire running through it, notwithstanding the number of releases it had had in the last day. As he stood there staring, it kept wanting to surge, and he let it — indeed facilitated it — momentarily tightening whatever muscle it was that made the bell swell, the shaft lengthen and the whole thing stick out further from his stomach, as if pussy hunting, while injecting pleasure signals into his brain.

Eventually sensing his presence, Lucy opened her eyes and turned her head towards him…

“Hello. How long have you been there?”

“Just a few moments” he answered, recognising the little white lie he’d just told. “What about you?”

“Maybe half an hour. I was having trouble sleeping.”

“You’re not alone in that. Kylie gave us too much wine.”

“Yes, although it did what she wanted it to do.”

Matt was surprised Lucy was so blunt about the purpose of it being to suppress Lucy’s normal aversion to physical contact with others.

“Yes. It’s a pity that effect isn’t more long lasting.”

“I agree.”

Those two words told Matt so much. Lucy had enjoyed herself last night but her inhibitions had returned. He might have felt a desire to go and hug and otherwise manhandle her; but it was too late.

Lucy of course had eyes of her own. Her self-induced climax had left her with a nice sexual glow; not entirely satisfied, but not as desperate as she’d been.

Until a month ago, she’d never seen a naked man, never seen a penis, let along an aroused one. Now Matt was standing naked and aroused mere meters from her for the pleasure of her viewing; seemingly unperturbed either by his nakedness or his arousal.

His body had always attracted her. That tall, tapered, muscular shape of a powerful swimmer. The penis on the other hand was a novelty and attracted most of her attention. It had, from the first time she’d seen it, struck her as taller and thicker than she’d imagined them to be. The bell at the top glistened. She could see that nature had shaped it, a bit like a shoehorn, to facilitate his initial location of and penetration into a vagina.

But it was the deep grove under it — the frenulum as her research had told her it was named – that really fascinated her. It was unexpected by her previously innocent and virginal self.

Lucy noticed Matt’s erection surged and pushed out after which he glance across to where his speedos were draped on the Ottoman. She didn’t want him getting dressed just yet. Thirty years of ignorance and innocence were being made up for as he stood there…

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