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I have always been a shy kid, I’ve never been involved in many social activities nor have I gotten involved in sports due to my lack of any athletic skills. I’m not a nerd but have spent most my time with my nose in a book. Have been tall for my age all my life and a bit awkward; I also have never had a girlfriend or even just a female acquaintance. I recently turned 18 and I’m now in my senior year in high school. My mom has recently been on my case about being more social and having a girlfriend, but my shyness has kept me from even talking to girls. There is this cute little gal in my English class that similes at me a lot and I would like to get to know her but I’m too shy to even talk to her. Not only is she cute with long blonde hair and great legs, but she also has a great set of tits, I heard talk that she wears a 34DD bra. For a small gal of only 5′ 2″, she really fills out a sweater; her name is Gloria. I have had dreams of us going on a date in which she exposes her tits and lets me fondle them. When I wake from these dreams, my cocks is rock hard; I then jack off and shoot a huge load of sperm into the air; it lands on my stomach and thighs. This is all a bit new for me because jacking off is something I have not done much of before now.

A few days ago I went swimming with a couple of buddies of mine and when we got in the shower, the guys said, “Shit Peter, I’ve never seen such a big dick before”. Hell, it wasn’t even hard and with me being so naïve, I was not sure what to think of their comments. I decided that I’d ask my mom, I have no one else to go to.

That evening after dinner, I asked my mom, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure Peter, what is it?”

“Well, I don’t know how to phrase it, but it’s got to do with my privates.”

My mother looked at me for quite a few seconds before she said, “Ah, anything to do with having sex?”

“Well yea, I guess. It’s got to do with …” I paused a long time before I said, “Ahh, the size of my penis.”

My mother smiled saying, “Ummm, most guys’ think their penis is on the small size. Is that what your problem is?”


“Well then, what is it?”

“Ahhhh… today when the guys and I went swimming and afterward when we were changing clothes, they told me my penis was bigger than anyone they had ever seen before and I was not even hard. Why is it that I’m always the weird guy?”

My mother looked real surprised saying, “Honey, you are not weird! You have been big for your age but now you are just a tall kid that many guys I’m sure, would like to be just like you. And if the boys are right, having a big ah, ah … cock, that is a good thing.”

I had never heard my mom talk like this using the word cock. I then said, “Why is that mom?”

“Well honey, when it comes to sex, size does count. For men it’s the size of their cock and for women it’s their tits. I don’t mean that sex is not good unless you have a big cock or big tits, but they do help and can be a real asset.”

I immediately thought about Gloria in my English class with her 34DD’s. Then realized that my mom had some nice tits too, probable bigger than Gloria’s. While I was in deep thought staring at my mom’s tits, she said, “What specifically is your question concerning your cock?”

“Ah, ah I just hope I’m not too big.”

My mom had this funny look on her face as she said, “Well, it is pretty rare for a man to have too big of a cock but it does happen occasionally. If you would like, I can help you.”

“How will you do that mom?”

“Well …I think the best way is for you to show me your cock. I’ve seen quite a few dicks and should be a good judge of cock size.”

“Oh mom, that would be too embarrassing for me to do that.”

“Please don’t feel that way Peter. If you really want to know about the size of your dick, it is best for me to see it than to have your first girlfriend see it and run because she thought that it was too big, right?”

“Oh that would be terrible. I would be so embarrassed and humiliated if that were to happen.” I could see my mom begin to squirm in her chair and also see the corners of her mouth turn up such that she had a smirk on her face.

She said, “Well, maybe my suggestion would be the best way to relieve your mind.” She paused and then said, “Think about it and let me know later, OK?” I nodded and sank down in the overstuffed chair as I contemplated the possibility of exposing myself to my mom.

Shortly afterward I got interested in a TV show and the evening just seemed to slip away. As I sat there engrossed in the television, my mother got up and kissed me on the cheek saying she was going to get ready for bed. I said I would be heading that way soon. When I got to my room, I thought about my mother’s offer and decided that I should just do it and get it over with and off my mind, I knew I would probably have another restless night if I didn’t do it.

I got undressed except for my boxer shorts and headed for her room. When I got there, her door kadıköy escort was partly open so I just stepped into her room. She was lying on top of her bed reading a book wearing a very short negligee, something I had never seen her in before. She had her legs crossed and I could see her entire thighs, she looked so sexy lying there. I guess I had never noticed before just how sexy my mother was.

She looked up and smiled at me as I approached her bed, she uncrossed her legs and I caught a quick glimpse of her panties, making my cock twitch a little. She sat up saying, “Hi sweetie. Have you thought more about my offer?”

“Yes mom, I have.” She leaned forward toward me revealing her deep cleavage that I had never really seriously noticed before. I could feel my cock begin to twitch even more as I looked down at the top of her tits that seemed to be bigger than ever. Her nipples were very prominent and protruded through her negligee; I have never seen her in a negligee before. I continued, “I think that although it is going to be very embarrassing for me, I need your opinion about the size of my ahhh, ahhh…. cock.”

“That’s it Peter, you can use that kind of language around me. Let’s be cool with one another and use the terms cock, tits and pussy, OK?”

I just nodded, she totally surprised me with saying I could use the terms of pussy and tits with her.

“Well hon, it should not be embarrassing for I am your mother and there is nothing about your body that you should be embarrassed about. I love you very much and want to help you whenever I can.”

“I know mother, but showing you my cock is off the wall. What would people say if they knew.”

“Well nobody is going to know. This is something just between you and me. All I’m going to do is look and tell you what I think about the size of your cock.” At that point we both looked at my now protruding dick. To my surprise, I had a raging hard on, my shorts looked as though I had a tent pole inside them. My mom’s eyes widened as she continued to stare at my crotch.

She then said, “Hon, without even seeing your naked dick, I can tell that you have a magnificent cock that you should be very proud of.” She then licked her lips as I reached down taking a hold of my cock. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. She continued, “Well baby, as long as you have gone this far, why not just pull your shorts down and let me get a gander at that wonderful thing you are holding on to.”

I was embarrassed but did as she said, I put my thumbs in the waist band of my shorts and tried to pull them down, but my cock was sticking out so far that I could not pull my shorts over it. I had to put my hand on my cock holding it down while I slid my shorts down with the other hand. Upon releasing my cock, it sprang up pointing directly at my mom. She smiled from ear to ear saying, “Oh my god, what a wonderful big cock you have baby! I had no idea that you would be so well hung, you take after your grandfather. The boys were right sweetie, you have one big dick; most guys would kill to have a cock that big. Have you ever measured it when it is hard like it is?”

“No, I haven’t. Did you say I take after my grandfather, you mean your father?”

“Yes dear, that is who I mean.”

“How do you know that grandfather had a big dick?”

“Oh it’s a long boring story that I will maybe tell you someday.” My mom continued to smile at me saying, “Uhhhh baby, your cock is just magnificent, uhhh and yes you are really hung!” She just starred at my dick while licking her lips for what seemed like an eternity and then said, “Do you mind if I touch your cock?”

I was having some strange feelings just standing there in front of my mother with my dick sticking out, and when she said she wanted to touch my dick, it jerked a couple more times. Suddenly, I realized that I did want her to touch my hard cock, so I just nodded as she slowly reached forward wrapping her hand around my dick, first just squeezing it and then began to slowly slide her hand up and down my cock, paying special attention to the head of my dick. Oh shit, what she was doing to me felt so good, I love how she was stroking my cock. She immediately slid closer to the edge of the bed making her negligee slide way up her thighs exposing her panties and with me standing up right next to her, I could also look right down her negligee seeing the tops of her big tits.

She continued to gently run her hand up and down the length of my shaft very slowly several times, never taking her eyes off my dick. I had the strongest urge to reach down and squeeze her tits but did not dare do it. As she continued to massage my cock she said, “Honey, holding your dick like this is so exciting for me. You just never mind about ever being an oddball, with a cock like this you will have women begging you to fuck them.”

I had never heard my mother use that word “fuck” before either and as üsküdar escort soon as she said it, she looked up at me and upon seeing the surprised look on my face, said, “Yes baby, I said fuck. You are old enough to know that your mother is a woman and likes to be fucked like most women do. Many gals will not be able to accommodate such a large cock, but most will and once they see it and feel it, they will want to feel it up inside them. They will do anything for you, just to be able to feel this beautiful cock slide deep up inside their pussy. Your cock is just so beautiful, so magnificent, I love just seeing it and stroking it; I hope you are okay with me doing this?”

I just stood there looking down her cleavage enjoying the sight of her big tits which had become more exposed. With the sensations she was giving me as she slowly and gently stroked my hard cock, I was about ready to shoot my load. By now she had moved even closer to the edge of the bed causing her negligee to be totally pushed up revealing almost her entire bikini panties. I could see a dark spot right in the center of her crotch.

She looked up at me saying, “Do you jack off very often?”

“No, not too much. Maybe a couple times a week.”

“What do you think about when you jack off?”

“Mostly about a girl in my English class.”

“Who is that?”

“Her name is Gloria and I will tell you about her some other time.”

My mom accepted my answer and then said, “Lets measure you sweetie; I want to know just how big this beautiful cock of yours is!”

“Okay, if you want to.” She slid off the bed and went into the kitchen returning with a tape measure. I just remained standing next to her bed stroking my cock as I watched her leave the room, totally enjoying the sight of her nice legs and ass and when she returned, seeing her jiggling tits; her nipples were very prominent as they protruded out her negligee. My cock was as hard as I have ever felt it and when she returned and saw me stroking my dick, she said, “Oh my god sweetie, your cock looks even bigger. Would you mind if I stroked your dick a few more times again?” She did not wait for an answer, she just reached down and began to stroke my very hard cock, running her hand slowly up and down the full length of my hard shaft. “Ohhh what a wonderful big cock you have, it feels sooooo good in my hand, and I want to make sure your cock is at its maximum hardness.”

I was totally surprised at her words and action saying, “I didn’t think that what you are doing is something a girl, ur.. a woman would want to do.”

“Oh baby, you have so much to learn. I love doing this, I would love to jack you off. Doesn’t it feel good to have me stroke you like this?” I just nodded while looking down at her hand sliding back and forth along my dick.

“You have such a big beautiful big cock baby, it gives me such great pleasure to be jacking you off like this. I want to feel and watch you shoot your load of sperm. You will find lots of girls or women wanting to touch your dick like this and watch you ejaculate your sperm.”

She then sat back down on the edge of the bed and began to rapidly slide her hand up and down my cock uttering, “Oh baby, I love this. Uhhhh, what a wonderful surprise this is, would never have guessed that you would be so magnificently hung, you are even bigger than your dad.”

“Am I bigger that my grandfather?”

“Ahhh, not sure about that.” She had a funny look on her face as she said, “I think you are as hard as you can get. Now let me see how long you dick is.” She took the measuring tape and ran it along my dick. “Oh my god, your dick is 10 and ½ inches long.”

“Do you think I am too big?”

“Oh no baby, you definitely have a large dick all right and a few gals will not be able to accommodate such a big cock, but then again, many many women will and once they are aware of the size of your big beautiful cock, will most definitely want you to fuck them.”

My mom went back to stroking my cock while I enjoyed the sensations she was giving me and watching her tits jiggle as she was jacking me off. I knew if she continued stroking my dick, I would shower her with cum, so I said, “Mom, if you continue jacking me off this way, I will shoot my load all over you.”

“I know sweetie, and if you are okay with me doing this, I want you to shoot your load on me, I want to feel your cum being spewed all over my tits.” I was just mesmerized by what she had just said and what she did next. She momentarily let go of my dick, reached down with both hands and quickly pulled her negligee over her head, revealing to me for the first time, her big beautiful bare tits. They sagged a bit but looked great, her nipples were very erect, standing out like maybe a half inch, her tits and nipples looked delicious.

She looked up at me and said, “I hope you are alright with me taking off my top sweetie, but you have me so hot I don’t think I could stop if I wanted tuzla escort to. Plus I want to give you lots of stimulation so you will shoot a big load on my tits.” Without waiting for an answer, she again grabbed my cock, this time with both hands and began squeezing and stroking it in a very deliberate way. I could begin to feel my balls churning as I was getting very close to cumming and finally told her that any second I was going to erupt. She then let go of one hand from my cock, taking a hold of her right tit and lifting it up so that the head of my cock was against her nipple. The sight alone had me totally excited. Within a few seconds, I began to unload, spewing spurt after spurt of my cum all over her tit, she just kept stroking me and rubbing my cock all over her tit until the last drop of cum was milked from my cock. There were gobs and gobs of cum all over her tit with much of it running down her belly.

She said, “Oh my god baby, that looked and felt so good, you were loaded with cum and I loved it. I hope you don’t think too badly of me, but I needed that. I have been so horny lately, I really need to be fucked so badly, but this is okay for now.”

I was again so surprised to hear my mother talk that way, telling me she wanted to be fucked. As my cock began to soften, she let go of it and began to wipe my cum off her tits and belly with her fingers, licking them clean between wipes. I looked down to see that the dark spot in the crotch of her panties had become quite large, in fact the entire crotch of her panties were wet. She wiped her tits and belly clean of any traces of my cum and when I thought she was through, she reached down inside her panties right in front of me. She was obviously working a couple of fingers into her cunt and then pulled her hand out while holding her waistband with the other hand, I got a quick glimpse of her cunt. Her fingers were all shiny coated with her own cum. She held out her hand to me saying, “Want to taste me?”

I just froze, not knowing what to do or say. She paused a few seconds and then stuck her fingers in her mouth and said, “You lose.”

I watched as she licked her fingers clean and then again slid her hand down inside her panties, fingering herself once more while holding the waistband away from her body, giving me another quick view of her cunt, I could see what I thought was some pubic hair above her cunt lips. She was getting her fingers even deeper inside her pussy this time and when she removed her hand and offered her cum coated fingers to me a second time, I simply opened my mouth and sucked on her fingers. It was a nice taste, she left her fingers in my mouth for quite awhile as I sucked and licked them over and over. She then said, “I think we should call it an evening. I have answered your question concerning the size of your cock, right?”

I just nodded as I bent over to pull my shorts back up and then walked toward her bedroom door, I looked back briefly to see her standing with only her panties on, she looked so hot, her tits are magnificent. When I got to my room, I flopped down on my bed in somewhat of a daze. I had just experienced having my mom remove her top and expose her bare tits to me, then jack me off onto her tits, then watch her wipe her tits and belly clean of my cum followed by her licking her fingers clean and then watched her finger her own pussy and offer me a taste. As I laid there playing over in my mind what had just happened, my cock responded by becoming very erect again. I slide my shorts down and just laid there on my back stroking my hard cock as it pointed straight toward the ceiling. I don’t know just how long I was laying there when my mom stuck her head into my room.

It startled me but I did not move as she said, “Oh honey, have I disturbed you?” She had a very surprised look on her face seeing me lying on my back stroking my hard cock.

Not waiting for an answer she said, “I am very concerned that what I did earlier when you were in my room has upset you. Are you okay?”

“Yea mom, I just was thinking of how great it was to actually see and feel your tits. Your tits are wonderful, even better than I thought they might be. And having you jack me off on your tits and also letting me taste your cum really excites me. Just thinking about that has got me real hard again.”

“I can see that. I definitely see how hard you are. Like I said earlier, you have such a beautiful cock sweetie, it’s so difficult for me to just stand here and look at it, I want to touch it, lick it, suck it and even ah, ah whatever. I just can’t believe how well hung you are. It’s beautiful, just beautiful.”

“Did you come in here to jack me off again mom?”

“Is that what you want? I’ll do anything you want me to do.”

“Maybe, I don’t know.”

My mom then moved even closer to my bed and stood there staring down at me as I continued to stroke my erect cock, she seemed to be in a trance. She did not move for a few seconds then said, “No, I initially came in here just to talk to you, I felt unsure as to the effect I had on you when I jacked you off earlier and then let you taste my pussy juice. I don’t want to create any trauma in your life. I see now that it doesn’t appear as though you are distributed at all by my earlier actions. You haven’t stopped stroking that beautiful cock of yours all the time I have been here in your room.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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