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Reader, this story is of a boy who accidentally chases his own mother into seduction. It’s a story of a boy fucking up his father, then he resolves to take his mother away from him, and succeeds.


I was making my way through our town, 200 in my pocket burning a hole waiting to be spent. But I as yet, didn’t have a clue as to what to spend it on. I needed a new smart phone but the one I liked was twice that price. My own phone was dodgy to say the least, so dodgy I had thrown it on the dresser in disgust before I left home.

The 200 was birthday money, my eighteenth, my dad knew I wanted a new phone so I was hoping he might just make up the difference for me, no fucking chance! I had hinted at it, but the bastard just blew me off, cunt! I thought nastily. I was window shopping, staring teary eyed at the phone I wanted.

So I went into the markets having a gander here and there. And as I studied them, to my astonishment, as I was looking in a window that sold new, and second hand. The guy in the shop leaned in and propped ‘My’ phone on a little stand and the price was 140! It looked brand new but it wasn’t, it couldn’t have been, not at that price. I dashed in and asked him about it before anyone else could.

He told me there was a manufactures fault with it, he had been told to keep it by the maker as the fault wasn’t deemed to be repairable. The sim card holder was faulty, but usable, if you take care of it, he said. I asked to see it, and as soon as I looked I knew my dad’s friend, who is a watch maker could mend it.

I bought it on the spot, and as I didn’t have my sim card with me, so I asked him, would he throw in an old one, or a throwaway one. He grumbled, but I got it. I went through it all and it was perfect, I nearly shot my load in my pants I was that excited. All the apps were there, you name it, it had it. I went outside with it, I was like a kid with a new toy.

I was delirious about it, and that when I decided to call the only number I did know, my home phone number. Mom was at home I’ll call her I thought. Then I thought with a laugh, “she won’t know who I am calling will she?” So I decided to have some fun before telling her it was me.

I heard the phone ringing at home, “Hello, this is Lucy can I help you?” I heard my mother’s sultry voice say. That’s when I faltered, I suddenly didn’t know what to say. I got a flash of her in my head speaking, and I saw the woman all my friends had the fucking hots for. Quickly, I rang off, I had to think before I spoke, ‘you fucking dolt!’ I told myself.

My mother is lovely even if I do say so myself, and I get pissed when my friends let me know, but I already know she is don’t I? She my mother for fucks sake.

I am eighteen, two days ago. My mother is exactly twenty years older than me, we share the same birthday. And let me tell you she is a gorgeous woman, she isn’t one of those stand out beauties you see in the fashion mags, advertising lipstick or shampoo. But there is something my mom has that they don’t. It’s hard to define, she turns heads, she’s natural, not standoffish, nice to be with.

Her hair is down to and just past her shoulders, light brown, almost blond in certain light. She’s about 5ft 6″ or so. Weighs about, and I’m guessing here, around 110lb maybe a little more. She always says she’s too fat, and that makes everyone around her roll their eyes. Her best feature, in my humble opinion is her eyes, followed by her smile.

Her eyes are huge, wide, symmetrical, high brows, long lashes, and light green, they are amazing. And when she gets annoyed at something, they flash like the stars at night, glinting like a lighthouse on a faraway hill. And when she zones in on you, you know about it. As a child on her knee, I remember staring at them wondering what they would do next, not knowing yet what I was looking into.

And those eyes, coupled with that smile was a devastating combination, one I became aware of when I started noticing girls. I would find myself comparing them to her, and wondering why they didn’t have what my mom had. Her smile was wide and gracious, she seemed to give you it. her lips were full and generous.

I did notice that when lot of women, or in my case girls smiled, it appeared to change the look of their faces. Moms didn’t, hers got better. I used to say to myself, how can she look better, when she smiles, when she already looks so good when she doesn’t?

But it was the attention my friends displayed when she was around, that turned me on to just how gorgeous she was, and then later, just how sexy she is. It was amazing, my friends would be tongue tied near her. I’m sure she knew, she was always nice and kind to them, and sometimes gruff with me.

This made me jealous on occasions, and I would let her know about it. Mom would give me a look that said, ‘don’t worry Jamie, I know, I know.’ I had to keep my friends at bay, the thought of maybe one of then getting her made me want to be sick, I ikonbet giriş hated it. I began to want her for myself, but if there is anyone out there who can, or who could have told me how to get her myself, I’d like to hear about it please.

I have no real idea if my mom and dad are as happy in their marriage as you hear about, or read about, but I didn’t think so They have their rows, arguments, disagreements, not talking periods etc. But if anyone was to blame, thn I always thought my dad was the wrongdoer. I also wondered if they had both been faithful to the other.

I did know that any man who had someone who looked like mom did, or was a nice and sexy as she was, then playing away shouldn’t have been in the equation. But I do know mom accused him of it a couple of times, when I was supposed to be out of earshot. And I have no idea if she had either, but I didn’t think so.

With my friends being like they were I was beginning to suspect that she liked the boys, younger men. More undivided attention, better virility, that sort of thing. She liked them being around, and despite it making me unreasonably jealous, I was sure she liked the attention too. She liked being in their minds eye, exciting them. Don’t get me wrong, mom never encouraged them one bit. She was she, and that was that.

So back to my phone call, I rang again, and this time I was ready, I had done a bit of rehearsing, and hoped I was ready for any impromptu answers I might have to make.

“Hi, is that Lucy?” I asked in a low, but hopefully manly voice she wouldn’t recognise. She wasn’t expecting this unknown call, so I might get away with it.

“Yes this is she,” she replied, I could see her in my mind, phone in hand and right next to her smiling mouth. And that was when I became properly sexually attracted to her, and I mean sexually attracted. “I hope you don’t mind me saying this Lucy, but I think you are just so beautiful.” I said, then I waited for the explosion. It never came, there was silence at the other end. I nearly clicked the phone off.

Then she said, “Why thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say. But strangers don’t say that to someone, without introducing themselves?”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “you don’t know me, so I can’t, but I did want you to know that you are appreciated in this way.” Then scared out of my wits I clicked the phone off. Ten seconds later it rang, it was my home phone number on the screen.

I opened it, and said before she could say anything. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted you to know how beautiful I think you are.”

“Who are you please?” she asked me.

Again, I said, “Please don’t ask Lucy, I can’t tell you. I have no wish to cause trouble in any way. I just believe that you have the right to know that there is someone out here, who admires you in every way.”

Mom took the initiative then, “Well,” she said, “I do appreciate being appreciated, its been a long time since someone has I can tell you.” That knocked me sideways, surely my dad appreciated her, he had to.

“Your husband must Lucy, surely he must?” I asked, and I nearly said mom too!

“Mmmmm, well we won’t go there thank you,” she said, then silence. I was stuck for words now, was she feeling a little down, depressed, unloved, not wanted, I wished I knew?

“Look Lucy, I’m sorry, I have to go,” I told her, “I have an appointment to keep, but can I ring you again, say at three this afternoon?” I was sure to get the elbow now.

“If you wish,” she said, “but I want to know who you are too!” she told me. What a fucking turn up, I thought. My mom seemed to have been taken in by my ruse. I wondered, and it was painful thought at that, she might think it could be one of my friends, I hoped not, I really did.

“Hello beautiful lady,” I said, right on three o clock. “Hope you don’t mind, but it’s your secret admirer.” I heard her snigger, chuckle, giggle, whatever it was, I heard it.

“Why do you say I’m beautiful?” she said.

“Where are you right now?” I asked, knowing full well she was in the hall.

“I’m in my hallway, why?”

“Is there a mirror there?” I said, again knowing full well there was. “Yes, why?” she asked.

“Look in it,” I said.

“I am, and?”

I laughed myself now, “Then tell me what you see isn’t beautiful,” I told her quietly.

Now mom laughed, “You are a cheeky young devil, aren’t you?

“How do you know I am young Lucy?”

“You have to be,” she said throatily, “only a young guy would be like this. Not having the courage to chat up an older woman in the open!”

Now it was my turn to be surprised. “Okay you have me Lucy, I am guilty as charged,” I told her.

“So, who are you Hmmmm?”

“I can’t tell you Lucy, I could get into real trouble here. She didn’t know I also now had a massive hard on now too.

“I hope you’re not one of Jamie’s friends, that would be a problem, you’re dead right there.” ikonbet yeni giriş She told me.

“I’m not, you are safe on that score,” I said relieved, at least she wasn’t thinking it was one of my buddies trying to get into her knickers.

“Right, we’ve established you’re not a friend of Jamie’s, so come on big guy, who are you?” I couldn’t believe my mom was talking like this, having this kind of conversation with another man. Thinking quickly, and dancing on my feet I took a bit of a plunge.

“Well Lucy,” I said, you are partly right in one sense, “I am a big guy.” I didn’t add, ‘down there, nod nod, wink wink.’

“Are you now,” she sniggered, “Hope you don’t mind me saying so, but I have heard that before, and someone’s idea of a ‘big guy’ hasn’t been mine!” My dick was about to pop, to take a bit of heat out of the situation, maybe turn it around a little, and allow me to regroup.

I said. “Maybe you haven’t had the chance for a close up inspection for a while.” I told her, “Your voice sounds really sexy Lucy, maybe you could get a surprise hey?”

“Humph,” she muttered, how had I got to here, my mom was discussing sex with a stranger? “I doubt you could surprise me young man, whoever you are.”

Another plunge for me, “I guess from the way you’re speaking, hubby isn’t cutting it anymore?” I deliberately made it sound a little disparaging, give her chance for a defence. Her answer floored me nearly.

“He hasn’t been cutting it, as you so eloquently put it for years, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” She apologised. Now I knew my mom was dissatisfied with my dad. And without knowing what I was doing, or even thinking of where I might end up. My beautiful sexy mother was telling a stranger that she was sexually deprived.

“It’s okay to speak like that, you need to get things out sometimes, and I promise you, it will never go any further,” I told her, “I understand,” I told her soothingly.

“Thank you stranger, I appreciate that.” She said to me. “But now,” she said, “I must go, please forgive me, but if you want to, you can call tomorrow?” I was beside myself, I didn’t know what or where, but I was going to pursue this all the way. Somehow I had uncovered a chink in my mom’s armour.

“Can I have your phone number too please?” I asked her, she gave it to me without hesitation. “Lucy, you gorgeous beautiful and if I may say so, very sexy lady, you have made my day, thank you. You have no idea how happy I am today.” I told her seriously. There was a silence at the other end. Shit, I thought, I’ve gone too fucking far.

Then she spoke, “And I thank you too, you,” she breathed huskily down the phone, “believe it or not, have made my day too. It’s nice that someone has noticed me enough for this to happen. And do you know what, I don’t care who you are either. Just as long as you promise me you are not a friend of Jamie’s, which would not be good.”

“I’m not, I am who I am,” then before I could keep my big mouth shut, I said, “Would you like a photo, of my big guy?” All I heard was a gasp, then a giggle.

“Go on then surprise me,” she said, then the phone clicked off. I looked at it as if my fingers were burned to it. I had just had the most amazing sexy phone call, with an astonishingly lovely sexy woman, a dirty minded guy could make, and with my own mother.

I went into a public bar, bought a rink and went to the toilet, in there I took several photos of my proud dick in one hand. It was hard, fully fledged, and obviously ready to go. I discarded them all but two. Making sure there were no distinguishing marks, I built up the courage and sent them to her cell.

An envelope appeared on the screen, a text had arrived. I gingerly open it, it said, “Oh my gosh, you weren’t kidding were you, I have to confess, that is quite impressive, for a young man that is.”

I wrote right back, “I don’t tell lies Lucy, and its more impressive in real life.”

She sent back a smiley face with blushing cheeks.

I wrote, “Any way it’s your fault it’s like that, no one else could have done it.”

“What do you mean?” she wrote.

“You made it like it is, it’s something I have for you Lucy, only you can make it like that, and go away too. Although that might be difficult for you to do, make it go away that is!”

I never heard anymore, and I dare not push it, I thought I had done enough for one day. I had pushed her harder than was plausibly reasonable. I had no idea my mom was this way. She was teasing me too, and the reason had to be her home life, sex, or lack of it. Loving and caring, or rather lack of it. But I had been taken over by it too. Talking this way to my own mother, even though she never knew it was me.

I went home, and was almost frightened to see her, what would she be like, would she grab me and call me a dirty sexual predator, a pervert for writing things like that. I was a disgusting human being. I walked in and sort of ikonbet güvenilirmi edged around her. She grabbed me, gave me a hug and asked me how my day had been. She seemed really happy, I looked at her stunned.

That one hug made my mind up, I was going after her with all I had. “You seem happy mom, what’s happened, won the lottery?” I said with a pleasing, grin on my face.

“I suppose I have Jamie, looking at it that way, I feel like I have anyway,” she told me. My prick nearly burst the front of my pants, and I couldn’t stop myself from pressing it ever so slightly into her. She didn’t register anything, but I’m sure she had to have felt it. I stepped away quickly.

“It really is nice to see you like this again mom, I don’t want to harp on, but you have been in the dumps a bit lately?” I said.

“I’ve just had one of those days Jamie, I met a nice person today, and its cheered me up,” she told me, giving me her best smile.

“Well I’m really happy for you mom, who was it, anyone I know?”

“No darling you don’t, but I was glad of the company though,” she said, I was sure I detected a little bit of shyness from her.

“Well mom, lets hope tomorrow is as good as today then, you deserve it mom, more than anyone I know. I love you, you know that don’t you mom?” I asked. She looked at me a little quizzically, but smiled broadly, and said she hoped tomorrow as only half as good as today.

Later I went to bed, and I jacked off about my mother, feeling her underneath me, crying out my name, begging me for more, how much she loved me, urging me on to fuck her harder and harder. I lay there sweating after I had nearly knocked the wall down behind my head with my cum.

My phone buzzed, my new one, one I hadn’t told anyone about yet because it was my secret contact to my mother. It was a text, and it was from my mother.

“Night night my stranger, sweet dreams, but of only me?” x x x x I stared for ages at it, I weighed it all up and decided that, my mother was up for this, she knew what I had said during the day, she had thought about it too. And now this was her reply.

Taking huge breaths, “I have been dreaming about you all day beautiful sexy lady,” I wrote back, “and I wish I could say nighty night to you right now, and still be by your side, x x x x”

“Oh what a wonderful thing to say, you are my knight in shining armour, thank you kind sir x x x x”

That took my breath away, “Maybe one day sexy lady, and maybe not in my dreams, hey?” I wrote feeling a little morose now.

“You never know your luck, night night, handsome stranger, x x x x” You never know your luck! She had written that! Fucking hell mom, Oh fucking hell mom, I thought. And again she had sent me lots of kisses.

My mother must be so fucking frustrated I thought to myself, and she had been putting on such a brave face, hiding it from the world. But I had tapped the well somehow. I immediately sent her a photo of my rampant dick.

The envelope appeared again.

“Now that is why you just might get lucky, go to sleep, and dream of me Sir x x x x.” I jacked off again and fell right to sleep. I don’t know if I did dream of her, I do know I woke up in the morning wondering if I had dreamed about the texts. A quick check of my lucky phone told me I hadn’t.

I looked at the clock, 8.30, the old man will have gone to work by now. “Good morning beautiful lady, how are you today? I missed you last night.” I hit the send button.

The envelope appeared like magic. “You are a naughty boy appearing in my dreams like that. I am married you know? And beside the text, a blushing but giggly smiley, and, x x x x.

I decided to get serious, “Why isn’t your husband taking care of you Lucy? I would, every day.” I sent. I waited for a few moments, had I overstepped the mark I wondered.

“Only every day, what about the nights?” mom asked me. Now if that wasn’t an invite I don’t know what was. I angled my phone camera, and after three or four tries, I got my cock and balls perfectly.

I sent it, adding, “I would love your hot lips doing the business Lucy?” “If I get my lips on those, you’ll know about it Galahad,” was her knockout reply. Now I needed to know about her, find out about her, my own mother.

“Someone who looks, and is as sexy as you, must have had lots of offers Lucy. I can’t be the only one. Have you ever er?” I left the question unsaid.

“I get more offers than you can shake a stick at, Jamie’s friends would love to have a shot. His dad’s friends, and yes I have a long time ago, but that’s done now, I don’t regret it, although I wish I hadn’t done it either.” I was stunned again by her honesty, her matter of fact reply.

“You wouldn’t regret me Lucy, what you see is what you get with me,” I said.

“Well,” she wrote, “I don’t know who you are, and until I do. You are an apparition aren’t you?” That stumped me, it suddenly hit me, how can I tell her that the guy trying to get her into bed is her own son? “The biggest thing I have in my favour, I think,” I sent, “is, you are impressed with my erm? And that you know I’m a younger guy?”

“Yes, and?” was her concise reply. I thought long and hard, almost as hard as my prick was right then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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