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Part one of our story ended in 18 year old Amy and her Mum settling back into a taxi on their way home after they had started to celebrate Amy’s birthday with a shopping trip, lunch at Raffles Hotel and the “full treatment” at the Spa. Now they are arriving home……………..

As soon as we got in the front door, Mum suggested that it may be a good idea if we take an hour or so down by the pool and refresh ourselves with a swim and a little rest in the cooler evening air and then for dinner which she had arranged for 8.00pm preceded by a pre-dinner drink and chat at about 7.30pm. She also suggested that this would be a good opportunity to try out our purchases from the morning — she particularly mentioned the slinky black cocktail dress I had purchased.

So I went up and changed into the very brief bikini we had purchased which consisted of some very economical patches of white cloth which did an almost adequate job of covering my developing breasts and a minimal bikini bottom. I felt almost naked but as I was going to be with Mum I thought it would be OK. We have a large pool area as part of our condominium complex and with some private areas for relaxing on loungers. Looking at myself in the mirror I was pretty happy about this as while I was impressed with what I saw with the white of the bikini contrasting superbly with my smooth, olive coloured skin, I was also nervous about displaying so much flesh for public viewing.

We slipped on robes and proceeded down to the pool. There were about 20 people around the pool area — mostly people who had just come home from work and were looking for some exercise to finish their day but despite this I was very conscious when I took my robe off that there were eyes on both me and on Mum as we headed for the pool. After 10 laps of the pool we emerged and headed for our loungers but I was very conscious that the material of my bikini had become almost transparent and with the cold water, my nipples had become very erect and stood out sharply from my top. The walk to our loungers was only about 25 metres but as we passed the other bathers I could feel their eyes following us both closely gazing at us as though we had nothing on which was virtually true. What really surprised me was that I felt a warming between my legs at the thought that I was being watched and that others might be turned on from what they were seeing and I found myself throwing my chest out to make my nipples even more prominent and putting a bit more sway into my walk. I seem to be discovering a whole new side of me on this momentous day and I was feeling very sexy.

After 30 minutes relaxing during which time it was noticeable that three or four men made large deviations from their normal route to pass close by our loungers it soon was time to head back up to the apartment and get ready for dinner which Mum had had catered and was to be delivered to the apartment.

We then both retired to dress for the evening. I had a long relaxing shower then pampered my whole body with a skin moisturiser. Dressing was pretty simple — I chose a pair of daring black thong satin panties and a matching low cut bra that despite the firm support it gave me was incredibly soft and seemed to caress my breasts — it certainly stimulated my nipples again. It also boosted my cleavage admirably. I then slipped on my new black dress. Wow it felt magnificent and for the second time that evening I looked in the mirror and saw a new side of me — a sophisticated, sexy young lady. I also felt like a sophisticated, sexy young lady.

When I came out of my bedroom Mum was waiting there and if I thought I looked good I was knocked over by my mother! She looked sensational in a three quarter length white dress which showed off her full figure magnificently and which had buttons up the side — only a couple of which she had done up. She really could have been a top model and although she is 34, she looked more like a sister not my mother with her smooth skin and faultless complexion.

We moved through to the sitting room where Mum had already opened a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne which was sitting in an ice bucket. She poured us both a glass then offered a toast to my graduation to adulthood. “I knew you were beautiful but today has proved to me that you are absolutely stunning! I am very proud.” As she sat down on the couch I could not help noticing how her dress rode up and I saw a wonderful expanse of thigh right up to what was obviously a very brief pair of lace panties.

“But we must talk. I need to fill in a few gaps and some of the reasons why we are having this formal ‘coming out’ today on your 18th birthday. You are aware of the circumstances of your father’s departure — it was an absolute tragedy that you should lose your innocence and virginity in such a way and I can only apologise to you again for putting you in such a vulnerable position.

However first you need to be updated on what subsequently istanbul escort happened to your father. His family were horrified at what happened to us and part of their shame was expressed in their forming a trust for you which will ensure you never have to worry about financial issues in the future.

They also made the decision that your father had to change his ways and he was actually sent to a Buddhist monastery in Tibet where he became a monk — subsequently a forest monk, spending 5 years in isolation in the forests of Thailand. He is now based in a temple in Northern Thailand and is becoming reasonably senior in the monkhood hierarchy.

He visited Singapore three months ago and at his request I went to visit him at the Palelai Buddhist Temple in Tampines Road. It was a difficult situation for me as I am naturally expected to show due respect for a Buddhist monk and given the history was doubtful that I would be able to do so. It was initially very difficult until I became convinced that not only was your father fully remorseful, but he was very genuine in his Buddhist faith and I am pleased to say I left with the respect due to a monk of his standing. But more important was the discussion we had regarding you. He totally surprised me!

With the respect which they showed us following the troubles I have kept his family updated on your progress and he has obviously taken a keen interest also. I am glad to say that he approves of most of the things that I have done for your upbringing but it was then that he surprised me. He pointed out that I had fiercely protected you from what he called ‘the real world’ and was quite passionate in asking that I give you adequate preparation for life as an adult to equip you to face all the realities you may encounter — ‘especially male chauvinist pigs like him’ — those were his words!

He mentioned how remorseful he was for making me pregnant at age 16 and his relief at how well you had turned out despite his bad influence and implored me to give you a fast track education on all things adult as soon as possible. He finished at that stage saying that it was too early for you to meet him but that he hoped that at some stage in the future he might have the opportunity to try and regain some measure of respect in your eyes.

As I said I was shocked by his words but as I thought about it after I realised that I had put you in a cocoon and that, as a beautiful young lady heading for university, you would soon be attracting attention good and bad and you needed to know what you should be accepting and what you should be rejecting. Thus the plan for tonight was formed. However it is now time to start our dinner and we can talk more during and after that.”

So we sat down to a wonderful meal during which we gradually worked through our bottle of champagne. We were silent during most of the wonderful meal but when we moved to some cheese and an excellent dessert wine that had been gifted to Mum by one of her close friends — a business associate from New Zealand – Mum introduced a new line of conversation as we moved over to the couch to be more relaxed.

“I hope your experience today was up to the normal standards of the Spa and that you were not too shocked by the personal nature of the treatment. You see my early introduction to sex was basically violent. Your father was my first lover and he was very selfish and non-caring and I actually came to hate and fear sexual experiences for a number of years and certainly shied away from sexual contact with men. You may have noticed that many of my close friends are women and I am not ashamed to say that I am definitely bisexual and it was the gentle touch of women that lead me to understand that not all sex was distasteful and repulsive. It was with the encouragement and support of my friends that I have also had experience with a couple of men who were carefully chosen for their gentle and caring natures and for the fact that they showed due respect to me and were not just looking for quick sex. I am pleased to say I now have faith that the ideal man can be found, although this is not one of my immediate personal targets.”

“But I want to ensure that you have the opportunity to learn about your body and all the wonders of sexual experiences as part of your education so that you go forward into your adulthood with an open mind. You are a truly beautiful young lady, very desirable to both sexes I suspect and you look just sensational in that dress.”

With those comments Mum stood up and came to me taking both hands and gently pulled me to my feet. She cupped her hands on my cheeks then gradually let them slide gently down my neck and to my arms then back up to my breasts.

“I think the time has come for some practical lessons from one who loves you very much and one who knows all the right buttons to push. Please tell avcılar escort me if you feel uncomfortable and I will stop immediately”

With this she started gently caressing my breasts and it felt far from uncomfortable, quite the contrary in fact and with the close relationship that I had with my mother, I was neither upset nor offended by her attention. I knew she was doing this out of love and concern for me and it was starting to get me turned on to a very high speed. To demonstrate her love she then leaned in, took me in her arms and kissed on the lips, tentatively at first letting her lips rest on mine before opening her lips slightly and slipping her tongue forward to brush my lips. Then she shuddered slightly and leaned forward into me kissing me full on the lips, with her tongue probing into my mouth tentatively at first then exploring more fully and passionately as she felt me responding and responding I was! Mum was a sensational kisser and I felt like she was totally drawing me into her very soul.

I could feel her breasts flattened in against my own and she was starting to rub her body against me as we both became more excited and my knees became weak — I would have fallen if Mum had not been holding me tightly. Time was standing still but after a period she drew away and reached around behind me and drew the zipper of my cocktail dress down my back letting it fall softly to the floor. She then gently reversed her earlier actions and holding my hands again, she let me sink back down onto the couch following me down as she did and burying her face in the tender area of my neck, smothering me with kisses and sending wonderful shivers down my spine which went straight to my inner senses and I could feel myself starting to become very wet.

However Mum was in no hurry and spent another few minutes nuzzling my neck before reaching behind me to unsnap and discard my bra. It was probably part cold from the air conditioning, and part anticipation of what was coming next, but when my bra came off my nipples immediately became very erect, standing out proudly from the flesh of my breasts asking for attention. Their request was very quickly met as my mother lowered her tongue to the first tip with a tender flicking motion and then swirled more firmly around the base of the nipple in small soothing circles which gradually got wider until she was drawing my whole breast into her mouth. She then repeated this action on the other breast as I was transported to another level of bliss and I could not suppress a throaty moan as I just splayed back on the couch in seventh heaven.

My mother’s tongue was just incredible. Slowly and expertly, her hands and her lips and her incredible tongue were patiently working their magic over my body bringing to life parts of me I never knew existed. Her hands were now working steadily on my breasts and then I felt her moving downwards and suddenly I felt her fingers tenderly running up my by now, very moist pussy, hardly touching it but sending incredible shivers right through my body. Then she moved down further and I felt her tongue flicking at my clit — I almost fainted on the spot and felt that I was about to come immediately but it seemed she sensed this and drew back a little. Then she repeated the dose. I’d never felt anything like it, as her tongue danced and darted around my clit and along my pussy, teasing, arousing, exciting, lifting me to unbelievable heights, then letting me down again. I felt like I was floating ten metres in the air. Finally, when I was up there again and expecting her to withdraw she plunged her tongue deep into my pussy and I literally exploded with my body bucking and heaving into her face, flooding her with my juices and probably waking up half the population of Singapore with my loud moans of delirious pleasure.

However she did not stop there and immediately started her gentle licking of the length of my pussy again which initially was a relaxing way of bringing me down but it was not too long before I was starting to get extremely aroused again. This time there was no teasing. She drove her tongue fiercely and deeply into my pussy and what a talented tongue. She seemed to be everywhere. When her tongue was on my clit her fingers would be gently probing my pussy and when her hands were flicking my clit her tongue was deep in my pussy. I had never experienced such an incredible feeling and soon my body was again shaking uncontrollably as I was racked with waves of mind-blowing pleasure that started deep within my pussy and enveloped my whole body and soul. My mind went completely blank and I must have passed out because when I awoke I found myself in my mother’s bed with just her bedside light on and Mum was gently running her hands up and down my back, teasing me with her fluttering fingers right down my back then up my sides causing a major outbreak of goose pimples and sending shivers right down to şirinevler escort my toes. It was evident that my education had not yet finished as the fingers got more inventive and started to stray to the sides of my breasts and then trailing down my legs and between my thighs.

“I hope the educative lesson is going well so far — let’s say you have now qualified for ‘SexEd 101’. We will progress to the next stage tonight and then look at Stage Three at a later date.”

“So for the next stage I am afraid I need some artificial aids.” I was not sure what she meant by this but it soon became evident when she reached over to the drawers next to her bed and pulled out some straps and a range of dildos of various shapes and sizes.

“Yes we need to start to introduce you to the different style of making love with a man. I used and important word there — love! In inviting a man to your bed you need to be careful of his motivations. Does he want you because he has genuine feelings for you or is it just straight lust. If he has genuine feelings for you he will almost certainly make an effort to make the experience a good one for both of you. If it is lust he will probably just use you and your feelings with your happiness and satisfaction not a concern to him. In these circumstances he is frankly better to go to a prostitute.”

“So my darling girl, lie back and enjoy Stage Two of your education. I will not attack you with anything too large at this stage — remember it is not the size of a man’s penis that matters but the way he uses it.”

With this Mum rolled me over onto my back and stretched me out fully on the bed. She then started again with her teasing style of massage — super soft and tracing tender trails starting from my feet then up my legs, firstly on the outside but then increasingly focussing on the sensitive inner parts of my legs stopping agonisingly short of my pussy. She then started again from my neck working circles around my breasts that got smaller and smaller until she was focussed on my nipples which she pulled gently until they were fully erect then moved in with her magic tongue. Her fingers meanwhile continued their tracks downward, gently whispering across my pubic hair and then moving down to caress my already moist slit. Her tongue followed her fingers down shortly after and she was soon back to giving me long sweeps up the length of my pussy finishing with concentrated attention on my clit before sweeping back down again and repeating the process. I could feel that I was becoming very wet with my own juices mixed with her saliva. She paused at this stage and stood to pull on the straps of the harness she had taken from the drawer. She then surveyed the dildos and selected two. One about 10 cms long which she attached to the underside of the harness and then one about 15 cms long that she attached to the harness that was facing outwards (I was secretly pleased that she did not choose the longer dildos one of which looked about 30 cms long and the other which was probably 20 cms and about 5 cms in circumference.)

She then eased the shorter dildo into her own pussy with a deep sigh as it slid in and then she tightened the straps. She then turned her attention back to me, resuming those long sweeps of my pussy with her tongue and gently inserting first one then two fingers into me, swirling them around as she did. By this stage I was dripping wet down there and she found all the moisture a great help as she raised herself up and started rubbing the dildo along my pussy ensuring as she did it that it was well covered with my juices. When she was satisfied that it was nice and slippery she drew back and placed the tip at the entrance to my vagina with just a hint of pressure. She then turned her attention to my breasts again, teasing my nipples with her skilful tongue and taking the whole breast in her mouth before gently releasing it and moving to the other breast At the same time I became aware that she had then started a rocking movement up and down my vagina and from side to side and I was aware that ever so gently the tip of the dildo was working its way into me, stretching my very tight vagina ever so gently before pulling back again. Each time she moved forward it went into me a little deeper and she moved a little more vigorously against me. I was in heaven. I had expected this process to be a little painful but with my mother in control, exquisite pleasure was all I was feeling. She spent about ten minutes just gradually easing the dildo into me and when she was satisfied it was in to it’s fullest, she held me very close and very tight and gave me a passionate kiss with her tongue swirling around in my mouth and my desire building up like a volcano inside me. Finally it was me that took the initiative as I could not stop myself from starting to move under her, squirming to get the dildo moving inside me. She took her cue from this and withdrew from me until it was right at my entrance again and then she eased it back into me. She repeated this process several times slowly building up the tempo until we established a regular rhythm with me meeting her thrusts with increasing vigour. I was also conscious that the heat was building up inside Mum with her own little piece of magic working for her on the underside of the harness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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