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As Halloween parties go, this one was a real snooze. My company threw an annual party as a way to get the employees spirit up, but really it was so the bosses could get the secretaries drunk and fuck them behind in a closet before heading home to their shrew wives.

“Charlie, so that’s your what, your fifth gin and tonic?”

“Uh, yeah Bob, or is it my sixth, but they seem to be light on the gin and heavier on the tonic.” Bob was a buddy of mine from way back. Bob was the guy who got me the interview at Dididsto, which at the time was the biggest accounting firm in the country. But that was a dozen years ago and the firm has taken its hits.

Looking around there wasn’t any new tail to scratch. The company hadn’t hired any good looking women in the past six months. I generally found someone at the party I hadn’t already met and would dazzle them with my alcohol-infused wit and my trademark sarcasm. If I played my cards right I could get in their pants before they learned from a friend who I was and then it was usually, “Thanks for last night, but, I have terrible migraines, so we better cool off for awhile.”

My buddy nudged my arm and said he had to shake his snake and left for the men’s room.

Suddenly there was a chill in the air and I took a sip of my drink to gain some warmth. I looked over my shoulder and saw the hottest looking woman who ever stood in front of me. She was tall, maybe 5-foot 10, but with a very slender build, small breasts and a tight ass. Her long black hair almost touched the small of her back. And what a back. Her very daring black dress had little fabric up front and no fabric to cover her back.

Feeling buzzed, I walked over to her gave her my best drunken rap.

“So ah, you’re the best looking lady in her-a, yeah. So what do they call ya?”

“Tina, and what do they call you?”

“Oh, uh, my name. Yeah, me is, no I is Charlie hehe.” Maybe those drinks escort bayanlar weren’t watered down as I thought.

Anyway, Tina said she had been working at the company for awhile but kept to herself and had just arrived at the party, hoping to meet someone. We exchanged a few stories. I told her I was the last man cut for the last Space Shuttle mission, and that I was also an accomplished sky diver.

She told me she was lonely and didn’t have many friends, and that she liked the color black.

It was still cool where we were standing, so I asked Tina if she wouldn’t mind going to a warmer place, like my office. She nodded yes and off we went.

I held onto her back to keep her close to me and to keep me from falling down on the floor. I was three sheets to the wind drunk. I leaded up against the door, fumbling for my key for a couple minutes until, alas, I found the right one. The door opened, I let Tina in and closed the door behind her, catching a glimpse of her ass in motion.

After closing the door, I turned around and Tina was right there, wrapping her arms around me and kissing my right ear. Wow. What luck. I grabbed onto Tina and moved her head around so my lips had a target to hit her lips. I used soft kisses against her full lips and got her to moan after a short time. Tina stepped back and slipped out of her dress and was instantly nude. I reached into my pocket and popped my emergency Viagra pill. Usually I couldn’t get it up when I was drunk, so I took the blue pill for my backup plan.

Tina helped me remove my jacket, tie and belt while I unbuttoned my shirt and got out of my pants. She ripped my undershirt off my body and I jumped out of my Halloween pumpkin colored boxers. I kept my socks on as it was still pretty cold in my office. They must have turned off the heat for the night.

Tina came into my arms and I kissed her, letting my tongue tuzla anal escort open her lips so I could slip it inside her mouth. I kissed her neck and her collarbone and she was loving it. Her hands kept rubbing my head, tugging my hair and pressing me into her. I kissed her chest and licked her décolletage, and ran my tongue around her breasts. I licked her right areola and sucked on the nipple while my fingers caressed her left breast. She was moaning louder and breathing quicker.

I got down on my knees and kissed her stomach and the right above her pussy, which was wet to the touch and smelled great, reminding me of a floral citrus perfume. I kissed her pussy a few times, licking her outer labia and just touching her clitoris a couple times before she pushed me on my back and straddled me. My cock was like a crowbar by now, the Viagra kicking in nicely.

I didn’t have time to reach for a condom before Tina grabbed my cock with her hand and then sat on it, sinking all the way until she sat on my balls. Tina was an expert at being on top. She rode me at a moderate pace while she tweaked her own nipples. Her eyes were closed but that didn’t bother me. I just laid back and enjoyed the view.

She kept humping me faster now and and I started to feel my balls tighten. I clenched my teeth and face and was able to hold off for another minute before my cock exploded light a fountain, spewing hot cum into Tina’s vagina as she kept fucking my hard rod. I heard squishing sounds as Tina kept bouncing on my balls, riding my still crowbar hard cock.

Damn. My ejaculation nearly wiped me out. I laid back and caught my breath, and then saw Tina had somehow turned around and was fucking me reverse cowgirl style. I was loving this as I could now stare at her beautiful pale white ass which bounced up and down and sat on the area just below my stomach. She was fucking me like a house escort tuzla bayan on fire, going up and down my pole, I was ready for another cum when Tina arched her head back and looked me in the eyes. She had a vacant look, but I thought she was just about to orgasm, too, so I started fucking her back and all of a sudden my cock erupted again, dumping another load of cum into her pussy.

I blacked out for a few seconds and regained consciousness and saw Tina was off of me and was getting dressed. In my daze I couldn’t quite see where she was. I think she said “Happy Halloween,” but it sounded like she was very distant, and then she was gone. I got up and grabbed some tissues to clean myself off before returning to the party.

Bob was standing off in a corner and I went over to him and told him of this hot girl I just banged in my office.


“Yeah, she didn’t want a lot of foreplay. I popped a Viagra and she climbed on my rod for a couple rounds of ‘Charlie Time.’ The bitch was hot.” I said.

“Wow. Who is she.”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen her around the office before. She just sort of appeared out of thin air.”

“Tell me what did she look like.”

“Well, she had long black hair, and wore a black revealing dress. She was in need of a tan, was slender built, had small boobs and a very hot tight ass.”

“Sounds vaguely familiar. Charlie, did you catch her name?”

“Yeah Bob. Uh, it was Gina, no Rena. Nah. Now what was it? Yeah, she was Tina. She said she her name was Tina.”

“Did you say Tina?”

“Yeah, yeah, why? Do you know her?”

“Yeah Charlie, look over there.”

Bob pointed at the wall behind me. I turned around and saw Tina… in a painting.

“Charlie, if that’s Tina, she’s been dead for maybe 20 years. She was here when I started and died in a terrible car crash after leaving the company’s Halloween party alone. That painting was done as a memorial for her.”


“Sounds like you fucked a ghost, buddy, or just your hand. Maybe you should lay off the drinks for the rest of the night.”

“Yeah,” I said with a large gulp of disbelief, still smelling Tina’s floral citrus perfume wafting in the air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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