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This story is completely fictional. It involves situations that would most likely never happen. It also involves references of big cocks and tits. If you are not into things of that nature than simply don’t read. Otherwise please enjoy the story.


Karen and Jen have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They went through nursing school together and have worked at the city hospital for the past five years. They were both each others maids of honor at their weddings. They even were pregnant at the same time and their kids are the same ages. Karen’s 40th birthday is next week and Jen turned 40 a few months ago.

Karen waited for Jen in the hospital parking garage and they walked in together as usual to begin their twelve hour shift. They clocked in when they arrived to their floor and began their tour to their respective patients.

A few years ago, Karen and Jen began a little game they like to play while at work. They know it’s not only unethical, but extremely illegal. It started one day when Karen was bathing a patient who had surgery a few days prior and was recovering but still didn’t have all his motor functions yet and he was heavily medicated. He was in his late thirties and just had his appendix removed.

Usually with sponge baths, Karen will assist the patient but lets them do most of the work. But this patient was different. He was completely incoherent at the moment. Karen closed the curtain around the bed and filled the plastic basin with warm water and gathered the soap and other bathing items. She started by pulling down his gown from his shoulders and draped it over his waist. Karen lathered his chest and underarms. She finished up his upper body and pulled the gown back up over his shoulders. Karen then pulled the gown up to reveal is lower body. He was completely naked as usual for a patient. What Karen saw took her by surprise. She usually wasn’t phased by the human body because of her job, but this was a first. The patient’s penis was the smallest one she had ever seen in her entire life. A tiny little acorn was all that was visible. There was no shaft and just the tiny little head was all that there was. His tiny little balls were shrunk in his tight ball sack. She paused as she looked it over. She even leaned in a little closer to get a better look. Although Karen knew it was wrong, she couldn’t help herself. She had to share this with Jen. Karen glanced out of the curtain to make sure no one was around. She pulled up the camera on her cell phone and snapped a picture and sent it to Jen.

Karen began to wash the patients legs and midsection. She heard her phone ding a few times while she washed his legs. Karen smiled knowing Jen must’ve got her text. She dried her hands off and unlocked her phone.


“How the?”

“What the?”

Karen laughed as she read Jen’s texts. Just then she heard footsteps outside of the curtain. Karen quickly pulled down the gown over the patient and spun around. It was Jen. She was giddy with excitement and inquisition.

“What are you doing?” Karen asked Jen.

“Let me see it. I need a better look.” Jen demanded.

“Shhh!” Karen shushed Jen and whispered, “Are you crazy? Get out of here!”

“Oh c’mon it’s not like he’s gonna know.” Jen said as she motion to the sleeping patient.

“Fine, then you can help me wash him since you want to be so close.”

“Okay, okay, fine whatever.” Jen rushed Karen as she pulled the gown back up revealing the patient’s little member.

Jen yelped loudly and quickly covered her mouth as she took sight of the penis. She looked at Karen and they quietly giggled.

“Let’s see if we can make it bigger!”

Jen whispered to Karen. Karen was actually curious herself if it got any bigger.

“I mean, we are doing our job, it’s literally our job to wash the patient when they can’t do it themselves.”

Jen was trying to convince Karen even though Karen was already on board, plus Jen made a good point.

“Ok, real quick.” Karen said smirking at Jen.

Jen eagerly grabbed the liquid body wash and squeezed it on the penis then some on her hands. She looked at Karen and they smiled with excitement to each other.

Jen reached down and squeezed the penis and began to massage it. She had to muffle her laughter into her shoulder as she felt the little penis in her hands. It was so small that her hand completely surrounded it. She rubbed his tight ballsack and tried her best to find the shaft of the penis.

“Is it getting any bigger?” Karen asked.

Jen pulled her hand away and they could she that the tiny head began to rise a tiny bit. There was still no shaft visible but now the entire head was out. The girls giggled with surprise and disbelief.

Jen handed Karen the soap.

“Go ahead, give it a shot.”

Karen thought about it for a quick second and lubed her hands up. She massaged the penis the best she could with what she was working with.

“Oh my god! That’s such a bahis firmaları shame, how does he even have sex?” Karen whispered.

“I’m pretty sure he doesn’t.” Jen replied. “But the good thing is, Mark and Tom’s dicks will feel huge now!”

The girls laughed at the comment.

“I guess you have a good point.” Karen said as she worked on the little dick. Just then the patient began to flinch and squirm a bit. He quietly moaned and then a small bit of cum began to leak out of his little penis. It dribbled out slowly and ran down Karen’s hand. They both had to try extremely hard not to cause a commotion. Karen held her hand out to Jen to show her the cum as she covered her mouth with her other hand. Jen was trying her best to compose her laughter.

After finally calming down to the point where they could function, Karen cleaned her hand off and finished rinsing the patient. She dried him off and covered him back up.

“Oh my fucking god, I can’t believe that just happened.” Jen said to Karen as they left the room.

Jen went back about her rounds as did Karen. Of course it’s all they could think about for the rest of the day. As their shift went on, they passed each a few times in the hall and couldn’t help but snicker.

Finally at the end of the day, they clocked out and headed down to the parking garage. When they got to their cars they chatted a bit before getting inside.

Jen looked around and didn’t see anyone. “Karen, I’m not gonna lie, that was pretty hot the way you made him cum.”

“I know right? I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t believe I made that little dick cum so fast.”

“Do you think maybe I could try it tomorrow? I really want to see what it feels like to make that tiny dick cum.”

“Are you nuts?” Karen whispered. “This was a one time thing, do you have any idea how much trouble we could get in? Go home and jerk Mark off.”

Jen smiled, “No, it’s not the same.”

“Jen, we are not discussing this anymore. It was a one time thing. Okay?”

“Fine, Karen.” Jen said disappointedly as she got into her car. She drove off and Karen got into her car and headed home.

Karen was thinking about what happened the whole ride home. It made her really horny thinking about how she made that man cum so fast even if he did have a small dick. Even though she instructed Jen to drop the issue, Karen wasn’t sure if that’s what she really wanted.

The next morning Karen and Jen arrived like normal and they walked into the hospital. Jen was a little bubbly for 6:30 a.m. She was smiling and seemed like she was up to something. As they got into the elevator, Karen confronted her.

“I don’t know what you’re hiding but I think I was really clear yesterday. What we did with my patient was a one time thing and will never happen again. The elevator door opened and Jen turned to Karen and just before stepping out said,

“Sure Karen, what we did with YOUR patient was a one time thing. Got it!”

Jen darted off to the nursing station leaving Karen confused. She shook her head and went about her business. A few hours into the shift, Karen’s phone dinged. It was a picture text from Jen with the caption:

“Have fun with your pin dick boyfriend. Mr. Simpson here is a VERY heavy sleeper and this one is all mine!”

Mr. Simpson was about 75 years old and a frequent flyer at the hospital due to his medical condition. The hospital staff all knew him well and this time around he was Jen’s patient.

The picture message showed a midsection shot that included a droopy penis with saggy balls. It was much bigger than the tiny dick that Karen made cum the day before. Karen looked over her shoulder as she looked at the picture. She thought to herself that it was actually a decent sized penis and just might be a tad bigger than her husband Tom’s. She couldn’t be sure about that though from the picture.

Karen couldn’t believe her. She is risking a lot and better be carful. But at the same, Karen was a tad jealous of the much bigger dick.

“Oh it’s on now.” Karen said to herself. She and Jen were now enjoying the ‘game’ they were playing. Karen texted back Jen.

“Oh please. I doubt that old thing even works.”

A few seconds later, Karen’s phone buzzed.

“Only one way to find out.”

Karen smiled and scurried over to the nurses station. She checked the board for Mr. Simpson’s name. Room 908. She had to slow down or she’d look too obvious but didn’t want to miss anything. The girls were now having a lot of fun with their new found hobby.

Karen stopped at room 908. The door was cracked. She walked inside and quietly closed the door behind her. As she poked her head through the curtain she noticed Jen standing there with a clipboard checking the sleeping Mr. Simpson’s vitals. When she looked at Karen she let out a quick sigh of relief.

“Oh it’s just you. Ok, are you ready? He’s out cold, I don’t think he’ll wake up for anything.”

Karen nodded her head and smiled. She let Jen take the reigns kaçak iddaa on this one since it was her patient. Jen slowly lifted the gown on the old man. His cock hung low and his loose ballsack hung even lower. Karen giggled and whispered to Jen.

“I think it might actually be bigger than Tom’s.”

“Oh, it’s definitely bigger than Mark’s. I know that for sure. Let’s see if we can get it hard.”

“Karen nodded along. “Okay, you go first.”

Jen reached over and picked up the old man’s penis. It felt heavy in her hand. A good portion of it hung out of her hand. It started to grow almost instantly. The girls looked at each other with excited faces. Jen slowly stroked it and took his loose balls in her other hand. The man’s penis was now almost fully hard. It seemed to be about seven inches or so. Both girls were equally impressed by the overall length and girth of the penis. Jen was now stroking his cock up and down and got into a rhythm. Karen couldn’t take her eyes off the show. Jen bit her bottom lip as she stroked the old man’s rather large penis.

Karen wanted a turn but Jen was very into it and she didn’t want to take that away from her. She figured Jen would offer it to her soon. But before that could happen, a large amount of white cum spewed out of Mr. Simpson’s thick cock. The girls had the same reaction as they did the day before. This time, there was a lot more cum. Jen drained the old man’s balls.

After the girls settled down, Jen cleaned herself and Mr. Simpson off and covered him up. The girls walked out of the room as giddy as two school girls. They went about their day and it was time to go home. They walked each other to their cars as normal and chatted a bit before getting in.

“I gotta say, Mr. Simpson really impressed me.” Karen said.

“I know Karen, me too. I don’t think he has cum in quite a bit.”

“Now I guess I have to top that.” Karen said as she got into her car.”

“Oh good luck Karen. I hope you don’t plan on using your little thimble dick man to top that.”

“I guess we’ll see. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Karen said as she drove off.

On Karen’s drive into work the next day, all she could think about was if she would have any new patients that she could jerk off. She was really starting to get into their new game. There was something about it that really turned her on. Maybe it was the control, or maybe the fact that they could be caught.

Karen checked in at the nurses station like usually and looked at her patient list. There was a new name on there. “Jamal Brown.” The manifest stated that he was a twenty-one year old who is recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest and leg, and is on morphine for pain. Karen was optimistic about the patient.

After she completed her rounds on her regular patients, Karen went to see her new patient, Jamal. When she opened the door, she noticed the young black man, asleep. He had a bandage around his chest where he had his surgery. Karen checked his vitals and all the other necessary details. She looked back at the door. It was still ever so slightly cracked like she left it. She gave Jamal a gentle shake to see how deep of a sleep he was in. He let out a soft moan and slowly opened his eyes.

“Good morning, my name is Karen and I’ll be taking care of you today.” Karen said softly.

Jamal nodded and seemed to be feeling the effects of the morphine.

“I’m just going to take a peek at your bandages and make sure they are still clean so you don’t get an infection.”

Karen checked the bandage across his chest and then pulled his sheet down to inspect the dressing on his leg. As she lifted his gown, Karen gasped at what she saw. A huge thick limp cock between Jamal’s legs. She couldn’t believe how a cock could be that big. Never in her life has Karen ever seen a cock that big. It was as thick as her wrist and about seven inches and not even hard. Karen looked up at Jamal who was again sleeping. She softly took Jamal’s huge cock in her hand. She was amazed at the weight of it. She gently squeezed it. It felt wonderful in her hand. She couldn’t even wrap her entire hand around it because of the girth but she still managed to stroke it up and down. Karen was so lost in the moment that she didn’t even realize that Jamal was now awake and looking at her while she stroked his big thick cock. When she finally noticed that Jamal was gazing at her, Karen hastily released his cock and began to inspect the bandage on his leg.

“Yep, all clean. You bandage is good for a few more hours.”

Karen tripped over her words as she tried to explain herself. Jamal said something that Karen couldn’t understand and he drifted back to sleep. Luckily for Karen, he was heavily medicated.

Karen left the room and continued with her rounds. At the end of her shift, Karen and Jen walked to their cars as usual. Karen didn’t mention anything to Jen about Jamal or what had happened.

“So, you’re awfully quiet Karen. Nothing to report? I guess I’m still winning our little game.”

Karen kaçak bahis smirked but wasn’t ready to reveal Jamal to her just yet.

“Oh don’t you worry about me. I’m working on something.”

Jen laughed and assumed that Karen wasn’t having any luck. The girls then headed home. All Karen could think about was Jamal catching her stroking that big cock of his. She could feel herself getting wet from the thought of it all.

The following day Karen started her day off like every other day. When she got to Jamal’s room he was awake but definitley not fully coherent. His eyes were glazed over and he didn’t seem to notice Karen in the room. She tried to feel Jamal out and see if he remembered what happened yesterday.

“Good morning Jamal. How are you feeling today? You look better than yesterday?”

Jamal seemed a bit confused when he looked at Karen.

“Do you remember me inspecting you dressings yesterday?”

He shook his head no. Karen felt better that he didn’t seem to remember yesterday at all. She reviewed his chart and the doctor has kept him on the same amount of morphine and some other medications. Karen thought that it was safe to assume that as long as he was on the same medication and dose, he probably won’t remember much. She couldn’t fight the urge much more and decided to take a gamble that Jamal’s memory wouldn’t last more than a few hours.

“Ok Jamal, I’m just going to check your reflexes and make sure you don’t have any nerve damage.”

She began to do some random tests and when she was finished she started a few tests of her own. She used the button on the bed to raise Jamal into a lounging seated position. Then she pulled his sheet down to his feet and lifted his gown exposing his big cock.

“Ok, Jamal, so I’m just going to make sure don’t have any nerve damage anywhere else, that bullet to your leg was awfully close to your groin.”

She held his cock and began to stroke it very slowly. “Is this okay?” She asked. Jamal didn’t say anything, he just nodded. His cock remained limp in her hand probably because of the medication. It’s a common side effect for heavy does of pain killers.

“Ok Jamal. I just want to make sure that that this is just a slight side effect of the medication and not nerve damage.”

Karen’s emotions took over. She let go of Jamal’s limp cock and took a deep breath. She pulled her purple scrub top over her head and tossed it aside. Her big natural tits were nicely pressed together in her black bra. Jamal’s eyes widened more than they have since he has been in the hospital. She smiled and reached back, unclipping her bra and revealing her large tits. Karen placed Jamal’s hand on her right tit and went back to work on his cock with her other hand. She closed her eyes as she felt the young man grope her as she stroked his massive cock. His cock then magically came to life. She could feel it filling up her hand and harden until it was ready to burst.

Just then, Karen was interrupted by a faint knock on the door. She quickly covered Jamal with his blanket and hastily looked for her bra. She couldn’t find it. So she threw her shirt on and walked to the door holding her big tits from bouncing all over. Karen cracked open the door and poked her head out. It was Jen.

Jen looked at Karen confused. She could tell she was a bit disheveled and breathing heavy.

“Karen? What’s going on?”

“Nothing, nothing’s going on, why do you ask?”

“Well aren’t you gonna let me in?”

“Uh, well it’s not a pretty sight in her here, you see this old man shit the bed and I have to clean him up. You know, typical Friday.”

“Karen, I read the chart on that patient. He’s twenty-one years old. Now what are you hiding?”

Jen pushed passed Karen and went inside. She saw Jamal laying in bed with his eyes closed and a tent pitched in his sheets. Her jaw nearly hit the floor.

“Karen, you bitch! You’ve been holding out on me!” She said to Karen as she looked down and noticed her big boobs were sitting lower than normal.

“And are you not wearing a bra?!”

Jen reached out and squeezed her breast through her shirt. She gasped as she felt her braless boob.

“You little slut!” She said as she looked back at Jamal and his erection.

“Let me see it.” Jen demanded.

“Ok, ok, just keep your voice down.”

Karen pulled Jamal’s sheet down revealing his still rock hard erection.

“Oh. My. God.” Jen whispered to herself. “Look how…enormous!”

Just then Jamal woke back up. It was obvious that he was trying to fight the medication but kept dozing off.

“Uh, hi Jamal. This is Jen. She’s a nurse that specializes in nerve damage and she’s just her to take a look at you ok?” Karen said in a comforting tone.

Jen looked at Karen and rolled her eyes for the nerve damage excuse. She gently pinched the tip and began to move the big thick cock around like she was just casually inspecting in. Her eyes were wide as she was in disbelief at the sight of it.

“So, Nurse Karen, why don’t you show me were you left off on the evaluation.” Although Jen really wanted to take over, she respected that this was Karen’s patient and let her have some fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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