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After I was in Florida for a few years, I had been seeing a blond girl, and we got very close, and had a bad breakup. While I was seeing her, I had started to call this gay mens dating phone line, and even though I would make little notes about the ones I spoke to, I never met any. She was very attractive, little busty blond, but she said my dick was too big for her, so most of her sexual gratifications were from my tongue. Mine were rare and quick, She had a small mouth, and didn’t suck me well either. I guess there was no real future with her. I loved her nipples though, 34C…she would only cum when I squeezed them VERY hard!

She found some notes with guys numbers on them in my nightstand one time, and asked me if I wanted to tell her what they were, I said, I don’t think so.

After we split, I had some depressing, boring, and sexless few months. I started renting porn from a place in Wilton Manors, and satisfied myself a lot. I had lost a lot of weight, and explored my body more. I would get off a lot, and discovered that I liked the taste of my own cum! I would stay home, get naked, turn down the lights, and drink naked out on my balcony, wondering if anyone could see me. After I had a good buzz, I would go in and put the porn on, usually guys and girls, and I enjoyed watching them both. I’d watch for a long time, and explode in a big cum.

My past experiences were all about my cock. I liked when guys stroked me and sucked me, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and I liked that and I went no further.

Now I had started to meet guys from the phone line, and it was hard to gauge what they looked like. Some were exciting, be they seemed disappointed that I was just there, not too willing a participant. That was starting to bother me.

As I continued to watch the porn, I started to wonder if I should do more, if that might make it more fun. At the place where I rented the porn, I bought a rubberized dildo vibrator. Some guys that got into sucking me would also slowly finger my ass, and I found that very pleasurable! I began to lube up the vibrator, and play with the vibrator in my ass. As I did, I also realized that I would watch the guys for in the videos, and began admiring their cocks. My thoughts continued, wondering if I could ever kiss one, or even suck one. I thought about that question for quite a while. Finally I decided maybe I could try. The question was…how?

The New Times newspaper ran a lot of ads from gay bars, and I decided to try one or two. They were all kind of off the beaten path, and that enhanced my courage. I tried this place called Chaps, off Andrews Ave, the southern edge of Wilton Manors. It was a busy Friday night, and it was very crowded, with a guy acting as security on a stool at the door. He gave me a “hiya, guy”, and I went in. Two big bars in the front, and one güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri out back in a patio area, a fenced in back yard. I had a few drinks, and wandered around. I noticed a dark room, with a curtain on it, and a lot of guy going in and coming out.

When I went inside, it was very dark…it seemed like that was one tiny little bulb giving the room it’s only slight illumination. After a few minutes, after my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could make out guys with their pants open, some stroking themselves. Other guy were stroking some of the guys, and a few were on their knees sucking others.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my crotch, and a hand starting to open my belt. I helped, and my pants were open, and I got hard in a second, as I was getting stroked.

Then the guy dropped to his knees and was sucking me. He was a handsome guy looking up at my face as he sucked. Then a guy stood next to me with HIS cock out, and the guy sucking me, moved over to him. So this is the way it goes, I said to myself.

I went back several weekends in a row, and gradually worked up the courage to suck some guys there. I realized that I got good at it very quickly, and it was turning me on to hear these guys moan with pleasure from my sucking. I began to see how deep I could take them down my throat, and I found out I had no gag reflex. No guys came, and I didn’t have to avoid swallowing anyone. A lot of guys asked me güvenilir bahis şirketleri to go home with them, but I declined. I continued to go there, as kind of a school for me to learn how to suck well. I’d usually go on Friday, and stay home with porn on Sat and Sunday. I would try other gay bars, like The Eagle, but none were quite like Chaps.

I had started to play with the dildo in my ass more and more, and even bought a bigger one, and was surprised at the pleasure it gave me. I could even make myself cum from just the dildo. I had some vague thought about what a real cock would feel like fucking me, but it was never a serious consideration then.

I had started to meet more guys, and I liked them complimenting me on how good I would suck them. We would have a few drinks, play and undress each other n the living room, then go to the bedroom and suck each other on the bed. We would usually watch each other eventually cum on ourselves, and then I learned a very common courtesy of the host of gay sex, After we come, go get a warm wet washcloth, and a dry towel, and bring them back to your guest to clean up! A few minutes of chit chat, and I’d go home.

I met a few different types of guys, and most were very fun in their own way. I would ALWAYS go to them, and that added to my excitement. I loved how they watched me undress, and I’d usually be hard already. Sometimes I wouldn’t wear underwear, and sometimes I’d be completely shaved.

I had cleared another hurdle…I was sucking guys now. I was proud of myself, and I was enjoying meeting new guys. I had just shaved my mustache off too, and I remember wondering if I looked more gay, and appealing to guys.

There were still more hurdles ahead, but I was progressing…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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