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Alexis Brill

Eight month’s pregnant Brenda Peters waited with the other patients in Doctor Robert’s lounge. Her boyfriend, a married man had left her when he learned of her pregnancy. The eighteen-year-old blond single mother to be was the next to be seen. Brenda had been seeing him once every few weeks ever since her third month. Doctor Robert’s, who was a handsome man in his mid thirties, had a gentle touch. Her mind recalled her previous visits as her panties dampened. She crossed her legs tightly to curb the feelings stirring within her.

“When will he be finished?’ She thought to herself.

After what seemed like an eternity,the thirty three year old doctor finally walked out of his exam room with an attractive young Hispanic woman who was also in her eighth month. The woman appeared breathless and wide-eyed. Doctor Robert’s motioned for Brenda and escorted her into his exam room. He promptly closed and locked the door behind them. . “You know the woman that just left?” Doctor Roberts asked.

Brenda nodded her head wondering if the doctor was referring to how flushed the woman’s face was.

“This is her third child with me. She likes it when I relax her before the exam.” He told Brenda as she began undressing for the exam.

Brenda slipped off her blouse and folded it on the chair next to the exam table. Smiling at the doctor, she unclasped her maternity bra, allowing her milk filled breasts with their darker then normal nipples to fall free. She unzipped her skirt and placed it on top of her blouse. Then her thumbs tugged at the waistband of her panties and slipped them down and off her legs.

“So, how do you relax them” Brenda coyly asked.

“Oh, most with a calm voice, other’s a gentle touch. Some get fingered. A few like her need to be opened up with something long and warm.” He smiled.

“Wow. I like that idea doctor. I’ve been waiting to see you so much for the past couple of weeks.” Brenda complained as she lay on the exam table.

“This is normal when you are pregnant. During this time the increased hormones heighten the desire within your body, especially around the nipples and vagina. It’s common for a woman to masturbate three or four times a day mersin esc during her pregnancy.”

“Doctor how safe is intercourse during pregnancy?” Brenda cautiously asked.

“That depends on the woman. Some need to stop intercourse after the first trimester while others can have intercourse well into the last. In some cases intercourse is strongly encouraged when a pregnancy is late.” Doctor Roberts looked down at Brenda’s chart.

“You have no anomalies Brenda. So there is nothing preventing you from having intercourse in the last trimester.

Brenda beamed as she watched the doctor warm his stethoscope in the palm of his hand. He then slipped it against her chest, listening intently to her heart. Brenda instinctively breathed in and out. This caused her breasts to balloon up and down with each breath. The doctor listened for any abnormalities as he moved the stethoscope around.

“Ok everything seems normal there.” He added, placing the stethoscope on the table beside him.

“Have you been rubbing yourself with baby oil everyday Brenda? This prevents stretch marks and keeps your skin nice a smooth.” He asked as he picked up bottle of baby oil from the table.

“Yes doctor.” Brenda lay there quietly while Doctor Roberts squirted generous amounts of oil into her belly button, and then with a gentle touch began rubbing it all over her paunch belly.

” How’s that?” He asked softly.

“It actually feels very nice, you have soft hands.” L “Have you been vigorously massaging your nipples like I showed you? This is so you can nurse without pain when your baby comes.” The doctor asked as his fingers twisted and pulled on the erect nipples.

“Yes doctor I have.” Brenda answered with a grin.

“Better your fingers toughen up your nipples then your baby’s hungry mouth Brenda.”

“Hhhhhmmmmm” Brenda moaned as the nipple discharged milk droplets from his manipulations. The doctor then cupped her breast fully in his hand and squeezed it from underneath. This caused a stream of milk to squirt from her breast staining the doctor’s white exam coat.

“Ohhhhh! Doctor! Please suck on them now. You have to. I need it so badly,” Brenda cooed as she offered esc mersin the doctor her leaking nipple.

“Hmm…Ohhhh” Brenda felt the doctor’s tongue swirling around her leaking nipple. He was rewarded with a warm jet stream of sweet breast milk. He suckled her for some time until finally draining her left breast.

“Ohhhhh Christ yessss suck like that. That feels so good.” Brenda began caressing the doctor’s thick black hair.

“Ohhhhhh yess. Don’t stop!” she begged as the doctor switched and suckled on her right nipple harder than the first. “Ohhhh, doctor keep sucking.” Brenda moaned,” “You do that so well.” “Sweet Jesus,” The doctor returned to his clinical manner. ” Did you start your pudendal massages to help stretch and open you up for the big day?”

“I don’t think I can do them as good as you.” Brenda pouted.

“Pudendal massages make your labor and delivery so much easier Brenda.” Doctor Roberts answered as he placed Brenda’s legs in the stirrups.

He then sat down on the stool at the end of the exam table. He caressed Brenda’s big belly and said in a soothing voice,” I’m going to do the internal massages now, Brenda. Take a few deep breathes and relax.” He casually began a preliminary pudendal massage. His fingers circled Brenda’s labia and when they relaxed, he penetrated her. He began a slow thorough massage touching of every square millimeter inside her passage. Brenda was experiencing the heightened sexual awareness the doctor predicted. Her mouth was salivating. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, goddddddddddd,” Brenda gasped while Doctor Roberts jammed his fingers in and out with brutal precision

“Oh don’t stop!!! Just do that! Oh yessssssss, finger me hard! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Dr Roberts made certain that his fingers rubbed hard over her clit.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssss! Do my clit! Ohhhh my! That feels so good! Do that harder!’

It only took a matter of minutes before another climax gripped the doctor’s fingers.

“Oohhhhh…Ahhhhhhh.Ohhhh Myyyy… goddddddd!!!” Brenda moaned loudly, “It’s been so long! Doctor, please, please! Pull your cock out and fuck me!’

Doctor Roberts wasted no time. He dropped his pants and pulled out his already hard 9-inch mersineskort penis. He quickly slipped it all the way inside her.

“Mmmmmmm yesssss fuck me doctor!” Brenda moaned as she bucked her hips in and out against the doctor’s thrusting. Doctor Roberts’s fingers returned to fondling her breasts.

“Doctor, are you sure this won’t hurt the baby?” Brenda asked.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh No Brenda.” The doctor panted,”Ohhhhh.On the contrary. This is good for the baby. It feels what you do.” “Then please give it to me harder doctor!” Brenda begged.

Doctor Robert’s took her request and grabbed Brenda’s hips for leverage and started thrusting faster.

“I’m cumming again doctor!! Ohhhhhhh!! Ohhhhh!! Ohhh!!! Ahhhh!!”

Brenda felt a jolt of orgasmic energy course through her body. Her vagina contracted tightly around her unborn and the doctor’s thrusting penis.

“AhhhhhhhhhOhhhhhh Jesus doctor please don’t stop!!”

Doctor Roberts dislodged Brenda’s ankles from the stirrups and helped her get off the table. “Turn over Brenda. This will be more comfortable for both you and the baby.”

Brenda bent over the table as Doctor Roberts approached her from the rear. His hands firmly squeezed her sensitive breasts as he rubbed his thick penis up and down her dripping vagina.

“Please put it back in Doctor.Ohhh!!” Brenda pleaded.”Ohhh.ohhhh.ohhhh.ohhh.ohhhh!” Brenda chanted in time with each thrust into her moist slit. The doctor slowed his strokes; he did not wish to climax to soon.

“Ohmmmmph” Brenda moaned as Doctor Robert’s pumped his penis deeply into her pregnant womb.

After several long strokes Doctor Robert’s felt his balls contract.

“Ohhhhh. Ahhhh! “Doctor Robert’s groaned as he continued pumping harder and harder into Brenda. “I’m cumminng Brenda. I’m going to baptize the baby!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh…Yesss doctor please baptize the babbbyyyyyyyy. Ahhhhhh!” The doctor’s balls spurted his warm semen deeply into her. They remained locked together until Doctor Roberts kissed her then slowly withdrew. That day Brenda had experienced about three or four of the most incredibly satisfying orgasms in her life. The doctor was right again.

After they both got dressed the doctor escorted Brenda to the lounge. .

“Don’t forget that you have an appointment for the first of next month,” He winked.

“Thank you so much doctor.” Brenda smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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