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Double Penetration

“What’s your weirdest sexual fantasy?”

Jason looked at Miranda’s grayish blue eyes, shocked by the bluntness with which she questioned him. He’d lived next door to her since they were in the 4th grade, grown up with her, and even discussed sexual things with her before. But for some reason, despite their history, the question stunned him.

“I… um… ahh…” he stammered, racking his brain to come up with an answer for her.

Miranda chuckled, taking advantage of her obviously distracted opponent and landing an unanswered combo in the game. Jason had always been the better Mortal Kombat player, but this time she’d taken him by the balls and pulled ahead. “Gotcha, weirdo!” she shouted as she finished the round with a fatality, jumping forward. Jason’s eyes dropped to the exposed cleavage that was barely hidden by her black tank top.

“Goddamn it!” he exhaled, sinking backwards into the couch as he finally moved his gaze away. “That’s not even fair man, you distracted me!”

She laughed, throwing herself back as well. “Oh come on, you know you’d do the same if you had the opportunity.”

“Actually no, I wouldn’t,” he rebutted. “I’m actually good enough to beat you straight up instead of using a trick like that.”

“Oh relax, its just a game,” Miranda chuckled, leaning forward to put the controller on the coffee table before sitting back again, crossing her smooth legs that were exposed almost all the way up her thighs, only covered by the small jean shorts she wore. “Seriously though, what’s yours?”

Jason put his controller on the arm of the couch, reaching behind his head to scratch at his neck, a tic he noticed he did whenever he was nervous. “Well… I mean I guess… I don’t know, like… maybe fucking in the car in a hotel parking lot?”

“A hotel parking lot?” she quizzed, tilting her head and raising an eyebrow. “Why there? Why not in the actual hotel?”

“I don’t know, I mean I guess because it would be like one of those situations where you’re just too horny and in the moment to think straight, and you absolutely have to do it right then and there, even though you’re really close to the bedroom.” He pulled his feet up onto the couch, crossing his legs and turning to face her as she did the same, her pink toenails matching the light color of her lip gloss.

“I guess that makes sense,” Miranda replied, grabbing her Coke from the table and taking a sip. “But I mean car sex is so fucking uncomfortable. Unless it’s a big car or a SUV or something like that, but my car is too small to do it in.”

“Well at least you have a car to fuck in,” he laughed, grabbing his phone to check the time. It was still early in the day, just past noon. His mom would be home soon, but it didn’t matter. She liked Miranda, and had given Jason the okay to have her over during the days this summer, since it was the last couple months they’d be able to before they left for college. “So what’s yours?”

Miranda chuckled nervously, taking a finger to her long brown hair, twirling a few strands together as they hung just around the tits that Jason had masturbated to hundreds of times over the years. He couldn’t help notice she was wearing a light blue bra, with the straps barely covered by those of her tank top. “Well… its kinda embarrassing…”

“Oh come on,” he sighed, leaning backwards. “You asked me, so now its your turn. Come on, what is it?”

“Okay, fine,” she relented, flaring her nostrils and widening her eyes like she always did when she didn’t get her way. “So… you’re gonna think I’m totally fucking weird, but-“

“Miranda, I already know you’re totally fucking weird. But then again, so am I, so don’t even worry about it.”

She laughed. “Okay, okay. I… ahh… I kinda want a guy to fuck me while I’m drugged up and knocked out.”

Jason raised an eyebrow, confused. “Umm… come again?”

“Well…” she hesitated. “Like, okay, I want to have a guy just completely have his way with me, but when I’m kinda out of it. Whether its if I’m on meds, or just super drunk, I think that would be super fucking hot, you know. Sometimes I even leave the back door unlocked on purpose, just in case somebody might come in while I’m asleep.”

He raised a hand to gently rub at his chin, imagining her lying on her bed, naked and groggy, completely helpless. It was hard for him to get the image out of his head, and he could definitely feel his cock stiffening in his pants. “Ahh, I see,” he replied. “That’s an… interesting fantasy. Definitely weird, but I’ve heard weirder.”

“Oh god, I’m so embarrassed,” she cried, covering her face with her hands. Jason couldn’t tell if she’d done it purposely, but the way she was holding her hands up made her elbows squeeze her boobs together, pressing them forwards.

Jason laughed, trying not to stare at the soft skin that her top left exposed. “Don’t worry about it, its nothing to be embarrassed about. Have you ever been on Reddit? People on there are into some pretty fuckin’ weird shit.”

She chuckled, pulling her hands away kurtköy bayan escortlar and taking another drink of her soda. “I guess you’re right,” she said with a smile. “Its just I’ve never told anybody that ever, not even any of my exes.”

“Really?” he said incredulously. “None of the twelve of them knew about it?”

Miranda gave him a look that would have meant death had her eyes been pistols. “Fuck you, Jason,” she answered, smacking him with a pillow as he burst into laughter. “It was only eight exes, and you know that.”

“Oh, so were the other four just fuck buddies?” he forced out as he fought back the laughter. He’d barely gotten out the last word when she swatted him again, but the only effect it had was to make him laugh even harder.

“Whatever,” she sighed, fed up with his laughter. “Only one of them was a fuck buddy, the others were just one time. And no, none of them knew about it. You’re the only person I’d trust knowing that. Anybody else might just take advantage, you know?”

Jason was about to respond, but the door opened. His mother walked in, setting her lunch bag aside on the entryway table. “I’m home sweetie,” she called. “Oh, you’re here. And Miranda, you’re here too, how lovely!” She walked over to them on the couch and gave Miranda a hug. An uncomfortable look took place on her face as the rough outer fabric of his mom’s nurse scrubs rubbed against her.

“Hi Ms. Lowery,” she said, smiling as his mother pulled away from the embrace. “How was work today?”

“Oh, you know, the usual,” she answered, talking as she walked back to the door to kick off her shoes. “Hey, aren’t your parents going out of town tonight? Did you want to stay over so you don’t have to be alone over there? I know I wouldn’t mind, and neither would Jason!” She winked him as she walked past them towards the kitchen.

Jason rolled his eyes. “Oh god, really mom?”

Miranda raised a hand to her mouth to cover it as she laughed. “That’s sweet of you Ms. Lowery, but no thanks. I’m kinda happy I’ll get to have the house to myself for a few days. I can listen to my music as loud as I want, and I can finally watch my HBO shows on the TV downstairs without them whining about the nudity.”

“Okay then sweetie,” his mother called from the kitchen. “If you change your mind, you know the house is always open to you. You can take Jason’s room, he won’t mind sleeping on the couch.”

She smiled and stood up. “Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it!” she called back. “I have to go though, my mom wanted me to get some stuff ready for her before they leave later.”

“Oh okay sweetie, tell your mom I said hi!”

“I will, bye!”

Jason got up to walk her to the door. “You sure you’re gonna be alright over there alone?” he asked. “I really don’t mind if you wanna stay over, the couch is actually pretty damn comfortable.”

She chuckled as she put her flip flops back on. “No, I think I’ll be fine. I’ll have a bit of trouble sleeping, so I’ll probably just have a couple drinks before I go to bed. They usually help when I can’t sleep.” Miranda reached up to give him a hug, and Jason momentarily panicked. He was absolutely sure she could feel his erection through his shorts, but if she did she didn’t give it away.

“If you say so,” he replied, opening the door for her. “See you later then. You coming by tomorrow?”

“Mmhmm,” she answered as she walked through the door. “See ya.” As she crossed the lawn to hers, she looked back at him, locking eyes with a tiny smirk. Jason watched as she made her way to her doorstep, the sight of her round ass moving side to side in her tiny jean shorts. She looked back him again for a brief second before going inside.

Jason shut the door, going back to shut off the PlayStation that they’d left on. “Hey mom, I’ll be in my room, you good in there?”

“Yeah I’m good, just making myself a sandwich!” she called back. “Did you feed the dogs today?”

“Yup,” he answered as he shut off the TV and put the controllers in a cupboard on the entertainment center. “Fed the dogs, cleaned the bathroom, and took out the trash.”

“Oh, well look at you, finally keeping up with your chores,” she laughed, appearing in the kitchen entryway, turkey sandwich in hand. “And here I was thinking you were just another lazy eighteen-year old.” She walked over to the couch, plopping down and picking up the remote. “So you and Miranda have been hanging out a lot this summer, what’s up with that?”

Jason chuckled. “Absolutely nothing. I’ll be upstairs, mom.”

“Okay sweetie, have fun up there!” she called as she turned on the TV, the sounds of one of those Real Housewives shows trailing off as Jason made his way up to his room.

He peeked out the back window, watching his two German shepherds Rufus and Sasha laze about in the shade. He’d taken them out for a walk that morning with Miranda, and tired them out playing fetch. After a minute he turned down the hall to his room, walking through the open door. Jason flipped kurtköy escort his laptop open and opened up Spotify, starting up a playlist to listen to before grabbing a book on medieval warfare to read for a few hours.

When it was finally getting dark outside, he heard a car starting, and got up to look out his window. Miranda’s parents were backing out of the driveway, their car loaded up with luggage for their trip over the weekend. He leaned out the window, watching as they turned the corner at the end of the block. When he looked down, he noticed Miranda standing outside her door, looking back up at him. He waved at her, and she smiled back. As she closed the door behind her though, she held eye contact, pulling up her top slowly. Just before it got over her breasts, she shut the door.

Jason stood there stunned for a second before moving back to his bed. Was she teasing him on purpose? He felt absolutely certain that she was trying to seduce him, but between her confessing her fantasy to him, and being to blunt with the little teases here and there, it had to be just a tease for shits and giggles. He couldn’t be sure, however. What if she wanted him to go over and enact her fantasy? And if she didn’t? What would she do if he went over and it was all just a tease for fun?

He turned around and left his room to go to the bathroom. All this thinking was making his stomach turn, so he figured he just needed to get out a good movement. However when he got to the bathroom, he looked through the window, which had a good view into Miranda’s bathroom. There she was, across the way, standing topless. She opened up her medicine cabinet, taking out a little bottle from which she took a pill, washing it down with what looked like a glass of some clear liquid. It had to be vodka, Jason knew it was her favorite, even straight. She turned and walked out without noticing him across the way. That was when he knew it was for real.

An hour later, he walked by his mom’s room to check if she was still awake. The loud snores coming through the door gave him the answer he needed. He went downstairs and out through the back door. His dogs poked their heads out of their doghouse, but went back in when they realized it was just him. Jason hopped over the fence into Miranda’s back yard, and made his way to her back door. The final test of whether or not everything had been on purpose.

The door was unlocked. Jason went inside, making his way through the house to the staircase. Every light was off, but he’d been over enough times to know his way around. When he got to the stairs, he noticed the upstairs hall light was on. A wave of panic brushed over him. What if she was awake still? What if she called the cops on him for going inside? Jason slowly made his way up the stairs, his heartbeat racing. At the top, he swallowed and finished the walk to her room. The door was slightly ajar, so he gently nudged it open.

Miranda lay on her back in the dimmed light, a sheet covering the bottoms of her legs. She was nude except for the tiny pink thong that hugged her hips tightly. Her incredible tits were pulled backwards by gravity, heaving with every breath she took and making themselves seem smaller though Jason knew how big they truly were. She had a hand lying across her bare stomach, the other dangling off the edge of the bed, pointing at the nearly empty glass of vodka and ice. Jason didn’t know if she had meant to get him here on purpose, or if he had been reading her signs wrong all along, but one thing was for sure. She was out cold.

His heart was pounding in his chest as he slowly walked forward, gently setting himself down on the bed beside her. He moved a hand to brush away the sheet, exposing the rest of her legs. It took a second to calm himself down enough to actually put a hand on her, but when he did he gently brushed her ankle. She twitched the tiniest bit, causing him to jerk his hand back, but she remained fast asleep. Jason put his hand back, and slowly ran it up her calf, to her knee, then up her strong thigh. She had the thick thighs of a volleyball player, with a slim figure above the waist. He hesitated at her thigh, caressing it for a few seconds, his eyes focused on the tiny dark spot that peeked out from the middle of her panties.

Jason moved his free hand to the inside of her other thigh. The soft skin mesmerized him, and he lingered there longer than he had planned, stroking the flesh he had many times before imagined wrapped around his head. Finally he spread apart her thighs, exposing the small strip of fabric that ran down the center. He paused before unzipping his shorts, pulling them and his underwear down just slightly, relieving the pressure that his stiffening cock placed upon them by freeing it. He reached out to feel the material that hid the flesh he had fantasized about for so many years, his stomach doing flips until it felt it would force its way out of his throat. He hesitated for what felt like forever before finally connecting his fingertips to it. He drug them kurtköy escort bayanlar down gently, moving his free hand to stroke himself slowly. The dark spot on the panties felt fresh when his fingers made contact. She had to have been masturbating before this, he thought to himself. There was no way he could be causing this.

As he reached the bottom, near where her back hole would be, he noticed a change. The spot was ever so slightly wider. After swallowing what felt like the biggest gulp, Jason grasped the panties and began to pull them off. He took his time, worried about waking her, as he slid them down her milky thighs, down her calves, then off her feet, dropping them at the edge of the bed. Finally, she was fully exposed to him. Her tiny pink lips folded outwards, a snail trail of her fluids seeping out and down the slit that ran between her thighs. Jason shakily reached out, sliding his fingers down the petals of her femininity, collecting the residue on his fingertips.

He brought them to his lips, slowly licking off the sticky liquid of her body. He’d tasted it before, from other women, but for some reason, tasting hers drove him into a state that he’d never experienced before. His hesitance was now gone. Jason stood up, kicking off his shoes and pulling his pants and underwear completely off. He knelt on the bed beside her, suddenly far more confident. He took off his shirt, and grasped at her tits, massaging them both as the solid piece of flesh between his legs rested against her stomach. He climbed fully upon the bed, straddling her sleeping body at the knees. Jason leaned down, putting his face to her breast and kissing between them, licking at one nipple while toying at the other with a finger, pinching and rubbing and gently flicking it. He kissed all around, from the top to the underside, licking where the curve began to turn, and then switched to repeat the process on the other breast.

When he’d had enough, he kissed her mouth. He reached down to stroke at the turgid mass of flesh that protruded from his body as he slid his tongue into her open mouth. Suddenly, he had an idea. Jason shifted his body upwards, to where his pelvis was just above the breasts he’d been attending to not two minutes before. He reached down, caressing the side of Miranda’s face, playing with her hair as he rocked his hips gently forwards, rubbing his cock against her face. Within a minute, he grasped his member with his free hand and guided it into her open mouth. He slid it back as far as it would go, then withdrew, the feeling of her teeth and lips on his flesh driving him to the brink of orgasm after only seconds of contact. He couldn’t tell what was turning him on more, having his cock in her mouth or doing it while she was utterly unconscious. The feeling was inexplicable. But he knew he had to make it count, and this wouldn’t be the end of it.

After toying with Miranda’s mouth for another minute, Jason shifted back down her body, placing himself between her open thighs. Before entering her, he slid a finger inside of her hole, rubbing at her insides before removing his finger and sticking it into his mouth, savoring the taste of her feminine fluids one more time. He reached down to grip his readied manhood, rubbing the head against the lips that awaited him, slick with her wetness and engorged with arousal. Jason slid himself into her. As all seven inches of his cock reached the back of her warm tunnel, he thought he heard the tiniest gasp released from her mouth, but when he looked up she was still completely unconscious.

Jason spread his legs apart to better accommodate his thrusts, and leaned forward to massage her ample breasts as he slammed his body against hers, throwing all caution to the wind as he knew at this point there was no way she would awaken. He sucked at a nipple as he ground his waist against hers, drawing back and thrusting forward again when he switched to the other. He moved his hands backwards, garnering a firm grip on her thighs that were soft as pillows, pulling them as far upwards as they would go, opening her up for even deeper penetration.

She was ridiculously tight. Jason had known about each and every one of her sexual partners since she lost her virginity five years earlier. He knew which guys had the biggest cocks, and which were one-pump wonders, and which could works their tongues like a snake. But after sex with so many previous partners, Jason was in love with the fact that she remained as tight as a virgin. Even with her natural lubrication making itself plentiful, the pressure around his solid mass of flesh was plentiful and massively pleasurable.

It wasn’t long before he couldn’t hold it any longer. Jason withdrew his manhood from the tight grip that she held on him, and groaned as his orgasm shot through his body, the sticky seed forced through his cock landing down the length of her nude body. The trail of his semen stretched all the way across her stomach, with splotches landing atop her breasts, and even above her chest. A tiny drop had even made its way onto her face, just below her bottom lip. He’d never before experienced such a forceful orgasm, and the shock of it forced him onto the bed, aside Miranda’s still miraculously sleeping body. He watched her chest heave gently as she breathed in her sleep, the cum that stained her skin slowly running down the curves of her tits.

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