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Aaron watched as his best friend Charlotte made her way across the bar. She had been drooling over this big black guy for a while and finally had enough courage to ask him to dance. Aaron watched as the couple bumped and grinded against each other. Aaron knew that she’d be getting some sex tonight.

Aaron looked around and locked eyes with him. He was standing at the entranceway and looked lost. He was wearing beige pants and a polo shirt. His brown hair was cut short and he had bright green eyes. Aaron smiled at him and was happy when the cute stranger smiled back. He had always been hesitant flirting with guys and since he wasn’t exactly in a gay bar he had to be careful. Aaron wondered whether he should approach the flirty man or whether he should go up to the second floor, which was classified as a gay bar.

Aaron and Charlotte spent most of their Saturday nights at Helsinki’s. It was a classy bar that was on three levels. The second floor was a gay bar, but most times everyone would mingle. That was what was great about Helsinki’s, Aaron and Charlotte could both pick up guys to fuck and still spend time together.

Aaron and Charlotte were both in their twenties. They both worked as lawyers during the day, but were wild at night. Neither one of them were interested in a long-term relationship so they spent their evenings barhopping, meeting guys, and fucking them. Aaron looked up and saw the big black guy leading Charlotte up the stairs to the second floor. Aaron decided to follow just to make sure she was all right. She had always been level headed, but you can never too careful.

Aaron got to the second floor and saw canlı bahis Charlotte and the black guy head down the hallway towards the staff room and manager’s office. Aaron realized that there was a reason the guy looked familiar. He must be a bouncer and knowing that he was a staff member made Aaron comfortable in leaving Charlotte alone with the guy.

“Can I buy you a drink?” Aaron turned around and was face to face with the cute guy from downstairs. He had obviously read him correctly and was grinning wide.

“Sure. I’m Aaron.”

“Hi Aaron I’m Blair.” he two men walked to the bar and each ordered a beer. They were standing close together and Aaron was getting very aroused. He normally went for the tough looking, aggressive guys, but for some reason this short, quiet guy was turning him on.

“So who’s the girl you keep staring at?” Blair had noticed Aaron the moment he walked in. He had an immediate attraction to him yet was worried that he wasn’t gay. Aaron had been staring at this petite blonde woman and had given up and gone to the second level.

“That’s Charlotte. She’s my best friend. We love this club because we can both pick up guys to fuck.” Aaron spit out his beer and coughed. He hadn’t meant to say that so abruptly. His cheeks flushed bright red and he was wiping the foam of beer from his mouth.

“If I wasn’t gay, I’d want to fuck her. She looked like fun.” Blair grinned and was happy that he had figured out that Aaron was also gay.

Aaron leaned over and kissed Blair. He was always aggressive when it came to men and this was no exception. Blair kissed him back and the moment Blair slid his tongue into Aaron’s bahis siteleri mouth he was in heaven.

“Your place or mine? We need to fuck.” Aaron was breathing hard and had gone from just normally horny to fucking horny.

“I thought you’d never ask. I live down the block.” Aaron and Blair rushed out of the bar. Aaron didn’t notice the moans coming from the hallway. Had he been paying attention he would have noticed Charlotte being fucked hard against the wall in the hallway. He didn’t notice because he was trying to adjust his cock in his jeans. The tip was pressed against the zipper and since he wasn’t wearing underwear it was starting to hurt. The two men rushed down the street. Suddenly, Blair stopped and pushed Aaron against the wall. He pressed his thin body against Aaron and bit his neck. His hands worked quickly to undo his jeans and when he reached in and felt Aaron’s bare cock he moaned.

“Fuck, if I knew you weren’t wearing boxers we would have gone to the bathroom instead.” Blair wrapped his delicate hand around Aaron’s cock and jerked hard and fast. It was rough and hard and Aaron winced a few times when the tip was squeezed too hard. He kept panting. He had no idea if anyone was going to walk byh but at this moment he didn’t care. He was being jerked off and it felt so fucking good.

“I’m going to cum.” Aaron panted and pushed Blair’s hand away. Blair pouted. “Did I get you a little excited?” Blair was such a flirt.

“Just wait until we get to your place.”

The two men walked the last few blocks and Blair already had his keys out so the moment he walked the two steps up to his door, he was able to unlock bahis şirketleri the door and step in. Aaron followed and they rushed to the bedroom. Aaron didn’t even notice what his apartment looked like. His cock was still hard and was begging to be released from his tight jeans.

Blair stripped naked and climbed onto the bed. He reached over to his night table for some lubricant. Once he was naked, Aaron climbed onto the bed and knelt between Blair’s legs.

“Have you done this before?” Aaron wondered if this was some experimental situation or whether Blair normally did this.

“Fuck yeah.”


Aaron grabbed a condom from his pocket and rolled it over his painfully hard cock. Blair lay on his back and stroked his cock, using the lube. He began to rub his asshole with the lube and that just made Aaron hornier.

“Fuck you keep doing that and I’m going to blow my load before I’m even inside you.”

Aaron leaned over and pressed his cock against Blair’s asshole. He slid in easily. His cock was thin and long, which was perfect for what he loved to do best. He pressed in all the way, making sure to rub Blair’s prostrate. Blair yanked his cock and rubbed his balls.

“Can I come on you?” Blair was grunting and could barely speak. His whole body was shaking and he loved the feeling of a cock inside him.

“Shit!” Blair tensed up and held his cock as it shot loads of cum all over Aaron’s stomach. It came out in streams and Aaron just watched in awe. Blair looked so fucking sexy. He was stroking his cock, which was still hard while having Aaron’s cock deep in his ass. Aaron grabbed his hips and thrusted hard. He pushed deep inside Blair and began to cum. He felt the condom fill with his cum and he was in complete heaven.

“You’re a good fuck Aaron.”

“Thanks. Am I staying over?”

“Oh yeah.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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