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“Hey, have you heard that the bookstore just across the school was attacked yesterday?”

“Yeah, jeez! What the hell is wrong with those Holy Crowns dudes?”

“I heard it’s because the bookstore sold porn magazines.”

“Still not a justification for doing that.”

I eavesdropped the students’ conversation with worry as I served a plate of egg fried rice to someone. “Something in your mind, Mr Starlight?”

That someone turned out to be the principal. “Ah, nothing, Principal Adams. Just overheard some students speaking about the bookstore incident.”

“Ah, that incident. Yeah, we’re looking into it. Thanks for the rice.”

Around three P.M., the crowd began to die down. Mirai and I sat down, our arms and legs almost turning into jelly. “I don’t think we can keep this up for long,” I said.

“Maybe we should hire someone?” Mirai suggested.

“One iced tea, please,” a man ordered. He was large and bulky, towering over us. He looked old and was bald and black-skinned. The man forced a sour smile.

“Coming right up,” Mirai said.

Suddenly, the man burst into tears. “Mister, are you okay?” I ask worriedly. We sat him down on a chair inside our shop. Mirai handed him his tea, which he drank in one massive gulp. He calmed down.

“Ah, I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just that I lost my job two weeks ago. I tried to apply as a security guard here, but they wouldn’t accept me. I was just too old. I don’t know if I would be able to support myself for long.”

“Don’t you have any children or family?” Mirai asked.

“Well, I have an adopted daughter, Katya. But she ran off to join some kind of religion half a year ago and I’ve not seen her ever since.” Katya? Sister Katya, the one who tried to proselytize me?

“Hmm… hey, you wanna work here?” Mirai and I simultaneously offered.

“I-I can?” The old man almost seemed to cry.

“Yeah, sure. We were just thinking about recruiting some help. It could be quite tiring, though,” Mirai asked.

“Yes! Yes, I can.”

“Excellent. You can begin work tomorrow. We open at six o’clock in the morning.”

The man, after thanking us exactly twenty-six times, left. “Hey, what’s his name by the way?” Mirai asked.


Mirai and I went home with an idiotic feeling (we just hired a dude whose name we don’t know). When I walked to my own house, Feli greeted me. “Good evening, Sir.” A girl with dark brown skin and short, black hair was with her: Enzy.

“Good evening,” I said, “why are you here?”

“Can we enter, Sir?” Feli asked. “Enzy wants to show you something.”

“Yeah, sure.” Luckily, we always prepared all we needed for our shop in advance, so I could spare some time.

The girls led me to my own bedroom. “So, what is it?”

Enzy suddenly stripped away her clothes, leaving only her pink striped panties. Her breasts were moderately sized; C-cup, I would guess. I smirked.

“I want to thank you for your help,” Enzy said, blushing furiously while taking off her panties. She was against the wall, her butt sticking out.

“I like where this is going,” I said frankly.

“You can have anal sex with me twice a week. Just ask,” Enzy said. She began stretching out her ass. It was clear that she was rather experienced.

“Not too bad of a deal, I guess,” I said with a grin. “Feli, help me lubricate.”

“Yes Sir!”

“Oh come on, look at my ass. It doesn’t need-holy shit!” Enzy half-shouted while looking at me.

“It’s big, isn’t it?” Feli teased. Enzy nodded weakly.

After being lubed, I inserted my cock inside Enzy’s warm ass. It wasn’t very tight at first, granted, but it became tighter as I ventured deeper. Enzy matched my movements with hip moves of her own. “Uwah… what is with this size? Feli, how could you take a cock this big?”

I increased my speed. Enzy’s moans turned chaotic. Her pussy became very wet. I came inside her and Enzy fell to her feet. “I just came from anal… that’s a first.”

“Thanks, Enzy,” I said while Feli cleaned my cock with her mouth. “Come on, Feli. We’re going to the dungeon.”

“Yes, Sir!”


We left Enzy and entered the makeshift dungeon. I tied Feli’s hands to some shackles on the ceiling.”Was that arousing, Feli? Seeing your best friend being fucked in the ass makes you wet.”

“Yes, Sir. It was.”

“H-hey!” Enzy barged in, my sperm still dripping from her ass. “You’re not satisfied with just one round, are you?”

“No. Which is why I’m going to continue it with my slave here.” Feli gave Enzy a smirk.

“What about me then?”

“Anal is all fine and dandy, Enzy, but it’s not the main dish, is it?” I asked. I teased Feli’s clit.

“I-I….” Enzy massaged her wet pussy.

“You want it in your pussy.”

Mirai appeared out of nowhere with a sexy white lingerie. “You’re….”

“Mirai Quentin. Ray’s girlfriend.” I could feel Mirai’s smirk. “And, since Ray and I share stuff, your friend’s Mistress.”


One mistake. It was just one mistake that dragged me down. I borrowed from the wrong people. And then I plunged escort into prostitution. I was really lucky Ray intervened; who would have thought the shop owner was a gangster? Well, I offered him anal sex in return since I wanted to preserve my virginity.

But I saw something so wild. Something I had yet to see. Feli, the brain to my brawn, my partner-in-crime, became a slave to the same person. And now his ginormous cock was entering her pussy. I felt my legs turning to jelly as Feli moaned and begged.

“You like what you see?” Mirai asked. “Subconsciously, you began masturbating.”

She was right. My three fingers had begun messing with the outer of my pussy. “You want it. You want that cock inside of you.”

“N-No. I am a virgin.”

“What a shame,” Mirai said. “Then enjoy the show.”

But I couldn’t. I couldn’t just watch. “I want it!” I shouted out as Ray planted his seed inside Feli’s womb. They both smirked.

“You know how to beg properly.”

I fell to my knees. “Please, please ravage my virgin pussy, Master!”

Mirai helped me get on a bondage bed. My hands and legs are shackled. “So you’re willing to be Master’s slave?” Feli asked while sucking on my left nipple. His cock entered me a little.

“Yes! Yes I am!” I shouted. “Pound me harder! Pound my slutty pussy!”

Ray-no, Master-pushed his cock inside me, breaking my hymen. His cock explored my tight cunt, filling it up. I drowned in pleasure. Mirai squeezed my right tits while Feli teased my clitoris. Time and time again I squirted, clearing the path for Master’s cock to wreck my womb.

Master came inside me. I could feel his sperm flowing out. I saw Master’s face: his hair was brown and chaotically spiky. He was grinning.


But I wasn’t finished. “I’ll use your ass again,” I said. “Only if you could ride it.”

“Yes, Sir!” Enzy shouted. I laid down on the floor. Enzy sat on my cock, her warm ass walls immediately enveloping it.

“What are you, Enzy?” I asked.

“I’m your slut! I’m your whore! My body’s yours, my soul’s yours! I-I am your slave!” Enzy screamed as she violently rode my cock.

“May I lick her pussy, Sir?” Feli asked. I gave her a thumbs-up.

“You’re mine now, Enzy,” I said. “I’ll buy you a bronze necklace like Feli’s and you’ll wear it as your collar.”

“Yes, Sir! Anything for you!”

“Pierce your nipples and make a tattoo like Feli’s.”

“Of course, Sir! I’m your property! I’m yours to use and decorate!” Enzy moaned. “Destroy my ass, Sir!”

“You like my cock?” I asked.

“The best I’ve ever had, Sir!” Enzy moaned. Feli drank her nectar.

“Where do you want my seed?”

“Wherever you wish, Sir! Every nook and cranny of my body belongs to you!”

I pulled out of Enzy’s ass and rose. Feli masturbated my cock, and I spurted out sperm, decorating Enzy’s face and hair.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Enzy, I’m so happy,” Feli said while licking Enzy’s face.

“Me too. This is what I’ve needed for a long time. A Master to dominate and subjugate me.”

“It’s not over, Enzy,” I said. “Feli, do your special service.”

“Right away, Sir!” I laid down on the floor again, and so did Feli. Feli extended her smooth legs, massaging my limp dick. In an instant, it became hard again. Meanwhile, Enzy was licking Mirai’s cunt.

“Come here, you slut,” I ordered.

“Yes Sir.”

“Massage my cock with your tits.”

“As you wish, Sir.” Enzy’s tits enveloped my cock. After twenty minutes of her juggling her tits and tongue licking, I was ready to cum. I called Feli again; she was pleasuring Mirai.

I came on Feli’s feet. “Enzy, you have much to learn from Feli. She’s your senior. Kneel and lick the cum off her feet.”

Enzy fell to her knees and sucked the cum on Feli’s feet. “Master, I will teach her everything to please you. We will become your most loyal and useful slaves, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir. Our bodies are your playthings. Our tits are for you to punish. Our mouths are to pleasure your cock. Our pussies and asses are for you to enjoy,” Enzy said. “We’re yours, Sir.”

“And if you desire any service, Sir, we’re ready to provide at any cost,” Feli added.

“Excellent,” I said. “I trust your words.”

“It’s my turn next, Ray,” Mirai said, grinning.

Just as Mirai prepared to do so, someone knocked the door. Mirai cursed. “Why me again?”

We hurried out and opened the door. Sister Katya was there. Mirai rolled her eyes. Sister Katya sniffed something. “Were-were you having sex?”

“Yes,” Mirai decisively said. “What of that?”

“Are you married?”

“No. Not yet, at least.”

Sister Katya was aghast. “Sinners,” she murmured. She left.

“That woman is an expert at knocking down my libido.”

Nothing much changed after that. I continued to train Enzy, who proved to be just as submissive as Feli was. The Divine Crown seemed to have found a new enemy in Mirai.

“Roland, handle the tea.”

“Okay, Boss!”

Our new employee, Roland, was a fast and enthusiastic learner. Mirai and I appreciated his help. Now all of us had a steady eskort income with the expansion of our shop. And, talking of income, my tenant hasn’t transferred the payments for three months. Time to give him a visit the next day.

My flat was rather small, but was in the middle of London. If I remembered correctly, I rented it out to a young man. Mirai joined me in the subway as she had a business deal to be done with a cafe.

“Hello?” I asked while knocking. “This is Ray Starlight.”

After a while, Alex, the young man, opened the door. The blonde man scratched his obviously not ichy head. “Ah, Mr Starlight. Err… perhaps we could talk inside?” I nodded.

He brought me to the living room and served me tea. “Well, Mr Simpson. I merely need to know as to why you have not paid me the rent for three months.”

“Uhh… you know the current economic condition, Mr Starlight. It’s getting difficult to pay rent.”

Suddenly, I heard a girl’s moans from one of the two bedrooms. “What is that?” I roared. With haste, I opened the door. Mr Simpson tried to stop me in vain.

There was a naked young girl with a moving dildo inside her pussy and ass. She was tied to a table. “Wait! I can explain!” Mr Simpson declared as he ungagged the girl. “Luna!”

“Master!” she cried out. “Who is he?”

“This is totally consensual, okay? This is not rape or anything!” Mr Simpson said.

“Okay, okay, calm down.” I could clearly see, from the complexity of the makeshift dungeon, why he didn’t have money for rent.

“Hello, anyone inside?”

Out of nowhere Feli and Enzy entered the dungeon. “Luna? Mas-I mean, Ray?” Feli questioned.

“Enzy? Feli?” the girl gasped.

“Okay… this is getting complicated,” I said.

We all sat down on the couch. “Please, Mr Simpson,” I said, stopping the blonde man. He seemed ready to rain down his flurry of explanations. “I understand that she’s your slave in the BDSM sense, yes?”

“Yeah… wait, how do you know that?”

I raised my eyebrow at my slaves. They immediately stripped off their tops. They both have their nipples pierced and a tattoo under their breast. “We’re Master Ray’s slaves,” Enzy said.

Both Mr Simpson and his slave Luna seemed bewildered. “You-you-both of you?” Luna asked. Enzy and Feli nodded.

“You three know each other?” I asked.

“Yes. She’s our schoolmate, Master.”

“Uh-huh. Well, as you can see, you don’t have to freak out about this whole BDSM thing,” I said. “However, you do need to worry about your payments. I know building a dungeon is expensive. Doesn’t matter shit when I kick you out.”

“Uhh… ah! What about this?” He rummaged through his belongings, pulling four tickets.

“Oh!” I gasped as he handed me the tickets. “Is this an invitation to the Annual Rainsfield BDSM Festival?” The Annual Rainsfield BDSM Festival was one of the largest gathering of BDSM communities. The ticket price is officially two hundred pounds; though, thanks to its popularity, good luck finding one in that price range.

“I can accept this as payment,” I said. Mr Simpson smiled. “Well, see you later, Mr Simpson.”

As I went out, Feli, Enzy, and Luna followed me. “Where are you going?”

“Cafe Equinox, Sir,” Feli answered. “It’s a popular place for subs to hang out.”


As it turned out, Master and Mistress had a business deal in Cafe Equinox, so Enzy, Luna, and I followed Master there. We sat down and ordered cakes.

“I never thought you were involved in this, Feli, Enzy,” Luna said.

“We’re new,” I said. “I became Master’s slave about two months ago. Enzy started three weeks ago. What about you?”

“About a year ago. Master Alex and I met at the Rainsfield Festival.”

“Oh, those tickets were for the Festival, right? How was it?” Enzy asked. Luna grinned.

“Amazing. It lasted from six in the morning to six in the evening.”

“Wow!” Enzy and I gasped. “What did you actually do then?”

Luna whipped out her phone. “We took some photos.” She showed us the first photo: she was tied to some kind of pole and whipped. “This was when I peed without his permission in the bushes, so Master punished me.”

“Wow,” I said. “You could walk around naked like that?”

“Yeah. Oh, and this is when I took one of the classes: anal play. My butthole scretched really widely that day.” Luna showed us another picture: a tower of girls showing off their butts. There was an anal plug each inside their asses.

“You’ll definitely like that, Enzy,” I said.

“I don’t think I can learn anything more regarding anal,” Enzy boasted. “I can take on Master’s cock in my ass without lube now.”

“He’s been training your ass? I got my pussy trained hard instead.”

“Different slaves, different specialties,” Enzy said. “I mean, I doubt you could give him a titjob.”

“Says the girl who can’t even deepthroat him,” I fired back. “Twenty two centimetres too long for your poor throat?”

“Oh, please. You can’t even massage him properly with your tiny hands.”

“And your feet will crush his balls if you even try to give him a footjob.”

Luna eskort bayan laughed a little. “It feels fun when there are other subs,” she said. Out of nowhere, Master appeared. “Enzy, Feli, get away from here. Go to the second floor or the toilet or something.”

“Is there anything to be worried about, Master?” Enzy asked.

“Maybe,” Master said. “Those Holy Crown guys are here.”


Mirai and I had just patched up the business deal with Mr Arcon, owner of Cafe Equinox. We agreed to supply wheel cakes for his cafes back in our city. Suddenly, a few dozen men and women, all masked, entered. They carried a yellow flag with the words “Holy Crowns” on them. I ran and warned my slaves, then returned to confront them alongside Mirai and Mr Arcon.

“This place has become a den of decadence, where the so-called BDSM community meets. We cannot accept this. We demand you close this place now!” their leader screamed. Mirai looked at me with a “I’m too old to deal with this shit” look.

“This is private property. You cannot force me to close my cafe and I demand you to leave now.”

“That is correct,” said a police officer who happened to be there. “Please leave now.”

The officer was one Mirai and I knew. Lilith, or the Horned Devil as we used to know her. Mirai and I stayed calm.

“Burn down this place!”

Lilith attempted to reach for her communicator, but one of the thugs struck quickly. The communicator fell to pieces. She grabbed her baton.

“Lilith!” Mirai screamed. “Go evacuate the others. We’ll hold them here!”

“You’re… Mirai of the Angel’s Hands?”

“Now!” Mirai barked. I grabbed one of the nearby chairs, hitting one of the thugs with it.

A brutal brawl ensued. Mirai and I held the line, throwing back the thugs. Soon, the police arrived and arrested the thugs. Mirai and I were tackled and held to the ground.

“Wait!” Lilith ordered. “Release those two. They were the ones helping me.”

“Yes, Commander!” They released us. Well, last time we met Lilith she was still a Police Sergeant. So her rank did skyrocket.

When all was said and done, Lilith sent everyone to their homes except Mirai and I. “Long time no see, Mirai, Ray.”

“Same here.”

“Well, no matter our history, I’m grateful you helped buy time to evacuate the innocents. Is it some kind of stupid gang war again?”

“You know us inside out, Lilith. None of the gangs has ever attacked a random cafe, nor has any demanded the cafe to close because it is sinful or something.”

“You’re right. Well, this new gang has been wrecking havoc recently. I mean, why the hell are they attacking prostitutes? Sheesh, they’re driving me crazy.”

“They’re active in our city too. We’ll keep an eye out for them,” I said. Lilith nodded appreciatively.

“Well, speaking about that, why are you here? Surely you know what kind of people hang around this place,” Mirai said snarkily. She grinned widely. Lilith blushed furiously.

“A policewoman can still have her fun, can’t she?” Lilith asked. “Anyway, I’m leaving. Thanks again.”

Mirai and I went to a hotel. “Alright, serious talk,” she said. “These guys are real nuisance. Who the fuck are they?”

“What I want to know is whether Sister Katya’s Divine Crown and the Holy Crowns are connected to each other.”

“They do. I’m fucking sure they do. Heck, I mean, look at their pamphlets: chastity, sex only for procreation. What a bunch of bullshit.”

“What is their purpose then?” I asked.

“Hell if I know.”

The next few days were rather quiet. Alas, with the Holy Crowns around, the school needed security. Our principal, a bright man he was, saw people to be exploited.

“So you want us two to patrol the school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?” Mirai confirmed.

“Yes. The two of you have insomnia, do you not?”

“We do,” I said. “Doesn’t mean we have time to be security guards. We specialize in East Asian cooking, Mr Principal, not security.”

“Is that so, Ray of the Fallen Angels?” Principal Adams asked, startling us both.

“H-how do you know?”

“Right connections in the right place.”

“Fine,” Mirai conceded.

“You can begin now. Don’t worry. I’ll pay both of you handsomely.”

Principal Adams the genius. He exploited us knowing we would have no other options. Mirai and I took our flashlights and went our separate ways. The dark school was empty, as Principal Adams told me, except for the cheerleading club which stayed in school to prepare for a major competition.

Twistedly, my flashlight’s battery ran out. “Mr Principal, I need new batteries,” I said while entering the room.

“Mmmh! Yes, Master! Pound both of my holes!”

A yellow-skinned woman was being gangbanged by Mr Araragi and Principal Adams. Both men came inside her. “Mr Araragi?”

“Oh, hello, Mr Starlight.”

“She’s your sub?” I asked.

“Mine, actually,” Principal Adams said.

“This explains things,” I said. Suddenly, my phone rang.


“Go away. You have no right to be here.”

“We will purify their sins.”

I recognised Sister Katya’s voice. I hurried to the all-purpose room that had been transformed into a sleeping quarters for the cheerleaders. I broke through the back door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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