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I started dating Emma our freshman year of college, and it was perfect. She was funny, incredibly smart, and frankly much hotter than the girls I dated in high school. Emma was studying to be a nurse; she preferred getting to work directly with patients in the hospitals. I was working on my degree in accounting; it may not have been glamorous, but it seemed like a good way for me to get a job after college.

Emma was a cute girl next door type, with long blonde hair and a full figure (her breasts seemed to defy gravity, especially for being D cups!) She was tall too, about 5’10”. On the other hand, I looked like your typical college guy; short brown hair, about six feet tall, and I was in decent shape from my prior days on the swim team. When we started dating, we seemed to click together perfectly. We both loved the same types of music, the same movies, and we loved to cook together.

It was the first serious relationship for both of us, and after several weeks of dating, we decided we were ready to have sex for the first time. We were both virgins, but despite our nerves, everything went about as smoothly as expected. I was extremely anxious at first; I had fooled around with a few girls in high school, but I never managed to go all the way with them. Sadly, I had a sneaking suspicion why. You see, my biggest secret was that my penis was a little…underdeveloped. I had never worked up the nerve to measure myself, but just from watching porn I could tell I was much smaller than the guys in the videos. The girls I fooled around with in high school were willing to give me hand jobs, and even a blow job once, but they never seemed that interested in sex with me.

Emma was different however. My first time with Emma went fairly well (as well as my inexperienced self thought it could have.) She seemed to have a good time, and I even managed to get three minutes of thrusts in before it ended. Our relationship seemed better than ever, and after we graduated college, we decided to move in together. As we both found jobs, our lives became busier and more stressful, but we were still happy.

The only thing that began to change was our sex life. Emma and I both had fairly high sex drives at first, and we were having sex fairly often early in our relationship. As we settled into our relationship in the first few years, we began using vibrators during sex. Emma was unable to orgasm just from penetration, so using a vibrator during sex helped her get there. This seemed very kinky to me and was a ton of fun in college, but as we started our work lives, we were a bit more tired when we’d get home. We had to cook dinner, do the dishes, run errands, and just take care of our other chores, and by the end of it all we’d just want to lay in bed at the night without having to do too much exercise.

We tended to be so tired after work that we stopped having penetrative sex as often. Our sex life turned into us mostly laying next istanbul escort to each other in bed, helping each other get off. I’d use her vibrator on her, and she’d give me the most incredible handjobs. She got extremely good at jerking me off, to the point that she always seemed to know exactly when I’d cum, and even more, she eventually could command me to cum and my body would listen. “Cum for me, Jack.” she’d say, and I would tense up and unload into her waiting hands or on her naked breasts. We both enjoyed this new normal, even though I probably wasn’t getting to actually penetrate her as frequently as I used to.

One day was different, however. I came home like normal, and started getting our dinner together. Emma came home, and almost immediately she disappeared into her bedroom where I could hear her on her laptop. Not thinking too much of it, I continued cooking our dinner, and she came out just when it was time to eat.

That night however, we had jumped into bed after enjoying our night, and as I reached towards the nightstand to grab her vibrator, she stopped me. “Pull out your penis, Jack.” Emma commanded me.

“Well you don’t have to tell me twice!” I joked, and pulled down my underwear, exposing my flaccid dick.


“Hm? Hm what?” I asked. Emma was acting a little strange.

“I’ve never really noticed what you looked like when you were soft before. I just wanted to take it in before you started to get hard.” I shrugged, and said “Well, I’m more of a grower you know.”

“Oh I know, you’re not much of a show-er at all!” Emma giggled. At that comment from her, my penis jumped and began to stiffen. Emma giggled again, and removed her shirt, exposing her perky breasts and helping my dick grow even more. “There you go!” She slipped off her panties as well. Once I was fully hard, she took it in her hand, but didn’t stroke me yet. She just looked at it with a curious look on her face, and she seemed to be…sizing me up.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No, no, nothing’s wrong…but something interesting did happen to me at work today and I feel like it’s only right for me to tell you about it.” This seemed like an odd time to bring this up, but I figured I’d hear her out. She was topless and holding my erection in her hand, after all.

“I was taking care of a patient today who had to get stitches on his upper thigh. The patient was unconscious, but as I was checking on the stitches, his gown fell a little farther open and I accidentally saw…a little more.”

This surprised me a little bit, but didn’t seem like a big deal. “So what, you probably deal with penises all the time during your job, right? Catheters and the like?” I asked.

She blushed, and said “Well, yes, but…well. Never mind. It doesn’t matter.”

I laughed, even though I had a feeling in my stomach where this was going. “What, avcılar escort was he super hung or something?”

Emma blushed even more. “His penis was probably an average size for a dick! I don’t know. It’s fine. I shouldn’t have brought it up.” Emma looked so incredibly sexy right then with her bright red cheeks, her perky breasts fully exposed, and on top of it all she was still holding my dick in the dim light of our bedroom.

The pit in my stomach was still there, but it seemed to be egging me on rather than telling me to back off. “Come on. Why would you have brought it up if it wasn’t different somehow?”

“I swear, it looked like it was exactly the average length!” Something about the way she was being so exact about her wording told me she wasn’t telling the whole truth. “Why are you phrasing that so strangely?” I asked. My penis seemed to be growing harder all the time, and she hadn’t moved her hand at all.

“Fine! It looked like the size of the average erection…but it was completely soft.” My dick throbbed in her soft hand. “I know that size doesn’t matter though honey. I can jerk you off now.”

“Wait wait wait,” I interjected. “Why were you eyeing me up at the start of this then?” In a flash I remembered her booting up her laptop in the bedroom alone as soon as she got home.

“Well, after I saw that at work, I was just a little curious about what the average penis size was. Soooo I did some googling, and then I started looking at some pictures…I hope you’re not mad at me! Your penis is perfect.” She exclaimed quickly.

I tried to play it cool. “It’s no big deal, why would I be mad? What did you find out?” knowing perfectly well that the man she saw today was a big deal, and I was a much smaller deal.

“All the men in the pictures with ‘average dicks’ seemed pretty big. At least bigger than you. But that’s probably just porn stars, right? Have you ever measured your dick before?” I throbbed as she said they were bigger than me, and her hand squeezed me back, as if to acknowledge my arousal at this.

I had been dreading this question, but for some reason my penis was harder than ever, throbbing gently in her hands and leaking pre-cum. “No, I never measured it. I think I’m about average though.” I almost knew what she’d say before she said it. “Well I have a ruler in the kitchen, let me run and grab it!” She didn’t wait for my response, she just immediately ran out of the room and left me laying on my back in our bed with a throbbing erection. She returned quickly, and said “So six inches is average. Let’s see how you measure up babe!” She said brightly, and with that she sat on top of my chest, facing my dick. I stared at her gorgeous ass perched on my chest, but my mind was racing as I felt her press the wooden ruler against me.

She slipped off of my chest and sat beside me, and with a mischievous grin said “Do you want to know how big you are?” şirinevler escort

I struggled to whisper back. “Yes…”

She placed her right hand back onto my penis, and began jerking it gently. “I think I’ll wait a little bit. Maybe I’ll tell you when you cum.”

What!? Why was she waiting??

“Here. How do you like this?” She was jerking me with one hand, and she sat up and moved her left hand over to my balls. Her breasts were hovering right next to my dick as she slowly stroked me. “You know, I had my suspicions today that the dick I saw today was huge, but I think I really know now. He was flaccid and had to be at least 6 inches already. Maybe even 7. Do you think your little guy reached 6 inches?” My dick twitched under her agonizingly slow hands. I had a feeling there was no way I could have reached 6 inches, but I had to find out. Why did this turn me on so much, and how did she know??

“How much do you think you grow when you get hard? Do you double in size? Triple even? I read online that some guys triple in size. That wouldn’t be too hard for you to do, based on how small you are when you’re soft!” She smiled as I let out a soft moan, and she began to rub her thumb underneath the head of my penis, softly stroking and using my pre-cum as lube.

“I think you like this!” She laughed at my straining cock, and it twitched under her practiced fingers. “I think I can guess the size of the the dick I saw today. It was soooo thick. Thicker than yours for sure, and it wasn’t even hard.” She released me at that point, and my dick twitched again, begging for her back. “Here, I bet I can show you how big he would be.” She made a circular shape with her hand to indicate his girth, and positioned her hovering hand around the base of my cock to show just how much thicker he was. Her hand wasn’t touch me at all, and I was covered in pre-cum at this point, aching for release. “Problem is, he’s longer too…I think I’d need both hands, and maybe my mouth just to get him off. Not like your little guy.” She placed her second hand on top her first, and began to gently move them up and down, providing a visual of a massive dick over me, dwarfing my own. “Do you want to cum baby?” she whispered. Her hands weren’t even touching me, but I was somehow right on the edge of a powerful orgasm.

“Please…” I whimpered.

“I think if I saw him hard, his dick would be a full ten inches. He was at least 6 soft. And you baby…” her hands kept going through the motions, not touching me but tantalizing me. The sight of her pretending to stroke a massive dick while mocking my own had me straining for release. “You baby, are only 4 inches…and I want you to cum for me.” I erupted, my dick spraying partly up through her hands and landing on her breasts. She hadn’t touched me for at least 30 seconds before I came, but somehow it was the hottest orgasm of my life. I was aching for more already.

“I think someone liked finding out how he measures up against other guys.” Emma smiled coyly.

I could only lay back and struggle to catch my breath. Did I really just cum hands-free to my girlfriend telling me about how much bigger another man’s cock was?

“Maybe I’ll have to stop by that patient’s room again tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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