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“Hi there. Welcome to The Gym. What are you looking to do today?”

The curvy blonde with the deceptively sweet smile looked to the tall man who had just entered and walked to the front counter she stood behind. From where she was he’d see the black sports bra packed full of firm round breasts. Mouthwatering really and he swallowed hard at the view.

The little nervous tremor of his voice brought that smile to a wicked grin. “Yes, hello, um… I was told this was an excellent facility for … a personal trainer.” The intonation of his voice and the glint in his eyes affirmed his underlying meaning.

The blonde eyed him. He was already well built, looks like he did work out already. He was eight or so inches taller than she was. The blonde rounded the counter and stood before him. He was already clad in basketball shorts and a tee shirt as if he was ready to work out right away. She gave him a nod.

He gave her wide lusty eyes for now he could see the slender waist, grab able hips and perfect ass clad only in a very small, very tight pair of black spandex shorts. There was no way she had panties on underneath, he was certain.

“The Gym offers different packages depending on what type of work out you want.” Yes the subtext was flowing freely between them now but was kept in place because not everyone knew the extra benefits that The Gym offers and there were others working out on the machines in the main room where they were.

She moved ahead of him and gestured for him to follow her. “We have state of the art treadmills, elliptical’s, stationary bikes and other machines.” Her eyes locked to his when she mentioned the “other machines” to impart to him that she meant machines not geared toward working out general muscles. She lead him through a doorway and into the weight training room.

“Weights, benches, barbells, ball bells, boxing bags… strength training, stamina training…” He followed keeping his eyes more on that luscious swaying ass more than the room’s equipment. Through another door and onto the pool area. It was large enough to contain several lap lanes which were in use constantly. She explained the rotation process of being on a list and such knowing full well he didn’t come here for that type of swim.

It was then she walked right into the men’s locker room without any sort of hesitation at all. Men were in various stages of dress or lack there of. Some were in the open wall of showers. No one seemed to care that a woman had just walked in on them. That was because it was this certain woman. They all knew Miss Z and knew it was perfectly normal for her to check in on her clients.

She paused the tour in the middle of the locker room to tell of it’s offerings and point to the sauna door, “The sauna is clothing optional. Make a move on a person in a sexual manner that is not welcomed and you’ll be arrested. Any questions about The Gym?”

The man looked around then back to her. His eyes dipped to her breasts just knowing those nipples were going to be easy to get hard and pebbly. “I want to sign on for a private trainer.” His mind was made up.

She nodded, “All right, that would be me. I’m Zoey or Miss Z to my clients. You’ll be expected to follow my instructions to the letter.” A raised brow to him for a reply to which he nodded and gave a “Yes M’am.” That suited her so she smiled.

“Go kurtköy escort to the front desk and tell Tammy that you’ll be having a session with me right now. She’ll take your information and payment. It’s $150 and hour for your first session, two hour minimum. Take a shower and meet me in room 3. We will begin with some general calisthenics.” With that she stepped forward just a hint and her hand reached out. Palm cupped his cock over his shorts and gave a small massage. “Hmm… nice.” A wink to him as if he’d passed her test. With that the busty Miss Z turned and left the locker room.

He went to follow her directions, paid in cash and was in and out of the shower in record time. From her touch earlier he was already nice and hard. All ten inches tenting his shorts proudly. A small search lead him to room
. Pushing through the door he found what looked like any other gym classroom.

A large room with hard wood floors, one wall was completely mirrored, windows high along one wall let in natural light. His eyes didn’t linger long on inspecting the room because they fell on the tight curves of Miss Z as she stood on a mat stretching.

Her perfect round ass in those ultra tight spandex short shorts was up in the air as she bent from the waist with legs straight, her head pointed toward the floor. She knew he was there and so slowly spread her legs more while in that position. Now between her legs he’d see those large heavy rounds of breasts barely contained in that sports bra. In fact the bottom rounds of them were bared. His mouth watered.

She straightened and turned to him. Hands went to her hips, “Well, what are you waiting for?” A finger pointed for him to come to where she was on the mat. Then she made a face, “Off with the shorts, now.”

He looked at her with raised brows. She wanted him to work out in the nude? Well he had been told that sex was involved in her workouts so he guessed it made sense. Stepping out of his shorts she eyed his cock. This one was a very nice size. She’s going to enjoy this.

“Alright, follow my lead.” She sternly ordered while turning around in front of him and beginning some light stretches. From the wall of mirrors in front of her she could see him copying her motions… with his eyes on her ass. So her next stretch was to bend again. His bend put his face just an inch from her biteable ass.

When they had completed deeper stretches she turned to face him again. “Jumping jacks… 100.” That was clearly an order. The guy grinned but was a little worried. It wasn’t easy to do jumping jacks with a hard on.

“Now!” she barked and he began to do them. She counted them out as he did them while watching his already well defined muscles flex. Walking around his body she watched his ass clench. Her small hand reached out and gave one cheek a good smack. He faltered in his jumping jacks so she barked at him to keep going.

Back around to face his front she noticed that hard member bouncing painfully and reached out again. This time her hand cupped his member, or as much of it as her small hand could, and held while he completed his 100. For praise when he was done she gave his cock a little massage.

Stepping back she noticed he wasn’t sweating nearly enough so she made him do touch and runs, like the basketball maneuver where he had to run from one end of the room to the other, bayan kurtköy escort touch the floor and run back. By the time he was done doing 50 rounds he was breathing harder and sweating more. Still not enough to her liking though.

While she let him catch his breath she deftly pulled off her sports bra. Those juicy tits bounced out, their dark pink nipples pointing at him. She tossed the small shirt aside as if it were nothing. “Down on the mat. 50 Sit ups.”

He got on his back, bent knees, feet to the floor and put his hands behind his head. She then moved to him and straddled his waist with her feet. He had a nice view of those mounds and the one between her legs barely hidden by that spandex.

Lowering herself down she sat on his chest. “Begin.” she instructed. When he raised up she brushed her breast against his face. “Lick it.”

So now each time he came up in the sit up his tongue lapped at a nipple. He could alternate breasts but only one lick each was allowed. When he tried to nip or suckle she pushed him back down.

When he had done 50 sit ups she scooted down until her clothed pussy rubbed along his naked shaft. He let out a groan of pleasure and frustration. For a few moments she just grinded herself against him watching him sweat and gulp for a breath.

Then without warning she got up abandoning his throbbing cock. She stood just past his feet and hooked her thumbs in those tiny shorts. Down they went until she kicked them off her feet. His eyes went wide to see her perfectly naked pussy. Not a speck of hair, just smooth tanned lips with pinkness peeking out.

“Time for push ups!” She got down on the floor in a sitting position with her feet flat on the floor, knees bent and spread wide apart. This opened up her pussy for his view. A view he obviously liked since she could see clear drops of pre-cum oozing from his cock head. “Full push ups, face in my pussy, lick it on each down.” She instructed.

He was more than eager to get into position and begin. She hadn’t given him a number of push ups to do, that was for a reason. He began and she rolled her hips to angle her pussy just right so each lick could be given along the length of her sex.

“Lick it!” she ordered him sternly to imply he better use that tongue well each time. He was in heaven. It was painful to keep doing the push ups after all of the other exertions but there was no way he was going to stop. Sweat dripped from his face and chest, it pooled at his back but he’d not pause in those push ups as he tasted her sweet pussy.

Miss Z scooted closer so that his licks now included his face rubbing along those lips and slit. His slurping sounds echoed with his grunts as he kept on doing the push ups. When he had licked her enough to get her good and wet both from his mouth and from her honey she let him stop. “Enough. On your back!”

He tried to lower down and bury his face in her pussy but she pushed him away with a foot to his shoulder until he rolled over and obeyed. Again she straddled his waist but kept her pussy just over his cock, not yet touching.

“Masturbate. Do it!” With an incredibly hot woman straddling naked over him he wasn’t about to argue. His hand wrapped around his cock and began to wank off along its length. Miss Z put her hands to her breasts and began to knead them. escort bayanlar She pushed them high then mashed them together. Fingers took nipples and twisted them until they were hard and red.

“I can’t… I’m gonna…” he warned.

“Stop!” she ordered and pulled his hand away from his cock. By now he was so hard and aching that he moaned in near pain. She could look down and see his cock throbbing with need.

“On your knees.” A simple order. She got off of him and moved to face the mirror wall, her back to him. When he struggled to his knees she got down on her’s in front of him. Then she bent over and was on all fours.

“Fuck me. Do it as hard as you can.” That was all it took for what had been calming down to jump back to full hardness. She braced herself, spread her knees and felt him take hold of her ass. She was still wet enough that with a couple of hard pushes he got his thick cock head into her tight pussy.

“OH gods, you are so tight!” That wasn’t what he expected from someone who he had been told did people like this.

“Kegel exorcizes… keeps my pussy tight.” She flexed those inner muscles around him just to prove what command she had over those particular muscles. He gasped a moan in appreciation.

“C’mon! Slam in it. Fuck that pussy!” she ordered like a drill sergeant. He watched in the mirror as he was behind her. It was hot how her breasts hung down but were still so round and firm. He gave another good thrust and in went the rest of his length. She was so tight he wondered if he’d be able to pull out and slam in easily.

No way to know but to try so he gripped her hips and pulled out until his head caught at her opening. Without hesitation this time he slammed back in until skin smacked together. He felt he could have cum just at the sight of her breasts bouncing and jiggling.

With more incentive than he could ever need he began to slam thrusts into her pussy. Soon he had a rough hard rhythm going. She lowered until her shoulders were on the mat, those lovely breasts squished out all around.

He pounded her with all his strength, the sounds of grunts and skin slapping filled the air. Because of her teasing, touching and the aroused erotic workouts he found he was able to last much longer before feeling that rise of cum and the need to explode.

“Cum! Fill me up!” she ordered breathlessly as his cock felt as if it would ram out of her throat when he went so deep so hard. This was one of the reasons she did this. Sex, hot raw sex.

He slammed into her a few more times then dig his fingers into her ass and hips as he pulled her closer and held deep inside of that amazingly tight pussy. He shot his load with a growling moan because at the same time her ultra tight pussy was contracting madningly hard all around his swollen cock.

She squirted cum past their tight joining, a thing he thought was incredibly hot. When both had orgasmed and could breathe again she moved forward and pulled off of him. Sitting on the mat she leaned in and gave his cock a few good sucks to clean him off some.

“Hit the showers.” She said then licked her lips. “Make an appointment for next week so we can work out even harder.” A wink to him as he looked rather shocked and impressed that she’d want more.

He eyed her pussy, “Want me to clean that for ya?” he offered with a grin.

Miss Z shook her head, “No need, I have another appointment in a few minutes… she’ll do it.”

Yes, Miss Z had clients of both sexes and she knew well what each client liked to do. Her next client was a kinky little minx so Miss Z knew just what … exorcize to do first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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