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This is part three of the story of Sam and her new life. This is one, continuous story, so this part will not make a great deal of sense unless you have read Parts 1 and 2; Part 1 can be found here:

Thanks again to Winterreisser for his diligent editing and thoughtful suggestions and for correcting my silly typos and mistakes. My thanks and love to Kat as well for her invaluable advice, inspiration and encouragement.

FAIR WARNING: While this story (all six parts) is, at its heart, a lesbian romance (hence its categorization), it does contain pee play and also strong scat (shit) play in this and later parts. If you have an aversion to such sexual activities then please, please do not read this story. I cannot make it clearer than that!

After reading, please take a moment to rate the story and, if you have the time and inclination, comment on it; this has taken many hours of writing so it would be wonderful to hear what you think of it, especially if I am to consider writing more stories featuring pee and scat.

I hope you enjoy the story.


CHAPTER 11 – Boob Shot

There is a cacophonous ringing that drags me from a deep sleep. My face feels sticky and the smell of sex is in the air as I open my eyes and see Meg’s gorgeous face as she gives a small yawn and licks her lips. Memories of our lovemaking last night trickle into my consciousness and I cannot help smiling: it had been so wonderful.

“Morning sexy,” Meg says, her voice full of happy contentment. “How are you this morning?” She hesitates and then asks a little anxiously, “How are you feeling… about last night?”

I reach over and pull her close and kiss her on the mouth. My tongue brushes her lips and she opens her mouth to receive my probing tongue; I love kissing this woman. As the kiss keeps going, Meg starts to giggle and this sets me off too.

“I guess you’re cool with it then,” she smiles.

“Much more than cool, I’m ridiculously happy. I don’t know why I was so worried about it: I loved making love to you. There’s definitely a lesbian half to me.”

“Only half?” Meg asks, smiling.

“Maybe three-quarters or, well, all of me at the moment! Meg, I… I think you’re right about me, inside. There is a sensual, even kinky side to me that I’ve never acknowledged. I’m not sure I even knew it was there. I want to try and just go with it as you seem to, try whatever feels good.”

“Mmm, that sounds wonderful: Sam with no limits.”

I roll away, reluctantly. “Sorry, my lover, but nature calls.” I see the look on her face and I know she wants to watch. “Come on then. What a kinky pair we are!”

I sit on the toilet as Meg squats in front of me. She reaches forward and opens my labia, her touch intensely arousing. My flow starts, building quickly. My pee looks and smells strong but as Meg moves closer I feel her hand move, covering my gushing slit which now wets her hand along with my thighs and vulva. When my flow ends, as I expected, her wet fingers are in her mouth.

“Wow, that’s strong!” she says, but keeps sucking.

“Do you need to go, darling?” I ask and she nods yes. I have a mischievous idea and look down to the open gap between my legs and the toilet seat. “Go on then, go in there,” I challenge her. Meg smiles and positions herself between my legs, facing me and with her legs slightly apart, her hips pushed forward. “Don’t miss!” I warn her, smiling.

Meg begins to pee, her stream falling neatly through the gap between my legs with impressive accuracy, disappointingly just missing my pussy. “You missed!” I complain.

“What?” asks Meg in confusion, “It’s a perfect…” I grab Meg by the hips, pulling her forward. The stream of pee now sprays down onto my pussy and the thrill of it is incredible, making me gasp.

“Oh god that feels so sexy and hot!” I tell her, my voice thick with pleasure.

“For me too: god, I’m peeing on my girlfriend!” Her pee ebbs and stops. “You’re so wonderfully kinky Sam…” she kneels and reaches forward to pull me until I am perched on the front edge of the toilet seat, legs wide and my dripping pussy by her face. “…but I can be just as kinky!” and with that she runs her tongue across my vulva, lapping it dry, before diving into my sopping pussy. She licks me deeply then pulls my head down to kiss, sharing the wonderful mixed flavours of our pee and my cunt.

I push her gently, “Lie down, darling, I want to eat you too.” She lies back on the bathroom floor and I climb on top into the sixty-nine position. I try to be slow and gentle as she told me last night but my hunger to taste her makes this hard. However, her own attack on my pussy is equally urgent and desperate, and it feels just right. I feel her finger pressing my anal bud and moan into her pussy at the sensations this brings.

My mouth clamps over güvenilir bahis her cunt as I suck and suddenly there is a warm flow in my mouth. It runs across my tongue and I realize that she has just peed a little: my lover just pissed in my mouth! I suck and drive my tongue into her, determined to swallow every drop. I taste Meg’s love juices as I feel her orgasm convulse her. He finger presses into my anus and that feeling of penetration is enough to tip me over the edge too and I am shaking with the intensity of the climax.

I cannot move at first, able only to lie on top of Meg breathing hard. Our bodies are slick with sweat and covered in the scents of our lovemaking. I slither off and sit up slowly as Meg also rises. I have a grin so big I think my face might just split. I reach out and pull her in for a deep, long kiss.

“Did I… pee a bit into your mouth?” she asks.

“Yes, a bit.”

“And you…”

“Swallowed it, yes! It was fucking amazing, when you did it. I really liked it. And you peeing on me; I’d been thinking what it would feel like since…”

“Since you lay in the garden pissing and frigging yourself in the rain three nights ago?”

“What? It was you! You were there watching me! I thought I heard you and saw a naked woman by the gate. It was you!”

“You’re not cross I spied on you?”

“No, well, maybe that you didn’t come and join me,” I smile. “So, did you make the scream that woke me up?”

“No: that woke me up too, which is why I went to look outside. I just had panties on but then I heard a door open so I came to see what was going on and then I saw you. Shit, it was so hot what you were doing! I thought about showing myself but then I was afraid you’d freak out.”

“What about in the woods on Friday night and the night before last?” Was that you too?”

“What? No! You mean you saw another naked woman in the woods?”

“One woman the first night and two the other night. Actually I heard two but only saw one. I think the one I saw had a tattoo about here,” I touch her chest above her breast but just below her clavicle. “I thought it might be some astrological symbol but… I was hiding behind a bush so I couldn’t see very well.”

“So you were in the woods?” I nod. “Naked?” I nod again, grinning sheepishly. “Sam, you closet naturist you!” Can we do that together: walk naked in the woods?”

“I’d love to my sexy darling, but I do wonder who those other women were. Come on, you need to get to work and therefore you need a shower or Bethany will be asking lots of inappropriate questions!”

“Fine, but you’re coming with me. It’s bad enough I’ve got to spend the day away from you, I’m not going to be apart from you at home too!”

After the shower Meg dresses in panties and a tee shirt but, when she asks me not to dress I oblige her; besides, I’m finding I like being nude. However, when she comes into the kitchen to find me naked by the stove making us both some porridge, I think she regrets her request. “Sam, seeing you there is so sexy; these panties are already damp and I’ve only had them on five minutes!”

I look over my shoulder and smile at her. “Be glad this porridge is burning hot otherwise I’d be lying on the table and you’d be eating it off me!”

“Sam, do you have any idea what that image is doing to me? And you complained about my flirting!” she laughs as we sit down and eat together. “Now, please behave,” she is suddenly more serious, “I really meant it when I said I’d miss you today. I’m afraid that at any moment I’m going to wake up and it will all have been a dream.”

“It’s not a dream, my darling, and I’ll make sure you don’t doubt it.” I pick up her phone and select the camera before pointing it at my left boob and clicking a photo. “There,” I show her; my boob fills the screen, the hard nipple just off centre. “Not bad for my first tit-selfie. If you start to wonder, just look at that! Oh yes, one more thing…” I tap on the phone for a minute then hand it back. “I’ve added my number in so you can call me.”

Meg checks the phone a little suspiciously seeing the smile on my face. “Hey, you linked that photo to your phone number. You do realize that your boob will flash me every time you call me, don’t you?”

“Probably just as well I didn’t snap my pussy then!” I tell her.

Meg shakes her head. “And you called me the Queen of Flirtation that first day!” She sighs, “Well, I’d better get going.”

“Will you walk me back home first?” I ask, pulling on my still slightly damp dressing gown.

“Of course, my love,” she replies and we leave her house. I wait on the path as she locks up then we walk arm in arm down the lane to my cottage. We both enter and in the hall we stand and kiss until, finally, she says, “I’ve got to go Sam or I’ll be late.” As she heads down the path I shed the clammy dressing gown and stand boldly naked in the doorway. There is no one to see me but I wouldn’t have cared if there was.

“Hurry home, darling,” I call, “I’ll be waiting türkçe bahis for you.”

She turns at my call and her eyes go wide. “Like that?”

“Just like this: I don’t think I shall wear anything all day today.”

Meg squeezes her legs together. “Oh fuck, stop making me so wet!” and with that she turns and walks away waving to me as I wave back.

I spend the day naked, as I told Meg I would. Doing housework naked is much more fun than clothed, though I put an apron on when ironing: steam on bare flesh isn’t at all appealing. I receive a call at about ten o’clock but my excitement is dashed at it turns out to be the phone company telling me that they’ll be coming tomorrow afternoon to install the Internet link. However, half an hour later Meg phones me at what I guess is morning break time and we sound like a couple of besotted teenagers. Still, I now have her number on my phone and call her at lunchtime.

“I was just thinking of you,” she says when she answers, “and your boob appeared! Thanks for the picture; I have looked at it a couple of times.”

“What would you like to eat tonight, Meg?” I laugh, “Don’t I sound like the little woman at home?”

Her voice is a barely audible whisper, “Well, duh! You of course; your hot, wet pussy on a plate!” Her voice now rises a little, “However, sweet as your offer is Sam, you don’t need to cook: it’s Dave’s birthday barbecue tonight, remember?”

“Ah yes, I’m your ‘not-girlfriend-girlfriend’ I recall, or at least, I was.”

“Hmm, and what are you now?”

“Oh, I’m your ‘hug-you-kiss-you-eat-out-each-other’s-pussies-girlfriend’ without a doubt,” I tell her.

“And that’s what you’re going to tell Karen is it?” she giggles.

“Okay, maybe I’ll settle for ‘actual-girlfriend-girlfriend’ but you’ll know what I mean,” I pause, “Damn, there goes being naked all day!”

“You dropped that in deliberately didn’t you, you tease? I’ll bet you’re dressed already.”

“I’m not saying this just to tease, but no, I’m not. I’m enjoying it too; I could get into this naturist lifestyle.”

“Sam, you’d better stop talking right now or I’m not going to be able to cope with the next three hours until I get home. Thank goodness the barbecue isn’t until five and we can have some time together beforehand!” Meg lowers her voice, “I’d better go – I’m getting funny looks from Lisa, the Year 4 teacher. Love you, darling.”

“Love you too. Hurry home, I’ll be waiting!”

“You tease! Bye for now,” and the call is ended.

CHAPTER 12 – The Case of the Not-Girlfriend-Girlfriend

It’s nearly four o’clock and I’m beginning to wonder what’s keeping Meg when there’s a knock on door. As I promised I’m still in my birthday suit so I check to see who’s there and I recognise Meg’s silhouette through the glass just as she calls out, “Honey, I’m home!” and I pull the door open excitedly. Something warm and very damp hits my left boob; I instinctively grab it and I am assailed by the now familiar smell of Meg’s pussy on heat and look to find I’m holding her panties – her very, very damp panties.

“Look what you did to my knickers!” she complains, her fingers unbuttoning her blouse as she advances through the door. “The state you got me into… and we were on, like, either side of the fucking village! That bloody phone call with, ‘Oh by the way I’m here all naked, cute boobs out… sexy bum bare and wiggling round the house…'” her voice growls thickly with her lust, her breath short, “‘…delicious moist cunt nude and waiting to be licked…’ Sam, if we’re not in bed in the next fifteen seconds I’m going to fuck you where you stand!”

Her blouse flaps open as she kicks the door shut behind her and I have never seen her so aroused. Coyly I rub the damp fabric over my face and boobs, anointing myself with her female scent as I demurely ask, “What, even in the garden?”

“Oh fuck, don’t tempt me! Yes, even there!” She grabs my shoulder and turns me to the stairs as she plants a firm slap on my bum. “Go on, wench, up to bed: the worker is home and horny!” she says sternly, though the grin on her face betrays her. I turn and throw my arms around her and kiss her hard, my hands fumbling with her bra strap under her blouse, before taking her hand and pulling her up the stairs. She sheds clothes on the way: blouse then bra on the stairs, skirt on the landing, so we tumble into bed together naked.

In bed we writhe against each other, kissing and touching, trying to bring as much flesh into contact as possible. We are both desperate for this; I have been naked all day thinking of her, she has been thinking of me naked all day. There is no finesse, no gentle foreplay; there is no point worrying about kindling a fire when the inferno is raging. Meg pushes me down on the bed and straddles my left thigh as she lifts my right leg over her shoulder. I wonder what she is going to do as, just then, she shuffles forward and I understand what’s coming a moment before our pussies mash together güvenilir bahis siteleri making us both moan and sigh with excitement.

We move trying to find a position that mutually stimulates us, our dripping, swollen labia sliding wetly and thrillingly against each other’s. Meg has one knee by my left hip and the other under my right buttock and this is nearly perfect and we grind together. “Fuck this feels incredible,” I gasp as our nether lips penetrate each other. I raise myself up on my elbows to look at the conjoining of our bodies and this movement presses my clit against hers.

We now become frantic, pressing and squirming in unison, our intimate flesh and fluids seeming to meld; my clit is again caressed by hers and the first shiver of my imminent orgasm trembles through me. Meg is gasping and mewling and I sense that she too is on the edge. She throws back her head, eyes tight shut and mouth open in a soundless scream, gripping my leg that rests on her shoulder. Her orgasm crashes through her and I feel the hot wetness of it on my pussy. The sensation is intense as, at last, my own climax bursts like a nova, delicious thrills spearing through me and taking away thought in a torrent of pure pleasure.

I open my eyes and I’m looking up at the ceiling where I have slumped back. Our legs are a tangle and I can feel that my vulva, thighs, abdomen and bum are slick with our mingled love juices.

“Shit, I needed that so much!” Meg sighs. I look to one side and can see her looking at me, love and contentment in her gaze. “I wasn’t kidding about the effect you had on me, thinking of you here all beautiful and naked.”

“Being here naked and thinking of you got me going too,” I tell her. “Still, you’re probably glad I didn’t phone and tell you I’d been naked in the garden hanging the washing out.”

“No kidding? Sam, you little exhibitionist! Katie next door could have seen you.”

“That’s why I waited till I saw her going out. I’m not a complete exhibitionist, my darling.” I reassure her, “though…”

“What? Sam, your nipples are all hard again; what are you thinking?”

“Well, I’d love to be naked with you outside… in the woods one day. That would be so hot.”

“Oh god, that would be,” she sighs. “However, what I want to do now is clean you up…” she disentangles her legs and climbs between my legs, “…with my tongue. Then, for causing all this sexy, sloppy messiness, I think you should do the same to me!”

I lay flat on my back and open my legs wide. “Oh I will, with the very greatest of pleasure,” I assure her.


Just under two hours later, thoroughly licked and showered clean, we arrive at Karen’s and Dave’s house bearing both wine and, at my insistence, a large bottle of tonic water in a small rucksack of Meg’s that, somehow, I’ve ended up carrying. We ring the doorbell and Karen answers and her eyes immediately focus on our joined hands. I can imagine exactly the conclusions she’s drawing from that no longer innocent contact.

Karen looks at the two of us. “So, this is Meg with her ‘not-my-girlfriend’ is it? I just ask to be sure.” A wry smile curves one side of her lips.

We look at each other and then Meg reaches behind my head and pulls me in for a deep kiss, breaking apart when Karen gives a slight cough. “Things have, er, sort of moved on Karen,” says Meg grinning like the Cheshire Cat, though without the vanishing.

Karen smiles at us both. “I’d like to say it’s a surprise but… no. I thought at the dance it was only a matter of time, despite your claims to be Ms Straight, Sam.”

“Was it that obvious?” asks Meg.

“Meg, every time you looked at Sam you weren’t merely trying to undress her with your eyes but have full carnal knowledge of her!” I can’t help laughing at Karen’s words and at the sheepish look on Meg’s face. “And you can stop giggling too, with your ‘we only met this afternoon so there hasn’t been time yet’ for Meg to get into my panties! ” I open my mouth, shocked and Karen immediately repents, “My apologies, that was rude of me, but, you know, we all wondered what you meant by there not having been time. It did sort of make it sound like you were planning to, you know, make a move on Meg… and now here you both are.”

“Karen, I genuinely do not know why I said that; I was a little drunk at that point if that’s any defence. I really, really hadn’t ever even thought of sleeping with a woman until I met Meg. She… got inside my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about, well, being with her. Got inside my heart too,” I add, smiling at Meg.

Karen smiles, “Okay. Anyway, you both look very happy together so I guess it’s congratulations. Come on through.” She ushers us in through the door and Meg leads the way.

As I pass Karen I take the bottles from the rucksack and hand them to her, whispering, “Karen, I do remember what you said. My promise still holds: I’m not going to hurt Meg.” She smiles and nods.

“”Thank you and… I’m really sorry about the panties comment.” Something about the way she looks now, the little glance at Meg, makes me wonder if, just possibly, Meg has something of the same effect on Karen as she has on me and, maybe, Karen is a little jealous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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