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I was eighteen and living with my mother. Dad had died in an army accident when I was eight. Mom had mourned his loss, but was determined to move on. The benefits she received allowed us to live in a little house with a little extra spending money thanks to a part-time job she held at a law-firm as a legal librarian.

I hadn’t really known my dad that well, but mom would tell me from time to time how he was “a good man”, and that she wanted to make sure I grew up to be a good man too. My my mom is a pretty lady. She was a fidgeter, always busy doing something, and as I grew up she did her best to be both father and mother for me. We played catch, swam, ran, fished; she did everything she thought my dad would have done to teach me about being a man. Through the years, as she tooke me to scout meetings, ballgames and all, she was open with me, we were friends, but she never let me forget that we were parent and child.

As I grew up I became concious of how well developed my mother was. She talked to me of sex when puberty hit and she noticed my morning wood, suggested I go to boxers after talking with one of her brothers. She showed me a few pictures, talked about masturbation, and did as she had always done, helping me cope through life, acting as mother and father. When I actually started masturbating, she told me about lubrication and the next day there was a tube of KY on my bed table.

Mom was thirty-eight, and a very good looking thirty-eight. She was still fit with just a few laugh lines. She dated from time to time, but just hadn’t found anyone to stick to. I once worked up the courage to ask her if she had sex when she dated and she smiled, “Sometimes,” she said, then ruffled my hair, “but, in the future, that’s an innappropriate question, so please don’t ask again,” and that was the end of it.

I had met Josephine the first day of school this year and we hit it off at once. She was beautiful, soft, and shy, with long flowing hair that framed her face and bright green eyes and full lips. She liked being around me because I made her laugh. I liked being around her for a lot of reasons, but it was my cock that was putting up most of the votes. When I was around her it’d come to attention in nothing flat, quickly going from flacid to flint, often to my discomfort and embarrasment. I could tell when she walked into a room because my cock would get stiff, raising the flag just for her. We shared our last class, English, which was normally my best subject, but it was hard to concentrate when she sat next to me. It didn’t take long for us to go from friends to holding hands to making out.

It was good at first, the occasional chance to fondle her firm tits through her blouse, her tongue probing gently past my lips, mine dancing with hers. We would hold each other tightly and kiss, her hands on my head, then my shoulders, going down my back and pulling me closer, hot skin radiating through our clothes. But when I would grow a little bolder, my hand slipping down her back to grab the firm globe of her ass through her skirt, she would break off quickly, looking flustered.

At first I figured I had pushed too far. I didn’t want to scare her, so I just slowed it down to a nuzzle or two. I took her home, and as she got out of the car she looked at me wistfully, “I’m sorry, Robert,” she said, almost whispering.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said, doing my best to look like I meant it. Once I got home, Mom was still at work, so I went upstairs, pulled out the KY from the drawer, and jerked off, thinking of the feel of Josephine, her smell, her heat. I came in no time, thick spurts spouting from my cock and landing warm and liquid on my hand. I wiped up the mess, but I was still hard, so I did it again, my hand gliding up and down the long shaft. It took longer, but all I had to do was think of her lips, her face, her body, and soon I was cumming again.

This happened a few more times, each time she would seem a little more adventurous in her kisses, one time moaning as my hand slid under her shirt and touched the soft smooth flesh of her tits, but any time I wenth further south she would pull away, looking nervous, flustered, whispering apologies that were harder to accept each time they were given.

One time I came home frustrated, slamming the door to the garage. I heard my mom call out to me, “Robert?” I didn’t say anything, and was headed for the stairway when she came out of the den, “Robert, did you hear me?” She was wearing a soft blue chambry shirt, her hair done up and tied under a head rag, wearing blue jean cut-offs, her cleaning clothes, she called them. I hardly noticed them.

“No ma’am,” I lied, and started up the stairs.

“Robert, turn around.” It wasn’t a request, it was a command. I turned around and hunched forward over the stairrail, doing my best to hide my raging boner. Mom took a careful look at me, then walked forward, “Are you okay?” she put her hand on mine.

I shrugged, “Yeah, I just don’t want to talk about it now,” I stayed hunched, but I’ve got a good solid cock and when it’s loaded and ready it’s hard to hide.

Mom looked me over carefully, her hand istanbul escort coming to my face,”Go on, then.” She rustled my hair, “We’ll talk later.”

I ran up the stairs and closed the door hard. Mom would have come up and talked if I had slammed it. I lay down on the bed and just stared at the ceiling for a moment. I wanted to shout, I wanted to cry. I reached down to take off my pants and when I looked down I noticed the dark spot at my bulging crotch! Jesus! There was no way to hide it, and I was sure mom had seen it!

I pulled my pants down and kicked them across the room, underwear and all, then lay back down, sighed, and pulled out the KY. My cock was hard as a rock. Josephine had that type of effect on me, and I wanted to touch her and wanted her to touch me; my hand soon fell into a steady rhythm stroking my meat. I had so much pre-cum on my cock I hardly had to add any jelly, and as I stroked I thought about Josephine’s tits, peeking out of her blouse, her nipples hard and pointed, her lips brushing my neck. I thought about what it would be like to pull her blouse off and run my hands down her smooth stomach, slowly reach under her panties and place my hands on her moist pussy. She would reach over, unzip my pants, and pull my rock-hard cock out, look up at me, and smile.

Then I was cumming, my head rocking back and forth as my cock fountained milky white cum. It was the hardest I’d cum, and I looked up to see my door open and my mother standing at the door. For a moment she stared at me, her eyes focusing on my cock as the last of my cum dribbled down the tip and to my balls. She took a deep breath, then looked me in the eye, “I’m sorry.” Pause, “I knocked.” She closed the door, “Come downstairs after you’ve cleaned up please.” I figured I was in a world of trouble. I cleaned up, put another pair of jeans on, and went downstairs. I could feel myself blushing.

Mom was sitting on the couch, still in her cleaning clothes. She had a can of soda and there was another, opened, sitting on table near the other end of the couch. She didn’t look angry or mad, just concerned. I sat down and picked up the can and took a long draw from it, still feeling the heat of my blush. “First, I wanted to say again that I’m sorry,” she set the soda on the table, “I was worried about you, I knocked, you didn’t answer, and I went in.” I was looking at my knees.

“Robert?” she said in that look-at-me voice. I looked at her. “Is it Josephine?” I nodded. “What’s wrong, baby?”

I took a few deep breaths then opened up, “I don’t know, mom. I mean, I like Josephine a lot. She’s pretty, she’s nice, and she likes me too!” The words started flowing more freely, “But we get to, you know, making out, and she’s liking it, and I’m liking it, then all of a sudden I go for her .. butt, and she freaks out.” I’d never talked to mom about making out with another girl before, and I waited for a moment for her reproach, but she just looked at me with her blue eyes for a moment, then patted the couch beside her.

I sat down beside her, not knowing what else to say or do. She leaned over and hugged me and I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra, which wasn’t unusual when she was cleaning. My cock twitched, getting hard again, and I was embarrassed, but there wasn’t much I could do. “I think I understand, baby,” she caressed her hand across my cheek and felt the heat in my face. Her warm fingers stayed there for a moment before withdrawing. “Why don’t you bring her over tomorrow for dinner, let me meet her?”

“What for?” I said, still sullen.

“You obviuosly care about her, Robert,” a smile touched her lips, “Let me talk with her, get to know her,” She put her hand on my thigh and I was very conscious that it was close to my cock, “Who knows, I might be able to help.” Then she pushed up from the couch and took her soda and went to the kitchen. I watched her walk away, ass swaying ever so gently, and for a moment I wondered what it felt like; to touch her, to feel the skin of her legs, her ass, the wetness of her pussy. “Dinner will be ready in half an hour,” she called from the kitchen, and just like that, we were back to being mother and son.

It didn’t take much to get Josephine to come over. I had made the offer lightly and she seemed happy that I was happy. Friday went quickly; mom had me cleaning and vacuuming and insisted my bedroom be straight, usual company/visitor fare. She dressed in a comfortable shirt, again with no bra, and a pair of black colottes and bare feet. “You’re beautiful, as always.” It was something I said to her from time to time.

“And you are handsome as ever,” she smiled, “I knew there was a reason I kept you around,” She looked at the clock, “Honey, Josephine’s going to be here in a few minutes, but I’ve got some last minute things to get from the store. Play the host, will you?”

“Sure,” she hugged me and I felt her tits rub against me as she kissed me on the cheek. Until today that had happened a thousand times and I’d never thought of it. She looked me steady in the eye, “Cheer up. You’ve got a lot to offer avcılar escort a good woman,” a teasing smile stole across her lips as she watched me blush, then another kiss and she was out the door.

I felt my cock rising again at the thought of her tits and how soft and warm they had felt as they pushed against my chest. I blushed even harder, “Stop that”, I said aloud. That’s when the doorbell rang. It was Josephine.

“Hi!” she said, hugging me close. She had on a white blouse with long puffy sleeves with a woven black leather belt and a blue skirt that flared when she turned. My cock rocketed to attention, already stoked by the memory of my mom’s tits. I know she could feel it pressing against her stomach. She kissed me gently and I took her to the den.

“I met your mom just before she left. She’s nice,” like the rest of Josephine, I loved her voice. It took me a moment before I could respond.

“Uh, yeah. She’s fun.” Her blouse showed a nice view of cleavage, and my cock, already at attention, was raging. Josephine noticed my looks and blushed, smiling. She cuddled up to me, her lips inches from mine, her green eyes twinkling in the light of the den, “How long will your mother be gone?” she whispered.

I didn’t know. I didn’t care. “Long enough.” She giggled, then our lips met. I knew where my boundaries were, and I enjoyed what I could. Her tongue darted into my mouth, a shy wren. I opened my lips and my tongue sought hers out, playing, teasing, drawing her into my mouth. Her hands were on my chest, rubbing my nipples through my shirt. My hands fondled her tits through the shirt. She didn’t need a bra, and she hadn’t worn one. When I closed my thumb and finger on her nipple she moaned and unbuttoned the top of her shirt. “Just a peek”, she said. A peek! Another button, a third, and then her shirt was open and there were her perfect tits, pointed and perky with stiff crinkly nipples. I reached up with both hands and gently caressed the sides of her soft skin. “That feels so good,” she purred. She straddled my cock, her cunt rubbing up against my hardness. She moaned, then leaned forward, her tits at my face. I gently pulled her to me and kissed first one nipple, then the other, my tongue coming out to wash them both.

My head was buried in her tits, rubbing the soft skin against my face, cupping one in my hand and sucking at the nipple while I massaged the other, when there was a noise. Josephine froze, “Oh my god!” she said, sitting up. I listened and heard the sound of our cat’s self-cleaning litter box motor.

She looked at me, gathering her shirt up, and I smiled, “Relax, it’s only the cat’s litterbox.” I rubbed her back and her neck, grinding my cock up into her crotch. It was all she needed, and she let go of the shirt and leaned forward, unbuttoning my shirt. Her hot flesh on mine drove me crazy, and I could feel the waves of heat coming off her as she leaned forward and pressed against me. We’d never got this far before, and as she pressed against me, our crotches grinding together, I ran my hand down her back, over her hips, and firmly planted them on her ass, pulling her forward.

You would have sworn that I’d electrocuted her, she pulled back so fast. In just that flash she had changed from sultry woman hot for me to someone who seemed to be ashamed of herself. “What the fuck is wrong, Josephine!” I grabbed at her hand, she wrenched away. “You were practically throwing yourself at me one moment, the next you act like I’m a stranger!”

She sat there, apart from me, her hands closing her blouse, and I noticed she was crying. My anger melted away; it’s hard to be angry when someone you care for is crying and you don’t know why.

“What’s going on?” came my mother’s voice from the doorway of the den. It was calm. We were dead.

We both whipped around, a tiny shriek escaping Josephine. In our heat we hadn’t heard her come in, hadn’t heard her walk to the den. Stand at the door. “Mom, it’s” “Mrs. Harlan, I’m” “not what you think” “so sorry so” “we were just” “so sorry so” “playing around!” “sorry!” and then Josephine collapsed, wailing into the pillow of the couch we were sitting on, trying to apologize and all that came out was an anguished cry.

“Mom, I’m sorry, it’s just …” Mom put a finger to her lips and shushed me quiet. She went to Josephine and touched her on the shoulder. Josephine jerked at the touch and mom spoke to her softly, “It’s okay, baby. It’s okay,” over and over, slowly stroking Josephine’s head and shoulders until Josephine stopped jerking at her touch. I looked at my mom and watched as she calmed my girlfriend down. I had been the focus of that kind of attention more than once, but I’d never seen it used on someone else.

When Josephine stopped sobbing my mom placed her hand on her shoulder and gently pulled her up from the couch. Those green eyes were red and fearful, her shoulders trembling, as if waiting for punishment. Josephine’s hands tightly gripped her blouse, pulling it tight around her. They stood up, and mom gently hugged her, rocking her a little bit, until Josephine’s shoulders relaxed. She let şirinevler escort her go, then took her by the hand and sat her across from me on the loveseat. “Sit there dear, I want to talk to both of you.” Her voice was calm and soothing. I wasn’t exactly prepared for this.

She sat up against me, her leg touching mine. “When I came in you two looked like you were ready to go to it right here, then Robert did something that frightened you, didn’t he.” Josephine nodded. “Was it when he grabbed your ass dear?” Josephine hesitated a moment, then slowly nodded again.

I couldn’t believe this conversation, but I was also getting a boner again, with Josephine in the room and my mom’s firm leg right up against mine. I wanted to do something, squirm, get a pillow, but mom was right there. Mom lay her hand on my thigh as she leaned forward.

“Did he hurt you?”

Josephine’s eyes flew wide, “Oh no, Mrs Harlan, it’s nothing like that!” she paused, “It’s just …” My mom waited, her hand still on my thigh, and I felt my cock tenting up my shorts. Josephine’s lips quivered, “I went out with a boy three years ago,” she said, her voice hoarse with emotion, “and we were making out, and then he had his hands on my … ass” she said, uncomfortably, ” when my mother drove up beside us.” She was sobbing again but she carried on. My Mom’s hand was close enough to my cock to feel the heat, but she looked at Josephine. “She yelled at me and pulled me out of the car, then yelled at me all night long, and the next day, and,” with that, she was crying again.

Mom patted my thigh softly, driving me crazy, then got up and held Josephine again, speaking softly to her, calming her down. I was trying to calm down too, but my cock had other ideas and seemed to be ready to last the duration, however long that took. I shifted, then put a pillow on my lap. It was lame, but this just seemed like the wrong time to have a boner. whether my cock thought so or not.

Mom eventually calmed her down again, rose up and crossed her arms and took a deep breath. Josephine watched as she came back to me. Mom had a mischeivous smile as she reached down, “I don’t think you need that, young man,” and snatched the pillow from my lap, exposing my bulging shorts. She sat back down, right up against me, and her hand came down on my crotch, covering my cock. I gasped. So did Josphine. Mom didn’t rub it or anything, but her hand wasn’t there by accident and she wasn’t moving it. She looked across at Josephine, “Now, honey, you seem like a nice girl, and you seem to enjoy Robert’s company,” She smiled as Josephine nodded her head and kept her eyes glued to the hand on my crotch. “And I know that parenting is difficult, and that your mom loves you and is trying to help you, but I think she went about it wrong.” I moaned as Mom’s fingers pressed on my hardness through the fabric, gently outlining it.

“Mom, stop!” I said, trying to get up. She pushed down with her hand on my crotch, her hand curling around my manhood and pressing me into the couch.

“No,” she said, holding me down, “I want to talk to Josephine and you.” Josephine watched as my Mom’s hand stayed on my cock. “Now Josephine, do you know what a cock tease is? Are you a cock tease?” Josephine shook her head. Mom nodded, “I didn’t think so. You’re a nice girl.” Mom’s hand felt my cock, sliding up and down it once. “But I don’t think you understand what’s going on with Robert.” And with a quick motion she unzipped my fly, my cock springing out from my pants. I tried to get up again, but Mom wrapped her hand around my cock covered with pre-cum and pushed me down hard again. “Sit there, Robert,” she commanded, then looked up at Josephine and smiled. “Are you okay, honey?”

Josephine’s eyes were on my cock, jutting out a good six inches beyond where my mom’s hand grabbed it at the base. Her mouth opened just a bit, and she was rocking back and forth as my mom continued, “Have you ever seen a cock before, Josephine,” Mom slid her hand up and down the lenght of my cock. “Unhhh!” I was having trouble taking all of this in, and my cock wasn’t helping. Josephine watched, her shirt forgotten, as she slowly nodded, as if dazed. “It gets all hard like this and it needs release, baby,” she slid her hand up and down my cock again, then looked at me, smiling, “Right baby?”

“Ungh! Uhhh! UhhhnHhhhn!” I was so close to coming the precum was literally dribbling out of my cockhead.

“Now Josephine, come here, baby,” Mom squeezed my cock once real hard, then she got up and was kneeling in front of me. “Come on, sweetheart.” Josephine rose, her shirt still open, but she was looking at my mother and my cock, then she was beside me. “Go ahead and kneel down next to me,” Mom said, her hand caressing Josephine’s leg while her other hand reached up to caress my cockhead once and smear the pre-cum around the tip. I moaned, rocking my head back and forth. Josephine slowly knelt down next to my mom. Mom caressed her back with her other hand, “Have you ever masturbated, Josephine?” Josephine nodded slowly, licking her lips, as my mother continued to rub her back, her neck. “Good girl,” Mom whispered, “So do I.” She hugged her, pulling her closer. “Now, I’m willing to bet poor Robert’s about to explode. Would you like to help me make him feel better?” Josephine looked at my mother, then back at me. I was breathing hard as I looked down at my girlfriend hesitantly stretch her arm out and cautiously wrapped her fingers around my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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