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Howard and Jan Wilmstent were a typical young married couple. They each worked hard, and spent all their free time with each other. They were very much in love with each other.

Howard, 26, was 6-1, with a solid body and 8 inch cock. He didn’t have the rock-hard abs that male models and pro wrestlers seem to have, but his body pleased his wife, and that, in Howard’s mind, was what counted. He worked out twice a week at the local gym, and also ran 2 miles three times a week. He was an accountant, and didn’t get much exercise behind a desk. He had brown hair, short-cropped but still full.

Jan, 24, was a fitness buff. She taught aerobics at the gym Howard worked out at. A statuesque 5-9, she had 34b breasts, a 24-inch waist, and 33 around the hips. Her hair, long and blonde, fell to the middle of her back. She taught her class five days a week, twice a day. In between, she loved to swim, or lounge in the sauna.

Howard and Jan had met at the gym, when Howard had been swimming laps. Jan had not seen him, and jumped on him right as he was turning. They sank to the bottom of the pool,then came up holding on to each other. Howard wanted to get mad, but the woman in his arms was too lovely. Jan apologized, but Howard got a dinner date from her.

After that night, they dated constantly for four months before Howard proposed. A year after meeting, they were married poolside at the gym. They had been married for 18 months now.

The evening had started at a local Indian restaurant, celebrating Howard’s raise. They feasted on lamb-kebobs and tandoori rice. After sharing a bottle of wine during dinner, they were quite relaxed as they drove home. Jan had slid close to Howard on the bench seat of his truck, and her hands seemed to stay in his lap, stroking gently on his cock as they headed home.

When they got back to their rented home, they went immediately to the bedroom. They each disrobed, watching the other as they did so. Each of them grew excited as they slid the covers back on the bed, then lay next to each other.

Hands roamed the other’s body, sliding over familiar musculature. Jan made the first move, sliding down to take Howard’s cock into her mouth. A couple of deep-suctioned sucks got Howard’s cock, already at semi-rigidity because of the teasing on the drive home, to full stiffness.

Once Howard was hard, Jan stroked it a few times and smiled at her husband. Then, retaining her grip, she unrolled a condom and slipped it on his rod. Then she climbed atop him, letting his cockhead pierce through the folds of her pussy to impale her. She controlled the motion with slow bouncing jerks up and down Howard’s member. Howard reached up and grabbed Jan’s breasts, tweaking the nipples until they were like solid rocks of excitement.

Then he signaled his desire to speed up by grabbing Jan’s hips and pulling her down hard onto his groin. Holding Jan tight, trying hard to keep his cock inside her, he rolled his wife over until she was in a doggy position. As he straightened himself behind her, his cock slipped out of her pussy. She whimpered slightly, until he grabbed her ass and spread her legs farther apart, allowing his cock better access to her now-swollen pussy lips. This is the moment they had been waiting for, and the minute to be followed, second pendik escort by second.


01: Howard shoved his cock into Jan’s body. The member, gleaming already from Jan’s wetness, slips in easily. Howard holds his cock as steady as he can once it’s deep inside his wife.

02: Jan starts to squeeze Howard’s cock with her inner pussy walls, wanting to feel her husband’s cock more fully. Howard starts to pull his cock back, forming a counter-pressure against the closing pussy walls.

03: Howard now has his sheathed cock out of Jan, except for the mushroomy head. He hears his wife start to tell him to drive back inside her body. “Fuck you, get that …”

04: Jan’s beg has completed. “Cock in my pussy!” Jan, a demure woman, had a foul mouth in the bedroom. Howard loved that she cursed at him during sex. But despite the order, Howard remains motionless, the cockhead the only part of his body in contact with his wife. Not even his hands are on her.

05: Jan tries to shove her ass backwards to suck Howard’s cock into her body, but Howard has expected this.

06: Howard moves backwards too, keeping just the cockhead inside his wife. She starts to whimper now.

07: Howard grabs his wife by the hips, digging his fingers into her flesh. Jan’s brain just starts to register the pain when …

08: Howard thrusts his cock hard into his wife again. He buries his cock to the hilt. His groin slams against Jan’s butt, and his balls are also swinging in an arc.

09: Howard’s balls hit against Jan’s clit, but it only touches her for a second. Howard is already pulling his cock back out of her body.

10: His cock almost out of Jan now, Howard pushes it back in. He’s starting to build a rhythm. Both of them feel his cock bury inside Jan, then start to pull back out.

11: Howard pulls out, then goes back in. Jan is starting to get the feel of Howard’s rhythm. She’s starting to rock against her husband. Both of them feel their excitement building now.

12: Howard is moving quicker. He pulls out, goes back in, and pulls mostly out again. Jan almost has her rhythm to match Howard’s. Her pussy is starting to secrete its pussy juices, making her pussy wetter.

13: Howard now is moving at two beats a second. By the second beat, Jan has found Howard’s rhythm.

14: Jan and Howard now have matching movements. As Howard moves into Jan’s pussy, Jan is moving towards Howard to get him in her quicker. Her breasts, hanging down because of the doggy style hands-and-knees position, are starting to swing back and forth as well. Jan pumps backwards, and the breasts move forward. When she moves forward as Howard is pulling out, her breasts swing towards Howard. Howard’s hands are now releasing Jan’s hips.

15: Movement continues. Howard has released Jan’s hips, and they are moving towards Jan’s blonde hair. Howard himself is leaning over Jan’s back.

16: Two more strokes of the cock in the body. Howard’s hands have grabbed the blonde hair that has been hanging down the sides of Jan’s head. He is now pulling it up away from Jan’s face.

17: As he continues to pull the hair away from Jan’s face and strokes into her body, Howard looks to the right. The mirror atop the dresser shows the kartal escort couple as they are intertwined. Howard’s vision focuses on the now-visible face of his loving wife.

18: Jan’s face is contorting in delight. Her eyes are squeezed shut in delight, and her mouth is open. She is moaning and cursing Howard constantly. Howard’s hands are coming together, as Jan and Howard continue to come together in erotic union.

19: Howard’s hands have come together, and he moves all the hair to his left hand. His right hand lets go of the hair and is starting to move back down Jan’s side. Meanwhile, Jan is screaming “Faster, god-damn you …”

20: “Faster! Fuck me faster!” Jan is completely excited. She can feel her orgasm building inside her.

21: Howard responds by speeding up. He gets three strokes into Jan in this second. Meanwhile, his right hand has found Jan’s bouncing right breast. He grabs a handful of it.

22: The right hand of Howard Wilmstent squeezes the right breast of his wife. Meanwhile, his left hand pulls back on Jan Wilmstent’s hair.

23: “Fuck! OW! OW!” Jan is in pain from Howard’s motion, but she would not have it any other way. Jan has been a pain slut since Howard first pulled her hair a year ago accidentally. It had triggered Jan’s most impressive orgasm ever. Since then, she came whenever Howard got rough with her, but not to the degree she had the first time.

24: The pain was doing its job. Jan’s every nerve ending has started tingling. Deep at the far end of her pussy, she is preparing for a release of juices. Howard has sped up, going in and out of Jan four times. He has stopped pulling back deeply, choosing instead to pump within her body.

25: Four more strokes into Jan’s pussy. The pain is continuing, as Howard is using Jan’s hair like a horse’s rein, pulling Jan’s head up. Her mouth has left the pillow, and she washes Howard’s ears with more foul language, knowing Howard loves to hear it.

26: “You little fucking shithead …” Jan screams as Howard pumps in her.

27: “I need you to cum …” The screaming and pumping continue.

28: “In me, asshole!” Jan was ready to cum now, and Howard was close.

29: “AAAARRGHHHHHHHHHH! YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE …” Jan’s voice grew an octave as her orgasm had started. Howard drove his cock deep into his wife.

30: “EEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Jan came. Her body opened the floodgates, and the juices started flowing towards Howard’s condom-covered cock.

31: The juices washed over Howard’s cock. Through the latex, he felt the cum flowing, and knew that was what he needed.

32: Howard’s cock jerked upwards inside Jan’s pussy. His right hand released Jan’s breast and moved towards her ass.

33: Howard’s body stiffened to match his cock. He grabbed Jan’s hip, and he started saying …

34: “I’m cumming, Jan!”

35: As more and more of Jan’s juices flowed over the condom, Howard’s cock let go. At speeds of 600 miles an hour, semen show out of Howard’s cock and into the tip of the condom.

36: The couple was cumming in unison now. Jan was flowing, and the semen of Howard’s first shot filled the tip of the condom.

37: A second shot erupted from Howard’s cock, following the first.

38: Jan’s maltepe escort orgasm has finished, and Howard knew it automatically. He lets go of Jan’s hair.

39: A third shot of semen exits Howard’s cock and pushes into the rapidly-filling condom tip. Jan’s head hits the pillow, raising her ass a little higher.

40: Howard can feel that he has one more shot of semen to cum, but he starts pulling his cock out of Jan anyway.

41: The next shot of semen slides out of Howard’s cock, so he thrusts rapidly back into his wife’s body. He grabs her hip with his left hand and pulls Jan close.

42: The last shot of semen fills the tip of the condom. Howard keeps his cock buried in his wife, and he hears her whimpering happily, in post-orgasmic bliss.

43: Slowly Howard starts to pump in his wife again, as his cock has started to shrink. Jan humps back at her husband in bliss.

44: Jan is whispering “I love you,” as Howard strokes in her body. She can feel his cock shriveling, and tries to grab his cock with her pussy to retain the wonderful feeling of fullness they have together.

45: Howard’s cock has finished shriveling. As he strokes back, his cock slides out of Jan.

46: Jan’s pussy has already started to close up after being open for Howard’s cock. Howard is moving to Jan’s right, preparing to lie back.

47: Howard’s head hits the pillow, and he rolls on his back. Jan starts to reach down his body.

48: Jan’s hands grab Howard’s cock. One hand grasps the condom’s base and pulls it off.

49: With practiced ease, Jan drops the condom into the trash can just off the bed. Meanwhile, her mouth is opening, as her head moves close to Howard’s cock.

50: Howard can feel Jan’s breath on his cock as Jan starts to take him into her mouth. She sucks the cock deeply in.

51: With a practiced ease, her tongue slithers around Howard’s cock, starting to clean him off. Howard starts to moan in happiness.

52: Jan’s tongue finishes its trip around Howard’s cock, and Jan breaths through her nose, exhaling softly.

53: Jan starts sucking again, pulling Howard’s cock as she slides her lips over its entire length, from shaft to midway up.

54: Jan finishes pulling off Howard’s cock, the cockhead popping out of her mouth as Howard says “So good!”

55: The spent cock flops against Howard’s thigh. Jan leans down and kisses it.

56: Howard slides one hand against Jan’s cheek, and pulls her face towards his.

57: Slowly, Jan’s lips touch Howard’s, and they start to kiss. As they kiss, both build a pressure against the other, working on pleasing the other one.

58: Howard wraps his arms around Jan, pulling her naked body close to his. He revels in the feel of her still-hard nipples against his chest, and her legs as they tangle with his legs. She feels his limp cock brushing against her upper thigh, and sighs happily. They break the kiss. As they do, a smile creases both their lips.

59: Both Howard and Jan say, simultaneously, “I love you.” They nuzzle happily, preparing to go to sleep in each other’s arms.

60: Meanwhile, inside Jan’s body, some of the semen had slipped out of a small hole in the condom. They have reached the fallopian tubes, where a small egg is sitting. Jan had ovulated during dinner, and the egg had sat, waiting. Neither Jan nor Howard expected what would happen next. The sperm drove at the egg. One of them slid through the thin membrane of the egg.

Nine months later, Jan and Howard were first-time parents. And it happened in a moment within a minute of time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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