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I tried to be the most vivid and creative I could be in this story. Please give me a comment, give it a rate, and enjoy this smutty, milky, dreamy love affair.


Another long day comes to a conclusion as I vacate the office in a hurry with the clock striking 5. I hop up in my truck and drive home for the 45 minute trip back into the suburbs bordering the countryside. I turn the wheel into the driveway, shut the engine off, and jump out. Hiking my way up to the door, I unlock it and make my way in, shutting the door with a thud sounding through the living room.

Sitting in front of me a few feet away is a woman. Her toned, Latin skin glowing through a mesh underwear set leaving little to the imagination. Her legs spread out some as she sits on the couch with the ottoman to support her feet. Her arms reach out over top of the couch graced by her curly, black hair with a ring on one hand marking what is mine. She looks incredibly sexy in her toned skin and lean, all natural figure. Not an ounce of makeup lays over an already sharp looking face with dark eyes set in them coated with a mischievous smile.

I set my bag down as I can’t help myself to inspect her from head to toe feeling my heart flutter a little bit.

“How’s my husband doing?” She asks in her deep but feminine voice.

“I’m great.” I throw my sport coat off and kick my shoes away not worrying about where they land. “You sent the kids to my parents?”

“Yep. We got a weekend together.” She sets her arms down.

“Finally.” I pull the belt out of my pants and set it down.

“I could tell you that I cooked you a steak and I will give you a back massage then make sweet love but I know all too well you don’t like to bullshit and play games.”

“That’s right.” I smile.

“You see what I’m dressed in. You know what we both want. The kids are gone. It’s a Friday night.” She continues.

“Now do you?” I quiz.

“I always told you that if you pay the rent and bring the bacon back, I’m all yours so are you going to fuck me like a little slut or not?” She asks.

I trot over to her and take a seat next to her. My caucasian skin contrasts hers as she curls her arms around my neck and I let my hand run down to her leg. She reaches up and I greet her with my lips as they intertwine in hers. She groans a little bit and I continue to make out with her. My palm glides over her thigh and to her waist. It reaches over to the side and finds carnal lips to grasp.

My wife gasps and immediately, liquid trickles down. She giggles a little bit.

“I’m going to fuck you on the couch right now.” I announce.

My arms reach around and wiggle into the cushion for her fine ass. I pick it up and slam her down on her back. I begin unbuttoning my shirt off feverishly and stripping my pants. I’m eventually down to my underwear where I turn to look up at my wife when I notice a look on her face.

“What’s wrong, Amalia?” I question.

“Nothing.” She bites her lip but her feisty, erotic attitude has died.

“Come on, I know that look. Tell me.” I order.

“My tits are getting engorged.” She grabs at them. “They feel swollen.”

“Milk supply hasn’t died down yet, has it?” I ask.

“No. I’m not sure if it will. I haven’t even breastfed Josh in 6 months.” Amalia explains.

“I’m sorry, baby. You should go pump. I want you to enjoy this.” I encourage.

“No. I just really want to feel your cock inside of me.” She turns down the offer. “Besides, my tits look flat when they don’t have any milk.”

“That’s fine. Please, will you go milk yourself for me?” I ask.

“It’s like I’m a cow.” She laughs.

I can’t help but to chuckle. “It’s alright. We’ll be a little hornier.”

“You know. There’s been something I haven’t been able to get off my mind.” She adds.

“What’s that?”

She smiles and puts her hands on her face.

“You’ve been thinking something smutty, haven’t you?” I inquisit.

She nods, grinning ear to ear in her shy, feminine state.

“You going to spill the beans or what?” I state.

She rolls her eyes then looks up. “I want you to milk me.” She can barely whisper.

Before I can think anything, she holds my face with her hands making me stare at her. “I don’t want you to judge me for it. Just please give it a shot.”

“No. I like the idea. You like the idea of me playing with your big titties, don’t canlı bahis şirketleri you?” I push.

She nods.

“It’s a fantasy. Isn’t it?” I continue.

Now she’s showing her full grill of teeth, beaming unstoppably.

“Ooh. You’ve been jilling off to it, haven’t you?” I interject.

She begins laughing unstoppably. “All d-.” Her voice trails off.

“Hmm?” I ask

“All day.” She giggles. “You just make me so hot and bothered. I’d love to just feel this.”

She reaches for my right hand and places it tightly on her breast.

“I can dig it.” I squeeze on them gently.

“Don’t! You’ll make me spray!” She holds back more chuckling.

“I love it that we’re a 30 year old couple who still has the imagination of kids.” I add.

“Ohh yeah.” She agrees.

I then smooch her.

“I love you.” She adds.

“I love you, too.” I repeat.

I sigh for a moment and calm down a little bit and feel myself becoming more aggressive than playful.

“Uh oh. I see that look in you.” She rubs the back of my neck.

“Alright, we’ve got a situation here. My wife, who’s a horny, latina MILF, is on my couch with engorged, big tits and a 28g bust and wants her husband to milk her like a cow.”

“Yep.” She giggles.

“This is cool though. I like seeing you come out of your shell.” I continue.

“I’m happy to be. I trust you more than anyone I know.” She squeezes my biceps.

“Let me prepare for this.” I state.

I get up off the couch as she lays there, smiling up at me. Being careful of how I walk with my thumping heart rate, I make my way into the kitchen.

“What are you doing in the kitchen, Keith?” Amalia asks me.

“Just getting something.” I shout back.

I feel around in a cabinet where I find a large bowl; served today will be a milk bath. I scoot back into the living room with the bowl in my hands.

“What will you do with that?” She questions.

“Stand up. Take your clothes off.” I order.

Her eyes grow wide. “Anything for my husband.” She gets up immediately. She peels the mesh bra off her and pulls her already soaking panties down letting them fall to the floor.

I inspect her up and down; Her large, busty boobs grabbing my attention with character, long, bullet nipples and balanced jut. Her pussy is shaved except for a small landing strip style pubic design just above the clitoral hood and her signature, big lipped camel toe poking out.

“On your hands and knees. Now.” I demand.

Amalia quivers as she does so, coming down to the wood floor waiting patiently.

I kneel down next to her and slide the bowl up under her chest.

It’s erotic staring at her hanging breasts; how firm they are yet, soft to the skin with her dark nipples erect towards the floor. Her whole body is built to be fucked with her etched, hourglass ratio frame, and fantastic butt cheeks serving as a pushin’ cushion. Her hair lays down on her back as she looks toward me as I’m in front of her at an angle.

“I’m just gonna rub my hands up a little bit.” I cup my palms together. “Nobody likes a cold touch.”

“Yeah, you know I have sensitive boobs.” She claims.

“Get these cold hands warm for once.” I add.

“What is with white dudes and being boob guys?” She asks.

“I happen to be one of them but it isn’t always the case.” I explain. “My question is do all latinas like caucasian men?”

“Only the gold digger types but you know that’s not me with you driving a 15 year old truck and living in a one story house. Latin men are crazy. I needed some sanity in my life.” She mentions.

“Mmm.” I vocalize in agreement.

“I know you’re definitely a boob guy but I think you like my ass, too.” She shakes her rear.

“You know I do.” I reach out under her neck.

She freezes for a moment as my hands grab onto the base of her breasts in the meaty tissue. I gently begin to run my fingers into them and sliding them in the skin almost like a massage. Amalia huffs as I slowly pick up the pace on my hand motions.

“Just relax. I want you to let down quickly.” I mention.

“You know I can’t do that-.” I cut her off.

“Just try.” I explain.

I adjust my movements to gently pull them down, getting into the more fattier area. Her boobs are so large, I can’t fully squeeze my hands around them so I have to adjust my positioning every canlı kaçak iddaa few seconds to get all of it.

“Fuck.” Amalia barely whispers.

“This is making you horny, isn’t it?” I question.

She nods and shuts her eyes, letting her head fall as I continue my practice.

I scoot myself into a better angle where it isn’t so taxing for my arms to be stretched out. Carefully, I move just behind the areolas and I can see them building pressure and her dark nipples enlarge more than ever.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna leak.” She murmurs.

Slowly, a tiny drop of milk collects and hangs off the edge of her teat. It collects in a slightly white color then falls into the bowl with a splat. Her other breast begins to develop a drop as well and it falls in. I carefully continue massaging down to the areolas. More of her precious, liquid gold begins to dribble at a faster pace. Drop, drop, drop as they fall into the collection bowl.

“Good God.” She reaches behind her trying to feel for her twat.

“No.” I deny her.

She sighs long and hard and brings her hand back to the ground. “I think you like my milky boobs, don’t you?”

“I do.” I confirm.

“I bet you liked when I was pregnant with our kids as well.” She continues.

“I did.” I repeat.

She almost snorts. “You’re like the nicest misogynist I ever met.”

“Why misogynist?” I question.

“You like me barefoot, knocked up, not working, and cooking in your kitchen.” She murmurs.

“That’s what I call equality.” I stammer.

She laughs hysterically at my joke. “Hey, I love my life and that feminist stuff today is pretty much bullshit.”

“I agree. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

As the milky drops begin to flow out, I begin hand expressing; interchanging from squeezing down on her areolas all the way to her nipples to working on the fatty tissue and pulling them down towards her nipples. They begin to spray a little bit of foremilk and the fluid flies into the bowl now making liquid sounds as the surface begins to creep up the bowl. Amalia winces a little bit as I begin to forcefully express her breasts.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No. This is nice.” She murmurs. “God, I’m getting wet.”

The more her face flushes with arousal, the more she sprays out. I adjust my grip to be a little slower but firmer and her heavy breasts begin to stream out her warm, sweet secretion. I continue the extraction and I look down towards the bowl, admiring every stream jetting into it. I notice her breasts softening some.

“Hold on.” I let go of her breasts.

“What’s up?” She tilts onto her left elbow as I reach for the ottoman.

I hold to the ends of it and slide it towards her and she gets up. “Put your hips on the edge.”

She’s complacent and does as I tell her.

“You don’t mind if I sit on your back, right?” I ask.

“Naw.” She states.

I take a seat on her lower back, grabbing her hair and moving it somewhat out of the way. I reach under her and cup her breasts with spread fingers. Her nipples glide in between the crooks of my middle and ring fingers. I begin to squeeze and pull back on them going to and from between each of her giant knockers.

“Mmmm.” She moans in pleasure as they continue to secrete and stream into the bowl, making a little of a mess in the process from what doesn’t catch. I feel her tissue draining with the milk flowing out and turning into its signature, creamy white color with the hindmilk.

“I want my milk for breakfast.” I whisper in her ear.

“Babe!” She shrieks. “Gosh, you’re going to make me your lactating, little slave.”

“Say it: my tits and milk are yours, sir.”

“My tits and milk are yours, sir.” She complies.

Her udders continue gushing with hot milk as they empty into the bowl. Back and forth between each breast, spray, spray, spray accompanied with the quiet gloop, gloop, gloop as it makes contact and blends in with the rest of the expressed milk.

“Can you keep milking me like this all the time?” Amalia requests.

“As long as you give me a blowjob and a massage every day.” I order.

“I can do that.” She consents. “God, I used to be a 28d but now a 28g just from lactating.”

“I like it that way.” I add.

The milk continues to surge and rush out of her breasts and they finally begin getting softer. Seeing the rather large bowl almost canlı kaçak bahis ready to overflow to the brim, I use the last moments of the half hour that has already passed by which feels like seconds to turn her on even more.

“I want that pussy. You’re gonna give it to me.” I whisper in her ear.

I see her physically shiver.

I spend the last few seconds talking to her like a pornstar when I stop and let go of her drained hooters. I pull the ottoman out from underneath her and she supports herself. I wrap my hands in her hair and hold it.

“Lick up the milk outside of the bowl.” I order.

She hesitates for a moment but I adjust my vision to see her tongue licking the floor and cleaning up the milky droplets. She then finishes. I let go of her hair and she turns around to look at me with an open mouth and her milk in it.

“Swallow.” I command.

She closes her mouth and I see the ball in her throat move. She sticks her tongue out to show her mouth dry.

“Awesome. I’ll be back in a moment.” I slide the bowl out.

I carry it into the kitchen where I take a funnel and pour it into 2 large sports bottles. I close them off and stick them in the fridge. I wash the bowl in the sink and leave it there. I walk around and find the cabinet. Deciding to surprise Amalia, I pull out the Medela breast pump bag and the body support straps.

“Stand up.” I order her.

I come back into the living room and she stands up. I reveal the breast pump and her jaw drops.

“I want more.” I set the bag down and begin unzipping it.

I find the belt and pull it out. I wrap it around her waist and fasten it snug tight. I then begin to fasten the support straps around her mid and upper back then over her shoulders with the free hanging harness over her nipples. I pull the pumps out and slide the flanges into the harness straps pulling them tight and her nipples travel in. I run the small, in style pump lines out of the receivers and into the pump secured to her side. Making sure the cups on the receivers are tight, I turn the mobile display on and set it immediately to 7.

Amalia shutters and huffs in relief as her nipples begin to be pulled back and forth by the suction. Seeing her dark colored nipples elongate finds something in my pants hornier than ever. Seeing them stream her juice into the cups makes it all the more fuckable as the milk pools into them.

“Hands and knees.” I order.

She does so. I pull down my boxers and my uncut cock pops out to attention. The whole scenario of hearing the pumps rhythmic cycles, Amalia’s deep breaths, smelling her body, milk, and hair, as well as seeing her plump ass and her pussy lips drip is too much to resist. I pull the foreskin off my pink, swelled head and I feel for her entrance. It slides in between her lips and glides into her lubed, sugar walls and her wonderful body heat.

“Keith.” She moans as I begin to thrust into her, ass cheeks jiggling against one another while the machine milks her of everything. My hips powerfully slam in and out of her as my cock is swallowed all up. I feel her pussy clenching already and her hot lube flowing out. She’s already cumming. I continue to bang her only now caring for my own pleasure but she’s loving it as much as I am.

I look around to catch an angle of her and I see her dangling breasts being tormented by the pump with her nipples spritzing her milk as they’re pumped back and forth, the milk collecting in globs into the awaiting cups. It’s all too much to handle and there’s no going back from here. I feel my pelvic floor constricting and a tightness just under the base of my cock. I slam it in and hold it deep inside her warm cunt as my cock explodes in her, letting out every last drop of cum I have in my balls.

She moans and I’m realizing we’re cumming together. I grunt as each shot sails into her. I finally feel my dick go limp after several seconds of cumming gone dry when I pull out of her. I instantly run up to her, kissing her and now laying her down on her back on the floor with me laying on top of her as we make out, the pump still running on her lactating bosoms.

We stop for a moment and that’s when we realized how kinky and hot our experience just was and we begin laughing as if someone cracked a joke.

“I love you.” She claims.

“I love you, too.” I kiss her forehead.

“So you going to leave me on this machine all night or what?” She asks.

“Until we’ve got enough.” I explain.

“My tits already feel much better.”

“Well they’ll be dry by bedtime.” I explain.

She looks at me with a shocked expression.

“Quick recovery time.” I smirk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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