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The next morning.

I woke up in Julia’s bed and she wasn’t next to me. She had let me sleep in.

I went downstairs and there’s no one there, either. I hear laughter outside, in the back yard. I walk over to open the sliding door and I see Julia and my little brother playing. I watch them play for and suddenly I am overcome with a huge sense of sadness. Knowing that this is what my father is missing out on now, his family. But I also feel this sense of disgust with myself. Not because of what happened last night, but because I liked it so damn much and I want it to happen again. I walk out into the backyard and my brother runs towards me. I catch him and lift him in the air. He is laughing and Julia watches us and smiles.

I set my brother down after a while and he continues to play with his toys. I walk over to Julia to kiss her on the lips, but she avoids it, kisses me on the cheek instead, and says “Not here”.

“Right.” I respond.

I sit down on the patio, next to her. She is wearing a silky black robe.

“How do you feel?” I ask her

“Great! Didn’t get much sleep last night though” she responds, smirking at me

“Yeah, sorry about that” I reply

“I already told you, never apologize.” She said.

Julia gets up and starts walking towards the house.

“You hungry? I’ll make you some food.” She says.

We walk into the kitchen together. My brother is still in the back yard, playing.

Julia walks over to the kitchen counter and starts making me a sandwich.

I walk up behind her and hug her from behind. My hands on her waist and my dick pressed up against her ass. She exhales deeply but continues making the sandwich.

“No. We can’t do that now.” She says

I start kissing her neck from behind and Julia quietly moans.

“Why not?” I ask.

“You have to be patient” She responds.

“I can’t wait, I want you” I foolishly say

“Well, you’re going to need to work on that” She responds as she pushes my arms away. I take a few steps back.

She finishes making the sandwich, puts it on a plate and walks up to me to hand it to me, only to pull it away as I reach for it. She puts her hand on my cheek and French kisses me for a few seconds.

She hands me the sandwich and says “Be patient and you will be rewarded”.

Julia goes back outside to my little brother and I take my sandwich upstairs to my room.

I spent some time on my computer looking up tips on sex and whatnot, especially cunnilingus. Tongue motions. Evening neared and Julia was making dinner. She called me down and we ate together, all three of us. I was getting anxious and excited, hoping that we would continue where we left off last night. We finished eating and Julia went to put my brother to sleep, while I did the dishes. I finished up in the kitchen eventually and went to wait in my room. I heard her leave my brother’s room and I opened my door to see her. She opened the door to her bedroom and saw me.

“Goodnight” she said and closed the door behind her.

“What the fuck?!” I thought to myself.

I was so confused and frustrated.

“Did I do something wrong?!” I started thinking.

I laid down on my bed for hours thinking of what went wrong. I got up and I went to knock on her door, but stopped myself. I decided not to. So I just paced around the hallway and went back into my bedroom. Suddenly I get a text message. I reach for my phone and it’s a text from Julia.

“Come to me” It says.

“Fuck yeah” I think

I drop my phone on the bed, deep breaths, I am very nervous. I don’t know what is going to happen. I leave my bedroom go over to Julia’s bedroom door and quietly open it. The lights are dim and the bed is empty. I walk in. Julia walks out from inside the large closet. My jaw drops onto the floor. She was wearing lingerie. Black, lacey bra and matching panties, stockings escort bayan with straps and high heel, her hair and make up look so fancy, yet also slutty. Her hair is in one of those elegant top buns. Her eye make up was amazing, I had no idea how make-up worked, I’m a boy… but the eyeshadow and eyeliner looked very seamless, she had dark red lipstick on. She was wearing earrings – hoops and she had a choker-like necklace. Her shoes were high heels with red-bottoms, they were also studded and looked almost intimidating.

“You look amazing, Julia” I said, almost stuttering

“Take off your clothes” Julia said in response

I start undressing while Julia walks past me, almost rubbing against me. She smells amazing. She smells like vanilla. Julia walks over to the bed and sits down on the bed, all sexy. I continue to undress until I am fully naked. I stand in the middle of the room, naked.

“Come to me” Julia says.

I walk over to her and as soon as I am next to her, she stops me by grabbing my hand and guiding me to stand right in front of her. My dick is already hard, but not all the way yet. My hands are cold and they’re shaking from being anxious. Julia notices.

“Are you nervous?” Julia asks

I just nod as she caresses my side, from my ribs to my thigh. It tickles and her hands are a bit cold.

“I will take care of you, baby” She says to me.

I stand right in front of her, she sits on the bed and she leans in and kisses my chest. She kisses my chest three times, once under my right nipple, in the middle and under my left nipple. Then she kisses the middle again and starts kissing me, working her way down. She kisses my stomach, while going down and once she reaches my belly button she kisses around it. Afterwards she opens her mouth and tongue kisses my belly, while going down. It’s so wet and it tickles, but it’s so fucking hot. She is about to reach my dick and I am super nervous, but she stops right where my pubes start. She grabs a pillow off the bed and tosses it on the floor. Julia slides down onto the pillow while running her hands down my outer thigh. My dick is throbbing now. I can see pre-cum dripping down my dick. Julia sees it too and kisses the tip of my dick. She kisses it again and then again, but on the third time she licks my pee-hole where the pre-cum is coming out of. I can see the red lipstick marks on my dick. She continues to caress my outer thighs and starts kissing the shaft of my cock. Suddenly one of her hands moves over to my inner thighs from the front and she caresses me there, but slowly her hand works its way up to my balls.

“Fuck” I quietly whisper as I look up into the ceiling, everything around us is very quiet.

Suddenly I can feel that Julia’s head is moving even closer to my dick and I can hear Julia open her mouth. I feel something really warm and wet consume more than half of my dick. I look down and Julia has already put my cock in her mouth and is slowly moving up and down. She continues to caress my outer thigh but her hand moves up and grabs my left ass-cheek. I did not expect that. She has my cock in her mouth and she is taking it nice and slow, she continues to have my cock in her mouth and while it’s in her mouth she works her tongue up and down and around the shaft and once she needs a break she pulls my dick out, making that “popping” noise each time my dick leaves her mouth; She keeps doing that for a bit and her lush lips are wrapped around my cock as she squeezes my ass. Julia then starts speeding up until she is not taking it as slow anymore. Her mouth is really wet and I notice more and more of my dick going into her mouth, she keeps taking it down. She is sucking it and moving her head back and forth and then she suddenly takes my entire dick, all the way and she stops at my balls. She is deep-throating me. It feels slightly uncomfortable physically, but mentally, I feel like I am in kocaeli escort bayan heaven. Julia keeps my dick deep in her mouth for a few more seconds and then she lets go and pulls it out. She grabs my dick with her hand and spits on my dick. Her saliva is thick and it is dripping down my dick and all over the nice rug we are on. There’s also a lot of drool on her lips and on her chin. Julia’s eyes have begun watering, ruining her eye-shadow.

“Sit down, sweetie” Julia says

We switch spots and I sit down on the bed, while she kneels down on the pillow in front of me.

She starts jerking my dick off and spits on it once more, it’s nice and wet. She then lowers her head even more and starts licking my balls and oh my god, it feels amazing. She bounces my right nut around with her tongue, like’s at soccer practice. It feels so good. She continues licking both my nuts, taking turns. She jerks me off and it’s so wet, that my dick makes that sound like when you’re mixing a bowl of a moist pasta dish. Suddenly I feel a sharp feeling in my left nut, Julia continues to stroke my dick and I sit up to see what she’s doing. She swallowed my left nut whole and is sucking on it. I’m not going to lie, it kind of hurt, but I did not have the courage to tell her that. She starts sucking on my right nut and continues to jerk me off. This time it doesn’t hurt as much. I think she noticed me sitting up very quickly and decided to tone it down. Her arm is wrapped around my thigh. I feel quite emasculated, because she is man handling me. But I also love it. She continues sucking my nuts and keeps going even lower. She spits on my dick and her own hand again and rubs the saliva all over my cock. She goes back to licking and sucking my nuts. After less than a minute, she goes lower and licks the spot between my balls and my nuts. I lay back down on the bed, doing my best not to cum. Luckily my dick and my balls made me experience sharp pains when she deep-throated me and swallowed my nut that prevented me from cumming. But I could feel that it was a temporary solution. As soon as I laid back down on the bed, Julia ran her hand up my stomach and up to my chest, caressing me. She continued to lick me In that spot and jerking me off for a few more minutes. She stopped and got up. I was confused. Her hands went behind her back and she unhooked her bra. She took it off and I got to see them. Her titties were bare. Dear god they were beautiful. I sat up on the bed again and she approached me. I could not believe this was happening. I moved my face closer to her right titty. I opened my mouth wide and put as much of her titty as I could fit into my mouth. I began sucking on it. Julia moaned. I moved my right hand onto her other titty and started playing with her nipple. I cupped her titty and her nipple was between my fingers. Something I had looked up online earlier that day. She seemed to like it. I kept sucking on her titty and as I was about to switch to suck on the right one, she ran her hand through my hair and pushed my head In between her breasts, almost smothering me. I started kissing and licking her between her breasts. Eventually I escaped, caught my breath for a split second and started sucking on her second titty. I did that for about 4-5 minutes. She puts her hand on my shoulder and stops me.

She pushes me slightly to make me fall back down on the bed. I am laying down on the bed, my legs are dangling off the side of the bed, but my feet are touching the ground. She sits back down between my legs and goes back to sucking my dick. She stops after less than a minute and slowly spits on it, multiple times. After that she lifts her titties up and wraps them around my cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’ve seen this in porn so many times, but never expected Julia to be as freaky as that. She squeezes her titties together with both hands and I can see my dick kocaeli escort popping in and out between her titties. It hurts me slightly, but after a few seconds, Julia stops and opens her titties slight and slowly drools and spits out a good bit of saliva in between her titties. She rubs the saliva around the parts where my dick is with her hand and then gets right back to it. “Oh yeah, that’s much better” I think to myself. She titty fucks me for a good 3 minutes. I try not to make any stupid sounds but I did grunt like a cave-man once or twice, to my embarrassment. Julia stops titty-fucking me, I assume she is tired. I stand up and help her stand up from kneeling. I notice that her titties are wet from all the titty fucking, covered in saliva and I would assume my own pre-cum. But that does not stop me from burying my face in between her titties once more and licking up all the wetness between her breasts. She gasps and runs her hand through my hair. She stops me after a minute and tells me to lay down on the bed. I followed her orders, laid down on the pillow. She sat down in the doggy position, her ass was facing the door, her face was between my legs and she started sucking my dick again. I could see her clearly. It wasn’t pitch black this time around. She had some lights turned on. The room was dimly lit, in a red/pink tone. But I could see clearly into Julia’s eyes as she was swallowing my dick whole. She continues going up and down for a minute while she stares into my eyes and I look into hers. I grab her by the top of her hair and move her head up and down and she lets me. I feel it – that euphoric tingling. “Oh” I said out loud and Julia understood immediately judging on my facial expression that I’m about to cum. She pulls my cock out of my mouth and sticks her tongue out. She starts stroking my cock really fast and my toes curl up as I am about to nut. I feel it coming any second now and Julia must’ve felt it, by holding my cock that it’s coming, so she stopped jerking me and started aiming my cock into her mouth. I shoot my load out and it’s a ton of it. Most of it goes into Julia’s mouth, but it also goes down her chin and it looked like it also went up her nose. Julia just keeps her mouth open as more cum keeps coming out and she smiles and giggles. Once the cum stopped coming, she lifted her head slightly and swallowed my load. She stuck her tongue out and locked the tip of dick, until she put my cock back in her mouth and sucked out the last drops of cum from my tip. She stopped and sat up. She wiped the cum off her chin with her fingers and then licked it off and sucked on her finger. Her lipstick is completely smeared, I still see a faint shade of it left on her lips, but it’s almost gone and I can see traces of her tears and mascara on her cheeks. I ruined her make-up and her hair got messy because of me, but she looks like the most beautiful woman on the planet to me. She smiles at me.

“Did you like that?” Julia asks me, quietly

I was too out of it to even respond. I am out of breath and my throat feels really dry.

“Yeah, that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt” I reply.

Julia laughs.

I lean over to kiss her, she stops me.

“Sorry, sorry! You really want to kiss me while my mouth is still covered in your cum?” She laughs.

“As long as it’s you I am kissing” I reply

Julia stopped laughing as if she was pleasantly surprised to hear me say that and it turned into a genuine smile. She kisses me. After two smooches, our tongues are in each other’s mouths. I can taste my own cum. But I don’t mind it. It’s just a salty taste. I break the kiss.

“Julia..” I say reluctantly.

“Yeah?” She quietly replies

“I’m sorry I cum so quickly” I confessed

“What?! No, baby it’s okay, you…” Says Julia before I interrupt her

“No, no, I did, but I would like to make it up to you” I reply

Julia’s facial expression changes to that of curiosity.

“I want to eat you out now” I continue.

“Yeah?” She whispers.

“Yeah” I reply, as I tongue kiss once more.

End of Part Two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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