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Attention censors–All participants are over 18.

Attention guys — No 38 DDD’s here. No anal or other female cruelty either.


It all started when my sister in law, Gail, called and said our friend Alice had decided to supplement her income with something called Slumbertime Parties. She still had a 4 year old at home and was both bored and just a bit short on money for her personal self.

I already knew that the parties were to demonstrate and sell erotic items to women. I did not know the extent of the product line.

Being just a few years older than Alice (33) and being back in the work force for only 2 years I was quite sympathetic. So when I got an invitation to her first party. I was an easy sell. My only toy was a dildo made by Don, my loving husband, but it didn’t vibrate. I knew that there were many exciting vibrating toys available. I just hadn’t know how to get them.

Please don’t think that a desire for toys indicated any failing by husbands. I like many females I had more capacity than my male partner. Aside from that he was not always home when the twinges struck. Don was all for me getting some toys. “Much better than a ‘boy toy’.” were his words.

Well it was quite a party. Almost all of the 15 girls there were new to the party approach. About half of us owned something but only one girl owned up to having a ‘collection’.

My best friend Lana and our friend Janet were also there. I had no qualms about them seeing me there nor did they seem embarrassed by my presence.

We played games, we saw sexy nothings to wear, sexy lotions to apply to intimate places and so many toys that I got horny just examining the samples and reading the catalogue. Everyone bought something.

I ordered two things, one was about the size and shape of a egg that had a multi speed vibrator inside. The other was hard rubber and just a bit bigger than my husband Don’s penis. It curved at the end which reminded me of a favorite lover in my past and it was also equipped with a speed controlled vibrator.

Of course everything had to be ordered. The egg seemed to be popular and most ordered one of those. My friend Janet had ordered something called ‘The Beaver’ whose function I didn’t quite understand at the time.

Lana ordered something made of gel which was equipped with a suction cup and a hard plastic vibrating cock which was bigger than the one I ordered. I kidded her saying that we could always share. She smiled but didn’t reply.

Alice said that everything should be in by the weekend. Arrangements were made to use the Gail’s apartment. She was divorced and her apartment would be empty and therefore private. Nobody wanted to explain things to curious kids. The time specified was 10:00 AM.

When I got home I was extra horny and I immediately attacked Don who was already in bed. After a quickie we paused and while we were still coupled I detailed my purchases and the other incidents of the party. He was rock hard when I finished and it turned into one of those great fucks which will be included in my final book of memories.

Come Saturday we all met at Gail’s. There were a bunch of packages on the table and our hostess had generously set out a supply of various batteries. Everybody showed up promptly. Most had left by 10:15

Then there were only five of us left the others apparently hurried home to examine and try out their purchase. Those remaining were me ( Barb), Alice, Gail, Lana and Janet.

Since we five showed no signs of leaving Gail took the hint and put on a fresh pot of coffee and a coffee cake. “I made it just in case.” she explained. “I hoped that you four would stay. Somehow I feel like this joins us together a little more.”

It wasn’t the first time that we five had been a group. Without any deliberate plan we had often been seated at a table at a large affair or just together for dinner or drinks. By us I mean either the girls only if it were that type of occasion or the girls and their significant other if it was a couples occasion.

Other than the eggs everyone had bought something different. Soon we were passing things back and forth and making rude remarks about their use and the expected result of that use.

It wasn’t long until there was buzzing from Lana’s egg. She passed it around an again there were rude remarks and suggestions. After a couple of minutes more all of the eggs were buzzing and Gail dared everyone to try their’s out.

“You first.” we all shouted almost in unison.

“I need it.” she said. “I haven’t been laid in two months.” With that she spread her legs and held it to her crotch.

Perhaps I should explain that it was mid June and the weather was warm. We had all dressed in something skimpy and cool. Alice was wearing a sun dress the rest of us some form of loose shorts. Some briefer than others.

As Gail pressed it to herself it seemed to sink in and become held between her vulva. I came to the conclusion that she was not wearing bursa escort panties as wetness began to show around the egg. Meanwhile Gail’s eyes were beginning to glaze and her lips were parted and she was breathing hard.

I thought it best to break up the action so I began to clap. Soon the other’s joined and Gail came out of her daze and announced that coffee and cake were ready in the kitchen. We were all quiet as we drank and ate until Janet broke the silence saying.

“You all may think I am awful saying this but I totally enjoyed watching Gail. And I have to admit that it made me horny. So there.”

Well that broke the ice and we all allowed as we felt the same way. Finally Lana popped up with a surprising suggestion. Not only was I surprised by the suggestion but I was more surprised that it was made by Lana. She seemed to be the most sexually conservative of us all.

“I think that we should all do what Gail did. It’s only fair. We all got a thrill watching her not why shouldn’t she get to watch us?”

“Well look who’s a closet exhibitionist.” said Gail. “But I’m all for it.”

“That’s two.” said Lana. “Barb?”

“I’m in if you and Janet are. Janet?”


“Well I never was a party pooper.” said Alice. “Count me in. In fact I think we should start a club. How about we get together once a week and masturbate together. Sounds pretty damn exciting to me and it certainly doesn’t hurt anybody.”

With that Gail poured more coffee and we kicked the idea around and we all agreed and then we made up some rules.


1. No non participants. If you stayed you played.

2. Panties a minimum when action starts. Beyond that your own choice.

3. Bring your own toy. Trading allowed but not required. 4. No touching others without both their permission and no objection from the other three.

5. Meeting. 8:30PM to 9:30PM Thursday. Place Gail’s house unless she is indisposed. Attendance not required if a good excuse. Examples of good excuse. Monthly distress. Vacation. A better offer.

By now we were all charged up and we headed back to recreation room. There was some fumbling around as some opted to use the facilities. Gail meanwhile went to her linen closed and came back for several beach towels to protect the upholstery.

I accepted her offering but I knew that I wouldn’t need it. I would strip to my panty but no way was I going to bare my pussy. No way!

One by one we stripped to out panties. All except Gail. She still wasn’t wearing any. Her almost totally shaved pussy was right out there and glistening in it’s wetness.

Somehow after a few minutes we were all holding vibrating eggs to our pussy. I looked around and we were in varying states of arousal with the most aroused being Gail.

She was obviously near orgasm and all eyes were fixed on her beautiful expression. Her very visible arousal was having a similar effect on me and I was pushing the device as far into me as the panty would allow. It still wasn’t enough in spite of me having the speed at maximum.

Then without conscious thought my hand was inside my panty and the egg was sliding around my slippery pussy trying to find the perfect place to rest. Then it found the place solidly against my clit. I switched hands.

Now my left hand was holding the egg and my right was below it inserting two fingers into my cunt. Then it was my fingers fucking me and the egg buzzing against my clit. Seated next to me Lana was had her hand inside her panty also.

My eyes were seeing ever increasing states of arousal and then watching Gail orgasm. Her second I think. Around me were moans and expressions of pleasure. Then came the final event which pushed my way over the edge and on to multiple orgasms.

I felt a hand slide down my wrist and on top o my left hand. It pushed my hand harder against my willing clit. I had closed my eyes and I kept them closed. Was it Lana on my right or was it Janet from my left. Truth told I really didn’t care.

I simply went with it and felt trembling begin in my pussy and engulf my whole body. The line that I was crossing here was so exciting. The trembling was replaced by my pelvis pushing up against what was now three hands. Then it retreated only to raise again. Then again, and again, and then again in that trusting motion that the body does in that moment of seeking deep penetration.

Then we must have all erupted at once. The sounds were so erotic, the sights, now that I had opened my eyes simply overwhelmed me. I took my left hand from under Lana’s right (yes it was Lana) and slid it over to her crotch.

I took control of her egg so that she could finger herself. She was the last to come. The rest of us looked around at each other. Still aroused and somewhat embarrassed but all with silly grins on our face.

Gail started it and by the time she had finished we had all joined in, saying.

“Next meeting Thursday at 8:30. Last one to come is a rotten egg.”


“Well bursa escort bayan good, no party poopers here.” said Alice. “Count me in. In fact maybe we should start a club. How about we get together once a week and masturbate together. Sounds pretty damn exciting to me and it certainly doesn’t hurt anybody.”

With that Gail poured more coffee and we kicked the idea around and we all agreed and then we made up some rules.

That accomplished we were all charged up and we headed back to recreation room. There was no doubt that we were all in and the excitement level was intense.

One by one we stripped to our panties. All except Gail. She wasn’t wearing any. Her almost totally shaved pussy was right out there and glistening in it’s wetness.

After a few minutes we were each holding a vibrating egg to our pussy. I looked around and was thrilled by the sight. Each of us was in a state of arousal with the most aroused being Gail.

Around me were moans and expressions of pleasure. Then I went way over the edge and on to multiple orgasms.

Gail had started it and one by one we wore ourselves out and finished it.

Then Gail spoke out and said in a firm and positive tone. “Next meeting Thursday at 8:30. Last one to come is a rotten egg. That’s a joke. Get it.”

Chapter 2

It was Thursday at 8:28 when I rang the doorbell.

I was the last one to arrive and the others were sitting around sipping wine and waiting for me. Like me they all seemed to have worn a minimum of clothing. I was wearing a T and cotton running shorts and panties. The panties were necessary because otherwise my cotton shorts would have a big wet spot between the legs.

The conversation didn’t stopped when I entered and I picked up a few comments from around the room.

Janet. “I’m in love. I even gave it a name.”

Lana. “I set an orgasm record.”

Gail . “By the time I get everybody out of the house in the morning so that I can have a quickie I’m dripping.”

About then Lana, the evening’s hostess, wrapped for order. “I see no reason to delay. My thought was that maybe we each give a report on our new toys. Anybody?”

I spoke up first. “I never had a vibrator before and I love it. The first time what with the anticipation I came in about 2 seconds. And I do mean 2 seconds.”

Lana spoke next saying. “I bought that suction cup thing. I stick it to the bottom of my bathtub and fuck it while the tub is filling with hot water. It’s different and it’s fun. I don’t come much but I certainly enjoy it.”

Janet was next. “I had told Jim what I ordered but not that it came in. I didn’t tell him about our Saturday morning either. I wanted to try it out first. Anyhow I trembled with anticipation all weekend and Monday morning till I finally had the house to myself. By then I was so wet I could have handled a bear.

Anyhow I was wearing a skirt and no panty and as soon as the coast was clear I ran to the bedroom. I laid down on the bed and shoved it into myself. I just savored the feeling for a while and almost came just from doing that.

I had memorized the controls and then I just turned it on. Full on. Both units. I just held it there for about 15 minutes and just enjoyed the sensations. I couldn’t believe how strong my orgasms were. Not many but really powerful.

Alice was holding a clear glass dildo in her hand. “God. I’m so hot listening to this stuff. I hope nobody minds if I start. With that she pushed her shorts and panties aside and slit the round end of the dildo deep inside of her. She was stroking herself with it even as it first entered her.

That broke everything up. We all turned wild and horny. Gail pulled off her shorts and her panties and shoved her egg inside of her and began fingering her clit. She came quickly and then picked up a vibrating stick like device and held that to her clit.

Lana had found a place of the floor that her suction cup penis would stick to and she was naked as she impaled herself with it. She held her other purchase in her hand and was offering it to me to try.

I thought for a moment and then decided that I would start with my own and then think about trying her larger one.

Meanwhile Janet too had become naked. “I can’t wait either and I’m going to start.” Having said that she picked up her Beaver and slid it beneath her short skirt and against her pussy. In seconds she had a look of ecstasy on her pretty face.

By then I was hotter than the proverbial fire cracker but still a bit modest. Like Alice I just pushed things aside and shoved by vibrating penis deep into my cunt. Like the expert I had become I had turned it full on by the time it was all the way inside of me.

The room was alive with sound. Vibrating noise. Squishing noise. Moaning noise. Panting nose. Little pleasure yelps in varying pitches.

It was also rapidly came alive with the smell of sex. With the smell of raw female pussy juice as Don calls it. As I looked around at escort bursa the four faces I saw four females as I had never seen them before. It was a picture that my mind will treasure always.

By then there was a lot of very serious and energetic masturbation going on. Meanwhile somehow in the midst it all clothes were being shed. I looked around and realized that I was the only non-naked one there. I stopped long enough to remedy that situation.

Interesting enough Lana and I had not talked since the Saturday get together. I knew that we had crossed some kind of a line and I wasn’t ready to speak of it. Neither, as I found later, was Lana.

Be that as it might be here in this room and at this time we were on the same wave length. Without conscious thought we had moved closer to one another and were almost touching. Lana was still fucking her suction cup dick but was now holding the vibration penis against her clit and was in the middle of an orgasm.

When she came down off of it she said. “Let’s trade dickies. You need to try the larger one and I can tickle my clit just as well with yours.” Then she added a question. “Did you see what Gail and Alice are doing?”

I looked over to see what was going on. It was a very erotic sight. Alice had removed the clear glass dildo from herself. She was sitting on the floor with her back to the couch and her legs spread wide. Sitting between her legs with her back to Alice was Gail.

Alice held her hand which still held the dildo between Gail’s legs and was inserting it into Gail’s pussy. My pussy gave a couple of twitches as my mind comprehended that this might be turning into and orgy. If it did I certainly wasn’t going to fight it very hard.

I had never done the girl/girl stuff but I certainly had fantasized about ‘IT”. In those fantasies I certainly enjoyed doing ‘IT”. I had no moral compunctions but only had refrained because it had never been offered except once. In that case I could not develop any desire for the girl making the offer.

I pulled the vibrator from my cunt and held it out to Lana. Without a word she took it in one hand and held her larger one out to me. Actually it probably wasn’t really bigger than my husband sometimes gets but it did seem big to me at that moment.

As I was trying to decide whether to put it into my cunt Lana was holding my toy tight against her clit and was beginning to orgasm.

The look on her face was one of pure joy. Just about then Janet walked over to us. She was walking funny because she still held beaver inside of her and her knees were weak. “Did either of you ever come standing up?” Her voice broke as she succumbed to another orgasm and she sank to her knees on the other side of Lana from me.

“It feels so different. It’s almost like there is something different inside of me. The first time Jim fucked me with my other dildo as I stood I thought that he had substituted another. I made him stop and show me. I loved it but sometimes it actually makes my knees weak.”

Then she continued saying. “I don’t know how many that was but I’ve about had it. Isn’t this exciting watching everyone doing it. It’s better than porno and I really like watching you two.” Then she looked over at Alice and Gail.

Now they were laying on the floor with their legs intertwined kissing and doing things to each other’s pussy. Jan added. “That’s such a hot scene and it’s giving me ideas. How about us three get together. Those two certainly won’t miss us.”

As my mind wrapped around that statement from Janet my body brain took over from my head brain and I discovered that I had removed the big guy off my clit and was shoving him past my slippery cunt opening. It really felt good.

I squeezed my cunt tight around it and the vibrations coursed through me setting me on fire. I moved my eyes back and forth from Janet to Lana to the couple on the floor. I breathed in the smells and listened to the sounds of passion and surrendered myself to it and I began to feel the orgasm start in my toes work up and through my whole body and overwhelm me.

Much as we had ended the first session Janet and Lana and I ended this one hand in hand and head to head as we each completed our orgasm.

Lana, Janet and I and our husbands were sitting around a table at the Moose Club enjoying the music and “shooting the bull’ as the guys call it when being polite. It was something we did about once every five or six weeks.

We girls were still horny from the second meeting of the “Masturbation Club’ two nights earlier. It wasn’t as if we had not totally enjoyed ourselves. The fact was that it awakened something new in us. As we hurried out the door to go home we had arranged this little get together.

It was not all that unusual to be in that place on a Saturday night. It was a bit unusual for us not to be a group of five couples. However Gail and Alice seemed to have paired off. We three without having actually said so in words seemed to be forming a threesome.

Since we had not discussed it I did not know what if anything Larry or Jim knew about our get-togethers. As yet I had not told Brad. He was certainly aware of and benefiting from my increased hornyness and was not asking questions.

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