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I met a very nice woman, her name was Dottie. She was blonde, made up (maybe too much for 9am), decent shape for her age, but her skin had a weathered look to it…like too much sun for a lifetime. She led me into a dark room, pulled back a curtain and there was my table. Head pillow, tight blankets and sheets, a pillow to raise my knees.

She asked a few questions, my answers proceeded, she smiled and asked me to get undressed and to start face up. I nodded and moved towards the chair meant to keep my clothes. I could feel her eyes still on me before she turned and closed the curtain to give a little privacy. Before exiting one more question penetrated from her lipstick caked mouth, “are there any places, you don’t want massaged?..being a complete professional of course. I said “no everything’s fine..” with a coy smile.

She nodded and left, closing the curtain behind her. I grinned and began to undress, placing everything neatly on top of a nearby chair. When finished I remained in my white boy-cut briefs, the kind that expose a nice half moon cut of solid flesh…enough for a handful or a handle…and my long brown hair in a loose ponytail on top of my head.

I pulled back the blanket and sheets, slipping my body into its grasp. Lying face up as commanded I brought the covers just to the top of my breast and closed my eyes. I announced I was ready and she ripped open the curtain with a draft I could feel on my face. She closed it behind her and hastily ran about the room. Picking up a belt with a holster I saw earlier, which housed her lotion. Suddenly, I felt her presence by my face, but I kept my eyes shut, breathing deeply through my nose.

In a caring sort of way, motherly even..well she was twenty years older than I…she asked me to take a few deep, cleansing breaths. I obeyed, as she recognized this she began to lovingly stroke on massage my neck…my breaths remained slow and deep, intentional even with her rhythm. She began like most therapists to meld my chest into my shoulder.

To my surprise each sweep of her hand, ran gradually lower on my tits. My eyes still closed, I let my body respond accordingly. I started to drift, daydream let my body take my mind into the unknown. My nipples we hard, but I kept my breathing…deep and slow…I think she noticed, even Ümraniye Escort appreciate. I could feel her light touch, slowly encompassing my upper body. Then the pressure grew harder, she pinpointed my muscles…seemed to release them even.

My mind drifted to my own realm. How I would use this table…or how someone could use me on this table. As I started calculating the countless scenarios and positions, the heat building between my legs fueled by my own desires… she brought me back to reality. She took control, knowing I was trying to bring someone or something else into our room…our moment. Even with my eyes closed…I knew she was enjoying this. Her pace quickened, she stroked and pumped her bottle hard each time…deliberately maybe?

Before I knew it she was half way done with my right leg…each time stroking dangerously close to my inner thigh, grazing her long fingers and nails gently brushing my lips each time….or finding her way high enough to grab my ass with her other hand, clawing and pressing down each time.

She repeated the same pain and pleasure exercise with my left leg. Pressing so hard on my muscles, punishing me, prodding me, using me for her own frustrations…but pleasing me with soft caresses before moving on to another part of my body. I kept my eyes closed, my breaths were still deep and slow, but my blood is what pumped harder than before. With a strong voice and nimble hands, she lifted part of the blanket…exposing me…she asked me to roll away from her and lie face down.

I rolled toward her slowly instead… Letting her see the very treasures she teased earlier with her touch..her grasp. She let out a stiff breath..or was it a moan…she adjusted the blanket to keep my shoulders warm. Almost in a jerking motion she ripped the blanket from my left leg…from my toes, past my ass and to the small of my back, she slowly but careful pulled down my underwear…so it rested under my heavy cheek. She exposed me now, I moaned a little through the hole in the head cushion and she responded.

With each leg she exposed me the same. Opened to the cold, blankets pulled free and carefully tucked between my legs…underwear bunched in a line beneath my ass. She raped my legs, my thighs and my cheeks. Firm strokes, pressing the Ümraniye Escort Bayan flesh between her fingers. I remained calm, submissive…allowing her to do with my body what she pleased. I offered no resistance to her touch, to her expertise, I trusted her guidance and the direction she was taking my body.

My legs were covered now, warm to the touch…she moved this time much slower. Her only remaining victim was my back…I was face down, head in a suspended pillow, hair still up, but wild from her previous touch. The blankets gently lifted from my shoulders, slowly exposing more of my flesh along the way. Where was the final destination I thought…I could feel the covers revealing my soft flesh…The blanket firmly placed at my base of my ass. I felt an instant rush pass through me, goosebumps flushed to the much going on at once…was that her breath at the bottom of my back?

She began to stroke me lovingly, I noticed a change in her demeanor. Her professional distance had closed, I felt with each full run of my back her thighs were pinning my hand to the table. I felt the rock hard bottle in my side…sometimes she positioned it in the palm of my hand…accidentally of course… But it felt like a rock hard cock that couldn’t be silenced…I felt my face flushing, my breath quickening…heart starting to race…she moved back and forth…from one side of the table to another; time seemed to stop.

Suddenly, even with my head down and eyes still shut…I felt a presence to my right. She grabbed my arm and placed it at the small of my back and held it there firmly. I was caught off guard, my heart picked up a knot formed in my throat, but I let her take my body. My breaths still deep and slow…her grip firm, hard and controlling. When released she went to my other side, grasped my other arm and held it just as firm as before, at the small of my back and let her other hand go to work.

My arm was released, I could feel her own reach stretching. Her thighs pressed up against my arm filling my cupped hand over and over again. She was rubbing herself on me each time, using the weight of my body to press the right parts of hers. Her tits rubbed through her shirt across my back, I could feel her nipples through the material easily. Like little Escort Ümraniye diamonds raking across my back. Her hard belt and bottle stroking me, pressing into me with each grab and pull of my muscles.

Once fully covered she began to rake her nails and rub her hands up and down my body. Still face down, I’ve finished many appointments in this same position. I waited for her command to open my eyes, a sign our time was over. When it didn’t come, I felt her hovering close to my face. She held up a corner of the cover and asked me again to roll away from her.

Even with my eyes still closed, I rolled towards her. Letting her see every inch of my body. My rock hard nipples and perky exposed tits. The wet spot between my legs on my cotton white panties. There I was lying face up, wet panties in a ruffle, taught breasts open allowing her to examine my body fully, perfectly, deliberately.

She placed the cover up to my chin and slowly, methodically cased every inch of my face…the slow caress of my neck…her hands united at my chest and rolled down my breasts. I felt her nails on my ribs, her fingers sweeping my belly button. She proceeded to my thighs, the covers still restraining my body to the table. I felt something between my legs grow warm, she positioned her mouth about my mound and pushed hot air through the blanket to strike my core.

My eyes still closed, like a good girl..I let a soft moan escape my lips, my nipples like mile markers on the roadmap of my body signaling through the covers unrestrained. She hastened to my face, leaned down her hair brushing me and whispered “I’m finished sweet girl, take your time getting up. I’ll be just outside if you need help.”

Once gone, I opened my eyes. Adjusting to the soft light, or should I say lack there of. She dimmed them through our session. I tried sitting up, but my head was spinning and a warm rush flew through my body. As I managed to pick up my used body, I began to slowly dress myself. Finishing, I made my way through the curtain and down the lobby to my final destination.

She stood there a cup of water extended. Her face flushed, her breasts a little firmer than before and her hair slightly disheveled. I greedily drank the water, she watched me take every drop and licked her own lips when some of the water dripped down my chin and onto my chest. I placed my money on the counter and thanked her for the experience. Before turning to leave, she lightly grabbed me by the arm…a twinkle in her eye, a flush of her cheeks, a shortness in her breath..”No, thank you…”. Needless to say, I’ve rebooked for next month…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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