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Today was one of the hottest days of the whole year. It was one of the days where the sun would toast your brain. Jerry was on his way home from work finally. He was pretty much exhausted. All day long he had been thinking about his girlfriend at home. What was she wearing? What perfume was she wearing? Hair up or down? He missed her dearly. Thinking about her always cheered him up. That morning before he had left, on the pillow, he left her a letter:

“Good Morning,Beautiful

You were so warm when I woke up this morning. I didn’t want to leave you. When you read this I’ll be already at work for the day. I’ll be thinking about you all day. I left you some tissue paper so you won’t have to bother getting up out of bed.”

He loved her so much. She had a runny nose all night. He left her some tissue paper so she wouldn’t be trouble with getting up out of bed. The letter continued:

“What do you want to do today? Anything in particular you have in mind?Right now I know one thing you would love to do. I get off work at 5:30,and I’ll be there around 6:00 to pick you up. I’m not telling you what it is either. You will have to wait and find out.

I love you so much,


With that in mind, he was so glad to be leaving work. He knew what was waiting on him when he got home. The sexiest and most beautiful woman ever was waiting on him. Before he went home, he stopped at the flower shop. He saw immediately what he wanted. There was a tall and slender glass vase. The shape was a very unique design. Holding that glass vase was a glass hand carved with the vase. Inside that vase were dozens of roses. He knew Kay would love this. She loves unique shapes and designs. He paid for it, and carefully placed it in the back seat of his car.

It was nearly 6:05 now. The anticipation was growing so fast. His heart was racing full of energy. Nearing their shared house, a million thoughts flood his mind. He was passing the final block. Their house was the fourth one on the left. They lived in a rather small community. Everybody seemed to know everyone. Everyone always got along as well. The only problem every now and then was the occasional neighbor drinking too much on the holidays.

Their house wasn’t a mansion. It was just a simple one-story house. The porch wrapped all the way around the entire house. Lines of windows reflected the receding sun. The third window would be where she was getting ready. The lingering aroma of her perfume would flood the room. Steam would be smothering the bathroom mirror. Her sexy clothes would be spread out on the bed, just begging to touch her naked body. She was so beautiful. Jerry always thought he was the luckiest man in the world to have such a beautiful woman by his side.

The time was finally here. He carried the flowers to the door. As soon as he opened the door, the sweetness engulfed him. The scent he had smelled all day now filled his starving nostrils. He just couldn’t smell enough of it. Walking though the hallway, their bedroom awaited. He peeked around the door, and there she was. His heart beating just canlı bahis like when they first met. She was wearing her favorite red mini skirt. The skirt stretched from her curvy hips to her mid thigh. Sticking out of the skirt was her smooth and silky legs. Jerry loved when Kay wrapped her legs around him in bed. It was one of the best feelings he had ever felt. Covering her warm and full chest was a low cut v-neck blouse. It was solid black, one of her favorite colors. There was her lovely face. She was so beautiful she never had to wear makeup. Many women can say they are beautiful with makeup. Not many can say they look gorgeous without makeup. Jerry was always telling her that. She was a true beauty.

Her soft, luscious lips had on vanilla lip gloss. Jerry could taste her lips now. Those eyes were pulling him in. He felt like he could fall into those spheres forever. He loved her so much and would do anything in the world for her.

“Wow, you look amazing! Are you ready?” Jerry asked.

“Yes, I am, Jer, but I would feel better if you told me where we were going,” she asked.

Jerry laughed. “You will see soon enough.”

They were both walking out to the car holding each other’s hand. As usual Jerry opened the car door for Kay to get it. He watched her slowly climb into the car. He was staring straight at her ass. It was so sexy, and he loved to squeeze it. Out reached his hand and he playfully smacked her nice ass. She giggled as Jerry close the door for her.

Three days ago a new restaurant opened up in town. It was called “Sensations”. Kay had really wanted to go. She had read the review about it in the newspaper. Kay was a vegetarian, and the newspaper said they had an awesome veggie selection. That was where Jerry was taking her. He knew how hard it is to find a good vegetarian restaurant around. So he couldn’t let this opportunity pass. While driving, Jerry couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She was like a magnet. Just sucking him in. Again, Jerry told himself he was the luckiest man in the world.

Minutes before they got there, Kay had already figured it out. She was ecstatic. She looked right into his eyes.

“I love you,” she told him.

“I love you too,” he returned.

It was a good thing Jerry called in the reservations earlier in the day. The whole place was crammed. It wasn’t a noisy atmosphere though. It was a romantic restaurant. There were candles lit at each table. The newly trained waiter brought them to their seats.

“This place is really pretty,” Kay said as Jerry helped her into her seat. It was so romantic in there. The whole feeling just made you feel warm inside. In here, it felt like their own little world.

“Yeah, it really is a nice place,” Jerry replied and handed Kay her menu. He loved watching the sparkles in her eyes, and for the next few moments, that’s what he did. He slowly kissed her on her soft lips. He was glad to take her out. He loved taking her out to places. She was beautiful, and she deserved to be taken out.

The newspaper was fairly accurate, actually. There were more veggies on the menu than bahis siteleri anything else. Kay didn’t know where to begin. For an appetizer she order a salad with lots of her favorite dressing. Italian. She finally decided to go with the squash. They cut the squash up into circles, and cooked it that way. Jerry ordered two kinds of rice. One had little cut up veggies in it, and the other had bits of chicken. Together they sipped on their wine as they began their candle light dinner.


Two hours later their stomachs were full. Inside they were still hungry though. They were craving each other. Kay was so happy about the dinner. She had loved every second of it. It was now her favorite place. Jerry loved making her happy. He saw that as his second job. Making her happy made him happy. They were on their way back now. The windows were rolled down. The days heat was thinning off. The cool breeze was such a relief. Jerry watch as the wind ruffled her blouse and skirt. Best of all, her flowing dark hair, was blowing in the wind. He reached over and began to massage her thighs. He always loved doing that. Especially when he rubbed lotion all over her and massaged it in. While driving back home with his left hand, his right hand was giving Kay goose bumps.

Kay loved his touch. It was so soft and gentle. Goose bumps ran all over her. It felt so good. He knew right where to rub and massage. The worries of the day just evaporated and left her mind. It had been a long time since she felt like this before he came along. Jerry was using his fingertips to caress her inner thigh. She slowly grabbed his wrist and kissed it. She then placed it across her stomach. Jerry began to gently rub her stomach. She unbuttoned her skirt, and moved his hand under her black see through thong. Jerry touched her cleanly shaven pussy and felt Kay begin to arch.

She was already wet from the thigh and stomach rub. Jerry could feel that for sure. Ever so gently, he rubbed her clitoris. Not too hard and not too soft. Just the way she liked it. She was so warm down there. Jerry wanted to bury his face into the middle of her thighs. He moved his index, middle, and ring fingers in one circular motion. Her clitoris was erect and begging for stimulation. She reclined the seat back, and began to moan. Jerry began to feel her inner thigh begin to twitch. He knew she was enjoying it. Her pussy was so delicious, and Jerry loved eating it out. Right at this very moment, he wanted to taste her.

Jerry pulled into the garage, and was still rubbing her with the other hand. Soft moans of pleasure ringing in his ears. He didn’t want to stop but he had better ideas once they got in the house. He opened the door for her, and picked her up in his arms. He gently carried her into the house, kissing her slowly on the way in. He laid her down on the bed, and slid off her mini skirt. Her black thong followed. The only thing separating him know was her blouse. She raised her arms, and he pulled it up and off her amazing body. She was wearing a red bra. He reached down between her legs with his left hand and began were bahis şirketleri he stopped. His right went around to her back, and off her bra went. He kissed her full breasts. With both hands he grasped them, and stuff his face right in the middle of them. He loved doing that. Her breasts were the perfect size. Her nipples were begging for attention. His tongue began to go in circles around the areola. Getting closer to the nipple with every circle. He felt her moan as the tip of his tongue grazed her nipple. Each nipple got the same treatment, and then her breasts were getting sucked on.

Gently he sucked on the breast, and licked the nipple at the same time. His hand was back between her thighs. Now she was wetter than ever. He couldn’t contain himself. Moving his tongue down her stomach, Jerry tasted her juices. Better than any flavor in the world, this was his favorite. When he wasn’t with her, he craved this flavor. Jerry parted her lips, and then began to lick her clitoris. No longer the tip, the full tongue was now rubbing her. She moaned and twitched in delight as she released her orgasm. Jerry licked it up, and savored every bit of it.

Kay was still wanting more, and so was Jerry. She rose back up on the bed, and unbuttoned his pants. She could tell he wanted more from the bulge in front. Grabbing onto his ass she pulled down his pants and boxers. Out came his thick penis, begging to be pleasured. Kay grabbed onto it with her soft hands, stroking it back and forth. Little did Jerry know, Kay was craving him as well. She opened her mouth and slid the head of his erect penis in. While she was sucking on it, Jerry was in ecstasy. He loved her tongue. She could do so many tricks with it that drove him wild. Kay tongue was flicking up and down on his head inside her mouth.

She was ready for him to be inside her. She wanted it so bad. Removing his penis from her mouth, she turned around backwards, and bent over the bed. Jerry knew what to do next. This was one of his favorite positions. He grabbed his penis and rubbed it against her ass. He pushed it into her shaved pussy. Then, he thrust in her hard. It felt so good to be inside of her. He reached around and starting playing with her clitoris again. Thrusting in and out, as he rubbed her clitoris, they both moaned in unison.

Jerry laid down on the bed, and Kay mounted him. She was facing him, just he way he like it. He could see her lovely face in joy. Up and down she rode him, as Jerry held onto, and caressed her breasts. She began to ride faster, and Jerry started to thrust faster. He was almost ready to ejaculate into her warm pussy. Thrust after thrust, he heard her begin to moan more. She was nearing her second orgasm. Kay leaned down on top of his chest. Jerry began to suck on her neck while he kept pumping into her. Kay returned the favor, and sucked on his neck the same. Kay felt him orgasm. Jerry felt her orgasm. Their warm juices were mixing together.

They held onto each other for the rest of the night, keeping each other warm. This night had come to an end. Jerry was holding onto the woman he loved. Kay was holding onto the man she loved. They slept forever it seemed like. Then as usual, the alarm clock went off. It was the start of a new day. For Jerry and Kay it was the start of a new letter, and another love filled evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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