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I was flying solo in an unfamiliar city after my company sent me to a conference and, based on the location of the hotel where the conference was being held and where I also was staying, I didn’t think I’d be doing much exploring. I probably could have used a ridesharing service if I needed to get out but I decided that I’d first see what kind of networking opportunities presented themselves. If all of the attendees were in the same situation, the hotel bar could be the perfect place to spend the couple of nights I’d be staying there. My flight got in late the night before the conference so I didn’t bother heading down once I was situated in my room and figured it’d be easier the second night to identify people I’d spent all day with in the same room. Instead, I relaxed and unpacked and got ready for a couple of days of industry insight.

The next morning, I made sure I was down to the hotel ballroom/conference center early enough to have a good choice of seats. I was looking for something in the center, near the front, so I wouldn’t be tempted to zone out. There were rows of long, narrow tables with the chairs all facing in the same direction. The location that looked perfect to me already had someone occupying one of the chairs and, I’ll be honest, had it not been a woman I might have sucked it up and sat elsewhere. Instead, I headed to the other chair at her table. There would be plenty of space between us so I didn’t think it would be awkward to take that seat despite there being so many empty ones still all over the room. I asked anyway.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” I asked. She wasn’t facing me but turned and I hoped that my expression didn’t give away my realization that she was cute as hell.

“Of course not,” she replied with a smile, which was a relief because I thought, as cute as she was, that she might be accustomed to guys constantly hitting on her. As I sat and got my things arranged, we made small talk and I was getting a sense that there was something different or unique about her that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I was thinking that she looked like the “before” version of a movie transformation, an obviously cute woman with her hair up and wearing thick-framed glasses, but it wasn’t that. It actually took me a while to figure it out because I couldn’t take my eyes off of her face when we were chatting so I didn’t notice until we’d stopped that she was smaller in stature than everyone else. I guess the correct term these days is that she was a little person.

While this was not something I encountered every day, it didn’t change the fact that I thought she was super cute and that I was really enjoying chatting with her. In fact, it didn’t take too long before we’d slipped from casual chatting to subtle flirting. Once the first presentation started, though, our focus was on that and, fortunately for all of us in the room, the presenter was interesting and entertaining. When that first presentation wrapped up, we were given a brief break to use the facilities or top off our coffee. Jemma, as it turned out her name was, excused herself to use the ladies room so I offered to get her more coffee. She told me how she liked it and, as she was walking away, I couldn’t help but watch her. Though smaller, her figure looked pretty damn nice and I was actually wondering how she’d look naked. Before anyone caught me staring, I snapped out of it and went to grab our coffees.

“Oh my gosh, thank you,” she said upon returning and finding her coffee, “I kind of wasn’t expecting you to still be here when I got back.”

“Really?” I asked, “Why?”

“Sometimes I make people uncomfortable,” she replied with a shrug.

“What, because of your size?” I asked, “That’s just ridiculous.”

“Maybe, but it happens,” she replied.

While I was definitely attracted to her, it had nothing to do with her stature. Not only was she cute, but we had a really great rapport going so I was enjoying talking to her. Since she seemed receptive, I continued to make it clear to her through my actions and attention and continued flirting that I was enjoying her company. Once the day’s festivities wound down, I asked if she was interested in grabbing a drink in the hotel bar to unwind. She was so we gathered our things and headed that way. We grabbed a seat at the bar and continued our chatting and flirting while I had a beer and she drank a glass of wine.

“You want to keep drinking,” she asked when our glasses were getting low, “or would you be interested in heading upstairs?”

“I would most definitely be interested in heading upstairs,” I confirmed so we finished our drinks and settled our tabs with our company credit cards. We ended up alone in the elevator so she asked me if I’d ever been with a little person before.

“I have not,” I replied, “is there anything I should know?”

“Only that you’ll never want a full-sized woman again,” she said with sultry smile.

We went to her room and she had me flip the door lock since it was a bit high for her. She took the clips bahis firmaları out of her hair and shook it out then also set her glasses on the desk. She climbed up onto the foot of the bed so that our faces were at about the same height. We brought our lips together as her arms went around my neck and my hands held her waist. She was wearing a dress and my hands were soon caressing her sweet ass through it as we progressed from kissing to making out. My cock was rigid so I was assuming that her pussy was probably wet but, rather than slipping a hand up under her dress and into her panties to confirm that, I wanted to taste her juices. I ended up picking her up and moving onto the bed on my knees, laying her down closer to the pillows.

As I leaned over her, kissing her lips then her neck, I slid the hem of her dress up around her waist. I straightened up again and gently caressed her pussy through her panties, not feeling any indication of a bush. Her eyes were starting to glaze over a little but I knew I could provide her with an even higher level of pleasure. I slid her panties down, revealing that her pussy was indeed completely smooth, then lowered my face toward it as I lay on my stomach between her spread legs. She moaned loudly and reached for my head as I ran my tongue along her smooth slit, tasting the copious juices she was producing. Glancing up, I not only saw a look of pure pleasure on her face but I noticed that, as she held my head, her arms were squeezing her tits together and they looked pretty substantial, which up to that point I hadn’t even realized.

I lapped at her juicy pussy while she continued to moan then slipped a finger into her as I licked and sucked her clit. She was incredibly wet and pretty snug as I slid my finger in and out while she began to rock her hips, pushing her pussy toward my face. I wanted to provide her with the highest level of pleasure that I could but I also wanted to enjoy this opportunity to eat her smooth pussy. The trick was going to be to draw out the pleasure she was experiencing so that I could eat her for longer but not go so long that I was denying her the relief of an orgasm. Of course if I did a good job of making her cum, it was likely that I’d have more opportunity to eat her smooth pussy before the conference ended and we went our separate ways. Obviously I was also interested in slipping my throbbing cock into her snug, slippery pussy so I focused on making her cum long and hard rather than on drawing out the pleasure.

When she started tensing up, I assumed that meant that she was getting close to cumming so I continued doing what I could to get her the rest of the way there. She was holding my head more tightly and pushing her pussy toward my face but I was still able to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her. When she abruptly went limp then started shaking, I continued what I was doing, hoping that it would help her to cum even longer and harder. Her orgasm was clearly a long and intensely pleasurable one so I was pleased that I’d been able to help her to achieve it. Once she’d gone still and quiet, and I knew for sure that she’d finished cumming, I raised my head and slipped my finger from her pussy into my mouth. I straightened up as I was sucking her juices off my finger, gazing down at her smooth pussy while she was recovering.

The only clothing that had been removed by that point was her panties so, once she had her wits about her again, she pulled her dress up over her head and removed it completely. I watched closely as she reached back to unfasten her bra and was astounded as her luscious titties were revealed. As she was slipping out of her bra, I was already fondling those big beauties then lowered my head to lick and suck her hard nipples. She indulged me briefly while running her fingers through my hair but then let me know that she wanted me naked. As I straightened up again, she got to her feet, standing on the bed before me and starting to pull my shirt up. I raised my arms and she quickly had it off then went to work opening my pants, which she then pushed down along with my underwear until my stiff cock sprung out.

She stroked it briefly before going back to getting my pants and underwear off so I flopped onto my back to make it easier. I watched her big tits bouncing and swinging as she got me completely naked then, kneeling beside me, she stroked my cock a bit more before straddling me. She guided my cock toward her smooth pussy then lowered herself onto it, causing both of us to moan. Her pussy was so hot and so wet that slipping into her felt absolutely incredible. As she started moving slowly up and down on my cock, I reached up and caressed her sumptuous boobs, still surprised that they’d turned out to be as big as they were. Her areolas were also on the large side and her nipples thick and hard. While she continued riding my cock harder and faster, I was savoring the pleasure that I was experiencing. I’d certainly had no expectations that I’d be getting laid when I was heading to this conference kaçak iddaa much less laid by such a cute and tiny partner.

As she was continuing to pick up her pace, her tits were bouncing more so I moved my hands around to caress her sweet ass while watching them. I could feel the stirrings of my orgasm as her snug, slippery pussy moved up and down my throbbing cock but it seemed like she was building toward her own even faster. I was definitely pleased, not only that it didn’t appear that I’d need to worry about cumming too quickly and leaving her unsatisfied, but also that she seemed to be experiencing a great deal of pleasure as she was building quickly toward another orgasm. I obviously didn’t know her well enough to know whether any of the credit for that belonged to me or if it just didn’t take much to get her off. Either way, I was feeling that, if she came before I did, there was definitely even more of a chance that this night would continue and a greater possibility that the festivities would extend to the next night.

It wasn’t much longer before she dropped down onto my cock and just stayed there then, a moment later, cried out as she started shaking. Since they were no longer bouncing, I brought my hands back around from her ass to resume fondling her titties. Her orgasm appeared to be another long and intensely pleasurable one so I was happy to have played a part in getting her there again. When she finally finished cumming, she remained sitting on my cock for a moment as she was recovering then leaned down and moved forward, my cock slipping out of her, as she brought her lips to mine. We made out briefly before she started kissing her way down over my chest and abs until she was kneeling between my legs, gently pumping my cock. Lowering her head, she engulfed my tool in her mouth and started sucking me off. I moaned as her lips slid up and down my shaft while she continued to pump the base.

I managed to get a couple of pillows under my head so that I could watch her as she was blowing me. She was so cute, which made it even more arousing to watch as she sucked my cock, but she was also obviously skilled as a cocksucker so my orgasm resumed building up immediately. I figured there was no way I’d be able to last very long with as good as it felt but the night was still very young so I knew I’d have plenty of time to recover and maybe I’d get to enjoy another highly pleasurable blowjob like this one. As it turned out, she was also quite skilled at drawing out the pleasure she was providing so I was able to enjoy her talented mouth for much longer than I ever would have expected. Even though she’d already cum twice, I didn’t get the sense that she was making the effort to draw out my pleasure out of any sense of obligation; I think she really was just enjoying having my cock in her mouth.

As my cock swelled even more the closer I was getting to cumming, her efforts were completely unaffected and she just continued to expertly suck me off. Even when I finally started blasting my load into her mouth, she maintained her pace as she swallowed my load. Only when I was completely spent did she cease sucking my cock, letting it fall from her mouth as she looked up me with an expression of satisfaction.

“That was outstanding,” I said as she crawled up next to me, just in time to hear my stomach rumbling.

“Sounds like maybe we should order some room service,” she said. We lay there recovering for a few minutes then she tracked down the room service menu and we figured out what we were hungry for. She called the order down and we just lay around naked and chatting while we waited for it. She pulled her dress back on to answer the door and, when our order arrived, I ducked into the bathroom rather than get dressed. We’d debated over who would use their corporate credit card to pay for dinner but, since it was her room, she won because it was just put on her bill. Once we were alone again, I rejoined her and immediately helped her out of her dress again. We ate naked and, by the time we were done, my cock was nearly ready for our next round. While I moved our dishes from the table, she climbed up onto it and lay there with her legs spread. I resumed my seat and began to devour my dessert.

I ran my tongue along her smooth slit, slurping up her juices, which were abundant and indicated that she was pretty fired up again. Her moaning also indicated that. I was happy for another opportunity to eat her pussy so I was less concerned about drawing out the pleasure so that we could both enjoy it for longer. I was certain by this point that we had an active and sexually satisfying night ahead of us. I didn’t necessarily try to make her cum more quickly, though; just doing everything I knew how to make sure she experienced the highest level of pleasure that I could provide. She was holding my head but couldn’t really rock her hips toward my face in this position, though she did have her heels resting on my shoulder blades. I slipped a finger into her snug, slippery pussy as I focused my tongue on her kaçak bahis clit, which had her moaning even louder and longer.

My cock couldn’t have been more rigid by that point so I was eager to slip it back into her but I had a feeling that it wouldn’t take much longer before she was cumming again. I was happy to continue devouring her pussy until she came before pursuing my own orgasm though, when I glanced up and saw her big tits squeezed between her arms, I started thinking about laying my cock between them. I may have begun pushing her toward her orgasm a little faster then and I got a very clear impression that she didn’t mind. Her pussy was becoming even wetter and more engorged the closer she got to cumming so I was definitely going to be slipping my cock back into her before fucking her tits.

While tightly holding my head, she began to arch her back as her body was tensing up. I kept devouring her as she briefly went silent, holding her breath, then let out a cry, her body shaking. This appeared to be yet another long and intensely pleasurable orgasm so I was pleased once again, not just to be a part of getting her there, but also because they seemed to be so easy for her to achieve. I slipped my finger out of her and lapped up the abundant flow of juices while she was cumming, eager to slip my cock back into her with all of this additional lubrication. When she finally went still and silent, I reluctantly ceased slurping her pussy, straightening up and gazing at the soft, smooth flesh as she was recovering. Glancing up, I noticed her chest heaving as she was catching her breath, which just confirmed my desire to fuck her big titties.

I stood, my rigid cock sticking straight out, but rather than going right to fucking those big beauties as tempting as they were, knowing how hot and wet her pussy was, I guided my cock between her lips and slipped into her. She let out a moan as my cock filled her and I let one out as I experienced how incredible her pussy felt. As I started to slowly slide in and out of her, I was holding the tops of her thighs with her knees hooked over my forearms so that she wouldn’t slide away from me across the table. I was looking down, watching my cock disappearing repeatedly into her snug, slippery pussy but, as her tits started moving, they caught my attention. Thanks to her small stature, I could easily fondle those big beauties as I was fucking her so I wasted no time getting my hands on them. As I was caressing the soft, smooth flesh and running my palms over her hard nipples, she slipped her own hand down to her pussy and started caressing her clit.

The expression on her face as I gazed down was raw passion and her moans were getting louder and longer again. Her hair was spread out around her and she looked so incredibly hot that I couldn’t believe how fortunate I was to be there with her. I was so glad that I’d taken the seat beside her that morning at the conference. Her pussy just continued to feel hotter and wetter the longer I was fucking her and, though I was thoroughly enjoying it, my orgasm was not impending yet. The same could not be said for her as it was obvious that she was building pretty quickly toward another one. Her fingers were caressing her clit, which I’m sure was pushing her along even faster. I don’t know that my caressing her thick, hard nipples was helping as much as her fingers on her clit but I’m sure that it wasn’t hurting.

I could feel her legs tensing up and her back was arching again as she was apparently on the verge of another orgasm. I just continued sliding my cock in and out of her while fondling her tits and watching her expression going from raw passion to determination and finally to pure bliss. She cried out as she started shaking, all of the tension leaving her body. Once again, her pussy was flooded with even more lubrication and fucking her felt even more incredible, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. I continued to fuck her through her long and obviously intensely pleasurable orgasm and, while I still intended to fuck her luscious tits, there was something else I still wanted to do first. Since my orgasm still wasn’t imminent, I figured there was time for a reposition and, hopefully, another orgasm for her.

When she went still and let out a sigh, I slipped out of her and helped her sit up. We made out and, when she wrapped her arms around my neck, I picked her up and carried her to the bed. We stacked a couple of pillows and had her lean forward over them so that her sweet ass was up in the air. Before I slipped into her, I was running my hands over the soft, smooth flesh, still impressed that her ass was so awesome. When I finally slipped back into her again, we both moaned as I pushed in until my hips were pressing against her ass. As I started to slowly slide the full length of my cock in and out of her, she reached below herself, presumably to caress her clit while I was fucking her. I was holding her hips but, once I had a steady rhythm going, I slipped my hands forward and cupped her succulent boobs. I’m not sure whether it was just my imagination but it felt as though, once I had my hands on those big beauties again, my cock got even harder. Her increased moaning suggested that I wasn’t just imagining it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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