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Leaning back, I watch as you slowly run the electric razor over my trimmed nether hairs, eliminating them entirely and exposing pale skin around my hard shaft. You smile as you move my member back and forth while the razor does its work. The hair on the scrotum already short, you kiss my now-smooth flesh and run your hand over it as your free hand slowly caresses my staff, fingers rubbing the head.

“Nice work, dear,” I grin. “Now for a little something extra. I’m afraid you’ll have to stop touching me there, however.”

“Awww…” you reply. “Why do I have to stop?”

“Directions state not to do this while rigid,” I state. “Not taking any chances that something could burst.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” you ask.

My right hand comes up from under the bed with a clear tube with red plastic and rubber attachments and a white hose connected from the tip of the tube to a brass hand pump. You blink and stare at the device as realization dawns. A look of undisguised fascination appears on your face as you closely observe my actions.

“This was the reason for the complete shaving this morning, as the tube can’t get a proper seal on the skin with all that hair present,” I explain, smiling. My cock mostly flaccid now, I lube the skin and slide the tube over it and press it istanbul escort onto my pelvic area and give a couple pumps to create a vacuum seal.

“We start slowly so as not to cause pain and will pause at intervals to allow proper blood flow,” I continue. “Have that stretchy cock ring handy, I’ll need it at the end to preserve the new shape.”

I begin pumping slowly, closely watching my cock expand inside the clear tube. Pausing several times to allow acclimation, it finally fills the ten-inch tube entirely, almost the girth of a soda can. You stare open-mouthed in disbelief at the engorged meat, dark red in color and throbbing.

“Now comes the release. I’ll let air in so I can remove the tube. I’ll need that stretchy ring now, please,” I say. You hand over the ring, a clear purple, light in color. I stretch it over the tube and lower it to the bottom rim, then roll it onto the base of my cock.

“Some of the size will be lost, but I don’t think it will matter. This should still be fun,” I say as I begin slowly letting air into the tube. Some of the expansion does indeed shrink off, but most of the girth remains with the purple ring in place. I place the pump and tube off to the side and play with my enhanced member, smiling avcılar escort at you. You smile also, taking it into your hand.

“It’s fucking huge!” you exclaim. “I need both hands to reach all the way around!” You take the head into your mouth and suck a bit, swirling your tongue around it and the helmet’s ridge. You hear me rumble in pleasure under your tender ministrations, toying with my manhood. You take the whole thing into your mouth and nearly gag from the size.

“Yeah, that’s big,” you purr as you remove my length from between your hot lips. You work your tongue on it, teasing the underside and balls.

“Hate to put a damper on things, but time is ticking, dear,” I remind you. “I can’t keep it like this all night.”

“What do you want to do, then?” you ask.

“Mmmm.. just lay back, we’ll see how this goes,” I reply.

You lie back, legs spread wide. I come up between them, fat dick in hand, poised at your wet slit. I rub the head up and down, slickening it with your juices, slapping it on your clit. I start pushing inside, stretching you wide. Your take in short gasping breaths as each inch presses in, your eyes wide and mouth open, making me smile. As the entire package is finally inserted and bottoms out, I hear you moaning “ohgodohgodohgod.. şirinevler escort mmmmMMMmmm” as you throw your head back in ecstasy.

I begin thrusting slowly, making sure my engorged cock can handle the rhythm, as it is not wholly rigid due to the nature of the process. You seem not to notice any issues as your hips buck, sucking in my fat dick at each upstroke. Still gasping for air, you ululate a moan while I fuck your sopping pussy with abandon, driving it into you over and over and over. I lick, bite and suck on your beautiful boobs while my cock continues to invade you repeatedly, pulsing and throbbing with the most pleasurable sensations derived from your soft walls.

I begin to emit short moans as my fucking gains intensity and I feel the tingling starting down low. Your pussy spasms as you cum all over me, with you biting my shoulder and yelling in my ear, drenching my swollen dick as it spurts hot cum deep inside you, my body twitching at each spurt, filling you up.

“Ggggppphhlllbbbbblluuuuhhhhhh…” I sputter, unable to speak. I raise up from you and exhale deeply, cock still inside your pussy. I can feel you grip me over and over as you smile up at me, enjoying the newfound fatness as it rests inside you.

“Time to let it go, dear,” I breathe heavily. “It’s starting to hurt.” I take the purple ring off and the size decreases immediately, though not all the way. It hangs limply as cum drips from the tip. You bend down and lick the drop, then kiss the purple head.

“Fuck that was fun,” you exhale, grinning. “How soon can we do that again?”

I just smile and look over at the clock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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