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I pushed her against the wall hard. Naughty thoughts had been burning through my head all day and I just needed to do something. She was much taller than me but I took her by surprise and I wasn’t going to be denied. She gasped out loud as her back thudded against the wall. I grabbed both of her hands in mine and held them tightly against the wall high above her head, making her breasts lift and reach outward. I pressed myself fully against her, our noses almost touching as I whispered to her. “How do you feel now, sweety?” the grin creeping across my lips.

“P-please,” she gasps. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Oh really?” I answer coyly as I begin to press my breasts against hers. I lift up on my toes to rub my breasts up over hers and back down again. As I lift up to do it again I can feel that her nipples have hardened under her thin t-shirt. Instantly my own nipples tighten and wrinkle, pushing out against my own shirt. My smile widens as I run my breasts against hers again through our shirts and she gasps softly when my nipples glide over hers as they swelled under her top, reaching out towards my own wrinkled tips.

She’s breathing heavier now and a blush has started in her cheeks. I can tell she’s trying to fight it, to hide the crimson growing in her face. But she will fail. I know she wants this. I continue to rub our breasts together, nipples hard and swollen, flicking slowly over each other through thin cotton. Her eyes are closed and her head is turned to the side as she tries to fight me off, to ignore the feelings I’m causing inside her. But her breathing keeps getting heavier, her mouth has started to drop open.

“Your nipples are hard sweety,” I tease. “I can feel them pressing against me. Can you feel mine? They’re so tingly right now.” Her cheeks redden more as I whisper to her, the whole time making sure my tingling nipples glide up and down over hers. I can feel myself starting to get wet between my legs. I bet she is too. Slowly I bend my head down toward her chest. My tongue reaches out and I let it glide slowly over the tip of her left nipple through the cotton of her shirt. As my tongue is dragging across it I can feel her nipple harden even more, reaching out to my tongue, begging to be licked, sucked. A soft sigh escapes her lips and she involuntarily pushes her chest outward slightly.

Aha! A tingling jolt of electricity zaps me between the legs. So she likes that. My tongue licks her canlı bahis şirketleri again through the shirt. I know her nipples are just burning under the tight cotton. I know because my own nipples are so hard they hurt now, puffy and swollen, aching for a mouth. I press my lips against her breast and suck her nipple hard into my mouth through her shirt. She gasps out loud and involuntarily lifts herself against my mouth. I let go just slightly and then suck her nipple again back into my mouth and a soft moan creaks past her lips.

Still holding the backs of her hands planted firmly above her head against the wall, I begin to rhythmically suck her swollen nipple through the material of her shirt, now wet from my mouth. I let my teeth graze gently across the sides of her nipple as it passes back and forth between my sucking lips and I hear her begin to pant above me, squirming back and forth as she tries to escape my hold, to free her poor tingling nipple.

“You like it don’t you?” I whisper.

“No!” she pants, still squirming even though I’ve already let go of her nipple. She’s trying so hard to fight. I can see it in her face. Her forehead wrinkled into a deep frown as she tries to push back the warm redness in her cheeks. Slowly I let go of her with my left and bring it down to her waist. With all her struggling she doesn’t even notice as both her hands remain flat against the wall above her head. My left hand moves to the button of her shorts and quickly my fingers have them undone. They are loose-fitting denim and easily fall past her lovely hips and down her soft smooth thighs, landing in a puddle at her feet. “P-please don’t…please.” she whispers, her voice cracking slightly.

“Don’t what, sweety?” I ask in a sly tone as my fingertips play along the elastic waistband of her gray cotton undies.

“Please…this is wrong….we shouldn’t be doing this.” My fingertips curl inside the elastic waistband and begin to slide back and forth, my knuckles gliding across the delicate skin below her navel. She sighs out loud and I feel her body shiver softly against me. The goosebumps ripple across her soft belly.

Slowly I bring my fingers back out and slide them slowly downward over the front of her undies. She is shaking now, her breaths are short and heavy. My fingers move lower, gently brushing over the grey cotton. She closes her legs tightly. “No…please stop…don’t…you can’t…” I lean close to canlı kaçak iddaa her, still feeling her poor nipples pressing hard against my throbbing tips, and slowly run my tongue along her bottom lip. An accidental sigh.

“Yes I can, sweety,” I whisper, my left knee pushing firmly between her shaking thighs and forcing her left leg outward, opening her to my hand. She gasps again, almost grunting. Oh the rush I feel as she half-heartedly tries to pry herself free. It’s like soft electricity tingling up and down my spine, slamming deeply into the warm wetness between my legs. Then I hear a squeaking whimper as my fingertips move between her legs and I begin to softly scratch my fingernails against the thin cotton covering her vagina. She shivers heavily as I continue to scratch there.

And then I feel the wetness on my fingertips. She’s mine. I press a bit more with my nails and I can feel the wetness growing in her undies as it pulses from her tingling vagina. I cup my hand between her legs and squeeze gently as she moans out loud. My hand squeezes again and she grunts softly, her bottom lip hanging weakly. Slowly my fingertips move to the side and gently curl into the leg of her undies and I feel the soft crinkly hairs between her legs. My fingertips slide easily in her sticky wetness, gliding back and forth between the puffy lips of her vagina. She gasps and moans heavily and her head falls back against the wall with a dull thud. Her attempts to squirm her way free of my grasp have become weaker, her willpower trickling easily out of her, just as the sticky lust of her vagina continues to soak into her undies.

But it’s not good enough. I knew I could do this, tease and torment her, tempt her body alive. But it’s not quite good enough. Yes, her struggling only makes me hotter. The fact that she has tried to fight off her feelings this whole time causes a deep heavy throb in my own aching vagina. I can feel the wetness pumping out of me, completely gooey with desire. But I can’t just do it like this. I need to know.

My middle finger suddenly slides down between the smooth swollen lips of her pulsing vagina and I push hard up inside her, burying my finger to the last knuckle deep into her squishy heat. She grunts loudly and I feel the walls of her boiling vagina contract around my finger as I twist and stir inside her, curling my finger, coaxing the wetness out of her. I can feel her soft thighs shivering heavily and canlı kaçak bahis I suddenly pull my finger away and bring it up between us. I could’ve sworn I heard a pouting whimper. My finger gleams in the soft light, completely coated with her sticky wetness. I look deeply into her eyes as I bring my finger to my lips and suck it into my mouth, tasting her lust, savouring the thrilling spice of her desire. Her eyes are wide and glossy as I continue to gaze at her, feeling her chest heave rapidly. I lean towards her until our noses are touching.

Slowly my tongue snakes out and I slide it lightly across her bottom lip. “Okay, sweety,” I whisper to her with a smile. “I’ll stop now.” Her mouth drops open and I hear the rush of her warm breath leaving her. She stammers rapidly as I slowly back away from her. “No! Y-you can’t!” she croaks. “Not like this…please.” Another surge of wetness pulses out of my burning vagina. “I’m only doing what you wanted, sweety,” I respond innocently. “No! I lied! I mean…you can’t leave me like this…just please…I haven’t…”

I watch her as she trembles against the wall. She still has her hands lifted high above her, her breasts thrust towards me as she pants heavily, her nipples still pressing wantonly against her shirt, begging for my tongue.

“You haven’t what, sweety?” I tease. “You haven’t come? Is that it?” My clitoris is throbbing with my heartbeat. The ache in my soaked vagina is just agony.

“Y-yes…that’s it,” she pants, the crimson burning brightly in her cheeks. “I need to…” I move slowly towards her until our nipples are touching once again through the material of our shirts.

“Beg,” I whisper. Her breath catches in her throat and then it’s silent for a long moment.

Suddenly she gasps. “P-please…m-make me come…God I want you…I swear I need you…I’ll do a-anything…please…” I almost have to choke back sudden tears. Now it is enough. I have her. Willingly. The lust is burning out of control between my legs.

“Anything, sweety? You’ll do anything?” She gazes straight into my eyes as my left hand rests on her shoulder, gently pushing her downward.

“On your knees,” I breathe. As she kneels in front of me I lift my right leg over her shoulder and let my foot slide down her back, until the back of my thigh is resting on her shoulder. In one smooth fluid movement I comb the fingers of my right hand into her silky brown hair as she gazes up at me, and the fingers of my left hand curl into the leg of my black thong, pulling the soaked cotton to the side, exposing my swollen throbbing vagina. A slow trickle of wetness slides thickly down the inside of my thigh as I pull her mouth towards me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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