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Since you don’t want to talk about this on the phone I need to at least write it here. This is very frustrating for me also and I need to get it off my chest.

Yes I understand you’re my mom, but knowing that you’re a sexual being as other women are I don’t think you’re as much of a prude or as old fashioned as you come across for I remember when you used to (in the morning before school) walk around the house getting ready in just your bra and panties or a few times watching you slip your robe/night gown off exposing your beautiful nude body as you get into the shower. When you would wear that sheer blue nightie and I would be at the kitchen table doing home work and you would be next to me wearing no bra, your gorgeous breasts practically right there in my face, swaying back & forth with every movement in that thin see-thru fabric. UGH! that was a killer. You don’t know how much even then I just wanted to bend over and capture one of those hard pink nipples in my mouth.

Or the time when we were visiting your friend Brett at the shore and we stayed over night, you were fucking right next to me about 10 feet away in the other bed. You were trying to be quiet but I heard your soft little moans and grunts. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, it’s very hot in fact and definitely not the actions of a prude.

This one other time I really remember so vivid on East Sayer Avenue where we used to live, I was in my room and you were obviously getting fucked really good & hard because you were moaning and then screaming so loud I guess either it just felt free spin real good or you were actually cumming at that point. I was so naive back then and didn’t know about things so I went over to your door and asked if you were ok,lol. How embarrassing for me, you and the person you were with. Then I heard you laugh and say to the person you were with to just wait a minute while you told me everything was fine and to go back to bed,lol. If I knew then what I know now I would have went over to your door and looked thru that hole (remember there was a hole in the door where a door lock had been that you had a yellow sticky covering?) and watched you instead. It would have been probably the most erotic thing I would ever see in my life. Watching my beautiful mother getting fucked like a porn star right in front of my eyes. But I didn’t and just hearing you is all I have to remember that instance.

I have such an incredible lust for older women. I don’t like younger what so ever and those around my age I could really care less for also. Older though gets me going so much. I get horny a lot mom to where my cock gets so ‘swollen and hard’ I need to take care of it and stroke myself til’ I cum and the best way to relieve that tension is to punch up on the net this site called LOL, I really don’t know why they call it that, but it has hundreds of thousands of different videos you can watch for free from all different categories. I go right to older women or the mom/son category. Whether the video is a real mom & son or not doesn’t matter, just as long as they look like they would be and to watch bonus veren siteler them get it on with one another (especially when the mom jerks, blows her son or just watches from a distance) is soooo arousing. I lay back nude with my cock long, thick and hard as a rock, I grab the base of my cock with my right hand and use my left to pump it. I slide my fist up my shaft then back down picking up the rhythm as I’m watching the mother on the screen maybe doing housework where she’s on the floor on all fours in a lil’ skirt that rises up in the back showing her ass and hot little wet pink slit. Her doing this in front of her son as he’s a few feet away watching tv on the couch, or at least he was watching tv but now has his cock out & stroking it to the rhythm of his mother’s hips and ass moving as she’s cleaning. She knows what she’s doing and glances back to see the show he’s putting on for her. (don’t tell me reading this isn’t getting your pussy wet & making you horny because I know it is. it’s ok mom, it’s natural.)

This is what I watch and I replace that woman with you mom and the other young guy with me and fantasize to an incredible fuckin’ orgasm.. Like the one I had that night at your house on Barker Ave. I was laying on the bed in the room next to yours totally nude stroking my cock with lotion so you would hear (you know that sound it makes) and moaning also saying “Mom, mom it feels sooo good!”. You knew what that meant but yet you still had to get out of bed and come in and look. When I saw you in the doorway watching me stroke myself I was in a dream world. Holy shit she’s watching deneme bonusu veren siteler me stroke my cock! But you only stayed a few seconds, mom why couldn’t you have stayed and watched? As soon as you left I was moaning so loud to where you knew I was about to cum and I did, thinking as if you were still there watching. My cock erupted so hard and I shot 7, 8, 9 thick ropes of hot cum all over my chest and stomach, HOLY FUCK MOM! I really wish you would have stayed and watched that for I think I would have been satisfied and wouldn’t have to keep up this lust I have with you even years after that.

As you are my mom I know we can’t do anything together (not sure if you would want to if we weren’t mother and son) but I think I would have fulfilled my fantasy and I would be satisfied if you would just watch one night maybe as I stroke myself in front of you. It would be cool also if you took care of yourself as you’re watching me. I would cum so hard and so fast if I saw your hands go down between your legs and rub you little clit or fuck your little hole as you watch me stroke.

Mom, I know something along these lines will help the situation and I need this to end also. It kills me thinking about you 3-4 times every frigin day and only having to fantasize to porn vids. If you want our relationship to be normal I think this needs to happen. It’s only watching also so it should be no big deal. I mean you were watching that one night, another few seconds is all it would have taken (it normally takes me a very long time to cum but thinking about you or to do it especially in front of you I would cum so fast).

Maybe one night I can bring over a bottle of wine (so you can be more relaxed), we can turn out the lights, have a single candle lit and watch me as I disrobe and just stroke my cock in front of you, then it would be over.

Think about it please. I love you,


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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