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Sacha Son, a buxom brunette client sashayed into his deserted office; and took a seat in a leather chair, facing Malcolm Wilson Esquire, her legal counselor. Sacha wore a tailored, royal blue designer dress, intoxicating him with her musky scent and spicy perfume.

They stared at each other-silently, summing each other up, soaking-in the differences in appearance that weathered so much change from either’s memory. This torrid reunion was 30 years in the making; and neither one planned this impromptu meeting. Like possessed moths to a burning flame, the two magically drew to one another.

Crossing and uncrossing her muscular legs, Sacha reveals just a tiny little hint of her shaved nether region. Malcolm was all too quick to see her lascivious gesture. He stared blatantly at her slightly parted, supple legs. Cock throbbing in his pants: Oh, how Malcolm remembered how she felt when he stole her innocence so long ago.

Malcolm purposefully rises from his plush leather chair and makes his way around his desk to sit on the closest corner to Sacha and her silky smooth legs. Malcolm noted that Sacha had hardly aged from the years that kept them apart. Sacha’s hips were fuller and more rounded from child bearing. Her physique was definitely fuller than the teenage body Malcolm ravaged in a spontaneous moment of bakırköy escort recklessness thirty years ago.

God, she had an intense effect on him… Malcolm felt both arousal and discomfort, knowing full well that his happily married wife wouldn’t approve of such an intimate reunion in his mind as well as in the flesh. Sacha leans forward (just enough to give him a glimpse of her plump tits) toward Malcolm and takes his hand into hers. She firmly shakes his hand and says: It has been way too long. How’ve you been?”

No amount of casual tone or choice of words would deter Malcolm from noticing the wanton beckoning in Sacha’s hazel Eurasian eyes. She licked her upper lip in slow, deliberate motion. She commanded his full attention in body and mind. She gracefully rose to bridge the gap between them, drawing his gaze right upon her ample bosom.

Breath held, tension locked, and pheromones flowing in electric anticipation, Sacha leans her beautiful heart-shaped face right upon his sun-bleached, handsome one. The sexual chemistry is churned and combustible, igniting a blaze of passion as their lips devour each other.

Breathless, heady, and totally aroused, Malcolm rips his shirt open as Sacha immediately descends upon his pert nipples, trailing hot torrid kisses upon beşiktaş escort his smooth, hairless, supple chest. His aching cock is already peeking above the waistband of his slacks. Its purple tip is completely engorged and throbbing for Sacha’s moist, luscious lips.

Sacha swoops to her knees, and pries his belt off, simultaneously unbuttoning his pants and freeing his engorged penis. Her hot breath and mouth envelop the bulging tip. Malcolm gasps and thinks of mundane chores to prevent himself from ejaculating too soon. Sacha gobbles the length of his smooth, veined cock into her mouth, over her tongue, and deep into the recesses of her esophagus.

Bobbing her head slowly, up and down, she is urging him to release his load into her waiting throat. Her hand teases the underside of his swollen balls, as her tongue dances against the underside and base of his inflamed shaft. She knows he is getting close as the head of his cock swells in her mouth.

Suddenly he is grabbing her by brute force, Malcolm throws Sacha against the wooden desk. She laughs at his weakness, knowing full well he almost succumbed to her devilish seduction. Angry and aroused beyond any sexual encounter he has ever had, Malcolm pulls up her silky dress and reaches his hand over Sacha’s taught rump beylikdüzü escort and grips the lacy panty strap and tears it free from her hip.

His engorged cock is dripping with glistening precum and saliva as he presses against Sacha’s bent over body. Hips grinding, his hot and bothered cock finds her tender and wet pussy lips and ruthlessly enters her quivering vagina. He slides in until he is balls deep and begins fucking her with the fury of 30 years of unrequited passion. Rocking against one another, grinding all their pent-up inhibitions upon each other. The two meld into a molten sculpture of Hedonistic pleasure.

Sacha is bucking against every thrust. Her hand rakes against Malcolm’s taut buttocks for a deeper thrust. Her tight pussy coaxes him towards infinite pleasure as she creams her orgasm around his throbbing member. She wants it all as she buckles under the waves of pleasure that crash over her again and again. She clenches the walls of her slick pussy around his cock trying to drag the cum from his balls.

Barely able to contain his desire’s rage, Malcolm stiffens and deeply thrusts into Sacha’s wanton flesh, jetting streams of hot, sweet semen into her juicy recesses. If she was that virgin he took so many years ago at that moment, he would have impregnated her with his seed, indeed. She feels his cock pulse as each load of cum fills her eager cunt and she comes again, the spasms milking every last drop from his softening prick.

Gasping in unison, spent, sweaty, and satisfied, Malcolm and Sacha swivel their bodies into an intimate embrace, as if their bodies were two halves of a whole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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