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He slides his hand up her leg slowly, enjoying the feel of the skin on her thigh, but she doesn’t notice. She’s in a deep sleep wrapped in his warmth and hugging her pillow tightly. He smiles at her as he plays with her underwear… the skimpy g-string that she bought just to get him to smile like he is right now. Sliding his hand up her body he unbuttons her pajama top and kisses her behind the ear. She doesn’t wake yet, but he knows that she will. He can see her lips curve upward when he kisses her again. He doesn’t mean for it to be more than an innocent peck, but the taste of her is in his mouth now. He can’t help but run his tongue along the length of her neck and suck. She moans, squirming even in her sleep to give him more, to open for him. She arches and slides back. Her round ass, presses his cock causing it to harden just a little. Even in her sleep she has all the right moves.

He lifts himself up onto one arms and opens her shirt. Watch as she rolls onto her back in response bostancı escort to his change of position even though she is only half awake. He kisses her again, on the mouth this time and grabs one breast. She moans. He sucks on her lips, teasing her with his tongue.

Then he stops. He lets go of her breast and places both hands beside her. Her eyes fly open and she throws a leg around him, grabbing him roughly. He knew that she had woken up. He returns her kisses for only a minute, before he again grabs her breasts. He licks and sucks on her nipples, one after the other. She moans wrapping both legs around him, squeezing him until his cock nestled in the wet warmth between her leg. She grabs his head holding on as if for dear life, and she grinds against him, moaning and panting. He lifts his head, intending to kiss her, intending to fill her, but all his intentions were shot when he heard her groan “please” moaning his name with such need that he couldn’t sancaktepe escort disappoint her.

He returns to his task, but allows one hand to slide down her body and around. He fills one hand with the cheek of that ass that he loves so much and pulls her closer to him as he feels her begin to rain kisses down on his head. Her hands start to roam as well, at least one does; the other is gripping his head so firmly he wishes that it was his other one. Later, that’ll come in its own time, for now it’s in a place so close to heaven that he wouldn’t dare move, unless she said to. Her hand, the roaming one, slides along his back, down and back up, over and over, as if she can’t decide exactly where she wants to put it. If the sounds she made were any indication, she wasn’t thinking too hard about the question.

Wanting more than just her nipples, he begins to suck in her breast, inhaling as if he wants to drink. She screams out his name, moaning and zeytinburnu escort bucking. He’s not gonna miss this. He quickly licks his ways down her body, practically prying her fingers out of his back as he does so. They are both rewarded when lifts her legs over his shoulders and pushes the g-string aside. Dang that smells good. He looks up to see her pinching and rolling her own nipples as she moans his name repeatedly, slipping in a ‘please’ every once in a while. He didn’t think his cock could get any harder but that view and the sound of his name on her lips…

He takes a wide swipe at her pussy and savors the taste of her. He takes one hand off of her thighs and presses a thumb to her clit. She bucks wildly again and he begins to enjoy her sweet heat. He only get a few seconds to taste her before she stiffens and gives him even more of her sticky sweetness to taste. She goes limp and he sits up. He slides his body along her sweat slick skin, stopping to press a kiss on her belly and between her breasts. She opens her eyes, and slowly lifts one hand to guide his face to hers. She kisses him.

‘One second, I’ll get you back in just a second,” she says “I’ll take care of you.” He smiles. He knows that she will. His cock throbs in anticipation as he lies beside her and pulls her to him…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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