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Joe and Sandi were beyond smitten with each other. It had been more than a month since their first kiss. Since then, by working out their schedules they were able to be together completely naked at least three or four times a week. They still had not had intercourse. They had come close, but both were currently happy just being in each other’s company whether alone, with their spouses present, or with a group.

Joe took these opportunities to mentally chart her entire body, from her forehead down to her ankles. He made sure to kiss a different area of her body each meeting. He would track and memorize every freckle, scar and fold. Often he would marvel at how beautiful she was not only when she entered a room full of people as the prim and proper Sandi, but also when she would be totally naked and at the mercy of his tongue.

Nothing excited him more than always finding her tiny pussy wet and able to receive a finger from his big hands after just one kiss. What pleased him even more was watching her stomach roll like heavy surf crashing on a beach when he had her clit in his mouth. Her head would rock from side to side, messing up her perfect hair as her make up smeared. Her moans would then become louder as she arched those perfect tits up and grabbed at the sheets to hold on while he fed at her trough. The frosting on the cake for Joe was when she would pull him up by the ears, kissing his soaked face and cleaning her own juices off his tongue with hers. Sandi never failed to take care of him, always making him come twice, and always taking as much cum as he could offer.

A side effect to these meetings was that Joe’s cock seemed to be in a perpetual state of arousal, something that he had never had to deal with since he was young. He only thought about Sandi two or three thousand times a day, and it seemed each time he did a droplet would form at the end of his rod. He took to wearing only black boxers to avoid having to explain why “Sandi spots” were always visible when he took his pants off.

Sandi and Joe also dined often with their spouses present. As two couples they usually ate together at least one or two nights during the workweek, usually as a last minute call to get together initiated by one of the two of them. Whenever Joe shopped he made a point of buying extra food in the hopes of Janice saying they should invite someone over so it didn’t go to waste. Neither Keith or Janice seemed to notice the subtle bump of an elbow against a breast, or a grab of an ass cheek as they passed each other. Or realize that just hours earlier their spouses had been mixing pussy juice and cum with their tongues.

When they sat to eat Sandi would always find a way to sit near or across from Joe. When she sat across from him Joe would slide one foot out of his shoe. His long legs would find their way between her welcoming opened thighs, rubbing her wet pussy while the wine and dinner conversation flowed. When she sat next to him it was a different story. Sandi was limber enough to look like she was sitting normally, all the while wrapping one leg around his. With her leg opened toward him and held tight Joe was often able to lean forward with one hand and slip another under her shorts, just briefly but long enough get near or touch her slit. Occasionally Joe would pull up his shorts so just the head of his cock stuck out, and Sandi would make every effort to get a hand over to it or at minimum twist her leg up and rub it with her foot. They both found this game very, very erotic. Joe could never get enough of Sandi, he was happy just to cop a feel even though he may have already come in her mouth twice before dinner was ever suggested.

During nice weather it would be inside and outside dining, where the opportunity to quickly finger her occurred often and was never missed. Sandi was happy to reciprocate by rubbing his cock, but this didn’t happen often as the size of Joe’s hard on was difficult to hide when standing up.

Often times Janice would head home early from these dinners and Joe would stay for a nightcap. Keith would then become even more the host, often supplying Joe and Sandi a blanket to sit under on the patio as he filled his buddy’s glass and put on music. This gave the two of them illegal bahis opportunity to steal a kiss, and in many cases Joe used these moments to again finger her and rub the juices behind her ears. A trip to the bathroom for Keith often offered the opportunity for a quick cock pull out and suck. Sandi always obliged Joe on this and their timing was so good this was almost routine.

On one particular night just as Keith turned around Joe reached up Sandi’s skirt and pulled off her panties. He couldn’t believe how attracted he was to her at that moment; just her smile in the moonlight had melted him. Earlier in the day he had gone down on her twice, and she had sucked him off two times as well. Now, only hours later he wanted to please her again. Keith was just inside the door adjusting the music so time would not permit.

Joe took a sip from his long necked bottle of beer and looked over at her. He lowered the bottle down under the blanket between her pantiless legs and she spread her thighs to receive it. The tip of the bottle found the top of her wet pussy lips. At that very second Keith turned and walked toward them. Joe let the bottle run down her lips and spilled the contents on the ground, pretending to drop the container. Keith volunteered to grab a towel and turned around again. Sandi and Joe laughed, and she ran inside to wipe the beer off and put her underwear back on. The idea of penetrating Sandi with an object turned him on, and judging by her opening her legs she was interested as well. Joe put this idea on the list of future adventures.

The trysts continued. But all these meetings were not enough, and soon Joe got a morning call at work from Sandi.

“Joe, I need some face time.”

“I don’t think so. There are usually eight or ten guys here and some of them know you. Don’t you think they’d find that suspicious?”

“Come on Joe, think of something. I’ve got to see you.”

Joe’s place of work had a large concrete warehouse floor area, with trucks and men constantly coming and going. They was no way to predict where or when someone would walk through. But there was one side door…

“Okay, look. Park on the side street. I’ll put a piece of paper in the window, if it’s not there at exactly twelve fifteen don’t come in. If it is there is a hallway. Take the door to the left that leads to a boiler room. Wait for me there.”

“Okay, beautiful man. I will.”

Her voice again left him speechless. Damn Sandi. He would risk everything just to see her. He adjusted the erection she had just given him and gave up on the rest of the morning, all thoughts he had from now on would be of her.

At twelve ten most of the guys were eating lunch in an upstairs room. Joe sauntered downstairs and pulled the paper off the window. Minutes later a car pulled up and parked. Sandi got out wearing shorts and an orange sleeveless top. She adjusted her sunglasses and leisurely walked to the side door. One step inside she found the next door and entered the darkened room. Joe stepped in from a door on the other side of the room.

“Oh shit, Joe, you scared the life out of me.”

“Yeah, sorry. These doors don’t lock, and if anyone walks in I’m in huge trouble.”

“Okay, sorry. I just had to kiss you.”

She looked up with her brown cat eyes wide and welcoming, then leaned up and kissed him deeply. Joe kissed her back. Seconds later she opened her blouse and unsnapped her bra. Those 34 DD tits he loved so much were in full view, nipples ready for sucking. And suck them he did.

“Look, we can’t get carried away.” He said. The salami in his pants pocket told her otherwise.

“Please.” She said.

She unbuckled her belt and unzipped her shorts. His fingers found her wet hole.

Joe thought about the public restroom across the next hall. It was a risk but had a lock on the door.

“Okay, he said.” Follow me.

Joe walked out to scout the route.

“Hurry, this way.”

He opened a door and Sandi ran across, tits swaying.

Inside the restroom he locked the door and looked at her in the mirror.

“You are so beautiful.”

As she stood in front of him he played with her exposed jugs and fingered her so she could watch in illegal bahis siteleri the mirror. She was so petite compared to Joe she almost looked like a doll in front of her. His hand was so large it covered her tiny patch of mound hair, but she could clearly see the big middle finger he was wiggling inside.

Joe turned her slightly and kissed her. As he did so he took his wedding ring off and held it between his thumb and forefinger. He wanted something to remember this visit by. The ring was a simple metal band, but huge in size and about a quarter inch wide. The metal sphere was smooth all the way around and had no markings.

Slowly Joe rubbed it at clit level, then up and down along her sopping wet slit. It took a bit of work to get it between Sandi’s tiny lips. As he moved lower his finger widened her hole and he slipped it inside and out of her. After a couple of pushes the ring went fully inside her.

Sandi responded by letting out a little moan, closing her eyes and kissing him deeper. As he moved the ring around inside her tiny hole he felt it move away from him. He fished around until he found the wedding band that was now floating inside of her. Carefully he pushed it up against the inside of her mound and moved it slowly with his finger as his thumb circled the hood of her love spot.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned.

The feeling of the ring moving against the ripples inside her mound made her lips clamp down on Joe. She gasped as she involuntarily came, bending slightly down as her stomach rolled. Joe felt juices rolling down onto his hand. For a moment Joe lost touch with the ring again.

He changed fingers since the middle one he was using was too slick. Using his pointing finger he felt for it as it free floated inside her pussy.

“Ohhhh.” She sighed, kissing him. If she only knew he was worried about her leaving with the ring in her.

“That one might be tough to explain,” he thought to himself.

A minute later he got lucky, pulling his finger and the ring out. She watched as he placed the wet, sticky band in back on his hand. It would be a souvenir of a great day at work.

“Thank you for coming by, Sandi. I don’t think we can risk any more time.”

“Just give me a minute.” She said. “Please.”

She began undoing Joe’s belt. He helped her by opening his pants and dropping them along with his boxers, which had a large wet spot. Bending at the waist she took the wet head of his cock in her mouth and began rocking her head on it, sliding it deeper and deeper into her with each suck. As one hand massaged his balls the other locked onto the base of his rocket. Joe could feel her tongue twirling and tasting him.

He was no match for her magic and his butt cheeks clenched involuntarily as warm cum shot into her equally warm mouth.

“Ummm.” He moaned. “You know I love that.”

“Ummm.” She replied. “You know I love that, too.”

Joe looked at the clock. Forty-five minutes had passed.

“Fuck. I got to get you out of here.” Joe knew the place would be bustling shortly. He opened the door to scout. His boss was right in front of him, placing items in his car.

Joe stopped and moved back, looking through a crack in the door. As his boss turned he pulled Doris out and rushed her to the door. A simple turn around and there would of been plenty of explaining to do.

He watched from the window as she went to her car, and then called her.

“Are you crazy?” He asked.

“Yes.” She answered. “About you.”

Joe thought about it. “Yeah. Me too. I’m crazy about you. Thanks for coming by.”

“My pleasure.”

The next day Sandi worked and Joe had the day free. He returned the challenge by calling her.

“Hello, this is Sandi can I help you?”

“Yes, I think you can. I need face time, now.” Joe heard her sigh over the phone.

“Joe you know you absolutely cannot come here. Everyone here knows you.”

“Maybe I can just sneak under your desk and lick you while you work. No one has to know. I’ll just suck on you for three or four hours. Or perhaps I just spread you out on the desk in front of everybody and stick my head in your pussy, so far in that no one knows who I am.”

“Yes, I’m canlı bahis siteleri sure that would go over well with my boss. Perhaps instead you can just pick me up for a bit.”

“Happy to.”

At the appointed time Joe stopped a half block from work and saw the professional woman in business attire walk up to the side of his car. She stepped in. Joe made way for the freeway.

“Where are we going?” Sandi asked.

“No idea.” He honestly had no idea.

“I’ve only got a half hour.”

Joe reached over and slid his hand up her skirt as he drove. His finger discovered the wet sport on her panties. He slid the wet fabric to the side and his middle finger found a home.

“Find a place Joe, anywhere.”

Joe took the very next exit and found a business park with a small pond. He pulled up to the pond and parked, there were six parking spots and all were empty. By the time he put the car in park Sandi’s dress was completely open. She released her tits and laid back as he continued to finger her while kissing her, stopping only to suck on those erect nipples and finally bending over to get a mouth of magic pussy. As often as he could he would rub her juices across her chest, her lips, and behind her ears and neck.

“Take those shorts off.” She said.

Joe obliged and removed then, sitting naked from the waist down, his boner sticking up so high it touched the bottom of the steering wheel. Sandi kneeled in front of the seat next to him, her limberness showing as she bent over the console and got her head right in front of his cock.

Looking up at him she let the wet, leaking rod run across her forehead and face, leaving a sticky, shiny trail. As one hand grabbed the base of his rod the other massaged under his balls.

Joe opened her dress more so he had a good look at her tits, then he lifted her skirt so her now pantiless ass lifted up. His hand found it’s way down the crack of her ass to her lips and once again his finger entered her waiting hole.

Sandi opened and took him in. All of him. She was so good at this and as usual totally focused on making him come. Joe leaned back in the seat to enjoy the show.

Apparently though, he wasn’t the only one. As he looked he could see cars had pulled in on either side of them. Both were occupied and someone from a third car was standing. He tried to let Sandi know but before he could say anything he came. Hard. Bucking in her mouth.

“Oh god, Sandi.” The spurts came time and time again. “Fuck.”

“Ummmm.” Was her reply. Sandi loved it when he came in her mouth, always swallowing the salty treat, and he knew now from experience she would keep his dick in there until it began to soften and she had collected all she could.

He covered her ass with her dress.

“We, uh, have company.” Joe nodded to the cars on either side.

The man in one of them pretended to be eating lunch but there was no doubt he had just witnessed the show, another was walking away from the back of the car.

Sandi sat up, tits out, with her hair a mess and a mix of cum and make-up smeared across her face. She adjusted her dress then pulled down the mirror on the passenger visor and began applying new lipstick, as if nothing had happened. The most professional woman he knew had just been seen by strangers, naked, with her ass cheeks exposed, getting fingered as she blew her husband’s friend and he blasted in her mouth. Within seconds she looked ready for a presentation, dress back in place and that crazy smile on her face.

That’s what drove Joe insane. How could she be so proper and so slutty within seconds of each other? He thought he was dreaming when he was with her, and when he wasn’t with her he dreamt about her. It was just like their souls had been two old friends now reunited.

They held hands as they drove back, low enough so no one could see. Joe watched as she walked the half block back to work. Her dress was impeccable. No one in her office world would know that just ten minutes prior she had been naked and fingered, sucking cock in front of strangers at a business park. Nope, Ms. Proper would be returning, fielding phone calls and solving problems until it was time for her to clock out and head for home to see her husband. Just another day, save for the pussy juice trails down the back of her neck.

“Another beautiful day.” Joe said aloud, twisting his wedding ring. “Another crazy, beautiful day.”

He was already looking forward to more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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