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I hear a knock on the door, and have to dry my hands before I can have a look who it is.

As I open the door I see your eyes roam the length of my body and I realize then that I have very little clothing on. Before I can hide myself your hand reaches for my hips and you pull me closer as your other hand goes around the back of my neck and you pull me in for a kiss. At first I resist and bite your lower lip, but this just makes you pull me even closer and harder against you. The hand at the back of my neck makes its way into my hair, and as you make a fist in it you pull my head back so you can look me in the eye. You whisper harshly to me:

“If you resist me again you’ll be sorry! You know as well as I do that you want this!”

You start to kiss me again, harder and with more lust this time. I can feel your erection growing, pushing against me. My resistance makes you want me more.

Before you realize what’s going on, I knee you in the groin. Not too hard as to hurt you, but hard enough to make it clear that you can’t do what you please with me! I turn around, and return to the dishes you have made me neglect for a while.

When your breath returns, you march to where I’m standing. You press yourself hard against me forcing me to stop what I’m doing. You squeeze my butt, making sure I know you mean business. Your one hand makes it way to my breasts, and as you start playing with my nipples your other hand takes my hair out of my neck. I can’t resist you anymore, and rest my head on your shoulder giving you easier access.

With my hair out of the way you can use both hands to tease my nipples, making them erect and hard. At the same time you kiss and nibble my neck lightly. istanbul escort Your one hand snakes it way down to my crotch. You lift up my dress, I’ve got nothing on underneath and you start rubbing my clit. A moan escapes my lips, you start rubbing harder and faster.

You turn me around, kiss me passionately, pick me up and carry me to my bed. You lay me down and climb on top of me. Start kissing me again as your hands makes its way under my dress to fondle my breasts. You kiss me deeply, making me respond to your touch. I arch my breasts into your hands, wanting you more. Begging you to touch me harder. You comply to my unspoken request, and pinch my nipples softly. Making me squirm. You pinch harder. Eliciting another moan from me.

The air around us sparks with passion and lust.

You look me straight in the eye, and ask me:

“If you want want to back out, now is your chance!”

I shake my head no. You cock your head to one side, squint your eyes and say:

“Answer me! Dammit!”

“I want you”, I answer softly.

“I’m gonna fuck you now!”, you whisper into my ear.

And with that you lift up my dress. Up around my hips, my breasts, and off. You undress yourself. Making me watch, and I notice that you’re wearing no underwear. I look you up and down. Your naked body making me wetter.

Lying on top of me you press your body against mine. I wrap my legs around you. Your cock pushes against my pussy. You can feel the wetness seep around your cock. My pussy begging you to fuck me.

I rub myself against you. You can’t take it, and guide avcılar escort yourself into me. You start moving slowly. Pushing in deeper. Inch by inch. Driving me insane.

You kiss my face, careful to avoid my mouth. And as you plunge into me deeply, you push your tong into my mouth. Making me moan around it. Sucking your tongue you start moving faster. Deeper. Harder. Our bodies become one. I arch my back. You take a nipple into your mouth. Sucking and biting softly. My hands on your back, my nails digging into your flesh. Our breathing becoming ragged.

As one we roll over so I am on top. Your hands reach for my breasts, you tweak my nipples. Pinching. Turning. I start riding you. My head thrown back. I moan with pleasure. Your hands manipulate my breasts.

I come down and kiss you deeply. Our tongues dancing. Your hands on my lower back, pushing me down, pulling me up. I push myself up again. Start riding you again. My hands on your chest. Using it as leverage. I push myself up, slamming down on your cock as I come down. Making you moan with each downward thrust.

You turn me around. Straddling you backwards I start with the whole process again. Slowly at first. You can see your cock disappear into me. Up and down. In and out. Building my tempo. My hands holding onto your legs, so you can see my ass going up and down. My pussy moving around your cock.

You sit up, your chest against my back. Your one hand manipulating my breasts, the other rubbing my clit. As I ride you faster, you rub faster. I start arching my back. You know what’s coming. You kiss and bite my shoulders. My neck. My back. All the while rubbing my clit. You bite harder. şirinevler escort I ride faster. With each thrust you penetrate me deeper. You bite my shoulder as you feel the first wave of my orgasm hit. Biting and sucking. Rubbing my pussy. I push into you. Harder. Faster. Your arm wrapped around me. Pushing me into your body. Feeling all of you inside of me, against me pushes me over the edge. I moan your name as I come hard.

You pick me up and put me on my back again. Kissing me softly as my orgasm subsides.

You climb ontop of me. You lift yourself up, supporting yourself with your arms. You want to see my face as you fuck me. You push against my entrance. Looking deep into my eyes, you go in painfully slow. Halfway in you plunge into me. Deep, hard and fast.

You start a slow rhythm. In and out. I can hear how wet you’ve made me. I meet you thrust for thrust.

Bending down, you kiss me deeply. Passion building again. You moan into my mouth as I squeeze my pussy around your cock. Taking my lower lip into your mouth you suck it, then bite down hard as you start fucking me with vigor.

I push back into you. Our movements matching one another. My hand on my breasts, kneeding them. For you to see.

You start fucking me with meaning. Faster. Faster.

Pulling out completely. You push your cock into me in one smooth movement. Over and over. You order me to start rubbing my clit again. I do as I’m ordered. Moaning with each thrust. Rubbing and pinching my clit.

You slam into me as hard as you can. Again and again. You look me deep in the eyes – I know what’s coming.

I wrap my hands around your neck. Pulling you down, I kiss you fervently. Our tongues dancing, our lips against each other. Our breath mixing.

You start coming, emptying yourself deep inside of me. Moaning into my ears.

You start slowing down as your orgasm subsides.

You kiss me lovingly. Smiling at me, your eyes tell no lies. You slide out of me. Lying on your back, my head resting on your chest we fall asleep in each others’ arms.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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