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This is a story that’s been festering for quite some time. It’s based partly on fact and partly of fiction, you have to decide.


It’s been long pondered by many people what drives a persons thoughts, imaginations, stimulations, lusts, wants and needs. My wife and myself have had many countless evenings pondering such thoughts, or should I say lusts…

The day started off as any other, get the kids up, the oldest being 12 off to school, the youngest being 2 yrs. I don’t care what they say but a mothers job makes for a long day. It was with this in mind that I set about my plan.

My wife and myself have been married for what seems like a lifetime, when we met, I found my soul mate, my best friend and the only person on the face of this earth that I would trust with my darkest, dirtiest, kinkiest, perverted thoughts without fear of being judged, ridiculed or thrown out the door.

My wife is 4 ft 11, with what I believe to be a killer body, though she would argue that fact, (most women would), but in my eyes a 10. She takes care of herself, and dresses to kill, by that I mean provocatively. She has beautiful pear shaped breasts, with the most suck able nipples you could ever feast on, fantastic legs, the kind you would lick all day, cute toes the suck able kind and a smack able, feast able likable ass rounded in all the right places. I should also say she keeps herself shaved, and I saved the best till last, her pussy is delicious, hairless, thick lips when sexually stimulated, which by the way is quite often and ooh so wet.

There’s only one problem, it’s a virgin pussy, not to man but to the touch, caress, taste of another woman. Yes, my wife is Bi- Curious and freely admits it, she has played around with other ladies, french kissing, groping, a feel of a tit or an ass, she has even tasted another woman. But alas, she still has a virgin pussy, never touched by another woman, a growing lust.

As I said earlier, my wife is my soul mate, my confidant, we have no secrets and openly tell each other what turns each other on and believe me when I say we hold nothing back. My wife is my sub, she will do as she is told, without question, without fear, she knows I will never put her in harms way, and she also knows the experience will undoubtedly bring an orgasmic end.

During the summer months my wife and I sat outside soaking up the sunshine and then the cool evening air. It was during one of these evenings that a neighbors daughter had stopped by to visit. She was a petite thing with long dark hair just reaching the top of her shorts, she had beautifully tanned legs, toned and firm, she wore her shorts tight fitting which didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Her name was Brea, and for a young 18 year old she had developed quite extraordinary and she knew it. Her tops were always halters and tight fitting exposing just enough to leave you wanting more.

I watched my wife as we all chatted and I saw that her gaze towards this young lady was a devouring one, I could sense her arousal, and by the way she was fidgeting in her seat I knew she was getting turned on. I wondered what was on her mind. I leaned over and whispered into my wife’s ear to go inside and change, I told her to put on her short mini skirt and a pair of sexy thongs.

She knew what I wanted, she gave me a look and excused herself. A few minutes later my wife returned and sat beside me, I whispered to her that I wanted her to expose herself to young Brea, but to do so in a manner that would not know, but only think they were accidents. My wife smiled her evil grin and took another sip of her wine. We all continued talking Brea across from my wife and me with a direct view of where Brea would be looking.

My wife continually crossed and uncrossed her legs exposing her pink panties to Brea and Brea was watching, with every cross and uncross I watched Brea’s eyes glued to my wife’s pussy. My wife was getting bolder leaving her legs uncrossed and open enough so Brea could take a long look at what was between her legs. My wife then got up and walked to where Brea was sitting and bent down to pick up a toy one of the kids had left on the patio.

I watched as Brea positioned herself with her hands on her knees and saw that she was looking up the skirt of my wife now exposing her beautiful rounded ass with only a thong string separating her cheeks.

When my wife returned I could tell she was aroused exposing herself also made her wet, and I knew she was wet now but the thought of exposing herself to young Brea knowing she was looking and watching her from across the table rubbing her tanned legs together got her even hotter. I knew tonight was going to be special….

Brea had suggested during the conversation that she could do a hairstyle my wife had always wanted, a french braid, she offered to do it for my wife, but because of the time they would do it the next day. My wife and I cleared the drinks and made our way inside when we collapsed on the couch and started groping each other, free spin my wife was fighting her emotions, she loved what we did tonight, the exhibitionism she wanted young Brea but fought the fact she was only 18 yrs.

I laid my wife back on the sofa, ran my hands up the inside of her thighs and gently parted her legs. There exposed to me was a pair of pink panties with the biggest wet spot and the glistening of wetness along her inside thigh from where her panties had been rubbing.

I motioned to my wife to look down and said to her with all the emotions going through you right now, here is the true one and with that I took a finger and guided it along the center of her soaked pink panties. My wife watched in awe, she couldn’t believe how wet she had gotten and with that I slipped my soaking finger into my mouth and licked all of her sweet pussy juice off my finger.

I told my wife to just lay there, close her eyes and envision young Brea, tenderly caressing her as my finger slipped inside her panties and started to explore her inner lips. I could hear my wife making small gasps, I am talking to her telling her how much I enjoyed her little show and how rock hard my cock had grown watching her expose her pussy and ass to Brea.

My fingers were slipping inside her finding their way to her G spot and rubbing it so tenderly her pussy now drenching my fingers with her juices and the sound of her wetness was driving my cock mad. I took my free hand and with one movement pulled off her panties exposing her swollen pussy lips and without breaking rhythm with my fingers

I asked leaned down and licked the outer lips tasting her juices and causing her to buck her hips trying in vain to drive my tongue deep inside her pussy.

I pulled back wanting her so badly but I also wanted her to admit how much she wanted Brea. I asked her to tell me what she thought of exposing herself to a young 18 year old did she feel dirty, she whispered yes, I wanted her to say how wet Brea made her, she told me dripping wet, did she want Brea, she yelled yes, I want her, I want her young body on top of me, I want to explore her flesh, run my tongue from her toes to mouth, I want to explore her tongue with mine, taste her firm nipples, taste her sweet young pussy, run my tongue through her lips and suck hard on her clit, I want you to fuck me, fuck me now she demanded…

I released my now straining cock from pants and straddled her waist offering my hard cock to her lips, she darted her tongue out and licked the pre cum from the tip before devouring it like a hungry child. I let her suck on my cock until I could feel my balls tighten up getting ready to explode and then withdrew my aching cock from her mouth.

She whimpered wanting more and I said only if she would be a bad, bad girl. My wife said anything, I will do anything for you, I asked her how badly she wanted my cock in her wet pussy, she screamed badly, now, I said what will you do for me, anything please, I said I wanted to her seduce young Brea when she was here doing your hair. My wife screamed yes, yes, yes, now fuck me, fuck me hard, and with that I plunged my cock deep into her pussy and within a few seconds my wife was digging her nails into my ass and exploding with a powerful orgasm that was so intense she drenched the couch.

I held tight and with a final thrust my cock exploded filling her pussy till both our juices overflowed and spilled out to further mark the couch.

We laid there in each others arms enjoying the feeling and talking about the next day and how to go about seducing Brea.

Day 2

It was a Saturday morning and a rainy day, we had the kids up early as Nana was coming over to collect them for the day. We never set a time for Brea to come over and with the weather the way it was it seemed that my wife’s plans to seduce Brea may not happen. The plan was for me to be in our closet with just enough gap in the door to watch as the seduction took place. Just as we were giving up the idea, we heard the doorbell ring.

I quickly scooted to the closet and positioned myself, once in place and sure of my view my wife answered the door. There stood Brea, in the pouring rain, soaked to the skin, her nipples hard as rocks and poking through her top. My wife quickly ushered Brea in and upstairs, Brea stood there dripping wet and my wife grabbing a towel to offer to her.

I watched as my wife took the towel and proceeded to dry Brea’s hair she covered Brea’s face for a brief second and in that second my wife glanced over in my direction and gave me a wink. I thought to myself she has a plan of action… Brea stood there and started to shiver, my wife told Brea to get out of those clothes before she caught her death of cold, she would find something for her to put on and she would throw her clothes in the dryer.

Brea seemed a little unsure and my wife quickly noticed this and then said we are both girls, you have the same parts as me and the boys are not home, so go on and get bonus veren siteler out of those wet things. After that Brea started to get undressed, I was glued to the viewing hole and I watched as my wife stood back taking her articles of clothing one by one.

Off came the jeans, then the running shoes, the white socks, the top, there was no bra, her young breasts stood firm, her nipples hard as bullets, a trickle of water running down her cleavage, then she stopped. My wife then said and the wet panties, you cannot sit around in wet underwear, off with them. Brea then slipped her fingers inside the waist band and slid her panties down, I nearly shot my load then and there.

There she stood the young girl my wife and I played a game of exhibitionism with last night, the girl my wife craved and lusted after, the girl we fucked to last night. There she stood, beautiful, a small patch of brown pubic hair at the top of her slit, a glistening wetness running along the lips, and I watched as I saw my wife’s eyes trailing her body.

My wife then handed a towel to cover herself with and I noticed my wife picked the right towel, it was the skimpiest we had. It barely covered her young body.

My wife excused herself and went to put the wet clothes in the dryer as I watched Brea sit on the couch, yes the same couch where I had fucked my wife last night making her scream how much she wanted Brea, and here she was. When my wife returned, she returned wearing a robe and not the clothes she had on. Brea noticed this to and asked what happened, my wife simply explained that her clothes got wet when she was carrying her wet clothes to the dryer.

My wife then offered Brea a glass of wine to warm up and Brea gratefully accepted. They sat on the couch for a bit chit chatting then my wife looked directly into Brea’s eyes and said where do you want me..

I nearly came again, I had my cock in my hands and was stroking it when she said that, my wife then said to do my hair, where would you like me to sit. Brea motioned to the floor in front of her. I noticed as my wife got up from the couch her robe had opened just enough to reveal her right breast to Brea, and I noticed that Brea was looking.

My wife turned to face Brea as she went to get down on the ground in front of her and placed her hand upon Brea’s right knee to steady herself getting down. I saw that my wife’s hand had also moved the towel that was covering Brea’s knee further up along her thigh.

I watched as my wife positioned herself scooting her back so that it forced Brea’s legs apart to accommodate her leaning back. Brea started to work on her hair and I watched as my wife leaned back and closed her eyes, enjoying the moment. My wife started asking Brea about school and then boys. I couldn’t hear all the conversation but I watched as my wife started to shift full well knowing she was getting excited.

I saw my wife lean up to grab her drink and finish the last sip, she then rose to get another and as she did so her robe fell open. Brea sat staring, glued to my wife’s tits and pussy, I saw her move her head up and down taking in my wife’s figure.

My wife slowly walked away to get another glass of wine from the kitchen and as soon as she was out of sight of Brea I saw Brea quickly take her hand and place it up under her towel and begin to rub her pussy. As soon as that started it was over and my wife had returned, the robe still swinging open and handing Brea another glass of wine. Quickly my wife took her place again at the foot of Brea only this time I saw that she had rested her right arm on Brea’s right leg.

My cock was busting and I didn’t know how long if I could hold out. I heard my wife asking Brea if she had any steady boyfriends, she said no, there was one, but all he wanted to do was try and get in my pants.

I heard my wife say there’s nothing wrong with a good fuck every so often at your age. Brea seemed a little taken back at hearing my wife talk that way and I could see that my wife was now rocking backwards pressing her back into Brea’s pussy. I could see that Brea was now making mistakes with my wife’s hair, and then she gave up entirely. Brea had sat back on the couch while talking to my wife and I watched as my wife had turned to one side.

My wife’s hand was now lightly stroking Brea’s left thigh and with every brush of her fingers the towel was moving higher up her leg. The two were now giggling with their every word and my wife had now gotten up on her knees facing Brea, I could see her eyes wondering this young body while her finger tips were caressing her thigh.

The conversation was now into sex and I was still stroking my cock from my cubby hole wishing I was there beside them to smell what I know would now be flowing the pussy juice of the gorgeous horny women. I heard my wife ask Brea about what she looked at on the Internet and Brea got shy, my wife said she looked at guys and girls, hard cocks, girls sucking cocks and girls with girls.

That deneme bonusu veren siteler comment struck a nerve in Brea, and my wife saw that. My wife asked Brea did she ever look at two girls having sex on the Internet, Brea nodded yes, did you like what you saw, Brea again nodded yes, then said I think so. I watched as my wife had now moved up further so she was now about six inches from Brea’s tits and her hands were now fully caressing Brea’s thighs under the towel.

Brea had started to roll her head back, what with the wine the talk my wife’s hands she was beginning to feel confused but aroused. My wife asked Brea if she had ever let another girl touch her like she had seen on the Internet, Brea said no, my wife asked did she touch herself when she looked at girls with girls eating pussy’s, sucking each others tits, Brea’s whispered yes, did it excite you, Brea said yes, I could see now that my wife’s hands were now fully under the towel and stroking Brea’s pussy.

I watched as my wife’s hands pulled away Brea’s towel from her breasts opening it fully exposing the young girls tits, pussy and spread legs. I could now see my wife working her fingers up and down Brea’s pussy her fingers glistening from the girls juices I watched as my wife took her fingers and told Brea to watch her as she place her three wet fingers to her mouth and licked the clean savoring the sweet juices of an 18 year old.

Brea licked her lips as she watched my wife’s tongue clean her fingers, my wife asked her if she had ever tasted herself while she was masturbating, she nodded yes as she was grabbing at her nipples. My wife rose and removed her robe fall to the floor, Brea was glued to her body, my wife took Brea’s hand and placed it between her legs she told Brea to rub it like she doe’s her own pussy. Brea sat up and was now inches from my wife’s bald pussy her fingers slipping up and down and inside.

I watched my wife as she spread her legs wide apart giving Brea a good look at her first ever pussy up close. Brea inched closer and as she did my wife grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back, leaning down my wife locked lips with Brea’s, slowly licking her lips then delving her tongue inside Brea’s mouth searching out the young girls tongue.

My wife then straddled Brea, throwing her onto her back placing her pussy on top of Brea’s and grinding her pussy into Brea’s, I had a birds eye view of my wife’s ass and pussy grinding into another, I let loose, I couldn’t hold back and shot my load against the door.

I kept watching and couldn’t believe how hard I still was, my wife had moved down and was now licking and biting at Brea’s nipples, while her left hand was between Brea’s legs stroking her wet pussy. Brea’s legs were rocking back and forth, building up I heard my wife whisper I want to taste you, I want to eat your pussy and with that Brea’s hand grabbed my wife’s head and pushed her down to her waiting pussy. My wife moved to angle to allow me to watch, I saw her place her tongue on Brea’s pussy and run it up parting her lips and licking at her clit.

My wife then ran her tongue from Brea’s clit to her ass hole shoving her tongue deep inside and then back up to her clit sucking it in, that was all it took for Brea as she grabbed my wife’s head and shoved it deep against her pussy yelling please don’t stop, lick me please, harder, harder, I’m Cumming and with that I watched as my wife lapped up this young girls juices and rising saw a little trickle from the corner of her mouth. Brea saw this and rose brought her mouth to my wife’s and licked all of her juices from my wife.

They tenderly kissed and then I heard Brea say to my wife, I want to lick you, I want to taste you and as she was saying this I noticed that young Brea had her hand between my wife’s legs fingering her pussy. My wife told Brea to lie down on her back and that she would straddle her in what’s called a 69 position, Brea said I saw that on the Internet, my wife said then you know what to do..

Brea was laying with her head facing me so I could watch her eat my wife’s pussy, my wife did this knowing it was what I wanted to, and I watched as this young girl spread my wife’s pussy lips and delved her tongue into her sweet pussy licking it up and down sucking in her lips and then her clit.

My wife was on fire she was wetter than I’d ever seen her, her juices flowed down the inside of her legs and this girl kept up she couldn’t get enough, then I heard my wife yell fuck my ass, shove a finger in my ass and lick my pussy, Brea did and kept up the pace until my wife was exploding her juices flowing out of her like someone had turned on a faucet, Brea kept licking until the last drop was gone. My wife and Brea lay exhausted on the couch my wife at Brea’s feet and Brea at my wife’s.

I watched as my wife caressed Brea’s legs and feet stroking and nibbling at each toe, Brea followed suit and did the same nibbling and sucking, I could see they were starting to get worked up again and I didn’t know how much more I could stand just then the buzzer on the dryer went off and Brea said it was getting late and she should get dressed. The two sat up and locked in a passionate embrace my wife asking her if she enjoyed her exploration, Brea replied oh yes very much and could we explore some more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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